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No man can fully grasp how far and how fast we have come, but condense, if you will, the 50,000 years of mans recorded history in a time span of but a half-century. Stated in these terms, we know very little about the first 40 years, except at the end of them advanced man had learned to use the skins of animals to cover them. Then about 10 years ago, under this standard, man emerged from his caves to construct other kinds of shelter. Only five years ago man learned to write and use a cart with wheels. Christianity began less than two years ago. The printing press came this year, and then less than two months ago, during this whole 50-year span of human history, the steam engine provided a new source of power. Newton explored the meaning of gravity. Last month electric lights and telephones and automobiles and airplanes became available. Only last week did we develop penicillin and television and nuclear power, and now if Americas new spacecraft succeeds in reaching Venus, we will have literally reached the stars before midnight tonight.没有人能够完全明白我们已经走了多远,走得多快,但是如果你愿意,可以把人类有史以来的5万年浓缩成半个世纪的时间跨度。在这个时间跨度下,我们对于开始的40年知之甚少,只知道在这40年的最后人类学会用兽皮遮体。然后,大约10年前,根据这一标准,人类走出洞穴,开始建造其他类型的住房。只有5年前的人类才学会了写字和使用有轮子的车辆。基督教出现还不到两年。今年出现看印刷机,不到两个月前,在人类历史的整个50年跨度中,蒸汽机提供了一种新能源。牛顿研究出重力的意义。上个月电灯、电话和汽车、飞机都可以使用了。仅仅上周,我们就发明了青霉素,电视机和核能,而现在如果美国飞往金星的新的宇宙飞船成功,我们真能在今晚午夜之前到达星星之上。This is a breathtaking pace, and such a pace cannot help but create new ills as it dispels old, new ignorance, new problems, new dangers. Surely the opening vistas of space promise high costs and hardships, as well as high reward.这是激动人心的一步,但这一步在驱除旧弊病的同时,也会产生新的弊病、新的无知、新的问题与新的危险。航天事业战线的远景当然是成本高,但是回报也很丰厚。 /201306/243420

I thought I would start with a very brief我觉得我得从城市的历史history of cities.简单说起Settlements typically began人们聚井而居with people clustered around a well, and the size揭开了典型的定居生活of that settlement was roughly the distance you could walk而这种定居的范围,也不过是你头顶着一盆水with a pot of water on your head.所能走的距离罢了In fact, if you fly over Germany, for example,其实,假如你能从德国上空飞过and you look down and you see these hundreds往下看,你会看到数以百计的小村庄of little villages, theyre all about a mile apart.每个距离约一英里You needed easy access to the fields.这样你就到地里去就很方便了And for hundreds, even thousands of years,几百几千年以来the home was really the center of life.家就是生活的中心Life was very small for most people.所以对大多数人来说,生活范围其实很小It was the center of entertainment, of energy production,家是欢乐,动力of work, the center of health care.工作,和医疗的中心Thats where babies were born and people died.在那里,也有生老病死Then, with industrialization, everything started之后工业化的兴起,to become centralized.一切开始变得集中起来You had dirty factories that were moved那些污浊不堪的工厂to the outskirts of cities.都搬到了郊外Production was centralized in assembly plants.产品也都被集中到装配厂You had centralized energy production.我们还把能源生产也集中起来Learning took place in schools. Health care took place学校是学习用的in hospitals.医院是治病用的And then you had networks that developed.然后网络也发展起来了You had water, sewer networks that allowed for this供水管网,污水管网也使得kind of unchecked expansion.不断的扩张成为了可能You had separated functions, increasingly.慢慢地,我们把不同的职能给区分开来You had rail networks that connected residential,铁路网连接到了住宅区industrial, commercial areas. You had auto networks.工业区和商业区,汽车交通网也建立起来了In fact, the model was really, give everybody a car,事实上,这个模式就是,给每人一辆车build roads to everything, and give people a place to park把路给修起来,然后在人们停车的地方when they get there. It was not a very functional model.弄个车库,其实这并不是一个行得通的模式And we still live in that world,但我们依旧生活在这样的环境下and this is what we end up with.所以这就是我们所得到的So you have the sprawl of LA,所以就有了洛杉矶的扩展区the sprawl of Mexico City.墨西哥城的扩展区You have these unbelievable new cities in China在中国匪夷所思般崛起了各种新城市which you might call tower sprawl.也可以称为“雨后春笋”Theyre all building cities on the model that we invented他们都是基于我们在50年代或60年代发明的模式in the 50s and 60s, which is really obsolete, I would argue,在建城市,我觉得这样是跟不上时代的and there are hundreds and hundreds of new cities而此时此刻,不计其数的城市that are being planned all over the world.正在世界各地紧锣密鼓筹备兴建In China alone, 300 million people,单中国来说,3亿人口,some say 400 million people,有的说4亿will move to the city over the next 15 years.将会在接下来的15年里搬迁到城市里That means building the entire, the equivalent这就等同于要美国of the entire built infrastructure of the U.S. in 15 years.在15年内建造起整个国家基础设施Imagine that.想象一下And we should all care about this我们都应该关注一下whether you live in cities or not.