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All those little rice grains are actually.Ohh! yow! Im getting devoured here.这些小米粒似的东西 事实上 啊 我被咬了一大口Here you go, some larvae Ive knocked off there.Good just to pick up and eat.拼命咬我 看 把蚁卵甩下来 再捡起来吃掉Pound for pound,the larvae contain more protein than beef.Grab a load.一磅蚁卵 所含蛋白质比一磅牛肉的还高 再来一口But Id have to gather hundreds of them,and that would mean being eaten alive.但生吞几百团卵 才能凑够一磅Its not worth persevering with this one.太麻烦了 半饱足矣Okay, thatll do me. Im out of here.Ahead of me, the ground starts to rise sharply.吃够了 走 前方山坡很是陡峭The jungle just tends to be riddled with these sort of gorges.丛林里这种溪谷特别多Now, they block your path,and trying to find a way across them is always a challenge.很碍事 总是挡路 想要凌空过河 很不容易Its just sheer walls there and a lot of white water, as well.看那峭壁 下面急流白浪的Getting across this could save hours of traversing through thick, overgrown jungle.如果能够过河 就不用在林中摸索几小时了This is definitely, definitely an option.Have a look at this fella.爬树倒是不错 上来看看See, this tree probably goes at least halfway across the gorge,看 这棵树几乎横跨两岸but theres a long way down that and onto rocks if something going wrong.Big branch reached across.不过这特别高 下面是急流岩石 掉下去就惨了 有根粗枝横架着How strong that is, I dont know,but Im normally getting better than this.Okay, lets try this.不知道够不够坚韧 真是环境凶险 行 来吧201607/454490栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201611/477476

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Evolutionists still clung to the theory that a fish evolved into the first five-fingered land walking ancestor进化论者依然坚持认为因为干旱,鱼进化成了最早的五趾陆行祖先as a result of drought, even though they knew there was a gap in the story,尽管他们知道这一理论中还有一个很大的漏洞but without new evidence no one could come up with a better idea.但是如果没有新的据,谁都无法提出更合理的解释But then in 1981 along came palaeontologys avenging angel.可是后来,到了1981年,古生物学界的“复仇天使”降临了Jenny Clack had long dreamed of embarking on the quest to find out why we first walked on the land,Jenny Clack一直梦想着找出我们涉足陆地的原因but when she arrived in Cambridge it seemed a remote hope.但当她来到剑桥时,看起来却是希望渺茫I had just finished my thesis when I started work here and was looking around for another project来这里工作时,我刚完成我的论文,正准备联系下一个项目and a colleague of mine said dont worry, something will turn up and I didnt believe him.我的一位同事说:“别担心,有些东西会突然出现的”,我一点都不相信他What turned up was the notebook of a geology student who had visited Greenland in 1970.这突然出现的东西是一位地质系学生的记录本,他曾于1970年去过格陵兰In one corner hed made an extraordinary note that showed though he knew about rocks, he knew little of fossils.在一个角落里发现了他那本很特别的记录本,从中可以看出虽然他很了解岩石,但他并不了解化石Hed written that he had found remains of ichthyostega, Jarviks legendary first tetrapod他写道他发现了鱼石螈的遗骸,也就是Jarvik找到的第一只颇具传奇色的四足动物of which only one complete specimen existed anywhere in the world.目前世界各地只找到了一具完整的标本Hes noted, ;Ichthyostega bones and skull bones common,; and他写道:“鱼石螈骨骼和头骨很常见”early tetrapod specimens are not common anywhere, particularly not Devonian tetrapods on a mountain in Greenland不管在什么地方,早期四足动物标本都不是很常见,尤其是格陵兰山区并没有发现泥盆纪四足动物and to see this in his notebook just set the bells ringing. We have to go there.他的记录虽然语焉不详,但却是一石激起千层浪。我们必须去那儿。201702/493263

Welcome to Lisbon, Portugal. Located near the Atlantic Ocean, the capital city is filled with lush, green grass and plenty of trees. 欢迎来到葡萄牙里斯本,坐落大西洋附近,有着茂密的绿草和大量的树木。But researchers warn this Mediterranean region, and other parts of Southern Europe, could transform into a desert by the end of the century because of climate change. 但研究人员警告称,地中海区和南欧的其它地区,由于气候变化到本世纪末可能会变成一片沙漠。To come to this conclusion, researchers used pollen records to create models of what could happen to the climate under various temperature increases. 为了得出这个结论,研究人员使用花粉记录来建立不同温度上升下的气候模型。The worst-case scenario model had global temperatures rising by about 5 degrees Celsius. This would cause the majority of southern Spain and parts of Portugal to transform into a desert.场景模型的最坏情况是全球气温上升约5摄氏度。这将导致西班牙南部和葡萄牙的大部分地区变成一片沙漠。Much of that could be prevented, though, if we work to cut carbon emissions. Its actually something almost 200 governments agreed to do last year to try to keep temperatures from rising more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels. 如果我们努力减少碳排放量,大部分是可以预防的。实际上,这是去年近200个政府同意做的,试图阻止气温上升1.5摄氏度超过工业化前水平。The study, which was published in the journal Science, pointed out that it didnt factor in human impacts, such as urbanization and soil degradation, into its research. 这项研究发表在科学杂志上,指出它并没有将人类的影响考虑在研究内,如城市化和土壤退化。译文属。201611/475710Ooh, each morning I get up I die a little每天清晨醒来,我感觉生命又消逝了一点Can barely stand on my feet勉强站了起来Take a look at yourself in the mirror and cry在镜子面前悲伤的哭泣What youre doing to me?你对我做了什么?I have spent all my years in believing you这么多年我一直充满对你的信仰But I just cant get no relief可是我却没有得到一点信仰I have spent all my years in believing you这么多年我一直充满对你的信仰But I just cant get no relief, lord!可是我却没有得到一点信仰,我的主!Somebody? Somebody? Can anybody find me somebody to love?会有人...会有人爱上我这样的人吗?Introducing the all new Ridgeline, the only truck with an available truck bed audio system全新Ridgeline,史上第一个货箱音响系统。the new truck to love from Honda我们都爱这样的本田汽车。Hey, hey, dont go anywhere yet.嘿,别急着走啊Wanna learn more about the Ridgelines awesome features?想不想获悉更多有关Ridgelines的超酷特性?Click here for a tour点击这里开启介绍吧201703/495732

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