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Is gold losing its luster? As stocks continue to rise, investors are dumping money into the market-- and pulling out of gold. Christine Romans reports. 最近黄金大跌,下跌预示黄金熊市到来,还是一次短期下跌?华尔街著名投资人、前量子基金合伙人杰姆·罗杰斯说黄金在货币超发时代,仍具有很强的保值增值潜力。America#39;s latest gold rush. When even reality TV fans are watching Tv shows, like Gold Rush, Yukon Gold, is that the signal that the bubble has burst? For centuries, investors have depended on gold as a safe store of value in the face of rising prices, but now the precious metal#39;s luster seems to be fading. Gold price has down more than 20 percent since September. What#39;s going on? And why now? Is gold still a safe haven? Economic growth numbers out of China are rising enough for investors to worry. Slow in the growth of world#39;s second largest economy will mean lower demand for precious metals, with industrial uses, like gold, but someone are buying it.-A lot of people are taking them as evidence the world is slowing, no inflation, commodities are dead, get out of gold. That is not the deal. This is the real desperation on the part of the West. They set off some sort of panic, so no one would ever go near gold again.The move out of gold would suit many central banks just fine, because lower gold prices imply higher confidence in their monetary policies. Right now, it could be summed up in two words-- friend, money. That confidence may push investors away from gold and into stocks, which are now trading near all-time highs, but it can#39;t last forever. All that extra money in the financial system could fuel inflation and that will make gold attractive again as a safe hedge against rising prices.-My suspicion is as gold is looking for a bottom, is this might or next, you are likely to see a gold resilient trend in coming years.Christine Romans, CNN, New York. /201306/243642。

  • 如果你和上千万的人一样,每天都要走一英里才能找到一罐水,估计你不会把如此珍贵的水用来洗澡。年轻的企业家Ludwick Marishane讲述了一个引人入胜的有趣故事,那就是他如何发明了一个廉价、清洁而又方便的解决方案:DryBath——全球首款洗澡替代乳液。 Article/201312/266112。
  • 瑞秋苏斯曼展示了一些世界上最古老的尚存生物的图片---- 从已生存了2000多年的多巴哥海岸的脑珊瑚到人类开始农耕之前就存在至今的南非“地下森林”。 Article/201408/317091。
  • Apple is much stronger than its competition,苹果比起竞争对手要强劲许多and so they need to make sure they don#39;t get complacent因此 他们更需要谨慎谦逊because the way they#39;ll lose some day is when someone quietly comes up behind them竞争对手都在默默地奋起直追and does something that is now better.他们一个不小心就会落于人后Over the course of more than three decades,苹果走到今天已经三十多年some might argue that Apple has travelled far from its origins,一些人可能认为苹果已远远偏离他们的出发点as a bunch of Californians railing against IBM to become, itself, an all-powerful Big Brother.从一群声讨IBM的加利福尼亚嬉皮士 成为了一个叱咤风云的老大哥But it is a more complicated and interesting story.但事实上 这件事并不这么简单If Steve Jobs had just been a rebel, he wouldn#39;t have got far,如果史蒂夫·乔布斯只是一个单纯的叛逆者 他绝不会有如此成就but it#39;s because he always had that inner-hippy但正是因为他一直保持着内心深处的嬉皮that Apple became so much more than just another computer company.苹果的意义才能超越电脑公司本身There was one aspect of Steve Jobs#39; battle with cancer he hadn#39;t revealed.史蒂夫·乔布斯没有透露他与癌症抗争过程中的一点He#39;d delayed having surgery for nine months after he was diagnosed.那就是 他将手术推迟到了他确诊后的九个月Instead he#39;d tried alternative remedies期间 他尝试了一些非传统疗法and a strict vegan diet, against the advice of those closest to him.