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襄阳南漳人民医院治疗尿道炎怎么样宜城市治疗龟头炎多少钱老河口第一医院的营业时间 In your dreams-----做梦吧你大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。在汉语当中,当我们不相信别人说的话,觉得他(她)说的不可能是真的时,会说“做梦吧你”。那这个“做梦吧你”在英语当中怎么说呢?我们可以用 In your dreams. “In your dreams” is a different way of saying, “I don’t believe you” or “there’s no way that’s true.” 我们来听一下例句:A: Guess what? Last weekend, I caught a fish this big.你猜!上周末,我捉到了一条这么大的鱼。B: No way.不可能。A: Yeah, It was huge!真的,它好大!B: In your dreams! Theres no way you caught a fish that big.做梦吧你!你不能捉到那么大的鱼的。In your dreams通常以戏谑的口吻出现,所以用的时候可以带上笑容哦!这里是小强英语,我们下期再会!获取更多英语资讯,请关注新浪微@小强爱英语。本栏目由原创,。 /201411/343099理解与迷惑1. 词组句型惑,迷惑confusion, confuse, puzzle, at a losssentence patterns:His unexpected appearance threw us into total confusion.Dont confuse the issue.The reason for doing it is still a pazzle.He is just at a loss how to say.His answers puzzled all of us.2. 多种表达Do you understand?Do you know the meaning?Did you catch the point?Is it clear?Are you clear about it?I get the picture.I almost know it.I think I made myself clear.I think I have made everything clear.I catch what you said.I heard.I can make out your handwriting.I can judge your handwriting.I get it.That shows it.I catch it.I grasp it.Its reasonable.It makes sense.Its acceptable.I cant understand.Its beyond me.Thats beyond me.I dont know what you will do.I cant see what you are driving at.I cant understand what you are driving at.I am just kidding.I am pulling your leg.I am joking.Let me see.Let me think it over.Its on the tip of my tongue.I cant recall it immediately.What should I say...How sould I put it...I really dont know how to put this.I dont know how to say.I am not sure how to put this.Beats me.I cant answer that.Youve got me.What would you call it?What do you call it? /201208/197400襄阳中医男科医院修复处女膜

襄阳中西医结合医院做宫腔粘连手术好吗襄城区妇幼保健中医院泌尿外科 26 Hollywood and Celebrity Heartthrobs.第26章好莱坞及好莱坞影星David: Are there any actors or actresses that you like? Who are your favorite movie stars?你喜欢哪些演员?你最喜欢的影星是谁?You: Yes, I’ve got a few favorites: Tom Hanks ,Tom Cruise, and Ben Affleck. I like them very much.我喜欢好多明星。如:汤姆 · 汉克斯,汤姆 · 克鲁斯,本 · 阿福来克等。David: Those guys are known as heartthrobs.这些人很让人心动。You: What does that mean?什么意思?David: Heartthrobs are men who make the heart of women throb.就是让女人心动的男人。You: Oh, I see. They are quite handsome and attractive.我明白了,他们很帅,很有吸引力。David: Many American movies center around these movie stars. Do you have any thoughts about these kinds of American movies?许多美国影片的卖点就是这些明星。你对这类美国电影有什么看法?You: I think these American movies do not reflect real life. They may be inventive or well-produced, and they may have famous stars and handsome actors, but the stories are so far from reality that they are not instructive or meaningful.我觉得美国电影不反映现实生活。尽管美国电影构思独特,设计新颖,制作精细,而且有很多偶像派的明星,但故事太脱离实际,没有什么精神价值。David: So maybe these movies are more about the action, but there’s no moral to the story.也许这些电影更多的关注情节,因而缺乏实际的社会意义。You :Exactly! I couldn’t have put it better myself!没错,我就是这个意思! /201209/199387樊城区妇幼保健中医院男科咨询

