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【新闻精讲】Tycoon living begins with a private jet. Whereas yachts are dispensable (not everyone wants to float around for weeks with the same dinner companions) private jets are necessities for the aspiring billionaire. They save valuable time. Even first-class passengers have to wait an hour or so for their flights.要享受大亨式的生活首先得有一架私人飞机。游艇是可有可无的(并非每个人都喜欢花上好几周时间漂游海上,天天和同一群人用餐),但对于未来的亿万富翁而言,私人飞机则是必需品。拥有飞机可以节省宝贵的时间。即使头等舱乘客也得为航班等候一小时左右。jet n.喷气式飞机whereas conj.然而yachts n.游艇dispensable adj.非必须的 (not necessary)- Computers have made typewriters dispensable.companion n.同伴necessity n.必需品- Sunscreen is an absolute necessity for the beach.aspiring adj.有抱负的- aspire v.渴望获取(职业/某种成功)- She aspired to a career in medicine.Private-jet owners can turn up when they want and climb on board. The planes can double as flying offices, and you don’t have to worry about other passengers eavesdropping on your deals or objecting to your sping papers. The flight is smoother (private jets typically fly at 45,000 feet), the seats are more throne-like, and you can bring your pets.而私人飞机机主则可随心所欲地即时登机。飞机可以充当空中办公室,不必担心其他乘客听到你谈的交易,摊开报纸也不会有人提意见。飞行也更顺畅平稳(私人飞机一般在45,000英尺的高度飞行),座椅更加豪华舒适,乘客还可以带上宠物。double v. 又可作为 (to have a second job or use)eavesdrop v.偷听- eavesdropper n.偷听者object v.反对sping adj.展开的smooth adj.顺畅的throne n.王位No longer do you need a net worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars to have one. With 700 jets, NetJets is now the fifth-largest airline by number of planes, after Southwest Airlines, and it has access to thousands of private airports. Its main innovation was to apply the principle of fractional ownership, or time-sharing, to the ultimate executive tool. Customers buy a share in a jet which entitles them to, say, 200 hours of travel a year.如今,你并不需要身家数亿美元才能坐拥私人飞机。备有700架喷气式飞机的NetJets现已成为排在西南航空公司之后的第五大航空公司(按飞机数量计算),可抵达数以千计的私人机场。该公司的主要创新是把所有权共享或分时共享的原则应用在私人飞机这一“高管终极交通工具”上。客户购买私人飞机的部分所有权进而获得一定使用权,比如,每年200小时的飞行时数。net worth 净值apply v.运用fractional adj.部分的ultimate adj.终极的- The ultimate goal is to increase income.entitle v.使...有资格 (to give a right to someone)- The card entitles my grandmother to the discount for senior citizens.NetJets is skilled at providing its rich clients with an entrée into the cultural world of the super-rich, with hard-to-get tickets to events such as Art Basel, a series of art fairs, and to private dinners with celebrities. The company is also finding ways to bring down the cost: one of its latest ideas is the private-jet equivalent of London Underground’s electronic ticket, the Oyster card. Rather than buying a share in a jet you can buy a pre-paid card that entitles you to a certain number of flying hours a year, with 25 hours’ worth of flights adding up to about Article/201703/498337

EU foreign affairs chief to visit Iran, Saudi Arabia欧盟外长将访问伊朗和沙特EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini will visit Iran and Saudi Arabia next week.欧盟外长费代丽卡·莫盖里尼将于下周访问伊朗和沙特阿拉伯。The trip follows the agreement reached last week on Iran#39;s nuclear program.此行旨在履行上星期在伊朗达成的核协议。Mogherini played a key role in the long-running negotiations with Tehran.莫盖里尼在同德黑兰的长期谈判中发挥了至关重要的作用。She will visit Saudi Arabia on Monday and Iran on Tuesday to discuss the implementation of the nuclear agreement.下周一她将访问沙特阿拉伯,而在周二将访问伊朗就有关核协议的实施进行讨论。 译文属 Article/201507/387920

TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。 Article/201506/382101

TED演讲视频:寻找那个弄断了我脖子的人19岁那年,一场毁灭性的公交车车祸造成Joshua Prager的偏瘫。20年后,他重返以色列,去寻找那个彻底改变了他一生的肇事司机。在讲述这个令人着迷的见面故事过程中,Prager以深刻的眼光探究了自然、教养、自欺以及命运等问题。 Article/201703/496868Between them they covered the religious spectrum from hard-line Protestant to fanatical Catholic.他们信奉的宗教大不相同 一方恪奉新教 而另一方则是狂热的天主教徒And the road the country took after Henry,亨利死后国家的道路back to a Catholic past or forwards into a Protestant future,是重回天主教 还是迈向新教would depend, like never before,on the lottery of births, deaths and marriages.将前所未有地取决于 王储们生育 死亡及婚姻的弈When Henry died in 1547,he left 600 pounds to pay for two priests to say prayers for his soul forever.1547年亨利驾崩 他留给两位神父六百英镑 让他们永远为其灵魂祈祷You have to wonder how he apparently failed to notice that Edward had been educated by fervent Protestants你也许会想 他明显忽略了 爱德华从小接受狂热的新教徒的教导who obviously had no time for such superstitious nonsense.他显然不在乎异教徒无意义的迷信Led by Thomas Cranmer,they saw the nine-year-old boy king as a new Josiah,在托马斯·克兰麦的辅佐下 新登基的九岁小国王在人们心目中 俨若约西亚转世the Biblical king who had taken it as his mission to destroy idolatry.约西亚是《圣经》中将打破盲目崇拜 作为使命的君王Now this would be the real reformation.这将是场真正的变革For just look what happened in the six years of Edward#39;s reign.纵观爱德华统治的 这六年可以看出All the customs and ceremonies of the old Church,所有旧教堂的习俗和庆典the blessing of candles at Candlemas and palms on Palm Sunday were banned.圣烛节用的祈祷蜡烛 以及棕榈主日的棕枝尽皆被禁Away went the religious guilds and fraternities.宗教协会和修会也消失无踪了The Cults of Saints that had survived Cromwell#39;s attacks,在克伦威尔的攻势下 幸存的圣人崇拜along with their relics and their pilgrimages,were forbidden.连同举行的场所及朝圣之路 全部被禁And images, statues, stained-glass, paintings,were attacked with chisels and limewash.相关图案 雕刻 绘玻璃以及画作都毁于凿击和石灰浆 /201701/488267A lot ofpeople are vety confused on this.许多人对此都感到很困惑But l can sit here under oath or any other way you want it,但我可以坐在这发誓and l#39;m a staunch Cathollic, l#39;ll swear on the Biblle,我是个虔诚的天主教徒 我以圣经发誓Michael was not gay.迈克尔不是同性恋Nor has he ever been gay.他也从不曾是同性恋He#39;s confided in me that certain women that he had relationships with,他曾跟我提起过交往的女朋友he wasn#39;t public about any of it,他从来没有公开过because you don#39;t want the fans to think you#39;re tied down,因为不想让粉丝觉得你私会they don#39;t have that shot of getting to you.她们就没机会了l went to his home, Neverland,我去过梦幻庄园and he pulled out all of the stops.他真是所有招数都使尽了He picked me up in a helicopter, and l got to the house,派直升机载我去庄园and he had a coach and buggy pick me up from the gate, to his home.大门口停着马车等着载我进去We were in the kitchen, and this is when he had Bubbles, the monkey.我们俩在厨房 当时他还饲养着猴子泡泡l had taken off my shoes, and l felt this little nibble at my toe,我把鞋脱了 并感觉到有东西在扯我的脚趾and l thought Michael was playing with my toes.我本来还以为是迈克尔l was like, #39;Oh, Michael, aren#39;t you special. #39;我心想 迈克尔 你也太标新立异了吧But it was Bubbles sucking on my big toe.结果是泡泡在吸我的大拇指l thought to myself,我心想#39;You better watch out, l#39;ll take Bubbles home. #39;你最好小心 不然我要带泡泡回家了 Article/201510/404063

栏目简介:《英语视频之Top10》是英语视频听力下的子栏目,栏目包含中英字幕,而且能够了解世界上10大新奇或者有意思的事物,比如奇葩犯罪记录、科学骗局、邪恶老师等,通过简单有趣的讲述,能够提高学习英语的兴趣,积累一些英语知识,是比较生动的英语学习材料。 Article/201511/407382

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