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广东看不孕专科医院6.The Pakistani diplomat who was rejected because his name translates to...6.巴基斯坦外交官被拒签,因为他的名字的意思是...In , a high level Pakistani diplomat was rejected as Ambassador of Saudi Arabia because his name, Akbar Zeb, equates to ;biggest dick; in Arabic. Saudi officials, apparently overwhelmed by the idea of the name, put their foot down and gave the idea of his being posted there the kibosh.年,一位高级巴基斯坦外交官被指派为驻沙特阿拉伯大使,却因为名字问题被拒签他名叫阿克·巴瑞伯,在阿拉伯意思是“最大的JJ”沙特官员显然被这个名字的意思给压垮了,他们铁了心觉得他被派过来简直就是鬼扯Akbar Zeb is no newcomer to politics. In fact, you could say he a pretty big deal. This long-ranging, high level diplomat has worked with some of the largest members of world governments – players charged with negotiating the outcome of the world current events. He most recently served as High Commissioner Designate of Pakistan to Canada, and prior to that he was the ambassador of Pakistan to South Africa.阿克·巴瑞伯并非从政新人实际上你可以理解成沙特是赚到了这位任期极长,级别极高的外交官曾与一些从世界各国政府官员到球员的重要人物一起工作,负责谈判世界当前事件的结果他最近担任巴基斯坦派往加拿大的高级专员,在此之前,他是巴基斯坦的南非大使7.The man named God who has credit issues because of it7.一名叫“上帝”的男子因为这个名字遭受信用危机A New York City man has claimed that a credit reporting agency falsely claimed he had no financial history because his first name is God.一名纽约男子声称一个信用报告机构谎称他没有金融史,因为他名叫“上帝”According to the New York Post, God Gazarov of Brooklyn said in a lawsuit that Equifax has refused to correct its system to recognize his name as legitimate. He says an Equifax customer service representative even suggested that he change his name to resolve the issue. Gazarov is a Russian native who is named after his grandfather. The 6-year-old owns a Brighton Beach jewelry store and is a graduate of Brooklyn College. He says he has high scores with two other major credit agencies.据纽约邮报报道,布鲁克林的上帝·卡札洛夫说在诉讼中,Equifax(美国知名征信所)拒绝纠正系统以识别他的合法名字他说,Equifax的客户务代表甚至建议他改变他的名字来解决问题卡札洛夫是俄罗斯本地人,他是以他祖父的名字命名的6岁的卡札洛夫拥有一个布莱顿海滩珠宝店,是一个布鲁克林学院研究生他说他成绩很好并且有两个其他的主要的信贷机构8.The child who was refused a birthday cake with his name, Adolph Hitler, on it8.超市拒绝将名叫阿道夫·希特勒的小男孩的名字写在他的生日蛋糕上面In , a 3-year-old boy named Adolf Hitler and his two Nazi-named younger sisters were removed from their New Jersey home and placed in state custody. Adolf Hitler Campbell and his sisters, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, were taken from their Holland Township, N.J., home by the state Division of Youth and Family Services年,一个名叫阿道夫·希特勒的3岁男孩和他的两个同样以纳粹命名的被从新泽西家中转移到拘留所阿道夫·希特勒·坎贝尔和他的两个,乔伊斯琳·雅利安民族·坎贝尔和honszlynn hinler珍妮·坎贝尔,(这是希特勒两个下属的名字,中文翻译不明)被从他们在新泽西州荷兰镇的家带到青年和家庭务中心Their father, Nazi-lover Heath Campbell, has a long history of being a wife-beating tyrant who was obsessed with the devil. The unemployed Campbell lives off of disability payments and drives a green 1985 Pontiac Bonneville adorned with a swastika on its hood and Hitler stickers on the passenger side door.The Campbells made national news when a ShopRite supermarket refused to sell them a birthday cake with Adolf Hitler name on it. The story also generated a slew of angry Internet chatter. ensic psychologist N.G. Berrill said naming a boy Hitler could be considered child abuse.他们的爸爸是一个纳粹爱好者,希斯·坎贝尔,是一个有长期殴打妻子历史的暴躁狂,他一定是着了魔鬼的道失业在家的坎贝尔靠残疾补助生活他开一辆绿色的1985年的纳威,车棚上饰有“卍”,副驾驶的门上贴有希特勒贴纸一家超市拒绝为他们的孩子制作写有“阿道夫·希特勒生日快乐”的蛋糕而使他们成为新闻人物这个故事也引起一系列愤怒的网上讨论法医心理学家N.G.·贝里尔说给一个男孩起名希特勒被认为是虐待儿童9.The 9 year old who was granted permission to change her given name, Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii9.9岁的小女孩得到准许改掉她原来的名字“来自夏威夷跳呼拉舞的塔鲁拉”In , a 9-year-old girl in New Zealand was made a ward of the court so that she could change her name from “Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii.” Seriously. Maybe her parents were drunk or high when they came up with the name, but really, is that an excuse cing your child to go through life with that name?