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Good news for soda lovers: Scientists appear to be one step closer to being able to regenerate teeth in humans. A study in Developmental Biology explains how sharks and other marine life are able to regrow teeth continuously throughout their lives.告诉碳酸饮料爱好者一个好消息:科学家向人类牙齿再生技术又迈进了一步。《发育生物学》上刊登了一项研究,向我们解释了鲨鱼及其它海洋生物可以终生不断再生牙齿的原理。Until now, that process had been ;poorly understood and [remained] virtually uncharacterized from a developmental genetic standpoint.; Researchers at the University of Sheffield studying the embryos of catsharks discovered a ;special set of epithelial cells; called dental lamina that are responsible for regenerating teeth, according to a press release.人们此前对鲨鱼牙齿的再生过程“了解甚少”,认为它“一直是发育遗传理论中的特例”。据报道,英国谢菲尔德大学负责猫鲨胚胎研究的学者发现了一种名为牙板的“特殊上皮细胞群”,它能再次发育出牙齿。Those genes goes back 450 million years and are likely responsible for producing the first teeth in vertebrates, as well as generating all the teeth since, including those in humans. In fact, humans have the same dental lamina, but they produce teeth only twice (;baby; teeth, then the adult versions) before the cells disappear. Researchers believe it#39;s possible for this research to eventually help people who#39;ve lost teeth.这种基因的存在可以追溯到4.5亿年前,可能正是因为它,脊椎动物(包括人类)才长出了第一批牙齿,以及之后的所有牙齿。事实上,人类也有相同的牙板,但人类的牙板在牙齿发育完两次(即乳牙和恒牙)之后,就消失了。研究人员认为,这项研究很有可能最终会帮助缺牙患者重新拥有牙齿。;The Jaws films taught us that it#39;s not always safe to go into the water, but this study shows that perhaps we need to in order to develop therapies that might help humans with tooth loss,; says researcher Dr. Gareth Fraser.研究人员加雷斯·弗雷泽士说:“《大白鲨》这部电影告诉我们,人类进入海里可能遭遇危险。但我们的研究表明,为了帮缺牙患者找到修复方法,或许我们还是有必要入海(研究海洋生物)。” /201602/427445Bill Gates has pulled together a multinational band of investors to put billions into clean energy.比尔·盖茨联合了多国投资者,将向清洁能源领域投资数十亿美元。The Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist is set to announce his latest endeavor, the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, at the climate change summit in Paris alongside President Obama and French President Francois Hollande.这位微软联合创始人、慈善家将于巴黎气候变化大会上宣布他的最新举措——创建“能源突破发展联盟”。届时,美国总统奥巴马、法国总统奥朗德也将在场。The fund will be fed by a group that spans more than two dozen public and private entities -- including national governments, billionaire philanthropists, investment fund managers and tech CEOs.项目出资方来自20多个公共和私人实体,包括国家政府、身家上亿的慈善家、投资基金经理以及科技公司的首席执行官。;The renewable technologies we have today, like wind and solar, have made a lot of progress and could be one path to a zero-carbon energy future. But given the scale of the challenge, we need to be exploring many different paths -- and that means we also need to invent new approaches,; Gates said in a statement.盖茨在声明中说:“风能和太阳能等人类所具备的可再生能源技术已经得到了显著发展,这些能源很有可能是未来二氧化碳零排放的一条出路。但这项挑战极为艰巨,我们还需探索其它出路,也就是说,我们需要投资新领域。”Among the list of backers are Alibaba CEO Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg ofFacebook, Meg Whitman of HP and Virgin Group#39;s Richard Branson.该项目的赞助者名单上,包括阿里巴巴集团CEO马云、脸书CEO马克·扎克伯格、惠普的梅格·惠特曼以及维珍集团的理查德·布兰森。More than a dozen governments have also committed to double their spending on carbon-free energy development over the next five years.此外,还有十多个国家的政府已承诺,将在未来五年内加倍投资无碳能源的发展。;Private companies will ultimately develop these energy breakthroughs, but their work will rely on the kind of basic research that only governments can fund,; Gates added.盖茨补充道:“最终在能源研发上取得突破的将会是私营企业,但他们研发所依赖的基础研究只有政府才负担得起。“According to government data, the U.S. spends about billion on energy Ramp;D compared to billion on health care research and nearly billion on defense research.美国政府发布的数据显示,该国在能源研发领域的投资约为50亿美元。相比之下,医疗研究的投资为310亿美元,国防研究的投资则接近700亿美元。There is no fund raising goal for private investors in the Gates initiative. But the fund represents billions in money to seed promising ideas in large-scale clean energy production.盖茨的此项计划没有对私人投资者设定募资目标,但项目募资总额高达数十亿美元,这些资金将为清洁能源未来的大规模生产创造可能性。The fund says it will invest broadly and focus on five key areas: electricity generation and storage, transportation, industrial uses, agriculture and projects that make energy systems more efficient.