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佛山人民医院有做韩式激光包皮术Meetings don#39;t just eat up time in the workplace, they actually make groups of people stupider, says new research.新研究发现,会议不单会耗费大量工作时间,实际上还会使团队成员都变蠢。Working in a group makes people perform worse on intelligence tests, as some group members are so anxious about doing well that they #39;divert#39; their brain power towards maintaining their social status in the group.团队工作使人们在智力测试中表现更糟糕,因为有些团队成员太急于表现,花太多心思去维护自己在团队中的地位,分散了脑力。#39;You may joke about how committee meetings make you feel brain dead, but our findings suggest that they may make you act brain dead as well,#39; said Read Montague the study leader at Virginia Tech.该研究的领头人、弗吉尼亚理工大学的瑞德bull;蒙塔古说,;你也许会开玩笑说委员会会议让你有脑死亡的感觉,但是我们的研究发现,它还会让你表现得像个脑残。;Groups of volunteers showed measurable drops in IQ when asked to perform intelligence tests socially, with the results broadcast to the group.志愿者们被邀请一起做智力测试,并在团队中公布结果。结果显示,多组志愿者的智力水平显著下降。Some people performed well in the #39;social#39; tests, but others were affected badly - and overall, performance dropped.有些人在群体测试中表现得很好,但其他人则严重受影响;;总体上成绩下降了。Women appear to feel this pressure more than men - only three out of 13 female volunteers performed well in a social environment, with 10 out of 13 finding that their peformance dropped.女性感受到的压力似乎比男性更大;;13个女性志愿者中,只有3个人在群体环境中表现良好,其他的10个人发现自己的成绩下降了。The researchers used a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner to monitor how people#39;s brains responded - and found that bad peformers tended to show activity in parts of their brain that dealt with emotions and anxiety.研究者使用磁共振成像扫描仪来监控人们的大脑做出的反应,结果发现得分偏低者大脑中处理情绪和焦虑的区域有活动迹象。#39;We started with individuals who were matched for their IQ,#39; said Montague. #39;Yet when we placed them in small groups, ranked their performance on tasks against their peers, and broadcast the rankings, we saw dramatic drops in the ability of some study subjects to solve problems.#39;蒙塔古说:;我们从智力相当的个人着手,把他们分到不同小组,然后按照完成任务的表现排名并公布。我们发现其中一些人解决问题的能力大大下降。;#39;Our study highlights the unexpected and dramatic consequences even subtle social signals in group settings may have on the individual,#39; said lead author Kenneth Kishida.该研究的主要作者肯尼斯bull;岸田说:;我们的研究明确指出,在团体背景下,即使细微的社会信号也会对个人产生意料之外的重大影响。;#39;We don#39;t know how much these effects are present in real-world settings. By placing an emphasis on competition, for example, are we missing a large segment of the talent pool?#39;;我们不知道真实世界中这些影响有多少。例如过分强调竞争是否会让我们因此失去很大一部分人才资源?; /201202/170686佛山尖锐湿疣的治疗费用 Three little letters. So much anxiety. 区区三个英文字母,却又如此让人不安。 Worries over the state of once-celebrated Taiwanese handset maker HTC have been soaring since Taiwan#39;s Economic Minister Shih Yen-shiang urged the local public last week to buy more cell phones from company in an effort to turn what was once a fashion statement into an act of patriotism. 台湾经济部部长施颜祥上周敦促台湾民众购买更多宏达国际电子股份有限公司(HTC co.,简称:宏达国际)生产的手机,将曾经的时尚宣言变成爱国行动。自此之后,外界对这家昔日大名鼎鼎的台湾手机生产商现状的担忧就一直在加深。 Central bank Gov. Perng Fai-nan also said Taiwan should help bolster the company, despite having been spotted playing with an Apple iPhone at previous press conferences. Mr. Perng did own an iPhone the previous year as part of an effort to better understand Apple products, the bank said in a statement Tuesday. 台湾央行总裁彭淮南也说,台湾应该帮助宏达国际,尽管有人曾看到他此前在多场新闻发布会上使用苹果(Apple)的iPhone手机。台湾央行周二发表声明说,彭淮南上一年确曾有一部iPhone手机,但那是为了更好地了解苹果的产品。 The government#39;s cheerleading efforts are understandable given HTC#39;s troubles recently, but can the patriotism play save the company from sliding further? 