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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201507/382907Nowhere is this more evident than in the local market.这个本地市场就是最明显的体现This is exciting! It#39;s things I#39;ve never seen before!令人兴奋,这东西我以前从没见过These local ladies are so elegant with their gloves当地女士们戴上手套真优雅This excites me. Wow, this is beautiful.这让我兴奋不已,太漂亮了It#39;s our final night in Yunnan.这是我们在云南的最后一个晚上Ching is about to join me in Jinghong瀞亿将和我在景洪会合so I#39;m picking up some local ingredients for dinner.所以我将用一些当地的食材烹饪晚餐Now, this is something I really wanted to try here,现在在这里我真的很想尝试一些东西especially in Yunnan because Yunnan is famous for bamboo.特别是在云南,因为以竹子而闻名So several bamboo shoots would be nice.所以挑一些竹笋是个不错的主意We have tried these noodles before,我们之前已经尝试过了这种面条and I want to try one of my favourites,我想试试我的最爱之一these are rice-noodles as well,这些都是米粉and they#39;ve actually been partially cooked by steaming,实际上它们已经被蒸得半熟and it#39;s again made with rice-flour and water.再次由大米粉末以及清水制成Oh, God, that does look like... Looks like Las Vegas!哦,上帝,那看起来的确像All these bright lights, and look, we#39;ve got Thailand over there.所有这些明亮的灯光,你看,我们看到了泰国Since rice-noodles are a specialty of Yunnan,由于米粉是云南的特产I#39;m using them to make one of my favourite dishes,我会用它们来做我最喜欢的菜肴之一stir fried rice-noodles with broad beans and bamboo shoots.蚕豆竹笋炒米粉It#39;s really important when you cook rice-noodles当你做米粉时,把炒锅的味道搞对to get the flavour of the wok right.是非常重要的I love that smoky gou wei, it#39;s so great.我喜欢冒烟的锅味,非常棒I#39;m going to add a tiny bit of this lovely chilli oil, the garlic...我将加一点辣椒,大蒜Wow, that is fantastic.哇,太棒了But what I#39;m going to do, I#39;m just going to take it out for a second,现在要做的就是拿出来一会儿and I#39;m going to stir-fry the rest of the vegetables.煸炒剩余的蔬菜I love it, you#39;re a perfectionist cook like my grandmother,我喜欢,你是一个完美主义者,像我的祖母一样烹饪she#39;d always cook each ingredient perfectly她总是把每种成分都烹饪完美and them bring them back into the wok to warm through,然后把它们倒在锅里回温and then add the seasoning, like you know, the soy sauce, the vinegar...然后加调味料,比如酱油,醋…Well, good Chinese cooking is in steps,一道美味的中国菜必须得循序渐进一步步来what I mean by that is you cook one thing我的意思是当你烹煮一种东西后and then you take it out.就要把它取出I#39;m putting in the bamboo shoots and the broad beans,我要放进竹笋和蚕豆adding a little bit of rice wine to that.加入少许米酒Lovely soy sauce!可爱的酱油There, we just let that cook on quite a high temperature我们就是在相当高的温度下烹饪until it#39;s sort of cooked and wilted. It looks good.直到它有些熟了蔫了,看起来不错Oyster sauce.蚝油Yum! I love oyster sauce! Am I allowed to try some?味道好极了,我爱蚝油,我可以尝一下吗Mmmm! Oh, that#39;s so good!恩,太好了That is delicious!美味至极This dish is really Yunnan for me, especially with this rice-noodle,对我来说这菜真的很“云南” 特别是加了米粉which is very unusual, soft, and...变得非同寻常,柔软,并且…Mmmm. It#39;s really delicious.恩,真是美味Ching, I don#39;t know about you, but even with all this incredible change瀞亿,我不知道你怎么样,但即使这些难以置信的变化in this place, I don#39;t think the food will change!在这个地方,我认为食物也不会改变Simply because of its long tradition.很简单,因为这里悠久的传统They#39;re so proud of their produce, and for me,他们以自己劳动所得为傲,对我来说the way when I saw the tea farmers farm their farm, and you know,当我看到茶农耕种自己的茶园,你知道if that tradition has been going for thousands of years, I know for sure,如果这种传统已经持续了几千年,那么我敢肯定tea and food go hand in hand, their food will absolutely be preserved.因为茶叶和食物是相辅相成的,他们的食物绝对会得以保存It#39;s so good. Cheers, Ken!这很好,干杯,老谭To Yunnan, and its food, and its people.为了云南,她的食物以及她的人民And to pu-erh tea, and the beer. Yes! Absolutely.也为了普洱茶和啤酒。是的,绝对是And Disneyland. Disneyland!还有迪士尼乐园。迪士尼乐园 Article/201510/406193Once we had the anatomy and physiology required for speech,从我们拥有说话必备的生理结构那刻起we were primed to talk.就准备好了说话Enriched their lives enormously.极大地丰富了他们的生命I don#39;t know why I said it.我不知道我为什么要这么说To create everything that exists up till now.创造至今存在的一切But when did we actually start to speak?但我们究竟是何时开始讲话的呢The dawn of speech is one of the great puzzles of evolution语言的黎明是进化史上的巨大谜题之一because there#39;s no fossil record of verbal communication因为并没有记录语言交流的化石for scientists to look back through.供科学家来回溯过去Mark Pagel is an evolutionary biologist马克·帕杰尔是位进化生物学家on the hunt for the origins of language.专门寻找语言的起源There#39;s a lot of ideas about this.关于语言起源有很多说法They#39;re all speculation都是推测but they rely on having the right genetics in place但他们都依赖于适当的基因and having the right anatomy in place,以及适当的生理结构and we know that by 200,000 years ago,我们知道 在二十万年前both of those things were available.人类就具备了这种基因和结构 Article/201412/351350

