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原味人文风情:I am not...black. I mean, that#39;s what the world calls me, but it#39;s not me. I didn#39;t come out of my mother#39;s womb saying, ;Hey, everybody! I#39;m...black.; No, I was taught to be black. And you were taught to call me that, along with whatever you call yourself. It#39;s just a label.我不是...黑人。我是说,那是这世界对我的称呼,不过那不是我。我没有从我妈妈的子宫里出来就说:「嘿,大家!我是...黑人。」不,我是被教育要当个黑人。而你被教育那样叫我,还有不管你叫自己什么。那只是个标签。See, from birth, the world force-feeds us these labels. And eventually we all swallow them. We digest and accept the labels, never ever doubting them. But there#39;s one problem: Labels are not you, and labels are not me—labels are just labels! But who we truly are is not skin-deep.你瞧,从出生以来,这世界就灌食我们这些标签。最终我们都吞下它们。我们消化并接受这些标签,从未质疑过它们。不过有一个问题:卷标不是你,卷标不是我--卷标就只是卷标!但真实的我们不是表面的。See, when I drive my car, no one would ever confuse the car for me. Well, when I drive my body, why do you confuse me for my body? It#39;s my body, get it? Not me. Let me break it down. See, our bodies are just cars that we operate and drive around. The dealership we call society decided to label mine the black edition, yours the Irish or white edition. And with no money down, zero-percent APR, and no test drive, we were forced to own these cars for the rest of our lives. Forgive me, but I fail to see the logic or pride in defining myself or judging another by the cars we drive, because who we truly are is found inside.你看,当我开着我的车时,从没有人会把我的车错当成我。那,当我操纵着我的身体时,你为什么会把我错当成我的身体呢?那是我的身体,懂吗?不是我。让我解释清楚。你瞧,我们的身体不过是我们操控然后开着到处去的车子。我们称为「社会」的经销商决定把我的标为黑人版本,你的标为爱尔兰或白人版本。没有头期款、零年利率,而且未经试驾,我们被迫接下来一辈子都要拥有这些车子。原谅我,但我无法看出以我们的座车定义自我或评断他人背后的逻辑或骄傲,因为真实的我们是从内在发现。Listen, I#39;m not here to tell you how science has concluded that genetically we#39;re all mixed and race in the human species doesn#39;t exist, or how every historian knows that race was invented in the 15th century to divide people from each other and it has worked perfectly. No! I#39;m not here to lecture. I just wanna ask one question: Who would you be if the world never gave you a label, never gave you a box to check? Would you be white, black, Mexican, Asian, Native American, Middle Eastern, Indian?听着,我不是在这告诉你们科学如何结论出就基因来说我们全混合在一起,还有人类的种族并不存在,或每个历史学家都知道种族是十五世纪用来分裂人们的产物,而且那效果很好。不!我不是来这讲道理的。我只是想问一个问题:如果这世界未曾为你贴标签、未曾给你一个框框勾选,你会当谁?你会当白人、黑人、墨西哥人、亚洲人、美国原住民、中东人、印度人?No! We would be one. We would be together, no longer living in the era of calling human beings black people or white people. These labels that will forever blind us from seeing a person for who they are—but instead seeing them through the judgmental, prejudicial, artificial filters of who we think they are. And when you let an artificial label define yourself, then, my friend, you have chosen smallness over greatness and minimized your self, confined and divided your self from others.不!我们会成为一体。我们会团结,不再住在一个称呼人们黑人或白人的时代。这些标签会永远让我们看不见一个人真实的样貌--反而透过我们自以为他们是怎样、批判性、带有成见、人为的滤镜去看一个人。而当你让人为的标签定义自己,那么我的朋友,你就选择了渺小而非伟大,让自己变得微不足道,局限自我且和他人分隔了。