鉴于宏达国际最近遇到的困境,台湾政府的加油鼓劲之举是可以理解的,但爱国主义戏码能够挽救宏达国际使其免于进一步走下坡路吗? Formerly the pride of Taiwanese tech companies, HTC#39;s share of the global smartphone market was a respectable 11% in the second quarter of 2011. Since then, the company#39;s market share has fallen by half. In its most recent earnings call, HTC indicated that third-quarter revenue is likely to drop to half its year-earlier levels. 宏达国际曾是台湾科技公司的骄傲,2011年二季度它在全球智能手机市场的份额高达11%。但该公司目前的市场份额已经较那时下滑了一半。在近期的收益电话会议上,宏达国际暗示三季度营收可能较上年同期下滑一半。 HTC#39;s hopes of becoming the world#39;s leading smartphone maker were long ago quashed by Apple and Samsung, which have poured billions of dollars in marketing to differentiate themselves in a market where almost all phones carry advanced and similar features, analysts say. 分析人士说,宏达国际成为世界上最大智能手机生产商的希望早就被苹果和三星(Samsung)粉碎了。苹果和三星斥资数十亿美元用于产品营销,以便让自己的手机在几乎所有手机都拥有先进且类似功能的市场上别具一格。 The Taiwanese firm had hoped its #39;killer#39; One series smartphone, which features a high-performance camera, would turn things around in the first half of 2012. But a report from technology research agency Gartner dated Tuesday showed that HTC#39;s ranking in the global handset market in the second quarter slipped further to the eighth place, a notch lower than a year ago. 2012年上半年,这家台湾公司曾希望自己的“杀手口”One系列智能手机──该系列智能手机的主要卖点是配有高性能摄像头──能够扭转公司的颓势。但科技市场研究公司Gartner周二的一份报告显示,二季度宏达国际在全球手机市场的排名进一步下滑,至第八位,比上年降了一位。 Institutional investors have exited en masse: HTC#39;s share price in Taipei is now around US, less than a fifth of its all-time high US just 16 months ago. The company has been likened to beleaguered Blackberry maker Research in Motion and was even recently rumored to be a takeover target. 机构投资者已经大批撤离。宏达国际在台北上市的股票目前约为每股8美元,不到16个月前的历史最高点每股43美元的五分之一。人们将其与陷入困境的黑莓(Blackberry)生产商Research in Motion相提并论,最近甚至有传闻说宏达国际成为了收购目标。 Over the past several years, when banana or orange prices in Taiwan dived due to either production gluts or warm weather, the government would buy thousands of metric tons of locally-grown produce to help the farmers, and urged the public to consumer more fruit. But analysts are skeptical the same gambit will work in HTC#39;s case. 过去几年中,在台湾香蕉或橙子的价格因产量过剩或天气过于温暖而大幅下跌时,台湾政府会买进数千吨本地产农产品来帮助农户,并呼吁民众消费更多的水果。但分析人士怀疑同样的方法对宏达国际是否会有效。 #39;HTC phones are not oranges. If HTC phones are Taiwan#39;s #39;wax apples#39; and are unique, even if they are slightly expensive, people will love them and the government doesn#39;t have to say anything,#39; said Chen Po-chih, head of a private economic research agency Taiwan Thinktank. 民间经济研究机构台湾智库(Taiwan Thinktank)负责人陈志说,宏达国际的手机不是橙子,如果宏达国际是台湾的莲雾并且是独一无二的,就算略微贵一点,人们也会喜欢的,政府什么都不用说。 The island#39;s social media users were likewise skeptical. 台湾社交媒体用户也持类似的怀疑态度。 #39;I will give HTC another chance only if it really improves,#39; wrote Facebook user Chuang Chia-wei. #39;It#39;s a free market.#39; Facebook用户Chuang Chia-wei写道,只有宏达国际真的改进了,我才会再给它一次机会,这是一个自由市场。 Some analysts said HTC#39;s domestic popularity tumbled further in January, after Chairwoman Cher Wang said touched a political nerve in Taiwan by referring to HTC as #39;a Chinese brand.#39; 一些分析人士说,今年1月,宏达国际董事长王雪红称其是一个“中国品牌”,这触动了台湾民众的政治神经,该公司在台湾的人气进一步暴跌。 Taiwanese people#39;s general preference of foreign brands is also another problem facing HTC domestically, they said. 分析人士说,台湾民众普遍喜欢外国品牌,这是宏达国际在台湾面临的又一个问题。 Then there#39;s the question of how much impact Taiwanese consumers, who number 23 million, can have on a company that ships between 30 and 35 million handsets a year. 此外,对于一个手机出货量每年在3,000万到3,500万部的公司来说,台湾2,300万的消费者能带来多大帮助也是个问题。 In a bid to boost employee morale and prioritize areas that need to be improved, HTC Chief Executive Peter Chou told staff in an internal email obtained by Dow Jones Newswires on Wednesday that the 15-year-old Taiwanese company will have to work on its products, quality, brand awareness and internal communication. 为鼓舞员工士气,厘清需要优先改进的领域,宏达国际首席执行长周永明在一份内部电子邮件中对员工说,这家成立了15年的台湾公司将必须专注于产品、质量、品牌知名度和内部沟通。道琼斯通讯社周三拿到了这份电子邮件。 Despite that, Mr. Chou told staff they #39;have every reason to remain confident,#39; citing new products in the pipeline and the company#39;s strength in innovation, and urged them not to be influenced by market talk. 尽管如此,周永明对员工说,鉴于公司正在研发的新产品和公司的创新优势,员工完全有理由保持十足的信心,他还敦促员工不要受市场传言的影响。 /201208/195701芦苞镇大塘镇乐平白坭镇男科大夫