Kazakhstan#39;s PM extends warm congratulations北京申办冬奥成功 哈萨克斯坦表示祝贺And following the announcement, Kazakhstan#39;s Prime Minister expressed his warm congratulations to Beijing.北京申办冬奥成功后,哈萨克斯坦总理对北京表示了热烈的祝贺。;China is our good friend.“中国是我们的好朋友。We are very delighted that today Beijing has succeeded.我们很高兴北京申办冬奥成功。Congratulations to you,; Kazakhstan#39;s Prime Minister Karim Massimov said.我们向你们表达祝贺。哈萨克斯坦总理卡里姆·马西莫夫说。 译文属 Article/201508/390188

The victory over famine has a downside, however.然而战胜饥荒也带来了负面影响。In many parts of the country, the drill has to sink ever deeper to hit water.在印度为了找到水源 水井越钻越深。In western India,30% of wells have been abandoned.在印度西部30%的水井已被遗弃。The underground aquifers are drying out.地下含水层开始干涸。Vast reservoirs will catch the monsoon rains to replenish the aquifers.巨大的蓄水池可以收集雨水补充含水层。In dry season, women from local villages dig them with their bare hands.在干旱季节当地村中妇女以双手挖掘水库。Thousands of kilometers away,800 to 1,000 liters of water are consumed per person per day.远在数千公里之外每人每天用水达一千公升。Las Vegas was built out of the desert.建在沙漠中。Millions of people live there.有数百万居民。Thousands more arrive every month.每月有成千上万游客。The inhabitants of Las Vegas are among the biggest consumers of water in the world.居民是世界上用水最多的人口。Palm Springs is another desert city with tropical vegetation and lush golf courses.棕榈泉是另一座沙漠城市,布满热带植物和葱绿的高尔夫球场。How long can this mirage continue to prosper?这幻影还可以繁荣多久?The Earth cannot keep up.地球已无法跟上。The Colorado River, which brings water to these cities,is one of those rivers that no longer reaches the sea.为这些城市提供水源的科罗拉多河是那些无法出海的众多河流之一。Even more alarmingly,its flow is diminishing at source.更令人担忧的是它的源头水流正在逐渐减小。Water levels in the catchment lakes along its course are plummeting.流域中的蓄水湖泊水位也在骤降。Lake Powell took 17 years to reach high-water mark.鲍威尔湖用了17年才达到高水位。Its level is now half of that.现在水位已经下降了一半。Water shortages could affect nearly two billion people before 2025.2025年前水荒问题会影响二十亿人。 Article/201410/337523