不管你是否住在城里Cities will account for 90 percent of the population growth,城市主宰着90%的人口增长80 percent of the global CO2, 75 percent of energy use,全球80%的CO2,75%的能源消费but at the same time its where people want to be,同时,也是人们向往的地方increasingly.这情况与日剧增More than half the people now in the world live in cities,现在世界上一半以上的人口住在城市里and that will just continue to escalate.而且还会不断增加Cities are places of celebration, personal expression.城市是人们庆祝和表现的地方You have the flash mobs of pillow fights that a”城市里有枕头大战的快闪族——Ive been to a couple. Theyre quite fun. 我去过几次,还真有趣。You have”还有——Cities are where most of the wealth is created,城市是大部分财富的来源and particularly in the developing world,尤其是在发展中国家its where women find opportunities. Thats妇女也能拥有各种机遇,所以a lot of the reason why cities are growing very quickly.有很多原因可以解释为何城市发展如此快速Now theres some trends that will impact cities.但某些趋势会影响到城市First of all, work is becoming distributed and mobile.首先,工作遵循分配模式而且不再一成不变The office building is basically obsolete办公大楼基本淘汰了for doing private work.私人的工作The home, once again, because of distributed computation --由于有了分布式通信和分布式计算communication, is becoming a center of life,家,再一次成为了生活的中心so its a center of production and learning and shopping家成为了生产,学习,购物,还有医疗and health care and all of these things that we used还有那些我们认为to think of as taking place outside of the home.都是在家外发生的一切的中心And increasingly, everything that people buy,渐渐地,所有人们买的东西every consumer product, in one way or another,所有的消费品,通过不同的方式can be personalized.都能够实现个性化And thats a very important trend to think about.这是值得关注的一个重要趋势So this is my image of the city of the future.这就是我想象中的未来城市In that its a place for people, you know.图中那里就是人们可以待的地方Maybe not the way people dress, but --人们的衣着可能不会是这样,但You know, the question now is, how can we have all要知道,现在的问题是,我们要如何the good things that we identify with cities对于城市带给我们的产物without all the bad things?做到取其精华去其糟粕呢?This is Bangalore. It took me a couple of hours这儿是班加罗尔,在去年的时候to get a few miles in Bangalore last year.我花了好几小时才在班加罗尔移动了几英里So with cities, you also have congestion and pollution所以在城市里,有拥挤和污染and disease and all these negative things.有疾病还有很多负面的东西How can we have the good stuff without the bad?怎样取其精华去其糟粕呢?So we went back and started looking at the great cities我们暂且回头看看那么比较不错的城市吧that evolved before the cars.在有了汽车之前的状态Paris was a series of these little villages巴黎就是由好些小村庄that came together, and you still see that structure today.合并而成的,这种分布结构你今天还可以看得出来The 20 arrondissements of Paris巴黎的20个区are these little neighborhoods.就像20个小邻居Most of what people need in life can be大多数人们的生活所需within a five- or 10-minute walk.或许就在5到10分钟的步行范围里And if you look at the data, when you have that kind如果你去看那些数据,当你建立了of a structure, you get a very even distribution这种结构后,巴黎的商店of the shops and the physicians and the pharmacies内科医生,药房,还有咖啡厅and the cafes in Paris.都会很平均地分布在城市中And then you look at cities that evolved after之后你再看那些拥有了汽车后的城市the automobile, and its not that kind of a pattern.他们就完全不是这个模式了Theres very little thats within a five minute walk像匹兹堡,大部分地方of most areas of places like Pittsburgh.很少再有几步之遥的生活了Not to pick on Pittsburgh, but most American cities不单是匹兹堡,大部分美国的城市really have evolved this way.都演变成这个样了201504/370536

I think of Square as a platform thats我觉得Square是一个很好的平台going to build an ecosystem around it.可以围绕它打造一个很好的生态系统Were going to be very, very good我们会变得非常善于about releasing strong and发行关于怎样开发东西的有力的clear APIs on how to build things.清晰的应用程序接口The best thing that you can do is你能做的最佳之事就是hook something off that payment.就是摘机付款A real-time hook off that payment goes即时摘机付款back to that sort of visualization.回归可视化I would just love to see a visualization of all我很乐意看到commerce happening in the world right now.世界上正在发生的贸易都在可视化Can you imagine a visualization of money你可以想象可视化的flowing from one place to another place,资金从一处流动到另一处what that looks like?那看起来会是怎样的呢?Thats awesome. So, Id love to see projects like that.太棒了.所以我想看到这样的工程Were certainly not going to think about all of them.当然,我们不会去想所有这些东西But we are going to think about a lot of them.但我们会去想它们中的大部分We are going to do a lot.我们会做很多事The company right now is aly公司现在就在doing about eight different things.做八个不同的事情We have to coordinate all those eight我们要让八个不同的东西different things into one thing.合作成为一个Were building hardware. Were fulfilling hardware.我们开发硬件,我们完成硬件Were building a payment network that我们开发不会走下坡路的付款网络cant go down because if we go down,因为如果我们走下坡路了we lose money for one of our users.