该基金的投资范围很广,主要关注五个领域:发电与储电、交通运输、工业应用、农业生产以及那些能提高能源系统效率的项目。For example, Gates says more research is needed in new kinds of batteries -- ;flow batteries; -- that he says hold more promise than current battery technology.盖茨表示,比如新型电池领域就需要进行更多的研究。他认为“液流电池”要比现在的电池技术更有前途。According to Gates, the goal is to spur new clean energy tech while combating climate change by ;keeping global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees.;盖茨认为,项目的目的是“将全球升温幅度控制在2摄氏度以内”,以应对气候变化,与此同时,该项目还会促进新型清洁能源技术的发展。Reducing global reliance on fossil fuels also holds the potential for massive economic benefits, Gates added.他补充道,降低全球对化石燃料的依赖也能带来巨大的经济效益。;It would help millions more people escape poverty and become more self-sufficient,; Gates wrote. ;And it would stabilize energy prices, which will have an even bigger impact on the global economy as more people come to rely on energy in their daily lives.;盖茨写道:“这能帮数百万人脱离贫困、自给自足,还能稳定能源价格——在人们日常生活越来越依赖能源的今天,能源价格稳定对全球经济的影响愈发重要。 /201512/413393



  Robots will replace a growing number of jobs in industries including automotive and electronics in the next few years, particularly in east Asia, according to new research.一项新研究显示,未来几年,机器人将取代自动化和电子产品等行业越来越多的工作岗位,尤其是在东亚地区。Worldwide sales of industrial robots rose 23 per cent last year and are on course to double by 2018, driving radical change in many manufacturing sectors, Boston Consulting Group said.波士顿咨询集团(G)表示,全球工业机器人销量去年增长23%,到2018年将翻一番,这将令很多制造业领域发生彻底变革。Although robots have been used in industry for decades, recent advances in technology have cut their costs and increased their capabilities, as a new generation of reprogrammable, multipurpose machines comes into service.尽管机器人在工业中的使用已有几十年时间,但最近科技的进步降低了机器人成本并提升了其性能,此际新一代可再编程的多用途机器人正投入使用。The prices of industrial robots have been falling steadily, dropping about 14 per cent in the past four years to 3,000 for a typical system, while capabilities have been expanding.工业机器人的价格一直在稳步下降,过去4年已累计下跌14%左右,至13.3万美元,同时性能一直在提升。Some robots are even cheaper: the Baxter robot from Rethink Robotics has a listed base price of ,000, making it accessible to smaller companies that might have found it difficult to invest in earlier generations.一些机器人的价格甚至更低: Rethink Robotics的Baxter机器人基础定价为2.5万美元,让那些可能很难投资于之前几代机器人的较小公司也能买得起。Five countries — China, the US, Japan, Germany and South Korea — are expected to account for about 80 per cent of investment in industrial robots over the coming decade.预计中国、美国、日本、德国和韩国5国将占到未来10年工业机器人投资的80%左右。Advanced robots are set to cut costs and raise productivity, reducing employment in manufacturing in developed countries, while raising the skill levels demanded of the staff that remain.先进的机器人旨在降低成本并提升生产率,从而减少发达国家制造业就业,同时提高现有员工所需的技能水准。They are also likely to make labour costs a less significant factor for manufacturers making decisions about where to invest.它们还可能会在制造商在做出投资目的地决定时,让劳动力成本的因素不那么重要。About 200,000 industrial robots were shipped last year, G estimates, up from 163,000 in 2013, and in three years#39; time the number could rise to 400,000.G估计,去年工业机器人销量达到20万台左右,高于2013年的16.3万台,到2017年,这一数字可能会升至40万台。In the manufacturing sectors that are the most ily automated, including cars and other transport equipment, computers and electronics and electrical equipment, about 85 per cent of tasks can be performed by robots, according to G.在最容易实现自动化的制造业(包括汽车和其他运输设备、电脑、电子产品和电器设备),约85%的工作可能会由机器人完成。Those sectors are likely to use the most robots over the coming decade, but other areas such as chemicals and metals are also likely to see increasing adoption of the newer, more flexible machines.未来几十年,这些行业使用的机器人可能会最多,但化工和金属等其他行业使用这种更为新颖灵活的机器的做法可能也会越来越多。The uptake of industrial robots will vary between countries as well as between industries, depending on factors including wage costs and labour regulations that could limit employers’ ability to replace workers with robots. G expects the fastest adoption will come in South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, which have heavy concentrations of the industries that are capable of high levels of automation, higher labour costs than some of their low-wage competitors, and limited employment protections that would prevent job cuts.