And it is an undeniable fact that where there is division, there will be conflict, and conflict starts wars. Therefore, every war has started over labels. It#39;s always us versus them! So the answer to war, racism, sexism, and every other ism is so simple that every politician has missed it! It#39;s the labels. We must rip them off.有分裂就会有纷争是个无法否认的事实,而纷争开启战争。因此,每场战争都是从标签起头的。永远都是「我们」对抗「他们」!所以战争、种族主义、性别歧视主义还有其它每个主义的解答是如此简单,每个政治人物都忽略了!就是标签。我们必须撕掉标签。Isn#39;t it funny how no baby is born racist, yet every baby cries when they hear the cries of another, no matter the gender, culture, or color, proving that deep down, we were meant to connect and care for each other? That is our mission, and that is not my opinion; that is the truth! In a world that has sold us fiction, please listen. Labels only distort our vision, which is why half of those watching this will dismiss it or feel resistance and conflicted. But just remember: So did the caterpillar before it broke through its shell and became the magnificent butterfly. Well, these labels are our shells, and we must do the same thing so we can finally sp our wings.这是不是很奇怪,没有婴儿生来是种族主义者,不过每个婴儿都会在听到其他人哭时大哭,无论性别、文化或肤色,那实了在内心深处,我们注定要连结并照顾彼此?那是我们的任务,那不是我的意见;那是真理!在一个卖给我们假象的世界里,请聆听。标签只会扭曲我们的眼光,那就是为什么有半数观看这部影片的人会置之不理或感到抗拒和矛盾。不过只要记住:毛虫破壳成为美丽蝴蝶前也是这样。嗯,这些标签就是我们的壳,我们必须做一样的事,这样我们才能终于展开翅膀。Human beings were not meant to be slapped with labels like groceries and supermarkets; DNA cannot be regulated by the FDA! We were meant to be free, and only until we remove them all and stop living and thinking so small will we be free... to see ourselves and each other for who we truly are.人类不该像杂货和超市那样被拿来贴标签;DNA 无法被食品及药物管制!我们应该要自由,而只有在我们拿掉所有标签并停止狭隘地活着和思考时,我们才会自由...不受拘束地看见自己和彼此的真实样貌。 Article/201611/480051。

  • Everyone#39;s gathered in the village hall to meet the scientists大家聚集到镇里的市政厅跟科学家们见面and find out more about what the study will involve.了解这项研究的更多信息We want to get a picture of your cat#39;s natural, normal life,我们想拍摄你的猫的自然普通的生活so don#39;t do anything different, don#39;t change your routines,所以不要做任何改变 一切照旧don#39;t lock the cat flap,不要把猫洞锁上don#39;t suddenly call up the local handyman不要突然让工人上门and get a cat flap put in.做一个猫洞Let the cat do what it usually does让猫保持正常的生活and hopefully we will build up this picture of但愿我们能够描绘出what it#39;s like to be a cat in Shamley Green.在杉莫利格林镇一只猫的生活I#39;ll now hand over to Alan, who is the technical expert,现在把时间交给艾伦 他是其他among many other things.许多方面的技术专家Alan Wilson#39;s task is to devise a new way to track the cats.艾伦·威尔森的任务是设计一种追踪猫的新方法He#39;s a world expert in tracking wild animals.他是野生动物追踪的世界级专家Where we do most of that work is in Botswana, in Africa.我们的工作主要是在茨瓦纳 在非洲So we design and build things like this.所以我们设计并制造了这样的东西This will fit on a lion.这可以用在狮子身上This will fit on a cheetah or an African wild dog.这也可以用在印度豹或非洲野身上重点解释:1.call up 给 ... 打电话; 使想起例句:She can still call up scenes of childhood.她仍能想起儿时的情景。2.build up 建立例句:He tried to build up his strength.他试图增进体质。3.hand over 交出例句:Don#39;t let your feelings get the upper hand over you.不要感情用事。 Article/201605/446297。