我们会会为我们的客户带来损失Its not just 140 characters,这并不只是140个字符的问题its potentially 0 because they cant make the sale.它只是潜在的140美元,因为这些字不能卖出去Were building a risk and fraud function.我们也创造了防风险和防诈骗功能Were building support.我们在建立持体系And then, were building Web service and a client.之后我们建起了网络务和客户端So, theres a lot going on and我们正在做很多事情theres going to be even more.将来还会做更多事情I think of Square as a startup我觉得Square是个很好的开始with many startups inside of it.因为它里面包含了很多的开始Thats how were organizing the company internally.这是我们怎样从内部来组织公司Were going to have a lot of different projects.我们会有很多不同的工程Theyll be coordinated by它们会被一整个宏大的体系this one cohesive unit outside.联系组合在一起201504/367947

  And therefore, we have zero prosecutions, and of course, zero convictions,of any of the elite bank frauds,the Wall Street types,that drove this crisis. 因而,造成这场危机的华尔街顶尖诈骗犯们没有一个被起诉没有一个被定罪。With no expertise coming from the regulators,the FBI formed what it calls a partnership with the Mortgage Bankers Association in 2007. 监管机构不愿伸出援手,联邦调查局2007年与抵押贷款家协会携起手来。The Mortgage Bankers Association is the trade association of the perps. 抵押贷款家协会是这些祸首的行业组织。And the Mortgage Bankers Association set out, it had the audacity and the success to con the FBI. 抵押贷款家协会出手了,他们不仅有能力也有动机去欺骗联邦调查局。It had created a supposed definition of mortgage fraud, in which, guess what its members are always the victim and never the perpetrators. 抵押贷款家协会为抵押欺诈行为下了个定义,不出所料,按照这个定义,这个协会的成员都是欺诈行为的受害者没一个是欺诈行为的加害者。And the FBI has bought this hook, line, sinker, rod, reel and the boat they rode out in.联邦调查局不疑有他照单全收。And so the FBI, under the leadership of an attorney general who is African-American and a president of the ed States who is African-American,have adopted the Tea Party definition of the crisis,in which it is the first virgin crisis in history,conceived without sin in the executive ranks. 就这样,在一个非裔司法部长和一个非裔美国总统的领导之下,联邦调查局完全相信了茶党对这场危机的说辞,成了破天荒的圣女生子案,高管层人人清白。And its those oh-so-clever hairdressers who were able to defraud the poor, pitiful banks,who lack any financial sophistication.问题出在狡猾的临时工身上,他们在欺骗穷人,他们在欺骗对金融行业一无所知的业者。It is the silliest story you can conceive of,and so they go and they prosecute the hairdressers,and they leave the banksters alone entirely. 这简直是最奇葩的谎话,然后他们把临时工抓起来了,家们毫发未损。And so, while lions are roaming the campsite, 就这样,满地西瓜the FBI is chasing mice. 联邦调查局却在那里捡芝麻。What do we need to do? 我们该怎么办?What can we do in all of this? 面对这一切,我们能做什么?We need to change the perverse incentive structures that produce these recurrent epidemics of accounting control fraud that are driving our crises. 我们需要改革不正常的激励机制,正是这种机制在催生一再出现的大面积会计管理欺诈行为,进而导致危机的发生。So we have to first get rid of the systemically dangerous institutions. 第一,我们要排除这种具有系统性危险的金融机构。These are the so-called too-big-to-fail institutions. 所谓尾大不掉的金融机构。201502/358334


  And we have a worldwide network of channel partners with whom we are working to jointly implement integrated, multivendor lifecycle solutions.同时康柏还拥有全球范围的渠道合作伙伴网络,康柏正与他们联手推出集成的多厂商终身解决方案。Our goals are to lower customers total cost of ownership and reduce risk by offering service solutions which incorporate industry standards and by driving innovation in service creation, tools and delivery.我们的目标就是向客户提供符合工业标准的务解决方案和不断改进的务、工具和交货期,以降低客户的总体拥有成本和风险。We will also help you achieve your business objectives more rapidly, more cost effectively and with greater predictability.我们还将帮助客户更快速、更有效,以更高的预见性实现企业的目标。Building strong customers relationships also means giving you maximum flexibility in doing business with Compaq - how you want where you want and when you want.建立更密切的客户关系同时也意味着使客户在与康柏合作时拥有更大灵活度--无论您希望以何种方式、在何时何地,都可如愿以偿。With the acquisition of Digital, we now have a world-class team of 10,000 sales and marketing professionals worldwide who work directly with our large customers.完成对DEC的收购之后,我们现在已经拥有了世界一流的员工队伍,我们在世界各地拥有10,000多名销售和业务专业人员直接与大客户合作。We also have the largest network of channel partners in the industry, who offer value-added expertise and solutions.我们也拥有业界最大的渠道合作伙伴网络,可以为客户提供增值技术和解决方案。In addition, Compaq has fundamentally changed its core business model so that we can meet - and exceed - your expectations.此外,康柏已经根本转变了其核心业务模式,这使我们不但能够满足您的需求,而且还将超出您的期望。These changes include new manufacturing methods an optimized supply chain and reduced channel inventories.这些改变包括新的生产模式、一个优化的供应流程以及减少渠道库存。Why is this important to you?