工业机器人的使用情况将会因国家和行业的不同而不同,这取决于很多因素,包括薪资成本以及劳动力监管规定——这些规定可能会限制雇主用机器人取代员工的能力。G预测,韩国、台湾和泰国将是最快使用机器人的国家,这些国家拥有大量能够实现高度自动化的行业,劳动力成本高于一些低薪资竞争国家,而且就业保护有限(就业保护将阻止裁员)。Other relatively rapid adopters are expected to be China, Japan, the US, the UK and Canada.预计其他使用工业机器人相对迅速的国家将是中国、日本、美国、英国和加拿大。The countries likely to be slowest to embrace the new robots include more heavily regulated economies of Europe including France, Italy and Spain, as well as Brazil and India, according to G.G称,最慢接纳新一代机器人的国家可能是那些欧洲监管较严的经济体,包括法国、意大利和西班牙等,还有巴西和印度。 /201502/359373

  Amazon is taking its one-click approach a step closer to the kitchen - and bathroom, garden and the rest of the house.亚马逊(Amazon)正在把“一键下单”方式更进一步,将其向用户的厨房、卫生间、花园及住宅的其他部分扩展。A new push-button device, launched in partnership with several household brands that are stalwarts of the average home, including Tide detergent and Bounty kitchen roll, will allow users to restock every-day items at one press.亚马逊与几家日用品牌合作,推出了一种新的按钮设备,令用户只需按动一下按钮就能补充日常用品。这些日用品牌包括汰渍(Tide)洗衣粉和Bounty厨房用纸在内,都是美国普通家庭的柱品牌。Separately, Amazon Home Services will allow users to order services from local businesses like plumbers, cleaners or gardeners, who compete on things like price and availability.此外,另行推出的亚马逊家居务(Amazon Home Service)还将令用户能够从当地商家预订管道修理工、清洁工或园丁等务。The latest services draw on Amazon’s familiar trial-and-error approach to new service development.对于这些新的务,亚马逊采取了在开发新务时经常采用的通过试用纠错的办法。 /201504/368026






  It looks like 5G is here! At least that#39;s what it looked like if you wandered around Mobile World Congress 2016 this week. Booths filled with information about the next-generation wireless standard — some even offering ;demonstrations; of the technology — seemed to occupy more floor space even than new smartphones.5G似乎走进了我们的生活。至少,如果你本周漫步在2016年世界移动大会的会场上是这样的。会场内的各大展示柜都是关于下一代无线通信标准的信息。其中一些甚至提供了该技术的展示体验务。5G似乎占有比新智能手机更多的楼层空间。But the reality is that the successor to 4G cellular service is still, according to best estimations, around five years from connecting devices around the world.然而现实是,就算即使按照最乐观的估计,4G蜂窝务的接班人仍然需要五年时间才能为全世界的通讯设备使用。So why, then, was 5G the talk of Barcelona#39;s big international tech conference now?那么为何在巴塞罗那的大型国际化技术会议上会有关于5G的讨论呢?The idea of 5G needed no inventing, per se: We#39;ve all known for a while that ;5; would come after ;4.; But what the Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance did shortly after last year#39;s MWC was release something called the ;5G White Paper; to lay out what 5G wireless will look like in terms of speed. (Assuming, of course, that consumer companies and hardware vendors can cooperate.)5G的概念并不需要特地去创造,本来我们就知道;5;会是接着;4;之后下一个到来的。在去年世界移动通信大会不久之后,下一代移动网络联盟发布了;5G白皮书;来设定将来5G无线网络将会达到什么速度。(当然,前提是消费者公司和硬件供应商都给予配合。)In that paper, the alliance announced the next mobile data standard should be capable of a healthy 1 gigabit per second (Gbps). Yep: With 4G speeds in the U.S. today averaging somewhere between 5 and 12 megabits per second (Mbps), 5G will look to improve upon its predecessor by up to 200 times.在白皮书中,该联盟宣布下一代移动数据标准应该能够达每秒1千兆比特。是的,如今美国平均的4G速度在5兆到12兆,5G的速度比它的前辈要快上200倍。You#39;re probably psyched to imagine how fast apps, , and other data will download or stream over 5G. But the idea of imminent gigabit mobile data is even more exciting for wireless infrastructure companies such as Qualcomm and Cisco. (After all, they#39;ll be ones who#39;ll have to upgrade that infrastructure to the new standard.) This year#39;s Mobile World Congress gave these brands the first big international stage where they could trot out their moonshot ideas for the potential new tech. And trot they did.你可能已经在激动地想象手机应用、视频以及其他数据在5G网络下运行或下载的速度该有多快了。但是关于即将来临的千兆级移动数据流量更让Qualcomm和Cisco这样的无线设备公司兴奋(毕竟它们才是需要为迎合新标准而将系统升级换代的公司)。今年的世界移动大会给这些品牌第一次走上国际舞台的机会,它们能够展示潜在新技术的疯狂想法。而它们也的确士气高昂地完成了这些展示。 /201603/429521

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