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长春治疗不孕不育的医院哪个好蛟河妇女医院医生介绍英语教师必备:校园英语常用语500句(5) -- :5:39 来源: 81. Because of our learning of text last period, we didn’t invite someone to do the lecture, at the begining of the class,we’ll ask our two classmates to do it, who is the first?上节课因为课文学习的缘故,我们没有请同学做演讲,这节课之初,我们要请两个同学做这个练习,哪位是第一位同学?8. Next class, we’re going to learn Lesson Five.下节课,我们要学习第五课83. I ask you to make preparations it bee class. 我要求大家课前做好一定准备8. You gotta(have got to) learn the paragrghs ---6 by heart.大家还要背诵第—6段85. Can you recite them now?现在能背诵过吗?86. Please try to do it as well as you can.尽量做好87. Wonderful—very good---good---not bad---terrible---awful.好极了,很好,好,不错,糟了,很不理想88. Now I’m sorry I’m late.对不起,我来晚了89. How foggy it is this morning!今早晨雾迷漫90. Sth was wrong with my autocycle on my way to school just now.刚才我的托车在路上坏了91. My autocycle is in the third bicycle-shed.我的托车现在放在第三个车棚里9. Let’s continue the text.让我们继续学习这篇课文93. What’s the weather like today?今天天气怎么样?9. Great day today, isn’t it ?今天天不错,是吧?95. It’s cloudy and rainy today,It has been very cold these days今天阴雨天,这几天都挺冷96. Put on more clothes bee you go out.出门的时候多穿点衣97. And you ought to cover yourself well with quilt while sleeping.睡觉的时候,盖好被子98. Open the window,please,It’s quite airless(the air is not fresh) here.打开窗户,这里太闷了,一点也不通风99. Please shut the door, It’s very cold today.今天天气真冷,请关上门,好吗?0. How foggy it is (what a foggy day it is) now!今天雾可真大啊! 英语 常用 校园 必备长春医大二院看妇科 Miranda Rights1)When you watch an American film or TV play,you notice that while a policeman or a lieutenant) is cuffing a suspect he is saying something or ing something from a piece of paper to him.What he is saying or ing is called Miranda Rights.Under the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution of the ed States of America a person accused of a crime has the right to the assistance of an attorney3).A suspect has the priviledge) against self incrimination5).This means that a suspect has the right to remain silent and cannot be ced to testify against himself. many years the Supreme Court6) held that a confession was not admissible as evidence if it was not voluntary and trustworthy.This meant that the use of physical ce,torture7),threats,or other techniques that could ce an innocent person to confess was prohibited.Later,in the case of Escobedov.Illinois,the Supreme Court said that even a voluntary confession was inadmissible as evidence if it was obtained after denying the defendant' s request to talk with an attorney.While some defendants might ask an attorney,other people might not be aware o f their right to remain silent or of their right to have a lawyer present during questioning.In 1966,the Supreme Court was presented with such a situation in the case of Mirandav.Arizona.Emesto Miranda was accused of kidnap ping and raping an eighteen-year-old girl near Phoenix,Arizona.The girl claimed she was on her way home from work when a man grabbed her,threw her into the back seat of a car,and raped her.Ten days later Miranda was arrested,placed in a lineup,and identified by the girl as her attacker.The police then took Miranda into an interrogation8)room and questioned him two hours.At the end of the two hours,the officers emerged with a written and signed confession.This confession was used as evidence at trial,and Miranda was found guilty.Miranda later appealed to the U.S.Supreme Court,arguing that he had not been warned of his right to remain silent and that he had been deprived of his right to counsel.Miranda did not suggest that his confession was false or brought about by coercion,but rather that he would not have confessed if he had been advised of his right to remain silent or of his right to an attorney.After considering all the arguments,the Supreme Court ruled that Miranda's confession could not be used at trial because it was obtained without inming Miranda of his constitutional rights.As a result of this case,police are now required to inm persons accused of a crime of the following Miranda rights bee questioning begins: You have the right to remain silent.Anything you say can be used against you in court.You have the right to a lawyer and to have one present while you are being questioned.If you cannot afd a lawyer,one will be appointed you bee any questioning begins. 936This Living Hand, Now Warm and Capable This living hand, now warm and capable Of earnest grasping, would, if it were cold And in the icy silence of the tomb, So haunt thy days and chill thy dreaming nights That thou wouldst wish thine own heart dry of blood So in my veins red life might stream again, And thou be conscience-calm'd- see here it is- I hold it towards you. - - 3长春市双阳区妇幼保健所在那儿

长春市中医院能做孕检吗?Not Necessary To AnswerTeacher:“I have two questions,it isn't necessary to answer the second question if you know the result of the first question.How much hair do you have?”Student :“A hundred and twenty millions.”Teacher:“How do you know it?”Student:“It is not necessary to answer the second question.”长春做b超哪里便宜 长春妇保医院做全身检查要多少钱

梅河口彩超多少钱 “毛毛雨”怎么说 -01-7 00:: 来源: 已经是五月末了,全国大部分地区都开始进入雨季了昨天北京就下了一天的雨听雨说雨,今天我们就来学一些有关"下雨"的表达1. It rained cats and dogs last night.昨晚雨下得很大Rain cats and dogs 是一句非常受欢迎的俚语,几乎每个学英语的学生都懂得用 rain cats and dogs 来形容雨下得很大当然如果你不想用俚语的讲法,你可以说:"It's raining really hard. (雨下得很大) "或是"We're having a heavy rain." 同样也是"雨下得很大"那"雨下得很大,我被淋成了落汤鸡"这整句话要怎么讲? "落汤鸡"在英文里常用 "I am soaked." (我湿透了) 来形容,所以整句话就成为. "It's raining cats and dogs out there so I am soaked.". We had a downpour.我们刚遇到了一场倾盆大雨中文里常形容下雨像是用"倒"的一样, 这在英文里也有同样对等的字眼喔! 英文里用的是 downpour 这个词所以"下雨像是用倒的"我们可以说:"We had a downpour."另外有一个十分口语的讲法就是 "It's really coming down out there.",也是形容雨下得很大, 像是用"倒"的一样3. It's just sprinkling.只是在下毛毛雨而已在英文里不管下"毛毛雨"或是"毛毛雪"我们都可以用 drizzle 和 sprinkle 这两个动词来表示Drizzle 这个词就是气象术语"下毛毛雨"的意思,而 sprinkle 则是一个动词表示"撒", 但也常被用来形容毛毛雨,常听到的用法就是:"It's drizzling." 或是 "It's sprinkling."另外还有一个词叫 scattered rain,指的则是"零零星星地降雨"例如:"We have to cancel the track and field contest because of the scattered rain. (因为零星的降雨所以我们必须取消田径赛)"(改编自小笨霖英语笔记本 英语点津 Annabel 编辑) 怎么 很大 形容 我们长春医大二院在线咨询长春哪里治疗不孕好



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