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佛山南海区男科医院在那儿佛山市一医院割包皮How to make the perfect omelette Arnold Bennett如何制作美味的阿诺德·贝内特煎蛋EGGS 煎蛋You might think that the omelette part of proceedings was relatively straightforward, but even here, there is room for innovation. While Hugh Fearnley-hittingstall and Nick Fisher#39;s River Cottage Fish Book instructs ers to cook the eggs ust as you would any omelette, most other recipes simply pour the egg in and leave it to set, rather than going for the classic stir and tip technique. Even more unusually, Marcus Wareing, who claims the dish was he first thing I put on the when I took over at the Savoy Grill, goes for two layers of softly set scrambled eggs instead.你可能认为炒蛋的过程相对而言比较简单,但是这里仍然有可以创新的空间。烹饪大师休.弗恩利.惠汀斯托和尼克·费舍尔编写的《 河边小住 》(《River Cottage Fish Book》)这本书指导着读者煎蛋。就像你做任何炒蛋一样,大多数食谱只是倒蛋,把它放好,而没有采用经典的搅拌技术。更不同寻常的是,马库斯.沃宁声称他做这道菜时第一件事,便是拿出适合于两层炒鸡蛋的萨沃伊烤架。 THE FISH 鱼的制作The dish was originally made with smoked haddock, stocks of which were probably in a healthier state in Bennett day. But, as River Cottage observes, it works with almost any smoked, firm white fish, including pollack if you can get hold of it. That fish should be poached very gently indeed, so it remains soft and juicy.这道菜本来是用烟熏鳕鱼,将其放置在班尼特天气情况相对较好的一天里。但是《 河边小住 》(《River Cottage Fish Book》)却表示,几乎可以用任何烟熏的白色硬体鱼类,当然如果你能抓住的话,鳕鱼也行。烹饪过程也应尽量采用小火慢炖。所以它能够保持柔软多汁。THE SAUCES 酱汁This is where things start to get really interesting. According to Simon Hopkinson and Lindsey Bareham’s book The Prawn Cocktail Years, the original recipe is topped with a mixture of hollandaise and bechamel sauces cut with whipped cream. Not only does this require an entire battery of pans and take nearly an hour, but, though delicious, the results are so rich and thick that we struggle to finish one. I would recommend a trip to the Savoy to enjoy one made by someone else, but at home, I’m not sure this is the best option.这就是事情开始变得有趣的地方。西蒙霍普金森和林赛贝尔塞姆合著的书《 鸡尾酒虾年 》(《The Prawn Cocktail Years》)提到原来的秘诀是在顶部淋上奶油酱和调味酱混合包。这不仅需要平底锅集中的电量,还需花费近一个小时,但由于我们竭尽全力做出这道菜,结果也是那么的让人满意。然而我建议你去萨瓦享受别人做的,我相信自制绝不是你最好的选择。CHEESE 奶酪The Savoy and Kerridge recipes are finished with parmesan, River Cottage and Marcus Wareing go for cheddar and Emina suggests gruyere. Cheddar is a little too aggressively cheesy for my liking in such a rich, fishy dish, while the gruyere, though better, is rather sweet. 意大利干酪配萨帕尔玛和凯里吉食谱,埃米纳建议去切达配《 河边小住 》(《River Cottage Fish Book》)和马库斯.沃宁食谱。我喜欢的在这样一个丰富的鱼菜中添加有些刺激的奶酪味的切达干酪,而格律耶尔干酪,虽然更好,却太甜。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/380402广东省中西医结合医院不孕不育科 南方医科大学顺德医院治疗睾丸炎哪家医院最好