襄阳第四人民医院治疗阳痿早泄9. I will notify all the applicants to come for an interview tomorrow.我将通知所有的人选明天来面试。还能这样说:I will inform all the applicants to attend the interview tomorrow.All applicants are noticed to come for an interview tomorrow.应用:notify指用正式信件通知;inform属一般用语,侧重直接地使人知道事实或情况;apprise是文学用语,侧重告之有特殊利害关系之事。10. If I satisfy your needs, can I go to have the interview?如果我符合面试要求,可否去面试?还能这样说:May I attend the interview if I meet your requirements?Could you give me the opportunity to attend the interview if I qualify the position?谚语:Go to the sea if you would fish well.不入虎穴,焉得虎子。11. I am sorry I am not available now. How about tomorrow?我现在忙,明天怎么样?还能这样说:I am sorry for being busy now, and is tomorrow OK?I apologize for I could not spare time to come. But can I go tomorrow?应用:make oneself available 使自己可以效劳;make sth. available 使某事可利用12. Ill send you an application form.我会给您发一份申请表。还能这样说:Ill give you a form of application.I would send off an application form to you.应用:send away ones servant 解雇用人;send ab. about his business 把某人解雇 /201409/331540 今天还是要讲在总统大选年里你常常会听到的两个习惯用语,而且这两个习惯用语都和侯选人的当选机会和希望有关。第一个习惯用语是从射击或者赛马这两种体育运动中借用来的。它是: long shot。 Long shot在射击运动中是指非常遥远的目标,以至于拿瞄准这目标射击的射手很可能会打不中。Long shot也可以用来描述赛马中奔跑速度太慢跟其它赛马拉下了一长段距离,几乎没有得胜希望的那一匹马。老听众也许记得我们以前学过这个习惯用语:在1976的大选中人们曾经把卡特称为long shot因为他师出无名,只是个种花生的农民,但是这个当年的long shot后来却出乎意料地入主白宫,而且即使离开白宫以后也仍然在国际政坛上扮演举足轻重的角色。再听听对卡特这段不平凡人生历程的描述:例句-1:Back in 1976, Jimmy Carter had been a real long shot. Nobody had given him a chance but he came up nowhere and won the race for the White House. And he has still been playing major roles in the international political circle since he left the White House.人们原来普遍认为卡特是得胜无望的小人物, 但是他却出人意料地崭露头角,这在政坛也许是相当难得的例子。政坛观察家的预测多半八九不离十。我们再听最近有一位政治观察家怎么谈论一个宣布竞选参议员席位的人。注意他也用了习惯用语long shot, 可见这个习惯用语的流行经久不衰。例句-2:Hes a good man but hes a long shot. Most voters have never heard of him; he cant raise much money; he has no political experience. Id say his chances are very small.这位观察家说:这位侯选人是好人,但是他在大多数选民中是个默默无闻的人物; 而且他募集不到多少经费,更没什么从政经验。所以他几乎不大可能当选。观察家因而说他成功希望渺茫。这就是long shot这个习惯用语的含义。******今天要学的第二个习惯用语也用来描述成功希望的大小,但是它正是long shot这个习惯用语的反面,用来指必胜无疑的人。这个习惯用语是: shoo in。 Shoo和in两个词合成的中间用连词符号相连,似乎没人能确定这个习惯说法究竟是怎么来的,然而有一种猜想是shoo这个词来自sure。这个猜想有它的道理,要是shoo-in是从sure in演变来的话,可见它的意思是“必定入围”或者“一定中选。”我们听个例子。这是新闻员在谈论2000年大选的共和党侯选人得克萨斯州州长George W. Bush。政治分析家在1999年秋天的时候都一致公认他稳操胜券,必然会赢得他的政党,共和党的总统侯选人提名,因为他募集的竞选经费最多,在民意测验中的得分也遥遥领先;他看来是立于不败之地了。但是事情却并不像想象中那样一帆风顺,过后一段时间在新罕普什尔州的初选之前,他的本党竞争对手John McCain在民意测验中的成绩却意想不到地急起直追。我们听听当时一名新闻员发表了什么看法。例句-3:When the expert saw Mr. McCain began to move up in the polls and drew even in some of them before the New Hampshire Primary, they began to admit that maybe Mr. Bush wasnt the shoo-in theyd been telling us earlier.However, this doesnt actually mean Mr. Bush wont look like a shoo-in again, for other states will hold their primaries before the national convention in the summer of 2000.他说:当专家看到McCain先生在新罕普什尔州初选前民意调查中的得分上升,而且在某些调查中的得分跟Bush先生拉成平局,他们开始承认Bush先生可能并不像他们向来所说的那样必胜无疑。然而这并不真的意味着再也不会出现Bush先生稳操胜券的局面,因为其它各州也将在2000年夏天的全党代表大会前举行初选。既然别的州要在2000年夏天决定本党总统侯选人提名的全党代表大会前陆续举行初选,挑选参加全党大会的代表,而共和党和民主党内有希望成为本党总统侯选人的人选还得在激烈的辩论中崭露头角,才能最终中选。这是条漫长曲折的道路,Geroge W. Bush是不是shoo-in,也就是他是否必胜无疑还有待分晓。 /201408/321996襄樊人民医院上环怎么样襄樊不孕不育多少钱




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