为什么这些改变对您至关重要呢?Because it enables us to meet our objective of doing business more efficiently and that means lower product prices and improved product availability.因为这使我们能够实现以更高效率进行运作的目标,同时也可以降低产品价格并提高产品可用性。Last week, for example, we announced a new program called Compaq Built for You in partnership with leading retail chains like CompUSA Office Depot and Computer City. This program allows customers to self-configure a selected group of Compaq PCs in the store. Once the customer has configured the system he wants, the he pays the retailer. All orders are then custom manufactured by Compaq and shipped either directly to the customer or to the retailer. Its your choice.例如,就在上星期,我们与包括Comp USA、Office Depot、Computer City在内的一些主要零售连锁店联合推出了一个称为“Compaq Built for You”的新活动,该活动允许客户在商场内对选定的康柏电脑自行配置。客户可以在配置完电脑之后,再付款给商场。所有的定单均由康柏定制生产,然后直接运给客户,或者发送给分销商。这完全取决于您的选择。As of today, Compaq Built For You is available in about 100 stores. By the end of August, we will be up in 2,000 stores. And by Christmas we will be configuring customers computers in 4,000 stores across the country.到今天为止,“Compaq Built For You”活动已在大约100个商场中全面展开。到八月底,将有2,000个商场加入该活动。到圣诞节,客户将可以在全国4,000多家商场中配置自己的计算机。201311/265992

  America, at its best, is a place where personal responsibility is valued and expected.正处于鼎盛期的美国珍视并期待每个人担负起自己的责任。Encouraging responsibility is not a search for scapegoats, it is a call to conscience. And though it requires sacrifice, it brings a deeper fulfillment. We find the fullness of life not only in options, but in commitments. And we find that children and community are the commitments that set us free.鼓励人们勇于承担责任不是寻找替罪羊,而是在呼唤人类的良知。虽然承担责任意味着牺牲,但同时也带来一种更深刻的成就感。我们实现,不能仅仅通过选择还要通过承担义务来充实我们的人生。我们发现,只有对整个社会和我们的孩子们履行我们的义务,我们才能获得自由。Our public interest depends on private character, on civic duty and family bonds and basic fairness, on uncounted, unhonored acts of decency which give direction to our freedom.我们的公共利益依赖于我们独立的个性、公民的义务,家庭的纽带和基本的公正;依赖于无数的、默默无闻的正当的行动,正是这些向我们指明了自由的方向。Sometimes in life we are called to do great things. But as a saint of our times has said, every day we are called to do small things with great love. The most important tasks of a democracy are done by everyone.生活中,我们有时被召唤去做一些伟大的事情。但是,正如我们这个时代的一位圣人所言,每一天我们都被召唤带着伟大的爱去做一些不起眼的小事情。一个民主制度最重要的任务是由大家每一个人来完成的。I will live and lead by these principles: to advance my convictions with civility, to pursue the public interest with courage, to speak for greater justice and compassion, to call for responsibility and try to live it as well.In all these ways, I will bring the values of our history to the care of our times.我对生活和对这个国家的领导遵循着这些原则:谦恭地坚信自己,为公众的利益勇往直前,为更伟大的公正和同情而辩护,呼吁责任并为此努力实践。我要通过所有这一切方式,用我们历史上传统价值观来哺育我们的时代。 /201307/246579Bravo电视台的特别节目“美国讽刺”中的明星瑞伍思用符号讲述了一个短小精悍、苦乐参半的童话故事。201505/375913If you test men and women,如果你测试男性和女性,and you ask them questions on totally objective criteria like GPAs,你问他们问题,按完全客观的标准平均成绩来算,men get it wrong slightly high,男性会错误的高估一些,and women get it wrong slightly low.女性则会错误地低估一些。Women do not negotiate for themselves in the workforce.女性在职场不会为自身利益去谈判。A study in the last two years在过去两年,of people entering the workforce out of college关于人们从学校进入职场的一个调查showed that 57 percent of boys entering,表明57%的男生or men, I guess,或男性进入职场,我猜are negotiating their first salary,会协商他们的第一份薪水,and only seven percent of women.只有7%的女性会去协商。And most importantly,更重要的是,men attribute their success to themselves,男性把他们的成功归功于他们自身,and women attribute it to other external factors.而女性则归功于其他外部因素。If you ask men why they did a good job,如果你问男性为什么他们能把工作做好,theyll say, ;Im awesome.他们会说,“我棒极了。Obviously. Why are you even asking?;这是显而易见的。这还用问吗?”If you ask women why they did a good job,如果你问女性是什么使她们在工作中出色,what theyll say is someone helped them,她们会说有人帮助她们,they got lucky, they worked really hard.她们很幸运,她们工作异常努力。Why does this matter?这个问题很重要吗?Boy, it matters a lot大家,这关系很大because no one gets to the corner office因为没人得到角落办公室的职位by sitting on the side, not at the table,要是只坐在旁边,而不是桌边。and no one gets the promotion没人得到提升if they dont think they deserve their success,如果他们认为他们不应享有这成功,or they dont even understand their own success.或者他们甚至不明白他们自己的成功。I wish the answer were easy.我但愿这是容易的。I wish I could just go tell all the young women I work for,我希望我尽可能告诉我所共事过的所有年轻女性,all these fabulous women,所有这些非常棒的女性,;Believe in yourself and negotiate for yourself.“相信你们自己,为自身利益要讨价还价。Own your own success.;把握住你的成功。”I wish I could tell that to my daughter.我希望我也能告诉我的女儿。But its not that simple.但这不是很简单。