佛山市新世纪医院男性专科Gold prices have suffered their sharpest fall since the 1980s, heightening fears among investors that the precious metal’s decade-long bull run has ended.黄金价格出现上世纪80年代以来的最大跌幅,凸显出投资者对长达十年的黄金牛市已经终结的担忧。Spot gold prices tumbled more than 0 an ounce – 8.7 per cent – in a few hours yesterday amid a rout in metals markets, while silver fell 11 per cent.金属市场周一出现暴跌,金价在几小时内下跌逾每盎司100美元,跌幅达8.7%,银价下跌11%。Faltering European demand and weaker than expected Chinese economic data depressed oil prices, pushing Brent crude down by 3 per cent to 0.02 a barrel, a nine-month low.欧洲需求减弱,加上中国经济数据逊于预期,导致布伦特原油价格下挫至每桶100.02美元,为9个月低位。Gold’s drop since Friday to a two-year low of ,355.80 a troy ounce is the sharpest two-day tumble since 1983, when the last gold bull market was unravelling. “This has really tested people’s resolve,” said David Rose, global head of metals trading at HS. “People who have said they want to be long are asking ‘How much do we really want gold to be part of our portfolios?’”上周五以来,金价跌至每盎司1355.80美元的两年低位,创下1983年以来最大的两日跌幅——上一轮黄金市场牛市就在那一年崩溃。汇丰(HS)金属交易全球主管戴维#8226;罗斯(David Rose)表示:“这真的考验人们的决心。那些曾表示想要做多的人开始问道,‘我们到底希望黄金在自己的投资组合中占据多大比重?’”Gold has enjoyed a stellar run over the past decade. Prices surged more than sevenfold since 2001 to an all-time high of ,920 a troy ounce in 2011, as investors turned to the metal as a haven from turmoil in the rest of the financial world.黄金市场过去10年的表现非常强劲。自2001年以来,金价猛涨7倍以上,2011年冲高至每盎司1920美元的最高纪录,因为在金融业其他领域动荡不定之际,投资者大举吃进黄金,把它作为一种安全资产。But as fears over the eurozone debt crisis recede and investors bet on a recovery in the US, sentiment towards gold has suffered. Credit Suisse, Société Générale and Goldman Sachs have all called the end of the bull market in recent months.但随着对欧元区危机的担忧有所减轻,投资者押注美国经济将会复苏,黄金市场情绪受到了冲击。近几个月,瑞信(Credit Suisse)、法国兴业(Société Générale)和高盛(Goldman Sachs)都曾表示黄金牛市已终结。“This is a market that has only got one thing on its mind: get me out [of gold],” said David Govett, head of precious metals at brokerage Marex Spectron.经纪商Marex Spectron贵金属业务主管戴维#8226;戈维特(David Govett)表示:“在黄金市场,人们想的只有一件事:卖出(黄金)。”The collapse in prices will hurt investors with large gold holdings such as John Paulson, the hedge fund manager who made billions betting against the US housing market during the financial crisis.金价下跌将伤害持有大量黄金的投资者,比如对冲基金经理约翰#8226;保尔森(John Paulson)。金融危机期间,他曾因押注美国住房市场下挫而赚取了数十亿美元的利润。In addition to Mr Paulson’s .1bn holding of shares in a gold exchange traded fund, at the end of last year Mr Paulson’s hedge funds controlled shares in at least nine gold miners worth almost .1bn at current prices, according to regulatory filings. More than half of that is in one stock, AngloGold Ashanti, whose shares have dropped 39.5 per cent this year.相关监管文件显示,除了保尔森持有的31亿美元黄金交易所交易基金(ETF) 股票以外,他旗下对冲基金去年底还持有起码9家金矿企业的股票,按现价计算价值近11亿美元。其中半数以上是英美黄金阿散蒂公司(AngloGold Ashanti)的股票,这只股票今年已累计下跌39.5%。John Reade, Paulson and Co partner and gold strategist, said the fund had not changed its long-term thesis on gold, arguing that quantitative easing by central banks would ultimately lead to higher inflation: “Federal governments have been printing money at an unprecedented rate creating demand for gold as an alternative currency. It is this expectation of global paper currency debasement which makes gold an attractive long-term investment.”Paulson and Co合伙人、黄金策略师约翰#8226;里德(John Reade)表示,该基金尚未改变投资黄金的长期主题,认为全球央行的量化宽松政策最终将导致通胀上扬:“联邦政府一直以前所未有的速度印钱,制造市场对黄金作为一种替代货币的需求。