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Consider… YOU. In all time bee now and in all time to come, there has never been and will never be anyone just like you. You are unique in the entire history and future of the universe. Wow! Stop and think about that. You're better than one in a million, or a billion, or a gazillion… You are the only one like you in a sea of infinity!!! You're amazing! You're awesome! And by the way, T, you're it. As amazing and awesome as you aly are, you can be even more so. Beautiful young people are the whimsey of nature, but beautiful old people are true works of art. But you don't become "beautiful" just by virtue of the aging process. Real beauty comes from learning, growing, and loving in the ways of life. That is the Art of Life. You can learn slowly, and sometimes painfully, by just waiting life to happen to you. Or you can choose to accelerate your growth and intentionally devour life and all it offers. You are the artist that paints your future with the brush of today. Paint a Masterpiece. God gives every bird its food, but he doesn't throw it into its nest. Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, it's truly up to you. 788世界杯口语:球迷预测比赛实用口语 -- :9:58 来源:   球迷赛前该如何预测比赛呢?来看看下面的表达  1. Argentina is an incredibly strong team Korea Republic. However, the game of soccer is full of possibilities and Korea is notorious pulling magic out of thin air. This will be a fantastic game to watch!  对韩国来说,阿根廷绝对是个强队不过,在足球比赛中,一切皆有可能况且韩国队向来以凭空创造奇迹而闻名这场比赛一定会很精!  . Argentina seems a little disorganized and frankly I don't think they have what it takes to beat this determined Korean squad. My Prediction: Korea :1.  阿根廷队好像有点混乱,坦白说,我觉得他们没有击败韩国队的实力我预测韩国队会比1战胜阿根廷  3. -0 or -1 Argentina! Messi's just too good to be stopped! C'mon Maradona, give us a good line-up!  阿根廷比0或比1胜!梅西太棒了,他是无人可挡的!马拉多纳加油,把最棒的队员都派上场吧  . Although Argentina is a better team overall, there were many surprises in this World Cup, so you never know!  虽说阿根廷在总体上要更强一些,但是这届世界杯已经有很多意外了,所以,谁知道呢!  5. Argentina will book their ticket to the next round and Messi scores twice  阿根廷会在这场拿到下一轮比赛的入场券,梅西会进两个球  6. I hope to see a really good match, and no injuries any team...I just want to see more and more of LIO MESSI this world cup  我希望看到一场精的比赛,两队都不要有人受伤... 我只是希望能在世界杯的比赛中多多看到梅西出场  7. It will be a very exciting match sure. Both teams are fast and very dynamic although South Korean team is the underdog in this match  这肯定会是一场让人激动万分的比赛这两个队速度都很快,而且场上表现也很活跃不过,韩国队在这场比赛中并不被看好  8. If Korea scores first, we'll have an interesting game. If Argentina scores first, the game's over. I'm hoping Korea wins, but I wouldn't bet on it  如果韩国先进球,这场比赛会很有趣如果阿根廷先进球,那么这场比赛的结局基本就没有悬念了我希望韩国会赢,不过,我不会为此下注 口语 实用 比赛 球迷8American RevolutionThe American Revolution was not a sudden and violent overturning of the political and social framework, such as later occurred in France and Russia, when both were aly independent nations. Significant changes were ushered in, but they were not breathtaking. What happened was accelerated evolution rather than outright revolution. During the conflict itself people went on working and praying, marrying and playing. Most of them were not seriously disturbed by the actual fighting, and many of the more isolated commies scarcely knew that a war was on.America War of Independence heralded the birth of three modern nations. One was Canada, which received its first large influx of English-speaking population from the thousands of loyalists who fled there from the ed States. Another was Australia, which became a penal colony now that America was no longer available prisoners and debtors. The third newcomer-the ed States-based itself squarely on republican principles.Yet even the political overturn was not so revolutionary as one might suppose. In some states, notably Connecticut and Rhode Island, the war largely ratified a colonial self-rule aly existing. British officials, everywhere ousted, were replaced by a home-grown governing class, which promptly sought a local substitute king and Parliament.