顺德区勒流医院电话号码A cat who prefers to stand up on two paws has become the latest feline internet sensation, thanks to his super strong back legs.最近有一只猫在网上迅速蹿红,它用两只后腿站立的萌姿俘获了大批网友。George, the Munchkin-Exotic Short Hair cross, perches on his hind legs when he is introduced to someone new, or can#39;t see the TV.这只猫名叫乔治,它在被介绍给陌生人或是看不到电视的时候都会蜷起前腿靠两只后腿蹲坐在那里。When his owner Andrew Park posted a series of pictures on his George2Legs Facebook and Instagram accounts, commenters went crazy for the cute cat and now George has a growing fan base of thousands.乔治的主人安德烈·帕克把它的很多照片上传到脸书和Instagram之后,网友们立刻被乔治的蠢萌站姿吸引,现在乔治的粉丝数量直线上升。Andrew, 28, his wife Koa, 32, and their two children Andyn, three, and Rhyan Patterson, 15, brought George back to their home in Austin, Texas, last August aged just six weeks.28岁的安德烈和32岁的妻子及两个孩子住在德克萨斯州的奥斯汀,去年八月份,刚满6周的乔治被带到他们家里。And within a matter of weeks he began happily perching on his back legs - but none of the family know how or why he developed the unusual habit.几周之后乔治就开始站立,而且乐在其中,但安德烈一家并不知道它为什么喜欢这么做。The family also have two pugs, Apples and Banana, but George quickly proved he was the king of the castle in the house early on and now the pugs follow him around.安德烈家里还有两只哈巴,但乔治到来之后立刻明了它才是这家的“老大”,现在两只小都围着它转。#39;He has really short front legs - I think it#39;s a genetic mutation linked to the breed - so maybe it#39;s easier to stand up than it is to crawl up somewhere,#39; Andrew, who works in marketing, said.安德烈说:“乔治前腿很短,这可能是基因突变等造成的,所以对它来说站立可能相对容易。”#39;If there#39;s a noise in the other room, he always does it.“如果隔壁房间发出声音,它就会站起来。”In a bid to share the joy that George brings them, Andrew and Koa posted a few of his pictures on Facebook and were overwhelmed by the response.为了分享乔治给他们带来的欢乐,安德烈和妻子把它的照片发在了脸书上,立刻得到了众多网友的回应。Andrew added: #39;He brings us so much joy and happiness that we thought we should share that with other people.#39;安德烈说:“乔治带给我们很多欢乐,我们想要跟大家分享这份快乐。”But despite his disgruntled face, George is the friendliest cat the family have ever met.虽然乔治看起来一副不开心的模样,但它是安德烈一家养过的最友好的猫。#39;When people come round they are just infatuated with him.“谁来我家都都会被乔治的可爱样子迷倒。”#39;He wakes me up every morning by crawling on my chest and miaow-ing in my face.“每天早上它趴在我身上冲我喵喵叫来把我叫醒。”#39;We wish we had taken photos of him sooner.#39;“我们应该更早跟大家分享它的照片的。” /201504/372413顺德新世纪医院是不是公立 Experts say eating a range of fruit and veg is best, as part of a balanced diet, to protect against illness专家说吃各种水果和蔬菜,作为平衡饮食的一部分,是以防生病的最好方法。Research suggests eating at least seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day is more effective at preventing disease than the government#39;s current five-a-day recommendation.研究表明至少每天吃七种水果或蔬菜能比目前官方说的每天吃三份蔬菜及两份水果更有效地预防疾病Is five a day enough?每天吃三份蔬菜及两份水果就足够了吗?The government says yes - but people should eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. The advice is based on World Health Organization guidelines, which are 25 years old.官方回答是足够的,但是人每天应该吃至少五种水果或蔬菜。该建议是基于世界卫生组织二十五年来的标准。Dietitians say eating five a day is enough to get the protective benefits of fruit and veg - although eating more may be additionally beneficial.营养师说,尽管吃的更多可能会更有益,但是三份蔬菜及两份水果已经足够得到水果和蔬菜中的防护效益。What counts as a portion?最重要的部分?For an adult, a minimum of 400g of fruit and veg should be eaten every day, or five portions of 80g.对于一个成年人来说,每天最少吃四百克的水果和蔬菜或者每天吃五份,每份八十克的不同的水果和蔬菜。