Because what the data shows, above all else, is one thing,因为首先是数据表明的是一件事which is that success and likeability它表明成功和人缘亲切性are positively correlated for men对于男性来说是积极影响的and negatively correlated for women.而对于女性来说是负面影响的。And everyones nodding,每个人都点头,because we all know this to be true.因为我们大家都知道这是真的。Theres a really good study that shows this really well.一个非常棒的研究也很好地表明了这一观点。Theres a famous Harvard Business School study哈佛商学院的一个著名研究on a woman named Heidi Roizen.是有关于一位叫海蒂·罗森的女性。And shes an operator in a company她是硅谷一家公司的in Silicon Valley,负责人,and she uses her contacts她使用她的关系to become a very successful venture capitalist.成为一名非常成功的风险资本家。In 2002 -- not so long ago --在2002年,不久前a professor who was then at Columbia University当时在哥伦比亚大学的一位教授took that case and made it Howard Roizen.做这个例子和把它改成霍华德·罗森。And he gave the case out, both of them,他把这个案例,他们两人to two groups of students.向两组学生展示。He changed exactly one word:他只改变了一个词:;Heidi; to ;Howard.;海蒂到霍华德。But that one word made a really big difference.但这个词就造成了非常大的差异。He then surveyed the students,然后他调查学生。and the good news was the students, both men and women,好消息是学生们,男生和女生thought Heidi and Howard were equally competent,认为海蒂和霍华德都是能力相当的,and thats good.这很好。The bad news was that everyone liked Howard.但坏消息是每个人都喜欢霍华德。Hes a great guy. You want to work for him.他是个了不起的人,大家都想和他共事,You want to spend the day fishing with him.大家都想和他去钓鱼。But Heidi? Not so sure.但海蒂呢?不好说。Shes a little out for herself. Shes a little political.她有点只为自己着想,对政治有点热衷。Youre not sure youd want to work for her.大家不太想和她共事。This is the complication.这是复杂的。We have to tell our daughters and our colleagues,我们得告诉我们的女儿和我们的同事,we have to tell ourselves to believe we got the A,我们得告诉我们自己相信我们能获得A,to reach for the promotion,得到提升,to sit at the table,坐在桌边。and we have to do it in a world我们在这世上得做到这点where, for them, there are sacrifices they will make for that,在世上,女性要争取这些就得做出牺牲,even though for their brothers, there are not.尽管她们的兄弟不用为此而付出牺牲。The saddest thing about all of this is that its really hard to remember this.所有关于这的最可悲的事是很难记住这个。And Im about to tell a story which is truly embarrassing for me,我将讲个对我来说是个真正尴尬的故事,but I think important.但我认为它很重要。201509/397496

  Over the past couple weeks Ive been talking with folks across the country about how were going to rebuild an economy where if you work hard, you and your family can get ahead.在过去两个星期中我一直与全美国的民众们一起谈论我们将要如何重建一种经济体制,即只要努力工作,你和你的家庭就一定可以成功的经济体。And right now, theres a big debate going on in Washington over two fundamentally different paths we can take as a country to do that.而现在,一场就我们国家将要采取的两条完全不同路线的激烈的辩论正在华盛顿上演。One path—pushed by Republicans in Congress and their nominee for President—says that the best way to create prosperity is to let it trickle down from the top. 其中一条路线是由国会的共和党人以及他们的总统提名候选人所提出:创造繁荣的最佳途径是采取自上而下的滴流式经济政策。They believe that if we spend trillions more on tax cuts for the wealthy,他们认为只要我们花费上万亿富豪们的减税资金,itll somehow create jobs – even if we have to pay for it by gutting education and training and by raising middle-class taxes.从某种角度而言这会创造就业,即使我们要为破坏教育、培训,提高中产阶级赋税买单也未尝不可。I think theyre wrong. 我认为他们是错误的。We aly tried it that way for most of the last decade, and it didnt work. 在过去十多年里我们就一直在这条路上摸爬滚打,但事实上根本行不通。Were still paying for trillions of dollars in tax cuts that benefitted the wealthiest Americans more than anyone else;我们依然为减税花着上万亿的资金,而那些最富有的美国人们比其他任何人获利都要多;tax cuts that didnt lead to the rise in wages and middle class jobs that we were promised;减税并没有像我们承诺的那样提高工资,为中产阶级带来就业机会,and that helped take us from record surpluses to record deficits.那只是使我们从创纪录的盈余走进创纪录的财政赤字当中。The last thing we need right now is more top-down economics. 现在我们根本最需要的东西就是自上而下的经济。What we need are policies that will grow and strengthen the middle class;我们需要的政策是壮大和巩固中产阶级,that will help create jobs, make education and training more affordable,带来就业机会,并使教育和培训的负担更易承受,and encourage businesses to start up and stay right here in the ed States.以及鼓励企业在美国本土生根发芽并在这里长久发展。Soon, well face a choice between these two different approaches. 不久我们就将面临这两种道路的选择。On January 1st, taxes are set to go up for tens of millions of Americans. 在1月1日,数千万美国人民将面临税负上涨。I think that would be a huge financial hit for middle-class families. 我想这对中产阶级来说是重大的打击。Thats why Ive cut middle-class taxes every year that Ive been President – by ,600 for the typical family. 这就是为什么自我担任总统以来每年都会为中产阶级减税,因为一个普通家庭就已经达到3600美元。