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愿你生命中的每一天都对未来充满新的希望,因为有了希望,我们才有追求愿、欢愉和期待的美好感觉成为你每一天的主旋律!愿你的思想永远都充满阳光! May every day of your life bring you fresh hopes tomorrow---because hopes give us all our reason trying.May each new day bring a feeling of excitement, joy, and a wonderful sense of expectation. Expect the best, and you'll get it. May you find peace in simple things, because those are the ones that will always be there.May you remember the good times and get the sorrow and pain, the good times will remind you of how special your life has been.May you always feel secure and loved, and know you are the best. May you experience all the good things in life---the happine ss of realizing your dreams, the joy of feeling worthwhile, and the satisfaction of knowing you've succeeded. May you find warmth in others, expre ssions of love and kindne ss, smiles that encourage you, and friends who are loyal and honest. May you realize the importance of patience and accept others what they are. With understanding and love, you'll find the good in every heart. May you have faith in others and the ability to be vulnerable. Open your heart and really share the miracle of love and intimacy. You're listening to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I'm Faith. Above all, may you always have positive thoughts.When your life is filled with the desire to see the holine ss in everyday life, something magical happens: ordinary life becomes extraordinary, and the very proce ss of life begins to nourish your soul! With each new circumstance that comes your way, another opporty presents itself to nourish your soul. 8Friedrich Hegel弗里德里希·黑格尔Hegel was born in Stuttgart on August 7,70, the son of an official. Urged by his pietist father to enter the clergy, he registered in the Tubingen Lutheran seminary in 88. A fair student, Hegel generally preferred the conviviality of cafes and country walks to scholarly asceticism. His love of wine and company, and his interest in practical political matters prevailed over the stern demands of a religious calling. Nevertheless, he studied philosophy two years.黑格尔于70年8月7日出生于斯图加特,其父亲是一名官员,也是一位虔诚的教徒在父亲的强烈要求下,黑格尔88年加入了路德会宗教研讨会当时的黑格尔是一名单纯的学生,他不喜欢学术研究,却喜欢酒吧里欢愉的气氛和乡村小路上的安静舒适他喜欢美酒和朋友,也热心讨论时政话题,只是对宗教的刻板要求毫无兴趣但是,他学习了两年的哲学In 97 Hegel became a private tutor in Frankfurt. His employer owned a fine library and allowed him time to be with friends. Most importantly, he had time to write. Hegel’s father died in 99,leaving a legacy that enabled Hegel to leave tutoring and prepare seriously an academic career.97年,黑格尔到法兰克福做了一名私人教师雇主家里藏书很多,也给他时间与朋友交谈,更重要的是,他有时间可以写点东西黑格尔的父亲99年去世,他也得到了一大笔遗产,这些遗产使黑格尔可以不用再教书,可以专心致志做学问了In 1801 Hegel also submitted a Latin dissertation on the orbits of the planets and consequently was granted the right to teach in any German university. He began to give lectures at Jena and eventually became one of the better-known lecturers.1801年,黑格尔完成了一篇拉丁语的论文,这篇论文讨论了宇宙间各个星体运行的轨道结果因为这篇论文,黑格尔被邀请可以到德国任何一所大学授课他经常到耶拿大学做演讲,成了当地小有名气的演说家While at Jena the idea of a wholly reconciling philosophy was gestating in Hegel’s mind. It came to fruition in 18 as the dense but exciting work Phnomenologie des Geistes (Phenomenology of Spirit), which compares the dialectical stages of historical development with the individual’s growth with regard to a concept that Hegel called Spirit. The entire book was written in haste and was completed on October , the very day Napoleon and his troops occupied Jena.早在耶拿大学教书的时候,完全调和哲学的思想就在黑格尔的心中具备了雏型,但直到18年才完全成熟那一年,黑格尔发表了《精神现象学,比较了历史发展与个人成长的辩关系,并引入了 “精神”这一概念书草草写成,在月曰那天成稿,碰巧的是, 拿破仑也在那天占领了耶拿市Since the university was in disarray and his own financial situation desperate, Hegel arranged to become editor of the Bamberger Zeitung. In 18, Hegel was called to the University of Heidelberg. Then in 18, he published The Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences in Outline, a summary of his system.大学里一片混乱,黑格尔自己也穷困潦倒,他只得到班贝格日报当了一名编辑18年,黑格尔调到了海德尔堡大学18年,他出版了一本名为《百科全书哲学和科学的批判性写作大纲,总结了自己的哲学思想At the end of 1831, cholera sp in Europe and Hegel couldn’t survive it.1831年底,整个欧洲霍乱流行,黑格尔也没能幸免 6500年仅岁的小正太贾斯汀bull;比伯,近年来,他的人气风靡互联网《Babyyoutube全球视频点击超过四亿排行第一在第53届格莱美奖上更是获得两项提名,并在现场演唱时,活力四射面对这样一个邻家小男生,主持人居然能狠心剃发?期待贾斯汀bull;比伯的光头形象,就拭目以待吧!One thing about Diddy is, he had like names, you know, He started as Puff Daddy, and then P. Diddy, and then Sean Combs a while, and then P. Commy or something like that at one time. Hersquo;s always changing. He always evolving. And that something that I wanted to talk to you about, because I was thinking it will be fun tonight. We had this contest on twitter, where people would actually write in a song title, one of the song titles was Jimmy Cuts Justin Hair, and I was thinking, instead of us singing the song, itll be fun if I actually did cut your hair, you know what Im saying? (You guys want him to?) You know what Im saying. You know, it give me a little;Irsquo;ve got given a little trimmer here. Here just sitting right, move right back here.对于他来说,他有过个名字,你知道,作为吹牛老爹开始,再来是牛老爹,之后又是肖恩bull;科他总是改变,他总是不断推陈出新这也是我想和你谈谈的,因为我认为这会很有趣我们在推特上也有这项比赛,那里的人会写很有意思的歌曲,一个歌曲名称就是吉米bull;贾斯廷的头发少了,这和我的想法如出一辙,而不是我们用这个标题,那会非常有趣,如果我真的把你的头发...你知道我在说什么吗?(你们想要他吗?)你知道我在说什么你知道,给我一点;;我这里有个修边器请坐在这里,稍微往前一点点Oh, no, no, oh, my god, did you actually take some off?哦,不,不,哦,我的上帝,你真的需要脱掉一些吗?Yeah, of course, I took some off. What I mean, in fact, Im gonna do, I would like to shave your whole head if that possible. Would you allow me to do that?是的,当然,我会脱掉一些我的意思是,事实上,我要做的,我给你剃头,如果可能的话你会让我做吗?Yeah.好吧Yes, alright, let do it. Were gonna take a break. ;Never Say Never; opens tomorrow and who; Diddy, Diddy!是的,好吧,让我们开始我们要休息一下;永不说永不;明天开始和谁;;迪迪,迪迪!I dont think you should do this.我认为你不应该这样做Diddy, remember.迪迪,记住This is big brother to big brother.这是两个大哥哥要教你做的事情Dont listen to him, he drunk.别听他的,他喝醉了Well be right back with Diddy, Justin Bieber, Travis Barker and a bald head.我们很快会回来,贾斯汀bull;比伯,特拉维斯;巴克和一个光头稍后回来I like it. I did it real good.我喜欢我真的很喜欢I gotta like it too, it;我也喜欢它,这;What do you guys think? Do you like it?你们认为呢?你们喜欢吗?I mean, youre gonna have to, it shaved.我的意思是,你必须要剃光You look like a young Lex Luthor.你看起来就像年轻版的莱克斯bull;卢瑟Yeah?是吗?Yeah.是啊Yeah, I like it too.是的,我也喜欢You look like Michael Jordan.你看起来像迈克尔bull;乔丹I look like Michael Jordan.我看起来像迈克尔bull;乔丹Yeah, this is good, it gonna be great your basketball career.是的,非常好,这个头型会对你的篮球生涯大有用处I dont know yet, I think, I think maybe it gonna help me be more aerodynamic on the basketball court.我不知道,我想,我想它会帮我在篮球场做一些高难度的滞空动作Yeah, and you know what, people wont focus on your hair so much, theyll just focus;是啊,你知道,人们就不会关注你的头发太多,他们只会专注;Theyll just focus on my beautiful, silky, smooth vocals.他们只专注我的美丽,柔软,圆润的嗓音Absolutely, and your beautiful silky smooth head. I think we are to shave your eyebrows off too, (You wanna do it, let just do it.) you know, what the heck, let trim the whole thing.当然,还有你美丽光滑的头我想我们也应该剃眉毛(你想做的,让我们去做)你知道,让我们把整个事情做好This is a great look you, (Thank you.) I really am very proud of myself, Ive never shaved anyone head bee.这是一个伟大的你,(谢谢你)我真的感到非常自豪,我从来没有给任何人剃过光头And you did it like it, like a smooth like ball, it not;你会喜欢它的,光滑如球,它不是;Well, I do it smooth, when I shave something, it... I go completely crazy smooth.嗯,非常平滑,当我刮胡子的时候,我会完全疯掉So youre like Diddy smooth.所以你是光滑迪迪Im;You know what I am? Im Bieber barber, it what Id like to be called from now on.我是你知道我是什么吗?我是比伯的理发师,从现在开始请这样称呼我Bieber barber.比伯理发Yeah, I like it a lot, so you think the kids are gonna be upset about this?是的,我很喜欢它,所以你认为孩子们会担心这个?I think the girls are gonna be upset, but you know, theyll get over it.我认为女孩子们是会难过,但你知道,她们会克这一关的Yeah, theyll get over it.是的,她们会得到它词语解释:1. bald a. 秃的. shave v. 刮 636