The amount varies for children, based on activity levels and age, but a rough guide is that one portion should fit in the palm of their hand.儿童的摄入量则多样,基于活动的强度水平和年龄大小而不同,但一个粗略的摄入指南是摄入份额与他们的手掌心大小相同。Fruit and vegetables do not have to be eaten on their own and can be cooked in dishes such as soups, stews or pasta meals.水果和蔬菜不必生吃,你可以做成食物后吃如汤煮,炖饭或下面条。Can#39;t I just munch on five carrots and be done?我就不能只吃五根胡萝卜吗?No. Although carrots count towards your five-a-day, to get the most benefit your five portions should include a variety of fruit and vegetables.不行。尽管胡萝卜算在你的三份蔬菜及两份水果中,但是为了最有益于你的身体,五种水果和蔬菜应该多种多样。This is because different fruits and vegetables contain different combinations of nutrients and vitamins.这是因为不同的水果和蔬菜中含有的营养成分和维生素不同。What#39;s best to eat then?什么是最好的吃的呢?Almost all fruit and vegetables will count. Generally, raw vegetables and fruit will contain the most nutrients because cooking can remove some nutrients. Likewise, fresh fruit and vegetables are thought to be more nutrient dense than preserved ones. But frozen fruit and vegetables are still good, and dried fruit, such as currants, dates, sultanas and figs.几乎所有的水果和蔬菜都是算在内的。一般来说,生的蔬菜和水果将包含大多数营养,因为烹饪可能破坏某些营养元素。同样的,新鲜的水果和蔬菜被认为比腌制的更有营养。但是,冷冻水果,蔬菜和干果还是拥有好的营养价值的,如葡萄干,日期,葡萄干,无花果。Those in y-meals and shop-bought pasta sauces, soups and puddings are also included, but advice urges ;only to have them occasionally; or in small amounts as they are often high in salt, sugar and fat.那些已熟食物和商店买了的意大利面酱汁,汤、布丁也包括在内,但我建议主张“只让他们偶尔或少量的吃他们,因为他们往往高盐,糖和脂肪。Do tinned fruit and fruit juice count?水果罐头和果汁算在内吗?Fruit juice Fruit juice counts towards one portion of the recommended five portions per day一部分果汁算在内Yes, says the government (although the latest study did not find this). Juice should be unsweetened, and only counts as one portion a day, as it contains less fibre than whole fruits and vegetables.是的,官方说道(尽管最新研究没有发现这个结论)。果汁不应该加糖,只算一天的一种水果或蔬菜,因为它含有的纤维比整个水果和蔬菜少。Fruit must be tinned in natural juice, or water, with no added sugar or salt, and not in syrup, otherwise it will not be as healthy.罐头水果必须在天然的果汁,或水中,不添加糖或盐,不放在糖浆中,否则将很不健康。Beans and pulses also count, but again only as one portion as they contain fewer nutrients than other fruits and vegetables.豆类也算,但是只算一种,因为它们含有的营养成分比其他水果和蔬菜少。Smoothies may count towards more than one portion if they contain all the edible pulped fruit or veg, and depending on their ingredients.果汁可以算作一个以上的种类,如果它们根据其成分,包含的所有食用果肉的水果或蔬菜。What about potatoes?土豆呢?potato dish Potatoes do not count towards one of the five-a-day, but sweet potatoes do土豆不计入三份蔬菜及两份水果中,但甜土豆算。Potatoes are not one of the five-a-day items. This is because they mainly contribute starch to a healthy diet, which is a good source of energy and helps digestion.土豆不在三分蔬菜及两份水果的项目中。这是因为它们产生的主要是淀粉——一种健康饮食,这是一个很好的有助于消化的能量。They are classified in the same group as b or pasta by the government.他们被官方的分在面包或面食的一个集体中。Skins should be left on when cooking as they are a good source of fibre.表皮在烹饪时应被留下,他们是一个很好的纤维来源。