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The Association ofCuisine and Catering Industry (ACCI) of China#39;s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region officially announced on April 16 that Mongolian food will become the ninth major cuisine of China.4月16日,中国内蒙自治区餐饮与饭店行业协会正式宣布:蒙餐成为中国第九大菜系。Located in northern China, Inner Mongolia has a broad and historical food culture.位于中国北方的内蒙古自治区,具有大厚重的饮食文化。Experts believe that Mongolian dishes conform well to the modern culinary emphasis on ecology, health and nutrition, and that they deserve recognition as a major cuisine.专家认为,蒙餐完全符合崇尚绿色、健康、营养的现代餐饮理念,因此完全有资格成为主要菜系。According to Lang Lixing, president of ACCI of Inner Mongolia, the organization has established standards for Mongolian food and local cuisine through years of efforts and in cooperation with the Inner Mongolia Institute of Standardization.据内蒙古自治区餐饮与饭店行业协会会长郎立兴介绍,该协会与内蒙古标准化院历时多年,制定了蒙餐及内蒙古地方菜的标准。Prior to the announcement, the eight major cuisines of China were Shandong, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hunan and Anhui food.在此声明发布之前,中国的“八大菜系”分别是鲁、苏、粤、川、浙、闽、湘、徽菜。Mongolian cuisine will inevitably promote changes in the catering industry as it becomes the ninth major cuisine. For instance, a chef from Paris currently working in China praised the flavor of Mongolian cuisine, saying he would promote Mongolian food in his own country.如今随着蒙餐成为中国第九大菜系,这将不可避免的推动餐饮业的改变。比如,在中国工作的一名来自法国巴黎的厨师就大力赞赏蒙餐,他表示会将蒙餐的制作技艺在自己的国家发扬光大。The inclusion of Mongolian food as a major Chinese cuisine was supported by experts from the China Cuisine Association and China Hospitality Association.蒙餐一举成为中国第九大菜系,也得到了中国烹饪协会、中国饭店协会相关专家的持。Experts noted that the eight preexisting major cuisines were simply recognized by the public, without any authoritative approval, and the same rule should also be applied to Mongolian cuisine.专家们表示,中国之前形成的八大菜系,只是简单地由大众进行认可,不需要官方钦点,因此蒙餐菜系也应当遵循这样的规定。 /201704/505986吉大三院门诊电话热线Our Earth teems with billions of human beings, all working, thinking, playing and plotting their way through the maze-like distractions of daily living.世人无数,在纷杂日常中,生活方式不尽相同:或工作、或思考、或游戏或计划。Amid the chaos, some of us remain focused and disciplined enough to forge entirely new ways of approaching life, the universe and the meaning of it all. And some of those people win Nobel Prizes.芟繁就简,总有人高度专注自律创造生活新方式,实现生命价值。而这些人中,不乏诺贝尔奖得主。Established in 1895 by the will of Swedish inventor and philanthropist Alfred Nobel, the prizes recognize advances in scientific and cultural fields -- literature, peace, economics, chemistry, physics and medicine.1895年,瑞典发明家慈善家阿尔弗雷德·诺贝尔发起创立了诺贝尔奖。此奖授予在科学和文化领域对人类作出重大贡献的人,这些领域包括文学,世界和平,经济,化学,物理和医药等。The recipients, called laureates, receive a diploma, a gold medal and a cash prize that, these days, generally exceeds million.诺贝尔奖包括金质奖章、书和奖金,最近奖金数额均超100万美元。All prizes must go to individuals, with the exception of the Peace Prize, which can be awarded to an organization.除诺贝尔和平奖可颁发给机构外,其他诺贝尔奖必须颁发给个人。Sometimes, the prizes are awarded to multiple people, but rules stipulate that each prize can be shared by no more than three.有时,奖金可奖励给多人,但按规定不应超过三人。First awarded in 1901, the Nobel prizes have since been given out 573 times to 900 people and organizations. Some people have received the awards more than once.诺贝尔奖首次于1901年颁发,迄今已颁发573次,共计900人次或机构获奖,且有人多次获奖。Typically, each prize is awarded every year, but in years where there are no exceptional accomplishments befitting a Nobel, a prize may sit idle.诺贝尔奖通常每年颁发一次,但若有些领域成就“未达诺贝尔标准”,奖项会空置。The prizes are, shall we say, a big deal. But more important is the work that they recognize.诺贝尔奖可谓举足轻重。诺贝尔奖所认定的“作品”意义更大。