  • Whenever you#39;re talking to people, say what you have to say.当和人们交流时,说些该说的。But once they start replying back to you, completely ignore it.但一旦他们开始回应你,就完全忽略。It can#39;t possibly be interesting or important.它可能不是那么有趣或重要。In fact, it is critical that you use this time to prepare for what you#39;re going to say once they#39;re done.事实上,关键的是你要趁这个时间准备一下你将要说什么。Think very hard about what absolutely genius thing you#39;re going to say next.好好想想接下来你要说点什么绝对厉害的事情。Also, make it really obvious that this is exactly what you#39;re doing by not showing any form of acknowledgement once they’re done而且,在他们结束的时候不做任何回应,要明显让人知道你就要这么做,and if you can, start your next thought even if they#39;re not quite finished with their final sentence.如果可以的话,在他们还没有说完的时候就开始你的下一条思路。Whenever you#39;re around people, complain a lot.当你在人群中时,要多抱怨。If you#39;re meeting someone after work for dinner,如果你在下班后和某人吃饭,make sure you tell them all about how horrible it is to work where you work.一定要跟他抱怨你工作的地方有多糟糕。If you can, also throw in some unpleasent facts about your family for extra bonus points.如果可以的话,也可以穿插一些关于家庭额外红利点的不愉快的事实It#39;s not enough that you#39;re drained after a long day of work,工作了一天,你自己精疲力竭还不够,you can#39;t possibly be happy until the other person is completely drained as well.只有让别人和你一样疲惫,你才开心。The following step works well with anyone, but I#39;ve found that it works especially well if you have a significant other.以下步骤适用于任何人,但是我觉得如果你有很重要的另一半,会更有效。Like most people, she probably has great qualities along with some unpleasent ones.就像大多数人,她可能有很多优点,也有一些缺点。And you know very well which ones you need to focus on.你知道需要专注于哪个点。Don#39;t ever say anything appreciative about how she cleaned up your mess,对于她怎样收拾东西,or how she tried to make you happy yesterday... These things are irrelevant.或者是她昨天怎样尽力让你高兴等等这些,都不要表达感激之情,这些都不相关。Focus instead on the one negative trait she has and constantly criticize her for it.专注于不好的一点,并持续的为此批评她。Always walk around with a pissed off and an unpleasent face. Don#39;t ever smile.总表现出一副不高兴的样子。不要笑。When people don#39;t react well to you and your social interactions suffer, be confused as to why...当周围的人都不待见你,并且你的社会交往遭遇麻烦的时候,就困惑于为什么…Make sure to not make any effort to remember people#39;s names.确保不要试着记住人们的名字。It#39;s not like you can make them feel like you care if you do.就算你记住了,他们也不会觉得你在乎。If this task requires that you put in extra effort or figure out a way to get better at this,如果这个任务需要你付出额外的努力去更好的完成,come up with an excuse to not take responsibility.就找个借口不承担责任。One that works really well is the following...以下是比较有效的一种方法…All you have to do is say this magic sentence: ;Sorry, but I#39;m not good with names.;你需要做的就是这么说:“不好意思,我不擅长记忆名字。”This somehow completely takes away any need to make an effort,这样完全不需要做任何努力,and hey, now you#39;re the victim. Congratulations!嘿,你现在是受害者了。恭喜你!Remember at all times that the most important person is you,永远记住你才是最重要的人,and therefore the most important interests and hobbies in the world are of course the ones that you have.因此你的兴趣和爱好就是这个世界上最重要的兴趣和爱好。Don#39;t ever genuinely be interested in what#39;s going on with other people.不要天真的对别人感兴趣。Your one friend#39;s a martial artist while the other#39;s a soccer player?你的朋友是武术家或者足球运动员?Don#39;t ever ask them what that#39;s like and possibly look at things from a new perspective.永远不要问他们那是种什么感受,也不要从新角度去看待事物。