But sweet potatoes, parsnips, swedes and turnips do count as five-a-day foods, as they are usually eaten as well as the starchy bit of the meal.但是,甜土豆,萝卜,瑞典甘蓝和芜菁作物算是三份蔬菜及两份水果中包含的食品,因为它们通常作为餐位食用淀粉。How about superfoods?食品怎么样?While its tempting to believe that eating a single fruit or vegetable containing a certain nutrient, vitamin or antioxidant will be the answer to our health needs, this is not borne out by science. It#39;s best not to concentrate on any one food in the hope that it will work miracles.虽然它很值得相信的是吃一种水果或蔬菜中含有一定的营养物质,维生素和抗氧化剂可以解决我们健康的需求,但这并没有科学明。最好不要期望任何一种食物会创造奇迹。Instead, dietitians say we should aim for a well-balanced and varied diet that includes plenty of fruit and vegetables.相反,营养师说,我们的目标应该是一个均衡和多样化的饮食包括大量的水果和蔬菜。What about other countries?其他国家呢?Many countries - including Germany, the Netherlands and New Zealand - recommend five portions a day.许多国家,包括德国,荷兰和新西兰推荐一天吃五种水果及蔬菜。Some others - including Canada and Japan - recommend seven or more.一些人——包括加拿大和日本,推荐吃七种或更多。France goes as far as recommending 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.法国人推荐每天吃十种水果和蔬菜。In Australia, they say the emphasis should be on eating more vegetables than fruit and recommend five portions of vegetables and two of fruit per day.在澳大利亚人们说重点应该在于吃蔬菜和水果,以及每天吃五种水果和蔬菜。 /201411/342585佛山泌尿外科主任

顺德区妇幼保健院泌尿外科In 1957, when Americans took for granted electric ovens, hand-held mixers and finned cars, their British cousins were, comparatively speaking, just emerging from the cave. In a telling indicator, only 5 percent of working-class Britons owned a refrigerator, and only 12 percent over all. Yet this was the year that Harold Macmillan, the new prime minister, proclaimed, “Most of our people have never had it so good.”1957年,当电烤箱、手持搅拌机、有侧翼轿车在美国已司空见惯的时候,他们的英国亲戚相对来说好像还刚从洞穴里钻出来。一个数据很有说力:在当时的英国,只有5%的工薪阶层拥有冰箱,在整个人口中,只有12%拥有冰箱。同年,新上任的首相哈罗德·麦克米伦(Harold Macmillan)称:“我们当中的大多数人从来没有过这样的好日子。”It was true. As David Kynaston documents, exhaustively and exhaustingly, in “Modernity Britain: 1957-1962,” the Macmillan years felt good to a country recovering from war, austerity and rationing. It was a period of full employment, rising wages, affordable consumer goods and artistic ferment, as new working-class voices made themselves heard in fiction, drama and film.这是真的。正如大卫·基纳斯顿(David Kynaston)在他的《现代性英国:1957-1962》(Modernity Britain: 1957-1962)一书中详尽记述的,对于一个刚刚从战争中恢复过来、厉行节约、实行配给制的国家来说,麦克米伦的年代已经很好了。这个时期实现了充分就业、工资上涨,生活消费品更便宜了,艺术的发展也在酝酿之中,新兴工人阶层开始在小说、戏剧与电影中发出自己的声音。The book, an all-enveloping and mesmerizing social panorama, continues Mr. Kynaston’s grand project of chronicling everyday life in Britain from the end of World War II to the beginning of the Thatcher era. Under the collective title “Tales of the New Jerusalem,” he has aly completed “Austerity Britain: 1945-1951” and “Family Britain: 1951-1957,” whopping big books in which the author marshals vast quantities of data to create, dot by pointillistic dot, a vivid national portrait.