并且不顾亲友的反对 成为了一个素食者And the cancer had sp.癌细胞没有因此停止扩散He was the kind of person that could convince himself of things他就是那种偏执到甚至没法认识自己错误的人that weren#39;t necessarily true, and that always worked with him for designing products,在设计产品的时候也是where he could go to people and ask them to do something that they thought was impossible.他总会去告诉人们去做一些他们认为不可能的事And I think he truly thought that,我感觉 他好像真的以为through some unconventional means, he could cure himself.自己能通过一些非常规的方法把癌症治好A Californian suburb.这是加州的一个住宅区This was Steve Jobs#39; house after his death at the age of 56.这是乔布斯56岁辞世后留下的房子Home to no ordinary CEO, billionaire or hippie.这里曾住着一位传奇的CEO 亿万富翁和嬉皮士Buckets of rain, buckets of tears大雨倾盆 泪水如注Got all them buckets coming out of my ears我可以听到这所有的一切Buckets of moonbeams in my hand...满满的月光在我的手心...He wasn#39;t an inventor, he wasn#39;t a code writer,他不是一个发明家 他不是一个程序员he wasn#39;t a designer, he wasn#39;t a businessman really.他不是一个设计师 他其实也不是一个真正的商人I mean the word people use is visionary.人们提到他时 经常会用到远见家这个词If you break it down in the sense of he saw things,你仔细想想 他的眼光是多么独到in that sense he was a visionary. He just saw things.他的确是一个远见家 他就是有这种天赋As near as I can tell, Steve Jobs never left his counter-cultural frame of reference,至少在我看来 乔布斯从未跳出他那种反主流文化的思想体系and so his way of staying forever young was to stay forever hippy.所以他保持永远年轻的方式就是永远嬉皮Stay hungry, stay foolish. Thank you all very much.求知若饥 虚心若愚 感谢大家 /201308/254134。
  • Africa is almost completely surrounded by oceans.非洲几乎完全被海洋包围着Here on the east coast, there are animals在这片东海岸 动物们已经feeling the changing climate in a most surprising way.感受到了气候的惊人变化This is a young female green turtle.这是一只年轻的雌海龟During her lifetime, she will travel thousands of miles在她的一生中 她将在海洋里through the ocean looking for food.横穿几千英里去寻觅食物Turtles return to the same beach which they hatched海龟回到孵化它们的沙滩to lay their own eggs.产下海龟蛋The eggs are buried in the sand海龟蛋埋在沙砾中and the hatchlings will emerge after about two months.大概两个月后幼龟破壳而出But there#39;s a strange thing about turtle eggs.但海龟蛋有个奇怪的特点And that is the temperature at which the eggs are kept那就是海龟蛋所处地的温度will determine the sex of most of the hatchlings.会决定大多数幼龟的性别If the sand temperature is high, they will be female,如果沙滩温度高 就是雌龟if it#39;s low, they will be male.温度低 就是雄龟So global warming could have a crucial effect on turtle populations.因此全球变暖对海龟数量有着关键影响And this young female may find it very difficult in years to come这只年轻的雌龟在未来几年to find a male with which to mate.将难以找到雄龟和她交配 Article/201407/317011。
  • 视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》But the birds need to be careful,但鸟儿们需要加倍小心for the sun has played a terrible trick.因为太阳开了一个可怕的玩笑This oasis is poisonous.绿洲里的水是有毒的Intense evaporation over thousands of years上千年的剧烈蒸发has left the water saltier than the sea.使得此片水源的盐度超过了海水As if to underline the horror,更为恐怖的是the place is infested by vast swarms of flies.大量的苍蝇聚集于此But this plague is a birds#39; salvation.然而这些疫虫是候鸟们的救星The flies are filled with freshwater, filtered from the brine.它们能将盐水过滤 使体内充满淡水So, like a desert wanderer squeezing a drink from a cactus,就像沙漠迷途者挤压仙人掌摄取水分那样the birds get all the water they need from the flies#39; bodies.鸟儿们通过捕食苍蝇来获取淡水More and more migrants join in.越来越多的候鸟加入了捕食行列Wagtails.比如鹡鸰 Article/201405/295399。
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