And thats why, this week, I called on Congress to immediately stop the January 1st tax hike from hitting any American on the first 0,000 of their income. 这就是为什么本周我敦促国会尽快行动,其目的在于避免1月1日第一次的税负上涨冲击到任何一位收入达到25万美元的美国人。Under my plan, 98% of American families wont see their income taxes go up at all. 按照我的计划,98%的美国家庭的收入所得税将不会上涨。But the other 2% of Americans will have to pay a little more in taxes on anything they make over 0,000. 但另外2%的美国人则必须对他们收入超过25万美元的部分多缴些税。In other words, the wealthiest few Americans will go back to the income tax rates they were paying under Bill Clinton. 换言之,极少数最富裕的美国人的所得税税率将回到克林顿时期的水平。And if you remember, that was when our economy created nearly 23 million new jobs, the biggest budget surplus in history, and millionaires were doing pretty well.如果你们还有印象,那是我们的经济创造了将近2300万个新的工作岗位,以及历史上最多的财政盈余,而百万富翁们也非常成功的时代。The folks in Congress and on the campaign trail who oppose this plan warn that it would somehow hurt small businesses and job creators. 在国会中而且将参与竞选演说的人们会反对这一计划,并警告说这将在一定程度上损害中小企业利益和影响创造就业机会。Well, theyre completely ignoring the facts.他们这完全是置事实于不顾。Under my plan, 97% of small business owners would avoid getting hit with any income tax hike whatsoever. 按照我的计划,97%的小企业主不会受到所得税上涨的冲击。In fact, Ive cut taxes for small businesses eighteen times since Ive been President. 事实上,自担任总统以来我已经18次为中小企业减税。And just this week, I ordered a series of new steps to help our small businesses grow and hire.而且就在本周,我签署了一系列措施来帮助我们的小企业成长并招聘到员工。The only place we disagree is whether we keep giving tax cuts to the wealthiest 2% of Americans. 我们现在存在的唯一分歧是是否要继续为全美2%的最富裕的人减税。Republicans in Washington want more of those tax cuts. 在华盛顿的共和党人希望这些减税更大些。With the deficit we have, I dont think we can afford them.按照我们现在的赤字水平,我认为我们不能承受这样的负担。But even if we disagree on the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, we all agree that no American should pay more taxes on the first 0,000 of their income. 尽管我们在最富裕的美国人是否减税上存在分歧,但我们都认为任何收入第一次达到25万美元的人都不应该多缴税。So lets at least agree to do what we all agree on. 所以,让我们至少同意去做大家都认同的事情。Thats what compromise is all about. 这就是妥协的意义所在。Lets not hold the vast majority of Americans and our entire economy hostage while we debate the merits of another tax cut for the wealthy. 在为另外一项为富人减税的好处争辩的时候,让我们不要把大多数美国人民和我们的整个经济作为人质。Lets skip the unnecessary drama, the needless delays and all the partisan posturing and lets just do the right thing for the people who sent us here to serve.让我们舍弃那些不必要的繁文缛节,根本不需要的拖延以及各党派之间的争斗,做好对人民有益的事情,不辱自己的使命,不辜负其希望。And Im going to keep fighting to make sure we rebuild an economy that rewards work, grows the middle class, and gives new opportunity to those trying to earn their way into the middle class.让我们重建一个这样的经济体,有付出就有回报,中产阶级将不断增长,希望靠自己的努力加入到产阶级的人们将获得新的机会,我将继续为实现这一目标而不懈努力。Thanks, and have a great weekend. 谢谢,祝周末愉快!201207/190537

  Again, you cant connect the dots looking forward;再次说明的是,你在向前展望的时候不可能将这些片断串连起来;you can only connect them looking backwards.你只能在回顾的时候将点点滴滴串连起来。So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.所以你必须相信这些片断会在你未来的某一天串连起来。You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.你必须要相信某些东西:你的勇气、目的、生命、因缘......This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.这个过程从来没有令我失望,只是让我的生命更加地与众不同。My second story is about love and loss.我的第二个故事是关于爱和失去。I was lucky –I found what I loved to do early in life.我非常幸运, 因为我在很早的时候就找到了我钟爱的东西。Woz and I started Apple in my parents garage when I was 20.沃兹和我在二十岁的时候就在父母的车库里面开创了苹果公司。We worked hard,我们工作得很努力,and in 10 years Apple had grown from just the two of us in a garage into a billion company with over 4000 employees.十年之后, 这个公司从那两个车库中的穷小子发展到了超过四千名的雇员、价值超过二十亿的大公司。We had just released our finest creation – the Macintosh –a year earlier,在公司成立的第九年,我们刚刚发布了最好的产品,那就是Macintosh。and I had just turned 30.我也快要到三十岁了。And then I got fired. How can you get fired from a company you started?在那一年, 我被炒了鱿鱼。你怎么可能被你自己创立的公司炒了鱿鱼呢?Well, as Apple grew we hired someone who I thought was very talented to run the company with me,嗯,在苹果快速成长的时候,我们雇用了一个很有天分的家伙和我一起管理这个公司,and for the first year or so things went well.在最初的几年,公司运转的很好。But then our visions of the future began to diverge and eventually we had a falling out.但是后来我们对未来的看法发生了分歧, 最终我们吵了起来。When we did, our Board of Directors sided with him.当争吵到不可开交的时候,董事会站在了他的那一边。So at 30 I was out. And very publicly out.所以在三十岁的时候,我离开了公司。What had been the focus of my entire adult life was gone,在这么多人目光下我被炒了,我失去了成年后的整个生活重心,and it was devastating.这使我心力交瘁。