当我从床上滑下的时候,我并没有领悟到父亲的话该是多么地正确是的,这一生,我会像记住许多其他事情一样,永远牢记我曾射杀了那只小鸟 The day my father gave me a BB gun was my twelfth birthday,and I almost couldn’t help jumping up and down when I saw what it was.With a smile,he led me outside and showed me how to shoot――first loading the gun,pumping it a few times,aiming,and,finally,firing.Bee handing the gun to me,he in-toned ,“I don’t ever want to see you killing anything.That’ s not why I bought you this gun.”I think he was afraid that I‘ d learn what real power felt like.Whatever.It was okay with me because I figured I‘ d find plenty of other targets.“Hey,Mike.”I yelled to my friend upon making one of my greatest discoveries.“Check this out.”I aimed at the top of the telephone pole.“What’ re you doing?”he asked.I fired,and the BB smacked1) the top of the pole,causing a loud“DING”to ring out.“Cool.”Mike said.I smiled like the king of the world――a smile that grew even wider when Mike couldn’t hit the same target.The neat thing was that no matter how many times you shot those things they never broke.Then again,maybe that’s why it got boring.A few months later,I found myself walking down the street,gun in hand,searching new targets.I stopped by a telephone pole,popping off a few shots with nothing better to do.Suddenly,a bird swooped down and landed on the wire.It was a pigeon,and it cooed and shuffled its footing,completely oblivious to my watchful eye.Here I was,a bored kid,holding a BB gun,and a bird standing right there in front of me――and no one around to tell my dad.It was so perfect,I figured it was a sign from God.I aimed straight at the pigeon),held my breath,and squeezed3) slowly upon the trigger.But I hesitated.I was about to kill a bird,a concept that felt at one moment queazy,at another exciting.The exciting part won.I fired.The bird dropped like a rock,one wing flopping behind as it fell.The bushes obscured) its impact,but I heard it thump into the dirt.Bee lowering the gun,I realized what I’d done ――I‘d killed my first animal.I should’ve ran to my friend Mike’s house and dragged him back to see the dead pigeon.But instead I whispered,“Oh no,”and charged into the brush.My stomach was tied in knots5),and I prayed,“Oh God,please don’t let it be dead.”The pigeon lay there with blood streaming from its beak,feathers large and small scattered about.I poked it with the gun barrel but it remained still.I reached out and rolled it over,but its head drooped lifelessly to the side.After burying it,I hurried home,stashed my BB gun in the closet and went to hide in my room.When my dad got home that evening,I ced myself to go downstairs so he wouldn’t think anything was wrong,but,the instant he looked at me,I‘d have sworn he knew.Yet he put an arm around me and said,“Hey son,how was your day?”“Um,okay.”I told him.“That’s all,”he frowned,“just okay?”I could feel my face tingling6).“Yeah,just okay.”And,trying to make it at least halfway believable,I shrugged7).He nodded,hand still resting on my shoulder.“Well,”he said,“it’s almost dinner time.Let’ s go set the table.”I was dead silent as I laid the plates out.I felt as though every time I turned around,Dad was looking at me,but whenever I stole a glance in his direction,he seemed simply to be paying attention to collecting ks and arranging glass.After Dad poured me some milk,I barely uttered a “thank you”as he took his seat.Watching him,I figured if I could just make it through dinner,I‘ d be okay.Mom gave us each a potato and uncovered the main dish in the center of the table.It was chicken.I almost barfed on my plate.I looked at my mom,then at my dad,and,just bee bursting into tears8),I pushed my chair back and ran to my room.I had my head buried in my pillow when I felt Dad rubbing my back.My tears slowly faded9),and I was able to lift my head.He didn’t say anything,but just rested his hand upon me and waited with a soft look in his eye.“I...”my voice cracked and I cleared my throat.“I shot a bird today.”“Oh?”my father replied,his expression unchanging.“Yeah.It was a pigeon.On the telephone line.I killed it.”Dad paused bee asking,“And how did it feel?”“It felt...Awful,”I answered and looked down.“I’ m sure it did.That’s one of the reasons I said you shouldn’t shoot birds.”I glanced at him,“Are you gonna punish me?”“Hmm,”he replied with his finger on his lips.“You misused your BB gun,and you disobeyed me.What you need is to always remember how bad it felt to kill that poor bird.”I turned my head down again,but he put a finger on my chin and lifted until I met his gaze.“Somehow,”he told me.“I think you will.”And,slapping me on the rear,he said,“Now lets go get dinner.”Little did I know as I slid from the bed that my father was right――I would remember killing that bird――along with a lot of other things――the rest of my life. 119

冬季是一个享受舒适,美食与温馨的季节冬季也是传递友谊的季节,冬季还是围坐在火炉旁谈天说地的季节冬季是享受家之温暖的季节Welcome to the most easily misunderstood season of all, winter, a beautiful season of intimacy and reflection. I’m Faith at Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax. Winter gives us the opporty to stay inside and look outside, as we're not called outdoors to enjoy the warmth and sunshine. Snuggle up in the sofa, put a blanket over you, have a cup of hot cocoa, and enjoy the observations on this precious season…Winter is the time comt, good food and warmth, the touch of a friendly hand and a talk beside the fire It is the time home. During the winter I am content,or try to think I am. There is a wonderful joy in leaving behind the noisy city streets and starting out along the white road that leads across the hills. With each breath of the sharp, reviving air one seems to inhale new life. A peace as evident as the sunshine on the fields takes possession of one's inner being. The trivial cares are driven away by the first sweep of wind that comes straight from the mountains. The intense silence that broods over the snow-bound land is a conscious blessing from the nature. Sometimes our fate resembles a fruit tree in winter Who would think that those branches would turn green again and blossom, but we hope it, we know it. 8

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