No, those are barbaric and unsophisticated practices you have no interest in.那些都是一些你不感兴趣的野蛮又不成熟的行为。Instead always talk about ing books and how that is the most important thing in the world.取而代之的,经常聊聊读书及其在世界上的重要性。And while you#39;re doing that, make sure to tell them about how much you love Dale Carnegie as well.当你那么做的时候,一定要让大家知道你是有多么崇拜戴尔·卡内基。Don#39;t ever make people feel important especially when you#39;re dealing with people in a position of power.尤其是当你在和一个有权利的人相处时,不要让他们产生一种优越感。If a cop pulls you over, don#39;t ever say things like ;yes, sir; or ;yes, ma#39;am.;如果警察把你截到路边,不要这么说“好的,先生”或者“好的,女士。”Talk to him or her like you talk to your homeboys.对他们就像对老乡一样就可以。After all, you are a self-proclaimed gangster and any other form of interaction would be a weakness on your part.毕竟,你是一个自称恶棍的人,任何其他形式的交际都会显示你的弱点。As a result, end up with a ticket that is ten times worse最终,你会得到一张罚单,than what you would have gotten by making the person feel important.比让别人获得优越感而得到的要糟糕十倍。I mean it#39;s not like many people in a position of power aren#39;t strictly there我是说,不像是很多有权之人不谋其职,just because they get that sinister sense of pleasure from other people making them feel important.仅仅因为他们从逢迎者那里获得了那种阴暗的愉悦感。Whenever it becomes really obvious to you and everyone around you that you are wrong, do not admit it.当很明显的周围的人都觉得你不对的时候,不要承认。To you, that is a sign of weakness and it will embarass you.对你而言,那是一种软弱的表现,会使你难堪。Don#39;t say something respectable like, ;You guys are right. I had a wrong perspective on this.不要说一些很尊敬的话,诸如“你们是对的。我的想法错了。Thanks for teaching me something new.; No! Don#39;t do that!谢谢教给我这些新东西。”不,不要那么做!That will actually get rid of any possible embarassment and make people respect you.那样你就能摆脱尴尬,而且也会让人们尊重你。And finally, work hard at cultivating the inability to put yourself into another person#39;s shoes,最后,培养不为别人着想的能力,always think about only what you want, and never appeal to the interests of the person you#39;re dealing with.只管想你想要什么,不要迎合别人的喜好。If you work at a business and you want to ask for a raise,如果你想要加薪,walk in there with a mindset of how you think you obviously deserve more,就表现出,你理所当然的值得获得更多,and how you want to be able to afford more things,你是多么的想能够买更多的东西,and how you should get a raise just because you#39;ve been there a certain amount of time...还有因为你已经有了一定的工龄…你是多么应该获得加薪。Don#39;t mention or show how your work is critical to moving the business forward不要提及你的工作对于生意的发展有多么关键的作用cause let#39;s be honest, it#39;s probably not.因为说实话,那不可能。Plus, then you#39;d be appealing to the business owner#39;s interest and that might actually get you a raise.另外,你迎合雇主的喜好,这样你有可能得到加薪。But hey, don#39;t do that... These types of thoughts don#39;t occur to you.但是,别那么做…这种想法不可能出现在你身上。The ability to put yourself in another person#39;s shoes,换位思考,think about what they want, appeal to their interests,想别人所想,迎合他们的兴趣,and therefore maximize the chances of getting what you want is alien to you.并因此把获得自己之所需的机会最大化,这种能力对你来说太陌生了。 Article/201706/514329。