这本书是一幅包罗万象、非常迷人的社会全景图,是基纳斯顿按时间顺序记述从“二战”后到撒切尔时代初期英国的日常生活的宏伟计划的一部分。这个计划合称《新耶路撒冷故事》(Tales of the New Jerusalem),除了本书,他已经完成了《节衣缩食的英国:1945-1951》和《家庭英国:1951-1957》两卷,在这几本巨著之中,他列举了大量数据,如同点派画家一样,一点点为这个国家描绘出一幅生动鲜明的肖像。No fact is too large, no fact too small for Mr. Kynaston, whose scrutinizing eye delights in particulars drawn from diaries, memoirs, the daily press and a host of other primary sources.对于基纳斯顿来说,没有绝对的大事,也没有绝对的小事,他那洞察一切的双眼从日记、回忆录、日报和其他重要来源中悉心寻找细节与详情。“On Monday, 6 January 1958,” a typical passage begins, “a disgruntled housewife in Paddington gave her Detergent Survey interview to Mass-Observation; Dennis Dee in Winestead did ‘hedging and ditching at the farm’ amidst ‘heavy rain nearly all the day’; Madge Martin in Oxford went to ‘Barnacle Bill’ at the Ritz (‘amusing enough, but a little too farcical’).” There is more. Queen Elizabeth, we learn, “took Charles and Anne to the Bertram Mills Circus at Olympia (both the Royal children bounced up and down in the seats with excitement’); and all three treasury ministers resigned — a unique event in 20th-century British political history.”他的书中,典型的一段是这样写的:“1958年1月6日星期一,帕丁顿一个闷闷不乐的家庭主妇接受了关于洗涤剂的民意调查采访;温斯蒂德的丹尼斯·迪伊(Dennis Dee)冒着‘持续整日的倾盆大雨’,‘在农场里扎篱笆,挖沟渠’”;牛津的马奇·马丁(Madge Martin)去了里兹影院看《巴纳寇·比尔》(Barnacle Bill)这部电影(‘它很有趣,不过有点太荒唐了’)。”还有更多内容,我们在书中读到,伊丽莎白女王“带着查尔斯和安妮去奥林匹亚看波特拉姆·米尔斯马戏团演出(两位皇子在座位上兴奋得跳上跳下);同时三位财政大臣都辞职了——这在20世纪的英国政治史上是唯一一次。”The fact stream flows on, page after page, like an unending newsreel. This is half the fun of the book, which proceeds at a lively pace in a brisk, appealing style. Mr. Kynaston, who seems to miss nothing, is like an air traffic controller, picking up incoming planes when they are tiny blips and following their progress intently throughout the book.一页一页,无数事实流淌而过,就像永无止境的新闻电影胶片。这还只是这本书趣味的一半。除此之外,它还有着生动的节奏与轻松美妙的文风。基纳斯顿似乎什么都不会放过,就像空中交通管制员盯着屏幕上的小光点,密切注视着飞机的飞行情况。Conservatives select a promising young woman, Margaret Thatcher, as their candidate for Finchley. The headline in the local newspaper: “Tories Choose Beauty.” Mike Jagger (not yet Mick) attends a Buddy Holly concert. A young actress named Judi Dench makes her debut as Ophelia at the Old Vic. The Evening Standard says she has talent and may get somewhere if she acquires some technique.保守党选择了玛格丽特·撒切尔(Margaret Thatcher)这位大有前途的年轻女子作为芬奇利选区的议员,当地报纸当天的头条是:“保守派选了美女”。迈克·贾格尔(Mike Jagger,当时还没改名“米克”)去看了巴迪·霍利(Buddy Holly)的演唱会。一个名叫朱迪·邓奇(Judi Dench)的女演员在老维克剧团首演,出演奥菲莉亚一角。《旗帜晚报》(The Evening Standard)说她很有才华,如果再掌握点技巧一定大有可为。The cultural markers of the period shower down like confetti: the first E-type Jaguar, the birth control pill, “Dr. No,” holidays in Spain, Beyond the Fringe, the first flavored potato chips (cheese and onion), the satirical journal Private Eye, the first legal betting shops and the 8.5-mile Preston Bypass, Britain’s first highway. Bronco toilet paper, described by Mr. Kynaston as “cheap, traditional, notoriously nonabsorbent,” tests new pastel colors, and on Dec. 9, 1960, the working-class soap opera “Coronation Street” airs for the first time. A critic for The Daily Mirror found it “hard to believe that viewers will want to put up with continuous slice-of-life domestic drudgery two evenings a week.” The show is still on the air.