Laureates are the thinking person#39;s thinkers, people who dedicate their lives to unveiling the secrets of our existence. In doing so, they help propel humankind#39;s collective intelligence higher.诺贝尔奖得主往往是善于思考的人,为我们的生活揭秘,推动全人类向更高层次发展。In this article, we#39;ll introduce you to 10 of these game-changing individuals.本文将介绍10位改变世界的诺贝尔奖得主。10.Aung San Suu Kyi10.昂山素季Let#39;s review some of the circumstances of our first laureate. Oppressive, violent regime? Check. Indefinite political imprisonment? Check.先来看下第一位诺奖得主的生活经历。强制政府时期,遭调查;被剥夺政治权利终身后仍遭调查。That#39;s just a day in the life of Aung San Suu Kyi, perhaps one of the most persistent political dissidents ever and the winner of the 1991 Peace Prize.这就是昂山素季的日常生活。她可能是最执着的持异论者,她也是1991年的诺贝尔和平奖得主。She wasn#39;t allowed to leave Burma (also known as Myanmar) to receive her prize, however, until 2012, or two decades after winning.直到2002年,即获奖20多年后,她才获得自由,得以离开缅甸接受诺奖。In the meantime, she#39;d been detained by Burma#39;s militaristic regime, which saw her work for democracy and human rights as a threat to the established power structure.缅甸军政府认为她的作品代表着民主和人权,威胁着现有政权结构。Aung San Suu Kyi actually won the country#39;s general election in 1990.昂山素季早在1990年就赢得国家普选。But even before all of the votes were counted, she was placed under house arrest and would remain so intermittently until 2010.但就在唱票揭晓前,她被软禁在寓所,软禁断断续续持续到2010年。To ward off loneliness and despair, she meditated, she planned and she persisted.为避免寂寞和绝望,她开始冥想,盘算着,坚持着。Upon her final release from house arrest, she jumped immediately into politics again.她最终获释后,即刻又投身政治怀抱。The party she heads, National League for Democracy, won by a landslide in a 2015 election, although she is barred from becoming president because of her sons#39; foreign citizenship.虽然她因儿子的外籍身份未能当上总统,但她领导的全国民主联盟在2015年竞选中大获全胜。9.Hermann Muller9.赫尔曼·马勒For every technological advance, there are trade-offs and potential side effects.任何科技进步都会带来商机,产生负面影响。Thanks to the work of Hermann Muller, who won the 1946 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine, people realized the importance of tempering our knowledge with safety and care.赫尔曼·马勒是1946年诺贝尔生理学或医学奖得主,他的工作让人们意识到,安全谨慎运用所学知识的重要性。Muller won his prize for proving that X-rays cause mutations (called X-ray mutagenesis) in the human body.赫尔曼明X射线能引发人体内突变,获得诺贝尔奖。In the mid-1920s, he#39;d gathered significant evidence that exposing Drosophila flies to X-rays caused genetic mutations that shortened their lifespans. He was certain that the same kind of damage would occur in humans.20世纪20年代中期,他发现暴露在X射线下的果蝇基因发生突变,寿命变短。他坚信,X射线对人体也会造成同样损害。Although he#39;d been trying to publicize his work for around 20 years, it took the World-War II atomic bombings of Japan to underscore the dangers of radiation, X-rays and nuclear fallout. It was then that the Nobel committee finally recognized his research.尽管他花了20多年时间试图发表自己的发现,但直到二战时,投到日本的原子弹才彰显我怎么觉得彰显是褒义词了辐射、X射线和核爆炸所带来的害处,诺贝尔评审才认可了他的研究。Muller#39;s discoveries, as well as his anti-nuclear weapons politics, made him an invaluable counterweight to the world-changing technological advances of the Atomic Age.在原子弹时代,马勒的发现及反核武器主张,让他在科技进步领域成为改变世界的领军人物。8.Crick, Watson and Wilkins8.克里克,沃尔森和威尔金斯These days, we almost take for granted the facts of DNA and its fundamental role as a building block of life as we know it.现在,大部分人都理所当然地认为,DNA是构成人体的基本组成。But DNA was a mystery until Francis Crick, James Watson and Maurice Wilkins began unraveling these minute, double-helix structures.但在佛朗西斯·克里克、詹姆士·沃森和莫里斯·威尔金森这些微小双螺旋结构前,DNA一直是个谜。For their work, the three won the 1962 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine.也正因此,他们三人于1962年获得诺贝尔生理学或医学奖。In discovering the molecular structure of nucleic acids, as well as conveying its importance in relaying information throughout a living organism, the three helped blaze a trail for all sorts of new genetic advances.