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A stowaway fell thousands of feet from a plane on to a quiet suburban street after apparently hiding in the landing gear.英国某条安静的郊区街道近日从数千英尺的高空“天降”男尸,看起来死者是一名藏在飞机起落架上的偷渡者。The body of the victim, in his thirties and from North Africa, was discovered in an affluent London neighbourhood under the Heathrow flight path.这名死者来自北非,现年30多岁,事发地点位于富裕的伦敦郊区,处于希思罗机场航线下方。Aviation experts say he was probably dead before he hit the ground either because he had been crushed by the retracting landing gear shortly after the plane took off or because of the extreme cold at high altitude.航空专家认为,该男子在落地之前已经死亡,死于飞机起飞后不久起落架收起时的挤压,或者高空的极寒。It is thought the man#39;s body dropped from the aircraft undercarriage as the plane came in to land.据称,飞机着陆的过程中,该男子的尸体从起落架上掉落。Residents on the tree-lined road in Mortlake, on the south bank of the Thames less than ten miles from the airport, yesterday spoke of their shock on finding the body after hearing a loud bang.莫特莱克位于泰晤士河南岸,距离希思罗机场不到10英里。这里的街道树木成排,居民谈到,昨天街头突然一声巨响,然后看到这名男子横尸街头,感到非常震惊。Billy Watson, 26, a security guard who lives opposite where the man fell, said he saw the body ;all twisted up;.26岁的保安比利#8226;沃森说,看到尸体已经“完全扭曲”了。他居住在男子坠落地点的对面。He said: ;It is unbelievable. The first thing I thought when I saw the body was that it must have fallen from quite a height.;他说:“简直令人难以置信。我一看到尸体就觉得一定是从高空掉下来的。”;You could tell by the way his body was mangled. There was a big pool of blood coming from his head.;“尸体整个扭曲着,头上还流出一大滩血。”Richard Taylor, of the Civil Aviation Authority, said a stowaway in an aircraft undercarriage was unlikely to have survive as he would either be crushed by the wheels after take-off or freeze in temperatures as low as minus 40C .英国民用航空局的理查德#8226;泰勒认为,藏在飞机起落架上的偷渡者没有机会幸存,有可能在飞机起飞后受起落架的挤压,或者难耐高空零下40度的极寒。He said: ;The chances of survival for a stowaway are very slim, particularly in the recess of the landing gear. I don#39;t know of anyone who has survived being stowed away on a long-haul flight.;他说:“偷渡者生还的可能性非常小,尤其是藏身在起落架上。我还没听过能够幸免于长途旅行的偷渡者。”Police said they were investigating whether the body was that of a stowaway.警察已经对此事展开调查,以确定该男子是不是偷渡者。The discovery comes just over a fortnight after the body of a stowaway was found in the landing gear recess of a BA plane arriving at Heathrow from Cape Town.两周前,英国航空公司一架从开普敦飞往希思罗机场的航班起落架隐蔽处也曾发现一具偷渡者尸体。 /201209/199398导读:海外游子(overseas)衣锦还乡,探亲访友送礼时最大的尴尬事是什么?当然是遭遇“中国制造”!如今,中国已成为“世界工厂”,这对海外华人造成的最大困扰就是送礼难。家电饰早已不是什么稀罕货,而大牌奢侈品又价格高昂。“中国制造”更是成为归国送礼的禁忌。真是“送礼难,难于上青天”!When Chinese Americans visit family and friends in their homeland, gifts from the U.S. are a must. But TVs and fashionable clothes aren't rare anymore, and anything 'Made in China' won't do.当美籍华人回老家探访亲友的时候,一定得从美国带礼物。。但是如今电视机以及时髦装已不再是什么稀罕货,而那些印着“中国制造”的礼品也无法拿出手。 George Bao felt like a rich man the first time he flew back to China from America.第一次从美国飞回中国,乔治#8226;包觉得自己好像一个富翁。 He had so many gifts for his family and friends, he was lugging eight cardboard boxes in addition to his suitcase. That was in the 1980s, when flights weren't crowded. The airline didn't even charge him for the extra luggage.他给家人和朋友们带了很多礼物,除了自己的手提箱外,他装满了整整八个纸箱。那时正处于20世纪80年代,航班上人不多。航空公司甚至都没有收取他超重的那部分行李费。As for what the gifts were, the memory makes him laugh. He had brought secondhand clothes scavenged from yard sales他回忆当时带的礼物不禁大笑起来。那都是在当地的旧货市场中淘到的二手衣物。 . /201008/110712China#39;s central government departments have been told to buy made-in-China products when making government procurements, Xinhua reported.据新华社报道,政府各部门被要求在政府采购中购买中国制造的商品。China#39;s Ministry of Finance (MOF) said in a statement Tuesday that central government departments should also procure energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products as well as authentic software.财政部周二声明,中央政府各部门还应该选购节能环保产品和正版软件。The statement reiterated the strict regulations which exist governing the purchase of imported products. The statement also suggested that it should be made illegal to purchase imported items which are produced by fully developed domestic industries.声明强调,购买进口产品时要严格遵照规章,并指出如果采购的商品在国内有成熟的生产线,则禁止购买相应进口商品。The MOF requires an in-house review mechanism to check applications for imported items to ensure that the regulations are not violated.财政部要求各单位有内部检查机制,确保在采购进口商品时不违反规章。Luxury office supplies are also prohibited with regard to government procurements.豪华办公用品也被禁止纳入政府采购。 /201205/183543

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