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泉州医学高等专科学校附属人民医泉州有没有去胎记的医院福建中心医院收费合理吗 Santa Claus Championships EA look at Santa Claus World Championships in Switzerland As the song goes, he knows when we're sleeping and when we're awake and when we're bad or good. But who know he could also do this goodness sake. Welcome to the mountains of Switzerland where more than a hundred men and women competed in a Santa Claus World Championship. To win you don’t just have to look the part, but be able to belt out of your carols. (Wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.) Be able to skill a chimney in no time flash and be able to cope with some donkeys through the snow. You may be asking yourselves why donkeys. It seems they just couldn’t round up a reindeer the event. There was also a sprint involving presents, but then there was this, some kind of ball toss of that. And then to make it even more surreal, contestants got into this contraption from what we can gather the Santas strap themselves to Bungee court and jump up and down on trampolines. All were trying to catch ornaments being thrown over them. At least there was drinking involved. We will let the winner explain what it took to claim the title. “We’ve trained very hard the whole year, especially mentally because we celebrate Santa Claus day our club since over an a hundred and ty years and so we were to best prepare that job as we proved today.” that they get 000 dollars and of course bragging rights. EA, the Associated Press.参考中文翻译:就像那首歌唱的,无论我们是醒是睡,是好是坏,他都知道但是谁知道,他也会做这样的事呢?欢迎来到瑞士的高山,在这里,0多名男女将要参加圣诞老人世界锦标赛如果要赢得比赛,你必须边做动作边高声吟唱圣诞颂歌(祝你圣诞快乐,新年愉快)必须瞬间穿过烟筒,能够在雪地里驾驭几头驴子你或许会问,为什么是驴,而不是麋鹿呢?问题是,怎么可能为了这个比赛就弄那么多麋鹿来呢?还有一个短跑,获胜者会获得相应的礼品,但是并不是简单的赛跑,而是必须边跑边抛球更加梦幻的是,参赛者必须进入这个奇妙的装置,这样,我们将“圣诞老人”们聚集到跳床上,他们会蹦蹦跳跳的接人们扔过来的饰品,其中包括饮料现在让获胜者介绍经验“我们一年的时间里都非常刻苦训练,尤其是精神上的训练,因为0多年前我们就开始庆祝圣诞节,所以我们尽最大努力来准备,今天我们的努力获得了回报”由于赢得比赛,他们获得了000美元奖金,当然有吹牛的资格 581North Korea Hiring English Teachers北朝鲜聘请英语老师North Korea is working on expanding tourism. To do this, it plans on hiring a handful of English language teachers from abroad. The teachers will work with tour guides at a tourism college. Even though these are short-term voluntary positions, many curious teachers are aly showing interest. Instead of receiving asalary, each teacher will have to pay approximately ,000 to cover travel costs. The teachers who are selected will have strict travel regulations, and will be monitored very closely. Currently, only a limited number of visitors are allowed into North Korea as part of a closely guided tour.北朝鲜正在扩宽旅游业为了实现这一目标,计划从国外聘请一些英文老师教师将一同与导游在旅游大学接受学习尽管这些只是短期的志愿岗位,但是已经有许多老师展现出了对这一岗位的兴趣教师没有工资,每名教师反而要缴纳大约00美金的车旅费被选中的老师将进行严格,仔细的出行制度检查目前,在导游的陪同下,只有少数游客能够进入朝鲜旅行译文属原创,,不得转载 3786泉州市欧菲美容网站

福建医科大学附属第二医院挂号电话B.Keywordsgetting jobs, boom, this year, different, economy.Vocabularyscrounge, escalate, rescind, recruit.Youre going to hear people talking about the employment situation college graduates at different times. Fill in the chart with the keywords.I remember people graduating last year and they were aly getting jobs coming at them like six, seven different positions at once and now it like people are scrounging what they can get.My bother got out of college just a few years ago, and that when the boom is still going and he, he did pretty well.I just kind of imagined it escalating and getting easier, easier and easier, but no such luck.Sociology major Keren Aloya graduates from Rutgers this year with a four year degree and no job, an unwelcome and growing trend among her classmates nationwide, some of whom are even having their offers rescinded.This year is a little bit different college graduates because the economy has changed and it changed dramatically during the course of the recruiting season.Companies in the battered tech sector like Cisco, Intel and Dell has slowed college recruiting.They have also reneged on jobs offers made to college graduates, offering the suddenly unhired apology bonuses instead. 5089泉州哪家医院全瓷牙价位最低 .Older People Education ;Neglected;.“被忽视的”老年教育Older people must be given more chances to learn if they are to contribute to society rather than be a financial burden, according to a new study on population published recently.根据最近发表的一项新的人口研究报告显示:老年人要想不成为社会的负担,想继续发挥余热,就必须给他们更多学习机会The current approach which focuses on younger people and on kills employment is not adequate to meet the challenges of demographic change, it says. Only 1% of the education budget is currently spent on the oldest third of the population.该报告声称:现在的教育方法倾向于年轻人和职业技能,难以应付人口结构变化的挑战占人口总数三分之一的老年人只占有百分之一的教育预算The challenges include the fact that most people can expect to spend a third of their lives in retirement, that there are now more people over 59 than under and that .3 million people are over state pension age.这些挑战包括:多数人三分之一的生命将在退休后度过;五十九岁以上人数高于十六岁以下人数;一千一百三十万人达到了国家法定领取退休金年龄;Learning needs to continue throughout life. Our historic concentration of policy attention and resources on young people cannot meet the new needs,; says the report author, Professor Stephen Mcnair.报告的作者史蒂芬·麦克威尔教授说:“学习应该贯穿人生的整个过程,我们以前的政策重心和资源配置更多偏重于年轻人,难以适应新的需求”The major portion of our education budget is spent on people below the age of 5. When people are changing their jobs, homes, partners and lifestyles more than ever, they nees opporties to learn at every age. example, some people are starting new careers in their 50s and later.教育预算的大部分花费在二十五岁以下的人身上当人们比以前更频繁地更换工作、居住地、生活伴侣和生活方式的时候,处在各种年龄段的人们都需要学习的机会”例如,有些人到了五十多岁或更迟又重新开始创业People need opporties to make a ;midlife review; to adjust to the later stages of employed life, and to plan transition to retirement, which may now happen unpredictably at any point from 50 to over 90, says McNair.人们需要一个“中年回首”的机会来适应以后的工作生涯,规划退休后的角色转化这种转化现在可以发生在五十岁到九十多岁的漫长时间内And there should be more money available to support people in establishing a sense of identity and finding constructive roles the ;third age;, the or more years they will spend in healthy retired life.应该有更多的资金来保人们建立身份认知和在“第三年龄段”——也就是退休后二十或更多年的健康生活中——找到建设性角色 3960泉州南安市哪家美容院好

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