Here Comes the Flu猪流感爆发Jason the news. He watched the news. He listened to the news. The swine flu was coming. The swine flu was dangerous. The swine flu was a killer. It killed people. Everyone should get a shot. Jason was not worried about the swine flu. He was healthy. “I am as healthy as a horse,” he said. “I never get the flu. I never get sick.” Jason was a talk show host. He talked on the radio. He talked three hours every day. He said, “I’m not getting a swine flu shot.” A doctor called Jason. The doctor told Jason to get a shot. He said, “Come to my office. I’ll give you a free shot.” Jason said no. He was as healthy as a horse. One month later, Jason didn’t go to work. He didn’t go to work a week. He had the swine flu.杰森读了报纸看了新闻听了时事猪流感爆发猪流感是人类杀手它会致人死亡所有人都应该注射疫苗杰森不担心猪流感他很健康他说:“我健壮如牛我从来不会得流感我从不会生病”杰森是脱口秀主持人他在广播中大谈特谈他每天要说三个小时他说:“我不会去打流感疫苗”医生给杰森打电话医生让杰森注射疫苗他说:“来我的办公室,我给你免费注射疫苗”杰森不接受他健壮如牛一个月后,杰森没有上班他一周都没来上班他得了猪流感译文属原创,,不得转载 0195