他们发现核酸结构,并将它们置入其他生物体,明其重要性,他们三人为遗传进展开启了一扇新大门。This prize did come with a notable asterisk. Before Crick and company made their discoveries, biophysicist Rosalind Franklin found a way to photograph DNA. Crick#39;s group used those images as a turning point for their research.这项奖的确引人瞩目。克里克和同伴取得这一发现前,生物物理学家罗莎林·富兰克林发现一种拍摄DNA的方法。这些图片是克里克和同伴研究的转折点。However, her insights were overshadowed somewhat by her male counterparts#39;, and she died before she could address the matter with the Nobel committee, which has strict rules against honoring people posthumously.然而,她的男性伙伴让她的观点稍显逊色,在她和诺贝尔评奖委员会沟通这件事前,便去世了,而诺贝尔奖有严格规定,诺贝尔奖不得颁发给逝世的人。 /201612/481153长春妇幼医院顺产多少钱Cutting off your thumbs切掉你的大拇指No thumbs, no smartphone. The proverb was born in an Apple store in Michigan and still holds true today. What#39;s the point of burdening yourself with this ;finger; that insists on being so unlike the others, especially when the opposable thumb is no longer useful in 2017? So don’t hesitate to ask for help in cutting off your thumbs. If this method doesn’t achieve the desired results, try cutting off all the other fingers as well. The more the merrier!没有拇指,就没有手机。——这是一家在墨西哥的苹果手机商店的标语,这话放到现在依然成立。干嘛要留着这只和其他四指截然不同的手指呢?尤其是在2017年对生拇指已经毫无用处了。所以别犹豫了,大胆地让人帮你切了大拇指吧。如果这个方法不奏效的话,试试把所有手指都切了吧。越多越好!Using a carrier pigeon养一只信鸽Now you#39;ll have to think twice before sending a simple ;OK;. Just remember to leave the windows open if you’re waiting for a response. If this doesn’t work, always remember that pigeon is excellent with bacon and peas.这样在发送一个简单的“OK”时你也不得不三思而后行。如果你在等回复的话记得把窗打开哦。如果这也不奏效得很,谨记鸽子最爱吃的的是培根和豌豆。Communicating directly直接交流Few people know that the human body has a lot of proprietary applications allowing for a range of social interactions. Very practical for communicating, the ;voice; can send myriad messages. A signal will be transmitted at the speed of 340m/s in direction of your interlocutor, who interprets it by consulting his inner ear. If you don’t have the voice app, you can test the manual application.很少有人知道人体其实有很多专属应用可以用来进行广泛的社交。“声音”可以传递大量信息,这对于交流来说非常实用。你可以以340米/秒的速度向对话者传递一个信号,对方根据内耳来做出决定是否要打断你。如果你没有“声音”这个APP的话,你可以查看下你的应用手册。Hiring a messenger雇佣一个报信者This method boosts employment and is especially appreciated by running fans. On the other hand, if it’s to announce a break-up, it’s much less fun for the messenger. Don#39;t make someone else do your personal dirty work. Come on.此法能够刺激就业,而且尤其受到跑步爱好者的欢迎。不过如果你要分手的话,这对于报信者来说就不怎么有意思了。拜托,别让人帮你做坏事啦。Using a dumbphone使用非智能手机——“智障手机”As the name suggests, the international day without smartphone concerns only smartphone users, translation: those using ;phones with intelligence;. Therefore, the use of a “stupid phone” remains possible. Bring back the old model with a broken screen. If you have a Windows Phone, don’t change anything.非智能手机是名副其实的智障手机,在没有智能手机的今天只有智能手机用户受到关注,也就是那些使用“有智慧的手机”的人。所以用“智障手机”也还是有可能的。把那些屏幕碎裂的旧手机带回来吧。如果你的手机系统是Windows的话,什么也别改。Using a disposable camera使用一次性相机Very important for the smartphone photographer, you can take it everywhere and in a few days, your selfies are at home. It#39;s lightweight and durable with no battery to worry about charging! On the other hand, if you make a mistake while taking your picture, you must start all over again. And if you don’t have a developing lab at home, you must pay up.对于喜欢用智能手机拍照的人来说这很重要,你可以随身携带一次性相机,你的自拍还可以留在家里。它轻便耐用,而且不会受到没电的困扰!不过如果你在拍照的时候失误了,你就必须重头再来了。而且如果你家没有洗照片的地方的话就没办法了。