这个时期的文化标志性事件像婚礼上的五纸屑一样向读者洒来:第一辆E-type捷豹汽车、避药、《诺士》(Dr. No)、去西班牙度假、《边缘之外》(Beyond the Fringe)、奶酪味和洋葱味薯片、讽刺日报《私密之眼》(Private Eye)、第一批合法的票销售点,还有8.5英里长的普莱斯顿大路,这是英国的第一条高速公路。基纳斯顿说,野马牌厕纸“便宜、历史悠久,出了名的不吸水,”它开始尝试使用新的淡色;1960年12月9日,工人阶层肥皂剧《克罗内申街》(Coronation Street)首播。《每日镜报》(The Daily Mirror)的家说,“很难相信观众愿意每周花两天时间,忍受这样一部乏味的家庭琐事剧。”Mr. Kynaston does not have an argument, but he does have some big themes. He traces the rise of a consumer society enjoying, for the first time, televisions and cars and washing machines — all the outward signs of the good life — and undergoing profound change as a result. Increasingly, the industrial proletariat — visible as never before in novels and films like “Room at the Top” and “Saturday Night and Sunday Morning” — began to think of itself as middle-class, setting off an identity crisis for the Labour Party that continues to this day.基纳斯顿并不争论,但他的书中确实有重大的主题。他追溯消费社会如何第一次开始享受电视、汽车和洗衣机——这是美好生活的外在特征——以及因此而带来的深刻变革。劳工阶级前所未有地在小说和电影中大量出现,诸如《顶层房间》(Room at the Top)和《星期六的夜晚与星期日的早晨》(Saturday Night and Sunday Morning),他们开始自视为中产阶级,开始有了身份认同危机,今日的工党也仍旧如此。Race is another big topic. Open immigration from the Commonwealth, attracting thousands of West Indians, put Britain on the road to becoming a multiracial society, a fraught process, underscored by race riots in Notting Hill in the summer of 1958.种族是另一个大的主题。随着英联邦开放移民的政策,成千上万西印度移民开始涌入,英国开始走向多种族社会,这是一个令人忧虑的过程,1958年夏的诺丁山种族暴动更是其间的重大事件。A hefty portion of the book is devoted to housing. Horizontal cities became vertical, as ambitious slum-clearance projects plunked down high-rise apartment blocks in cities from London to Glasgow and relocated Britain’s poorest citizens, in a vast social experiment that did not always end happily. “Across much of urban Britain, modernism was being imposed upon a deeply unmodernist populace,” Mr. Kynaston writes.全书也有很大一部分写了住房问题。平房变成了楼房,从伦敦到格拉斯哥,雄心勃勃的贫民窟改造计划在城市里建起了高层公寓,令英国最穷困的城市居民有了住处,而这项宏大的社会实验的结果并不总是好的。“在英国城市的很多地方,现代主义被强加给非现代主义的大众,” 基纳斯顿写道。Still, for the average Briton, life seemed sweet — or at least diverting — a far cry from the years of gray, postwar deprivation and slow recovery. It was not just appliances; it was Harold Pinter, Vanessa Redgrave, Michael Caine, Albert Finney, Peter Hall, Peter O’Toole, Benny Hill and many others. Mr. Kynaston’s lists and factoids really do go on and on and on, and American ers will be lost when it comes to many of the popular television shows, athletes, comedians and singers who figure in the narrative. Still, his total-recall approach does get across the flavor and excitement of the time.不过,对于普通英国人来说,生活似乎很美好,至少也是在好转,和战后那段贫穷、灰色、缓慢康复的时光大不相同。不仅有家电,也有哈罗德·品特(Harold Pinter)、凡妮莎·雷德格雷夫(Vanessa Redgrave)、迈克尔·凯恩(Michael Caine)、阿尔伯特·芬尼(Albert Finney)、彼得·霍尔(Peter Hall)、彼得·奥图(Peter O’toole)、本尼·希尔(Benny Hill)等许多人。