市场预计全球纸币将会贬值,这使黄金成为一种有吸引力的长期投资。”More than half Paulson and Co assets are denominated in gold including the great majority of Mr Paulson’s own fortune, according to people familiar with the firm.知情人士表示,Paulson and Co所持的超过半数资产都与黄金相关,其中也包括保尔森个人的大部分财富。Bill Gross of Pimco, the bond fund manager, said that gold was a “decent hedge” in February. “OK, so I made a bad call,” he admitted in a tweet yesterday, but added that he “would still buy gold here”.债券基金经理、太平洋投资管理公司(Pimco)的比尔#8226;格罗斯(Bill Gross)今年2月表示,黄金是一种“相当不错的保值资产”。他昨日在Twitter上承认,“好吧,我误判了形势,”但补充道,他“现在仍会买入黄金”。In a New Year letter to investors, David Einhorn listed gold as one of his Greenlight fund’s top five holdings along with stock in Apple, Cigna, General Motors and Vodafone. “We took some lumps as gold declined,” he admitted in the letter.在一封致投资者的信中,大卫#8226;艾因霍恩(David Einhorn)把黄金列为绿光资本(Greenlight Capital)旗下一只基金的5大投资之一,其他为苹果(Apple)、Cigna、通用汽车(General Motors)和沃达丰(Vodafone)的股票。他在信中承认,“金价下跌让我们遭到一些打击。”The Tudor hedge fund has been betting against the gold price this year, according to people familiar with the situation.知情人士表示,今年以来,对冲基金图德(Tudor)一直押注金价将要下跌。Mr Rose at HS said that investors had lost patience with arguments that higher inflation is inevitable: “QE is not inflating the world economies like governments have hoped. Commodities that have had inflation priced into them for a long time are struggling.”汇丰的罗斯表示,投资者对通胀上扬不可避免的观点失去了耐心:“量化宽松没有像各国政府希望的那样,令世界经济出现通胀。长期在价格上计入通胀的大宗商品处境艰难。” /201304/235051 With his unkempt hair and scruffy beard, the usually well-polished David Beckham is seemingly no longer the billboard poster for metrosexuality he once was. Sporting his unkempt look, the former England skipper appeared more caveman than the 21st Century gent famed for his dalliances with waxing and sarongs.   头发散乱,胡须邋遢,一贯精心打扮的大卫.贝克汉姆如今看起来风采不再。看他现在的造型更像是山顶洞人,很难想象这就是21世纪因绅士风度而得名的那个前英格兰队队长。   The father of three arrived in Sydney today ahead of his LA Galaxy team's friendly against the Newcastle Jets on Saturday night.   为了晚上贝克汉姆效力的洛杉矶队与新城堡联的友谊赛,已是三个孩子父亲的大卫今天抵达悉尼。   He was also looking a little jet-lagged, no thanks to the 19 hour time difference between LA and Australia.   由于19个小时的时差,他看上去有些疲惫。   Making his arrival, Beckham talked shop, telling reporters that he strongly believed both Australia and the ed States are more than capable of staging a successful World Cup in 2022.   为了这次行程,贝克汉姆还是言归正传告诉记者,他坚信澳大利亚和美国队在主办2022年世界杯上都是强有力的竞争者。   Although Beckham is currently pre-occupied with England's bid to host the event in 2018, the Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder is confident the tournament four years later would be a success if it went back to the U.S. or to Australia for the first time.   虽然目前贝克汉姆身为英格兰2018年世界杯的形象大使,可这位洛杉矶队的中场队员对四年后的比赛也是抱有信心,相信不管是首次举办的美国还是澳大利亚都会获得成功。   I've only thought about our (England's) bid for 2018, that's something that we're working hard towards, something that we're very proud to be in the running to get it.   “我现在想的都是我们英格兰2018的主办权,这是我们现在都在努力的事,我们为能得到它感到非常骄傲。”   'Everyone's got a chance to host that 2022 World Cup. Obviously the U.S. is up for it as well.'   “每个国家都有机会主办2022年世界杯,显而易见美国也在为这个努力。”   'Both countries could host a huge competition like the World Cup.   “两个国家都有能力主办一场将是世界杯这样的超级比赛。”   'It's the biggest sporting event in the world something every country wants to host but who gets it, we'll see.'   “它是世界上最大的体育盛宴,每个国家都想得到这个机会。但最终花落谁家,我们拭目以待。” /201011/119461大良容桂伦教勒流街道男性专科佛山哪家男性问题



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