Going to Lake Desolation去湖边荒地No internet, no problem. Thanks to its isolation from modern civilization, Lake Desolation offers the ideal environment for both a nice day without a smartphone and burying a corpse. No Wi-Fi and only two outlets on the whole mountain to recharge your phone... It#39;s the perfect opportunity to get your life in order or to go back to 1958.没有网络,就没有问题。湖边荒地与世隔绝,是度过离开手机完美一天以及……埋葬尸体的绝佳地点。这里没有Wi-Fi,且整座山只有两个商店可以给手机充电。这是让你的回到1958年生活的绝佳机会。Swiping the toilet roll玩玩卫生纸卷筒When you’re bored in the bathroom, you just have to swipe this roll of paper to feel at ease. The movement is the same and it’s occasionally more fun than using the smartphone. Just ask the cat.当你在厕所闲得无聊时,你可以擦卫生纸的卷筒来解除烦闷。本质虽然一样,但有时候玩卷筒纸可能比玩手机更有意思。问问猫咪就知道了。Using the traditional tin can with string用传统的拉线易拉罐打电话You have 20 people to call today? Campbell#39;s is going to be very happy. Make sure you have an extra long string for your calls abroad. Beware: a line cut is always possible. Pigeons (what else) perched on the line could also pose a connectivity problem.你今天要打20个电话?坎贝尔公司(美国最大的浓缩汤汁罐头公司)很高兴听到这个消息。打越洋电话时确保你有加长线。记住:随时可能会断线哦。鸽子(或是随便其他什么东西)在线上停留一下都会引起打电话的问题。Cheating作弊Really though, what#39;s forcing you to spend the day without a smartphone? You always have the option of tapping into this wonderful resource: free will. Ultimately, nobody will stop you in the street for excessive use of your smartphone. The police are aly too busy with marches and riots to care, so it#39;s all up to you.说真的,是什么让你离开手机的啊?你随时都能够选择使用这个完美的资源:这取决于你自己的意愿。没有人会在大街上因为你过度沉迷于手机而阻止你。警察要忙着处理游行和暴乱,所以这一切都取决于你自己。Good luck!祝你好运! /201703/494950Google has partnered with a young UK designer to create what they claim to be are the world’s only ‘really blue’ jeans.谷歌和一位年轻的英国设计师合作,制作出了据称是全世界仅有的“真蓝色”牛仔裤。The designs are the latest phase of Google’s alliance with the fashion industry (they’ve previously collaborated with Jeremy Scott and Michael Kors to launch their new Pixel smartphone ‘Really Blue’ edition).该作品是谷歌和时尚业联手的最新进展,此前谷歌还与杰瑞米?斯科特和迈克高仕品牌合作发布了新款“真蓝版”Pixel智能手机。The work of Cambridge-born designer Christian Cowan - who has designed outfits for some of the world’s biggest names, including Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus - the jeans are designed to match the new phone.出生于剑桥郡的克里斯蒂安?考恩是“真蓝”牛仔裤的设计师,他曾为世界上最大牌的一些名人设计过装,包括嘎嘎夫人和麦莉?塞勒斯,设计该牛仔裤是为了和新款“真蓝”手机配套。Fresh from his debut runway show at New York Fashion Week, the Central St Martins graduate’s brief was to redefine what we think of everyone’s favourite fashion staple.考恩刚刚参加完伦敦时尚周的T台首秀,这位毕业于中央圣马丁艺术设计学院的设计师想要重新定义我们对这件人见人爱的时尚必备单品的看法。Alas, Cowan designed the jeans in the bluest blue after scouring dye houses all over New York City to find an exact match to the phone cover.在扫荡了纽约所有的染坊之后,考恩终于找到了和手机外壳完全搭配的蓝色染料,并设计出了最蓝的蓝色牛仔裤。Interestingly they also feature just one pocket instead of the usual five - because we do everything on our phones, says Google.有趣的是,这款牛仔裤只有一个口袋,而不是普通牛仔裤常有的五个口袋,谷歌表示,这是因为我们什么事情都用手机搞定。From taking photos, to paying for food and watching TV, smartphones like the Pixel save us the hassle of carrying round a myriad of gadgets.从拍照到付款买食物再到看电视,像Pixel这样的智能手机让我们免于携带一堆电子产品的繁琐。The marketing campaign features the true blue jeans modelled by Toby Huntington-Whiteley – the younger brother of Rosie – and others and are available to buy now.在宣传推广活动中,穿这条“真蓝”牛仔裤做广告的模特包括罗茜?汉丁顿-惠特莉的弟弟托比,而且该牛仔裤已经上市。 /201702/494226长春人流无痛人流医院

长春妇幼保健医院简介吉林省妇保医院在线询问Leonardo, are you done soon?莱昂纳多,你快完成了吗?You#39;ve been up here for 4 months...你在这里已经呆了4个月了……In earlier ages a selfie was a bit more impressive早期的自拍更令人印象深刻 /201702/491518I love my pretty horse, Almond ...我爱死了我漂亮的马,阿蒙德(该名字有“高贵的”和“保护”的意思)……As always in life, the single most important thing is to look good一如既往,“白富美”才是生命中最重要的东西(左边那些长相“猥琐”的动物的命运是进屠宰场) /201703/500150长春阳光妇科医院可以做NT检查吗吉林妇幼保健价格

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