Ashoka#39;s political and moral philosophy-as he expressed it in his imperial inscriptions-initiated a tradition of religious tolerance, non-violent debate and a commitment to the idea of happiness which have animated Indian political philosophy ever since.阿育王镌刻在石柱上的政治与道德哲学开启了宗教自由、非暴力抗争与追寻幸福的传统,影响了此后的印度政治理念。But-and it#39;s a big but-his benevolent empire scarcely outlived him.但遗憾的是,他仁慈的帝国在他死后未能持久,And that leaves us with the uncomfortable question of whether such high ideals can survive the realities of political power.人不禁想问,崇高的政治理想是否敌不过现实政治的残酷?Nevertheless, this was a ruler who really did change the way that his subjects and their successors thought.令但他的想法确实深切地影响了他的臣民及其后代。Ghandi was an admirer, as was Nehru, and Ashoka even today finds his way on to the currency-on all the Indian banknotes we see Gandhi facing the four lions of Ashoka#39;s pillar.甘地与尼赫鲁都是他的追随者。有关他的信息甚至出现在了现代货币上。印度的每一张钞票上都绘有甘地头像,面对着阿育王石柱上的四只狮子。The architects of Indian independence had him often in their mind. Here#39;s Amartya Sen again:这位印度独立的领导人一直敬仰着阿育王。但阿马蒂亚森指出,So that#39;s one part-the duty of the ruler to do good to the world and to his subjects-that#39;s the point that H. G. Wells picks up in locating Ashoka as a big figure in the history of the world.阿育王的影响力波及更远,整个印度次大陆都将他视为启蒙者与政治典范:But the one that the Indians particularly emphasised at the time of independence is his secularism and democracy in Ashokan thought.在独立运动时期,印度人特别强调阿育王的民主与政教分离观念。But he is a big figure also in China, in Japan, in Korea, in Thailand, in Sri Lanka, and so he is also in that sense a pan-Asian figure.此外,他在中国、日本、韩国、泰国和斯里兰卡都广受尊敬。他是整个亚洲的偶像。 In the next programme we are dealing with another inscription and another ruler closely linked with a religious system, but in this case the religion is now dead and the ruler is no longer of any consequence-indeed he never really was.下一节我将介绍另一种碑文,以及另一位与宗教关系密切的统治者。但那宗教现已消亡,这位统治者对后世也没有什么影响力—事实上, 他一直都只是一个无足轻重的君王。But the inscription is one of the most famous objects in the British Museum-and possibly in the world-because it#39;s written on the Rosetta Stone.但这块碑石却是整个大英物馆, 乃至整个世界上最著名的文物之一。 Article/201411/340620The weather patterns that result are complex and unpredictable天气的形式是复杂并且多变的because of the way the atmosphere interacts with the land,这是由于大气层和陆地海洋,甚至冰川the sea, and even the planet#39;s ice.相互作用的结果To see the clash of these forces at their most extreme,我将要出发到南美I#39;m heading to Argentina.去看看这些力量的相互作用This is the Festival de la Pachamama.这是祭祀大地之母的节日It#39;s a noisy celebration by villagers here in Purmamarca in Argentina.这是阿根廷的村民们举行的喧闹的庆祝活动There#39;s a serious business to this because this carnival is an offering.这是一件很严肃的事情,因为这是一个献祭的节日It#39;s a request for a good harvest, and the god that they#39;re pleading to人们祈求有个好的丰收,他们恳求的上帝is Pachamama, mother earth, controller of the weather.是大地之母,天气的控制者This part of Argentina they get some of the worst storms in the world.在阿根廷这个地方有世界上最猛烈的暴风雨This landscape is the perfect arena这个景象是一个完美的舞台for two very powerful masses of air to clash,这是两个强气团相互碰撞的场面each with their own very different qualities.每一个气团都有自己不同的特征 Article/201509/399254It takes 15 years to build.神庙的修建花费了15年A temple to Athena, goddess of wisdom,它是为智慧女神雅典娜所建It will become a symbol of democracy.将成为民主的象征It#39;s the fairest way to organize a society民主是人类历史上that anyone in human history可以构想和实现的has ever conceived and realized.最公平的组织社会的方式And we owe all of that indirectly我们将其间接归功于to a small group, a handful of men,2500年前 一个小群体who lived in a place called Athens一小部分人居住的地方:two and a half thousand years ago.希腊雅典In the west, iron helps city-states fight for freedom.在西方 铁器帮助各城邦夺回了自由Five thousand miles to the east, it#39;s one of the building blocks五千里以外的东方 铁器铸就了Of the world#39;s most enduring empire: china.世界上最古老的国家: 中国The world#39;s most powerful man is on a journey世界上最有权力的人踏上了To find the secret of eternal life.寻找永生的旅程 Article/201509/399757

Villagers in Tibet evacuated to safer region西藏村民已被疏散至安全地区Sixty-one villagers in China#39;s Tibet Autonomous Region affected by Nepal#39;s aftershock on Tuesday have been evacuated to a safer area.周二61名受尼泊尔余震影响的中国西藏自治区村民已经被转移至安全地区。The tremor damaged roads and communication links in Jiangcun village in Gyirong county.此次地震造成吉隆县江村的道路和通信受到破坏。All villagers there have been evacuated to settlements where essential items and food are provided.所有的村民已经被疏散至有必需品和食物的处所。Meanwhile, in Lhatse county, 39 people evacuated from Zham town have been provided with accommodation and government subsidies.同时, 在拉孜县,39位从樟木镇撤离的村民已经得到妥善安置,他们有了住处并且拿到了政府补贴。Four students evacuated will also be able to resume their studies in a new school.4名被疏散的学生也能够在一所新学校里继续上学。 Article/201505/375457

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