  • People always want to sell something when it comes to weight loss and health, right!当提到减肥和身体健康 人们总想着去销售些什么 对吧So they reinvent the wheel for that reason.这就是为什么人们一直徒劳无功I#39;m sure you#39;ve seen a variety of fad diets whether it#39;s oh, you know, right now we are going vegan.我相信你一定见过各种流行一时的减肥食谱 像是我们现在马上要做素食主义者Wait! no! We#39;re going paleo Wait! No!等等 不 我们要复古饮食 等等 不It#39;s thirty-thirty-forty equal portions of everything. Wait a second!要不按照30-30-40的百分比等额分配 等等!We can do everything but eat beans.我们都可以做到 但是毫无用处It just, it always goes on and on and on.因为体重仍然在继续增加And the reality is that weight loss, weight maintenance, is simple science.事实上 减肥 保持体重是一个简单的科学道理It#39;s eat less, move more... Food that you consume has calories in it.那就是少吃多动 你吃的事物含有卡路里Calories are units of energy.卡路里是能量单位Energy that does not get burned, gets stored as fat. Fat is stored energy.没消耗的能量以脂肪形式储存 脂肪就是储存的能量And then obviously use common sense with your food choices.然后运用我们的常识来挑选食物We all know not to eat things in our food that is not food.我们都知道食物中有很多不算是食物的食品Fake fat, fake flavor, fake sugar, and so on.假脂肪 假香料 假糖 等等So, in reality if it#39;s this simple being healthy,那么 如果在现实生活中保持健康就这么简单why do so many struggle with it?为什么这么多人还在为减肥苦恼呢And that#39;s because people utilize food for a variety of emotional reasons.那是因为人们会受到某些情绪的影响而去吃某些食物Whether it#39;s a coping mechanism or whether it#39;s affording them a deeper connection with another individual in their lives.不管这是一种处事方式还是在生活中让他们与他人有更紧密的联系And that#39;s what we have to get to the bottom of.而这也是我们所要探寻的And I remember somebody once said to me people are fat because they want to be fat.我记得某人曾经对我说过 人们发胖是因为他们想变胖And I remember going what an a-hole you are.我记得我当时的反应就是 你好蠢And the more I thought about it the more I realized it was true.但我越去思考这个问题就越觉得他说的很对The more I began to work with people who were overweight, the more I began to see what it meant to them.当我开始和更多的超重的人共事 我就越开始看出这对他们意味着什么And it could#39;ve been a connection with a parent.这可能和你的父母有关It could#39;ve been a connection to grieving the loss of somebody and feeling like if you stop eating like this也可能是因人去世而伤心然后觉得如果你不以这种方式进食you#39;ve moved on with your life and you#39;re no longer connected to them.你就在人生中翻过了这一章 你和死去的他们已经没有了任何关系It could be a sense of control.这可能是一种控制欲It could be a defense machianism against being vulnerable and getting hurt in relationships.这也可能是一种针对被伤害和在人际关系中受伤的防御机制But that is one of the reasons that losing weight or getting healthy is so difficult,但这就是减肥或者变得健康这么难的原因之一because it requires us to give up something that has been providing comfort因为这要求我们放弃那些一直以来为我们提供舒适and defense against hurt for a very long time.并且在很长一段时间里保护我们不受伤的东西It#39;s not because people are weak, or stupid, or lazy, or genetically fat.这并不是因为人们很脆弱 或是愚蠢 懒惰 又或者是天生肥胖It#39;s funny I asked people a lot of times,很有趣的是 我经常问人们right and if I was to ask you right now就像我现在问你们一样why is it that you want to be healthy?你为什么想要变得健康?And I would always ask contestants on The Biggest Loser, first day right.我也总是会在节目的第一天去问超级减肥王的参赛者们And they would show up然后他们就开始揭露and they would get on the scale- because they would get on the scale踏上磅秤称体重before they ever had their first workout and they would be like I#39;m changing my life.在他们开始第一次试验之前他们就表现得像是 我正在改变我的人生!I#39;m never going to see this number again.我再也不会看到这个数字了!I#39;m changing the world.