年,一个新西兰的9岁小女孩在法院的监护下更改名字,她原来的名字是“来自夏威夷跳呼拉舞的塔鲁拉”说真的,她父母能想出这种名字也真是醉了但是话又说回来,就算喝高了,让孩子用这种名字度过一生,这样真的好吗?A judge ruled that the nine-year-old girl, who is the subject of a custody fight, should be placed in the guardianship of the court until she was renamed. A lawyer acting the girl claimed she was so embarrassed by her name that she had kept it from her friends, insisting she should be known as ;K; instead. She also feared that if it became public she would be mocked and teased.The lawyer claimed the girl fully understood the absurdity of her name, unlike her parents who had not considered the implications when they named her.法官裁定这名9岁女孩改名之前将由法院监护,而小女孩现在是一场监护权争夺战的主体一名律师替小女孩辩护说:这个名字使她十分尴尬,她一直向朋友们隐瞒这个名字,并坚持让朋友们以k来称呼她她担心如果这个名字公之于众,她将会被嘲笑律师声称这个女孩完全理解她名字的荒诞,不像她父母,起名字的时候完全没有考虑影响.-year-old Icelandic girl who was denied a passport because her name is ;Harriet;.岁的冰岛小女孩因为名叫哈丽特不能申领护照If you want to name your baby girl Harriet, dont live in Iceland. The country recently denied -year-old Harriet Cardew passport renewal request because her name doesnt comply with Icelandic baby naming laws. Her name doesnt appear on the approved list of 1,853 female and 1,7 boy names.你要是想给你家小女孩起名叫哈丽特,你可千万别住在冰岛冰岛最近拒绝了一个岁小女孩哈丽特·卡迪尤的护照更新申请,因为她的名字不符合冰岛的新生儿命名法她的名字没有出现在允许使用的3个女性名字和个男性名字的名单当中Icelandic laws state that unless both parents are eign, they must submit their name choice to the National Registry approval within six months of birth. The name must fulfill requirements that include ;Icelandic grammatical endings,; ;linguistic structure of Iceland; and ;Icelandic orthography.; ;That the problem with Harriet,; Harriet father, Tristan Cardew, explained. ;It cant be conjugated in Icelandic.;Lilja and Belinda, two of the couple four children, have their names on their passports because they were born in France. However, Harriet and her brother Duncan, , were born in Iceland, but did not have their names approved by the committee. They live in Reykjavik, Iceland, and up until this point, have been going by ;Girl; and ;Boy; on their passports. But upon getting Harriet passport request, the government went a step further and denied her an updated passport completely, which could put her family upcoming trip to France on hold.The Cardews could bypass the name block by changing Harriet middle name to an Icelandic one, but the family thinks it too late. Instead, they applied an emergency passport from the British Embassy where dad Tristan is from. He finds the name approval process absurd. ;The whole situation is really rather silly,; he said.冰岛的法律规定,除非父母双方都是外国人,否则他们必须在婴儿出生6个月内向国家注册批准中心提交他们的名字选择结果名称必须满足的要求包括“冰岛语法的结尾”“冰岛语言结构”和“冰岛正字法”“这就是哈丽特这个名字的问题,”哈丽特的父亲,特里斯坦·卡迪尤解释说,“它不符合冰岛规定”里尔加和贝琳达,这对夫妇的个孩子之中的个,可以拥有写有姓名的护照,因为他们在法国出生然而,哈丽特和她的哥哥邓肯,岁,住在冰岛的,但他们的名字没有被委员会批准他们居住在冰岛的雷克雅未克,直到这之前,他们的护照上一直写的是“女孩”和“男孩”但是,在收到哈丽特的护照申请时,政府更进了一步,完全否决了她的护照更新,这迫使她家即将到来的法国旅行拖延现在卡迪尤一家可以通过更改哈丽特的中间名来绕过名字关,但是大家都觉得已经太晚了他们选择爸爸特里斯坦的祖籍英国申请紧急护照他发现整个名字审批过程十分荒谬!“这一切简直太扯了”他说翻译:唐安琪 编辑:陈艳冲 来源:前十网 399中山检查输卵管哪家医院最好的 广州输卵管恢复那里好

惠州人工授精哪家医院最好的最昂贵的头发:5000万美金  詹妮弗·洛佩兹的头发  美国炙手可热的影、歌双栖红星詹妮弗·洛佩兹,曾在她经纪人的鼓吹之下,投保巨额“美体险”据德国媒体报道,洛佩兹的头发投保5000万美元The most expensive hair: 50 million USD(Jennifer Lopez)莫文蔚的头发:近千万港元Karen Mok's hair: nearly million Hong Kong dollars 839 There’s less than one month until a new year begins! travelers, this is a time to pick out a new slate of places to visit. Don’t miss out on the Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway. As one of the longest high-speed railways (,6 km), it connects six provinces across eastern and western China. The section from Shanghai to Changsha is aly open, and the entire railway is to open its doors in . Let’s take a look at some of the best tourist stops along the line. 还有不到一月就是新年对很多旅行者而言,又是更新旅行目的地清单的时候了作为中国最长的高铁线路(全长6千米)——上昆(上海-昆明)线是你不容错过的选择:这条高铁由东到西贯穿中国六省其中,上海至长沙段现已开通,整条线路将于年全线贯通下面就让我们一起“欣赏”这条线路上最美的旅游景点吧! 335天河长安医院检查卵巢囊肿怎么样好不好广东省广州市长安医院取环手术



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