I really didnt know what to do for a few months.在最初的几个月里,我真是不知道该做些什么。I felt that I had let the previous generation of entrepreneurs down –我觉得我很令上一代的创业家们很失望,that I had dropped the baton as it was being passed to me.我把他们交给我的接力棒弄丢了。I met with David Packard and Bob Noyce and tried to apologize for screwing up so badly.我和创办惠普的David Pack、创办Intel的Bob Noyce见面,并试图向他们道歉。I was a very public failure, and I even thought about running away from the valley.这次失败弄得沸沸扬扬,我甚至想过逃离硅谷But something slowly began to dawn on me –I still loved what I did.但是,渐渐地,我开始有了一个想法——我仍然热爱我过去所做的一切。The turn of events at Apple had not changed that one bit.在苹果公司发生的这些风波丝毫没有改变这一点。I had been rejected, but I was still in love.我虽然被拒之门外,但我仍然深爱我的事业。And so I decided to start over.于是,我决定从头开始。201307/250092

  When a new inhabitant moves into the tower,当一个新的居住者搬进这座大楼,they aly have a roof over their head,他们已经有一个可以遮盖的房顶,so they just typically mark their space所以他们通常只是使用with a few curtains or sheets.很小的窗帘和单子来突出他们的地方。Slowly, from found materials, walls rise,慢慢地,从现成的材料,高墙,and people create a space out of any found objects人们创造了一个从任何现成物体or materials.和材料搭建的空间。Its remarkable to see the design decisions看到他们的设计规划决定that theyre making,很让人惊叹,like when everything is made out of red bricks,例如当所有东西都是红砖建的时候,some residents will cover that red brick一些居民会在红砖墙外覆盖上with another layer of red brick-patterned wallpaper另一层红砖样式的墙纸just to make it a kind of clean finish.只为了让它看上去有干净的感觉。The inhabitants literally built up these homes这些居住者真的是with their own hands, and this labor of love用他们的双手来搭建自己的房子,这种充满着爱的劳动instills a great sense of pride渗透出一种伟大的自豪感in many families living in this tower.充盈在很多住在这儿的家庭里。They typically make the best out of their conditions,他们特别是要尽最大可能利用他们周围的环境and try to make their spaces look nice and homey,来让他们的生活空间更温馨,更有家的感觉,or at least up until as far as they can reach.或者至少做到他们能尽的最大可能。Throughout the tower, you come across在大楼里,你可以找到all kinds of services, like the barber,各种各样的务,比如理发店,small factories, and every floor has小铺子,每层都有a little grocery store or shop.小的食品杂货店和商店。And you even find a church.你甚至可以找到一个教堂。And on the 30th floor, there is a gym并且在30层有一个健身房where all the weights and barbells那里所有的器械和杠铃are made out of the leftover pulleys都是由剩下的滑轮制成的from the elevators which were never installed.这些滑轮是从那些没有安装的电梯上拿来的。From the outside, behind this always-changing facade,从外面,在这个不断变化的外墙后面,you see how the fixed concrete beams你可以看到固定的混凝土梁柱是如何provide a framework for the inhabitants为居民提供一个房屋框架to create their homes以便让他们以一种有机而直观的方式in an organic, intuitive way去搭建他们的房子that responds directly to their needs.来直接应对他们的需求。Lets go now to Africa, to Nigeria,让我们现在去看看非洲,尼日利亚,to a community called Makoko,来到一个叫马卡卡的住宅区a slum where 150,000 people一个居住着15万人的贫民窟live just meters above the Lagos Lagoon.住在仅在拉各斯湖上面几米的地方。While it may appear to be a completely chaotic place,虽然它看上去好像是一个很混乱的地方,when you see it from above, there seems to be但当你从上往下看,那里好像存在a whole grid of waterways and canals一个由水路和运河形成的格子网connecting each and every home.连接着每家每户。From the main dock, people board long wooden canoes从主码头,人们坐上长木做的小木舟which carry them out to their various homes and shops带他们前往在很大一片区域里的located in the expansive area.各种房屋和商店When out on the water, its clear当进入水域时,很明显that life has been completely adapted生活已经完全融入to this very specific way of living.这种特殊条件下的生活方式。Even the canoes become variety stores甚至木筏子也变成各种各样的小店where ladies paddle from house to house,女人们划着木舟从一家到另一家,selling anything from toothpaste to fresh fruits.卖着从牙膏到新鲜水果的各种东西。Behind every window and door frame,在每一扇窗户和门框背后,youll see a small child peering back at you,你都会看到有小孩子在背后盯着你and while Makoko seems to be packed with people,虽然马卡卡看上去到处都是人,whats more shocking is actually但更让人吃惊的是实际上the amount of children pouring out of every building.每座房屋里面拥有的孩子的数量。The population growth in Nigeria,尼日利亚的人口增长,and especially in these areas like Makoko,尤其是在像马卡卡这样的区域,are painful reminders痛苦地提醒着人们of how out of control things really are.生育失控后带来的结果。In Makoko, very few systems在马卡卡,只有非常少的生活系统and infrastructures exist.和基础设施存在Electricity is rigged and freshest water电是被垄断的,且干净的水comes from self-built wells throughout the area.来自于这片区域里自己建造的井。This entire economic model整个经济模式is designed to meet a specific way of living是为了应对特殊的水上生活方式而设计的on the water, so fishing and boat-making所以和造船are common professions.是普遍的职业。Youll have a set of entrepreneurs这里还有一系列的商户who have set up businesses throughout the area,在这片区域建立经营着自己的生意,like barbershops, CD and DVD stores,比如理发店,CD和DVD商店,movie theaters, tailors, everything is there.