C. Friends reed.C1. Youre going to hear a news report introducing a website called Friends Reed. Listen carefully, decide whether the following statements are true or false.Have you ever wondered what your old schoolmates are doing now? Well, plenty of people in Britain do.One of the most successfully internet ventures in Britain has shown how popular, and how lucrative, nostalgia can be.The website Friends Reed was started fun in 1999, by a couple who were interested to know what their old school friends were doing.The project snowballed and by , the site had million members.One extraordinary fact is that Friends Reed has never advertised, its success is entirely due to world-of-mouth.You can search a school, college or university, and find a list of the members who were there in any year.You can also post a personal profile showing what youre doing now, and other people details.Steve Pankhurst, one of the founders of the site, thinks that the one of the reasons it success is that some people like to be anonymous.On Friends Reed, you can snoop on other people lives without giving away anything about yourself if you dont want to.It also an opporty to bolster your self-esteem by showing off to everyone just how successful and happy you are now, even if you werent while you were at school.Friends Reed has also led to many successful school reunions, and people meeting up with each other after many years.In particular, many people use the site to look up their childhood sweethearts and many couples have actually rekindled relationships after contacting each other through the site.There have even been Friends Reed weddings and babies, and Friends Reed now has a new site called Friends Reed Dating, especially people who are looking love.The company has also launched other sites, such as Genes Reed, which helps people to find long-lost relatives and build their family trees online.So whether you want to be nosy, contact old friends, organize a school reunion, find your first love, or simply show off your success, Friends Reed is the site to visit it. 33361

Artist Blindfolds Statues in Brazil巴西现蒙眼雕塑A Brazilian artist is staging a silent, peaceful protest by placing red blindfolds on prominent statues all over Rio de Janeiro. The artist, who prefers to remain anonymous, is trying to bring attention to a corruption scandal that connects mer president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to a bribery scheme with a state-owned oil company. Anti-government protests have broken out across Brazil with protesters calling Lula’s successor, President Dilma Rousseff, to resign. Protesters feel that Rousseff election win in was financed by dirty money from the scandal. The artist claims that the silent protest contrasts those who are unable to bring change to Brazil with those who can. The hiding of the eyes suggests that historic Brazilian figures would be ashamed of the present-day corruption.某巴西艺术家发起“和平抗议”,里约多处著名雕像用红丝带蒙住眼睛因前总统达席尔瓦陷petrobras贪污丑闻,此举旨在唤醒公民意识巴西全国爆发反政府游行,要求现任总统迪尔玛·罗塞夫辞职称罗塞夫利用贪污赃款助资总统竞选该艺术家表示称,通过“和平抗议”,巴西“无能者”与“变革者”形成了鲜明对比通过蒙眼,历代伟人将对当今腐败感到可耻译文属原创,,不得转载 19

英语听力练习题Listen to the dialogues and check the correct answers.听MP3对话,并圈选出正确1.He is...(a) very tall (b) not very tall (c) a bit dark (d) a bit white (e) fat (f) fit..She is...(a) dark hair (b) long hair (c) heavy (d) ugly (e) pretty (f) tall.3.He is...(a) younger (b) taller (c) shorter (d) thinner (e) much mature (f) older than he was in the film..He is...(a) fat (b) old (c) handsome (d) young (e) sick (f) skinny.5.She has a...(a) dimple (b) scar (c) birthmark (d) mole (e) pimple (f) wound on her left cheek. 3551

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