我正在改变世界!I#39;m changing my neighborhood, my school, my family and my partner, my.. so on and so forth , right?我正在改变我的邻里 我的学校 我的家庭 我的伴侣我的……等等 对吧?Five minutes into the first workout they are rolling on the floor, they are crawling for the door, they are crying...第一次试验的五分钟后他们就在地板上打滚 他们向门爬去他们哭泣They#39;re throwing up.他们呕吐And in that moment I was like okay, so now why did you come here?那个时候我的反应就是 行 那么现在你是为什么而来?Why…did you want to come to this place?为什么……你想来到这个地方?This place is not easy. Being healthy is hard work. What is it?这地方不简单 保持健康是个很难的事情 为什么And they would say well I would, I just want to be healthy. And I would go great,然后他们就会说我 我只是想要变得健康 然后我就可以变得更好What does that mean to you?这对你来说意味着什么?And then I would get like the Scooby- Doo.know-wow!然后我就可以开始喜欢上史努比嗷呜And people don#39;t think about it.人们从来不去思考这个They really don#39;t know.他们真的不知道If I was to ask you right now what does health look like in your life?如果我现在问你 健康在你的生活中是什么样子的What#39;s your answer?你的会是什么Is it I want to wear a two piece instead of a one piece at spring break because I#39;m 22.是 我想在春假的时候穿两件式套装而不是连衣裙 因为我22岁了 吗?Or is it I want to see my grandchildren graduate from college, because I#39;m 62.或者是 我想看到我孙子大学毕业 因为我62岁了 吗?Or is it you know what? I want to have sex with the lights on.又或者是 你知道吗 我想开着灯啪啪啪吗Which by the way, I think it#39;s tremendously overrated顺便一提 我觉得这个被高估了but nevertheless, it#39;s not dark all the time.但是虽然如此 这也不可能一直是关着灯的Whatever your motivation is that#39;s what#39;s critical.无论什么样的动机都是你减肥成功的关键And it could be that you are a new mom.它可能是你成为了一位新任妈妈It could be that you wanna wear skinny jeans.也可能是你想穿紧身牛仔裤It could be that you wanna run a marathon.也可能是你想跑马拉松You need to think about what ways health will improve the quality of your life,你需要考虑的问题是 健康如何提升你的生活质量because I#39;m gonna tell you right now that getting healthy usually is displeasurable.因为现在我要告诉你 使自己变得健康这个过程很艰苦Most of us would rather be watching our favorite TV show than sweating it out at the gym.我们大多数人比起去体育场运动得大汗淋漓更喜欢看我们喜爱的电视节目Most of us, not all, but most.虽然不是所有人都这么想 但也占大多数Most of us would prefer pizza to grilled salmon.我们中的大多数比起烤鲑鱼 更喜欢披萨And so, in order for these behaviors in the moment而且 为了变得自制that are less than pleasurable to become managable这些看起来没那么愉快的行为是必须的you#39;ve got to have perspective and a long-term goal that#39;s worth it.因为你的愿景和一个长期的目标值得你那样去做And we call that finding your why.我们把这个称作寻因Um..there#39;s a great e.恩……有一句很棒的熟语If you have a why to live for, you can tolerate the how如果你为了某个目标而活 你就能忍受你是如何达到这个目标的整个过程The how is the work and the sacrifice associated with the goal.如何 就是你为了这个目标的努力 牺牲和付出And so this is where you need to ask yourself some really powerful questions of这时你就要问自己一个强有力的问题what is it that I want for myself in detail?具体地说 那到底对我来说意味着什么What do I want for my future?我对我的未来有什么期望How do I see this improving the quality of my life?我对这种提高生活质量的事情怎么看And you might find in the beginning, you draw a complete blank.最初你就会发现你什么都记不起And the reason for this is because so many of us live in the way that we think we should,造成这种情况的原因是我们大都以一种我们自认为应该的方式活着that we#39;ve forgotten what it is we really want.我们忘记了我们真正想要的是什么So I have an exercise for you.