电影院,裁缝铺,和其它的一切。There is even a photo studio这是甚至有一个照相馆where you see the sort of aspiration让你看到一种期望to live in a real house or to be associated去住在真正的大房子里或者和一个遥远的地方with a faraway place, like that hotel in Sweden.产生联系,比如瑞典的旅馆。On this particular evening,在这个特别的夜晚,I came across this live band我遇到这个dressed to the T in their coordinating outfits.穿着舞台表演衣的现场演奏乐队。They were floating through the canals他们在河道里漂着in a large canoe with a fitted-out generator坐在一个装了可发光的大船里,for all of the community to enjoy.让所有居民欣赏他们的演出。By nightfall, the area becomes almost pitch black,深夜降临后,这片区域变得漆黑一片,save for a small lightbulb除了一些小的电灯or a fire.或者火光。What originally brought me to Makoko最初使我来到马卡卡的原因was this project from a friend of mine,是一个我朋友的做的项目,Kunl茅 Adeyemi, who recently finished building昆里阿德耶米,它最近修建了this three-story floating school一个漂在水上的三层学校for the kids in Makoko.给马卡卡这里的孩子们使用。With this entire village existing on the water,由于整个村落都在水上,public space is very limited,公共空间十分有限,so now that the school is finished,所以现在学校建好了,the ground floor is a playground for the kids,底层就变成了孩子们的活动场所,but when classes are out, the platform但是当课上完了,整个平台is just like a town square,就变成了一个小的城镇广场,where the fishermen mend their nets渔民在那里补网and floating shopkeepers dock their boats.划船卖东西的人们在那里停靠木船。201503/365890。


  If you told me that Id have to be depressed for the next month,如果你告诉我,我会在接下来的一个月里一直抑郁I would say, ;As long I know itll be over in November, I can do it.;我会说,“只要一个月之后不抑郁了我就可以接受。”But if you said to me, ;You have to have acute anxiety for the next month,;但如果你告诉我,“你会在接下来的一个月里严重焦虑。”I would rather slit my wrist than go through it.那么我宁可割腕也不愿意忍受It was the feeling all the time这是一种持续的感觉like that feeling you have if youre walking and you slip or trip就好像你走在路上滑倒了或者绊倒了and the ground is rushing up at you,地面猛冲向你的感觉but instead of lasting half a second, the way that does, it lasted for six months.但这种感觉不是半秒钟,而是持续6个月Its a sensation of being afraid all the time but not even knowing what it is that youre afraid of.这是一种时时刻刻感到惧怕,却不知道自己在惧怕什么的感觉And it was at that point that I began to think that it was just too painful to be alive,就在那时我开始想活着太痛苦了and that the only reason not to kill oneself was so as not to hurt other people.人不自杀的唯一原因是因为不想伤害身边的人And finally one day, I woke up and I thought perhaps Id had a stroke,终于有一天,我醒来的时候,我觉得我可能中风了because I lay in bed completely frozen, looking at the telephone, thinking,因为我躺在床上整个人是完全僵硬的,我看着电话,心想;Something is wrong and I should call for help,;“不好了,我该打电话求助。”and I couldnt reach out my arm and pick up the phone and dial.但我没办法伸出手去,没有办法拿到电话来拨号And finally, after four full hours of my lying and staring at it, the phone rang,终于,在我躺在那盯着电话整整四小时之后,电话铃响了and somehow I managed to pick it up, and it was my father,我不记得自己怎么拿到的电话,是我父亲打来的and I said, ;Im in serious trouble. We need to do something.;我说,“我现在遇到大麻烦了,我们必须做点什么。”The next day I started with the medications and the therapy.第二天我开始吃药,开始接受治疗And I also started reckoning with this terrible question:与此同时我开始思考一个可怕的问题If Im not the tough person如果我不是那种坚强到who could have made it through a concentration camp, then who am I?即使被送去集中营也可以存活下来的人,那么我是谁呢?And if I have to take medication,如果我需要吃药的话is that medication making me more fully myself, or is it making me someone else?那么药物是让我变得更像自己,还是让我更不像自己?And how do I feel about it if its making me someone else?如果会让我变得像别人,那么我又如何感觉到这点呢?I had two advantages as I went in to the fight.在这个抗争的过程中我有两个优势The first is that I knew that, objectively speaking,首先是我很清楚,客观地说I had a nice life, and that if I could only get well,我有一个不错的生活条件,如果我能好起来there was something at the other end that was worth living for.那么最终是会有一些东西值得我去为之而活的And the other was that I had access to good treatment.另外一点就是我能接受好的治疗But I nonetheless emerged and relapsed,但我却不知为何,好转了又复发and emerged and relapsed, and emerged and relapsed,又好转,又复发,再好转,再复发and finally understood I would have to be on medication and in therapy forever.最后我才意识到,我必须一辈子依赖药物以及治疗And I thought, ;But is it a chemical problem or a psychological problem?于是我想,“但这到底是一个化学问题还是一个心理问题?And does it need a chemical cure or a philosophical cure?;这到底需要化学疗法还是心理疗法呢?”And I couldnt figure out which it was.我无法找到问题的And then I understood that actually,然后我明白了we arent advanced enough in either area for it to explain things fully.事实上我们对这两个领域的了解都还不够,都还不足以完全弄清真相201602/425459


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