基纳斯顿的清单和陈述确实冗长,美国读者读到叙述中大量出现的流行电视剧,还有当红的体育运动员、喜剧演员和歌手时,可能会感到混乱。不过,作者的整体回忆确实把握住了那个时代的韵味与令人兴奋之处。In the book’s final pages, a turning point looms. The Beatles perform on national radio for the first time, taking second billing to the Trad Lads on the show “Teenagers Turn.” John Profumo meets Christine Keeler for the first time. A new era beckons. But that is a story — a long one — for another day.在全书的最后几页,一个转折点出现了。“披头士”(The Beatles)首次在全国广播电台演出,他们在“青少年节目”这个栏目中成了二号头牌,仅次于“传统孩子”(Trad Lads)。约翰·普罗富莫(John Profumo)第一次遇到克里斯汀·基勒(Christine Keeler)。一个新时代即将到来,但这将会是另一天的故事——另一个很长的故事。 /201502/357851 What Do Texas And Delhi Have In Common? Extreme Weather!德州与德里的相同点——极端天气Texas, the second most populous U.S. state and India#39;s capital Delhi may lie in two different continents and over 8,300 miles apart. But over the past few weeks both have made headlines for the same reason - extreme weather. 德州是美国第二知名大州,它和印度首都德里虽坐落于不同的大陆,相隔8300多英里,但在过去的几周里,都因为同一原因频频出现在新闻头条——极端天气。Texas, USA美国德州Similar to California, Texas has been experiencing a severe drought for the last five years. However, that changed over the Memorial Day weekend when a series of thunderstorms and tornadoes swept through a wide swath of area, wreaking havoc to communities all the way from Mexico to Iowa. 德州过去五年和加州一样,也遭遇严重干旱。然而,在悼念日那个周末,这一切都被卷土来袭的暴风雨和龙卷风改变了。从墨西哥到爱荷华州,肆虐的风暴扫荡了大片区民区。While the twister did not impact Oklahoma and Texas, the heavy rain brought many cities to a near standstill. Houston, which received 11-inches, most of it on Memorial Day, was particularly impacted thanks to the overflowing of the 2,500 miles of bayous or waterways that meander through the city. The severe weather left thousands without power, damaged over 4,000 homes and 2,500 cars, and resulted in seven deaths.虽然龙卷风并没有影响到俄克拉荷马州和德州,但随之而来的暴雨却致使许多城市几乎陷入停滞状态。悼念日那天,11英寸的大雨使被2500英里左右的河湾与水道环绕的休斯顿遭受了严重的影响。恶劣的天气致使上千场所停电,毁坏了近4000处居所、2500多辆车,还致使7人死亡。Delhi, India印度德里According to EM-Dat, The International Emergency Disasters Database, this year#39;s heat wave is so severe that it will go down in record books as second-deadliest in India and the fifth in the world!据EM-Dat(国际灾难数据库)称,今年的印度经历的酷暑将在印度史上排名第二,世界第五。On Wednesday May 27th, the 112° F (44.4°C) temperatures experienced in the Indian capital resulted in melting the asphalt road surfaces in certain areas.5月27日,周三那天,印度首都112° F (44.4°C)的高温使一些地区路面上的沥青都融化了。Government officials have been urging the residents of the most severely affected areas to stay indoors, especially between 11am and 4pm when the temperatures are the highest. However, it is hard to do in a country where 29% of the people live below the poverty line. So far, over 1,800 people have succumbed to the heat. 政府官员力劝受影响最严重地区的居民在室内活动,特别是上午11点到下午4点温度最高的时段。但这在29%人口都在贫困线下挣扎的国度,似乎很难实现。迄今为止,已经有1800多人死于高温。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/383616顺德乐从医院专家咨询佛山市南海区人民医院有治疗前列腺炎吗



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