所以我给你准备了一个练习I want you for the next two weeks to set your alarm on the hour every hour, waking hours only.我希望你在接下来的两个星期里在你醒着的时候每个小时定一个闹钟I#39;m not a complete monster.我也不是一个完全没人性的怪兽And when it goes off I want you to ask yourself what you#39;re doing right now in the moment.当闹钟响的时候 我希望你能自问一下你在这个时刻正在做什么And then subsequently, how does it make you feel?接下来 它让你感觉如何And by teaching yourself to become present通过教会你自己变得现实you#39;re better able to start identifying the things that you do want,你能开始更好的定位你真正想要的东西that you are passionate about, and that will help you start to cultivate your why.你真正热衷于的东西 而这些将帮助你开始完善你的原因 Article/201706/514168。
  • You have been here so many times, and before you were pregnant, during the pregnancy--你来我的节目 已经很多次啦 在你怀之前 在你怀期间I know. And now she#39;s three. She#39;s three. Over three, or how old?是哒 女儿现在已经三岁啦 是的 已经三岁啦 过了三岁 还是多大了?Three and a half almost. She#39;s nuts. I bet she is. She#39;s totally nuts.差不多三岁半吧 她太坏了 我猜她一定是的 她不能更调皮了Made from the two of you. Aww.她毕竟是你们俩的结晶 哇哦……Yeah, i was talking to carey earlier today, and really, you both made a--嗯今天早些时候我还在跟凯里说 你们俩共同的…She must be, like, wild. She#39;s delicious. She#39;s wild.你女儿一定很…野… 她很可爱 她很调皮He said she#39;s fierce. She gets it from papa. Yeah, he said shei#39;m physically cautious.她爸爸说她太凶狠了 她一定是遗传了她爸爸 对 他说她… 我是一个头脑很清醒的人I#39;m physical, but I#39;m cautious. He#39;s reckless, and she#39;s reckless.我也许不够理性 但我做事很谨慎 我老公做事很鲁莽的的 我女儿也是Oh! Yeah, she#39;ll jump off-- ;It#39;s only ten stairs, babe.; Yeah.嗯 她会跳下来 不过是10级台阶罢了 亲爱的 嗯He said, ;Well, they#39;ve got to learn.;他说 “嗯…他们得学学”And i#39;m like, ;Well, yeah, but you kind of try to protect them from that.;然后我说 “是啊 但是你得保护他们”That#39;s fire. Yeah. Except she gets a potty mouth from you.这太对了! 嗯 哈哈 但有一点 她遗传了你 喜欢碎碎念She does not have a potty mouth. Yes, she does. She almost had a potty mouth.她才不喜欢碎碎念呢 不 她喜欢的 她一点都没有No, no, she-- Tell them what she said to you the other day.不不不 她… 给他们讲讲 她那天对你说了什么Am I allowed? Yes. We#39;ll bleep it, but yes. Okay. She I was in thegetting y我可以说吗?可以 我们可以哔— 没事 你说 好的 她……我在……打扮出门to go out onstage, and she ran in, and she--准备一个舞台演出 她跑了进来 她…She must#39;ve been preparing this, like a bit,她一定准备了很久 看上去是的And she came in, and she#39;s like, ;I#39;m here.;她跑进来说 我在这儿哔—And I was likei was like, ;I#39;m sorry.然后 我好像…我说 “哦 什么?;I can#39;ti don#39;tmy ears--My ears don#39;t understand what you#39;re saying.; Wow.我不能…我不懂…我的耳朵… 我不明白你在说什么” 哇哦And then you don#39;t want to make a big deal of it, #39;cause she#39;s gonna keep saying it, so...然后 你也没太重视这个事儿 因为 她还会这么说Sheshe mutters it when she thinks no one#39;s looking.她…她…她小声的说 如果她觉得没有人在看她的话And someone must#39;ve--someone must#39;ve said that to her at some point. But it#39;s so cute.一定是有人 一定是有人 对她说过这话 这太可爱了I mean, i#39;m noti#39;m noti#39;m not encouraging it,我的意思是 我不会…我不会…我不鼓励你们这么做but come on, it#39;s, like, a little threeyearold body但是 拜托 这可是一个三岁的小子说出来的And then just-- Yeah. No. Like a sailor. She#39;s like a little sailor.她只是… 对 不 她像个水手 一个小小的水手She#39;s a precious a little sailor. She#39;s an adorable little sailor. Little delicious sailor.她就像个 小心翼翼的水手 超可爱的小水手 甜美的小水手 Article/201707/516011。
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