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樊城区妇幼保健中医院打胎怎么样中航工业襄阳医院可以做NT检查吗襄阳四院医院怎么治疗宫颈糜烂 Dear house: When I wake up, please turn on the lights, crank up the heat, play some tunes and brew my coffee.亲爱的房子:当我起床的时候,请打开电灯,调高室温,放点音乐,把我的咖啡煮好。Who hasn#39;t dreamt of a house that can take orders? Austin Powers#39;s bed rotates and plays bossa nova at his command. Wallace and Gromit, the animated Englishman and his dog, live in a house that can wake you, drop you into pants and sp jam on your toast -- though it never quite works as designed.谁不曾梦想拥有一座能够言听计从的房子?《王牌大贱谍》(Austin Powers)主角奥斯汀#12539;鲍尔斯的床就能在他的指令下旋转起来,播放巴萨诺瓦音乐。动画片《超级无敌掌门》(Wallace and Gromit)当中的英国人华力士和他的爱犬格罗米特就生活在一座可以叫你起床、给你穿裤子、给吐司抹上果酱的房子――只不过它总是不完全按照设计初衷来运转。While I#39;m still looking for the perfect Internet-connected toaster, I feel a little like Wallace. My #39;smart#39; house has a Nest thermostat, app-controlled Philips Hue light bulbs, Dropcam streaming security camera, Sonos wireless speakers and a few other automated thingamabobs. Yet for all that, my devices don#39;t know how to work together.虽然我还没有找到完美的联网烤面包机,但我感觉自己已经有点像华力士那样了。我的“智能”房屋有Nest温控器、靠应用程序控制的飞利浦(Philips) Hue灯泡、Dropcam的串流安监摄像头、Sonos无线扬声器和其他几样自动化的东西。然而,这些设备并不知道怎样协同工作。That#39;s because I need more devices! A few companies have begun selling hardware and apps that orchestrate different devices in your home so they talk to each other and to your phone. I#39;ve been testing three of these controllers, none of which charge a monthly fee: the 9 Revolv, Staples Connect and SmartThings.这是因为我还需要更多的设备!有几家公司已经开始出售协调住宅内不同设备、使之能相互沟通并与你的电话沟通的硬件和设备。我这段时间在测试三款这样的控制器。它们都不收取月费,分别是299美元的Revolv、99美元的Staples Connect和99美元的SmartThings。When I began playing around with these systems several weeks ago, I had the feeling we were on the cusp of solving the smart-home puzzle. So many startups are focusing on home automation and security, while big guns like Google (which just bought Nest) are quietly preparing their moves as well. But bringing any of the current options home will make your life unnecessarily complex. Hobbyists will enjoy tinkering with these systems, but for anybody else who cares about their marriages, children and sanity, my recommendation is to wait.几个星期前开始摆弄这些系统的时候,我感觉我们已经位于解答智能家居谜题的边缘。许许多多的初创企业都在专攻住宅自动化和住宅安全,同时谷歌(刚刚收购了Nest)等大牌企业也在悄悄地布局。但把目前这些解决方案中的任何一项拿回家去都会使你的生活变得不必要地复杂。玩家会喜欢鼓捣这些系统,但对于关心婚姻、孩子和心智健康的其他人来说,我的建议是再等等。When you automate your home with a hub today, physical controls, whether a light switch or coffeepot buttons, suddenly become unusable or screw up an automated program. You and your family will have to think in terms of programming your lives. And no single hub can yet talk to all smart devices.今天当你用某个控制中心实现住宅的自动化之后,实体操控装置(不管是电灯开关还是咖啡壶按钮)会在突然之间变得无法使用,或者与自动化程序不兼容。你和家人将不得不考虑怎样给生活编程。而且目前还没有哪一个控制中心可以跟所有智能设备对话。My house can now do some nifty tricks, like alerting my phone whenever a door opens, and turning on my porch light when I get a few blocks from home. But figuring it all out was time-consuming, expensive and occasionally screwball.现在我的房子可以耍一些巧妙的戏法,比如在家中某个房门打开的时候提醒我的手机,在我离家仅几个街区的时候打开门廊灯。但要全部搞懂,既费时又费钱,有时候还显得很奇怪。Smartening up a home begins with installing a hub. All three are about the size of a big sandwich, designed to be plugged into a home network and hidden away. The problems begin when they connect. SmartThings doesn#39;t have Wi-Fi, so it has to be plugged into a router. That#39;s fine if your router sits in the middle of your house, but my house is long and narrow, with the router at one end.住宅智能化首先是安装一个控制中心。我试用的这三款控制中心都是大号三明治大小,都是要接入住宅网络并且很隐蔽。联网的时候就开始出问题。SmartThings没有Wi-Fi,所以必须插入一台路由器。如果路由器位于房子的中央位置那还好说,但我的房子又长又窄,路由器放在了房子的一头。Revolv, wirelessly communicating from the middle of my house, seemed to do the best job sensing everything. But it couldn#39;t even reach wireless Insteon light bulbs on both ends of my house. I had to move them closer to make my hub happy.Revolv从房子中央通过无线方式交流,在感应所有东西方面似乎是最出色的。但它连房子两头的Insteon无线灯泡都接触不到。为了让这个控制中心满意,我不得不把灯泡移得更近一些。Sadly, that was just the beginning. When it comes to my morning routine, ideally a hub would know I was awake because my activity tracker would tell it I#39;m stirring. But none of the hubs yet talk to wearables like the Fitbit and the Jawbone Up. I installed three motion sensors outside my bedroom to alert my hubs.可叹的是,这仅仅是开始。处理晨间任务的时候,理想的情况是控制中心能够知道我已经醒了,因为我的活动跟踪器会告诉它我在忙乎。但还没有哪一款控制中心能跟Fitbit、Jawbone Up之类的可穿戴设备沟通。我在卧室外安装了三台动作感应器来提醒控制中心。Once I triggered a motion sensor, Revolv was the only one smart enough to complete all the tasks I asked it to do: Turn on lights, crank up my Nest thermostat, activate my Sonos speakers and turn on the power to my coffee maker. Revolv can do this in part because it has more radio transmitters than the competition.当我触发了动作感应器之后,只有Revolv的智能化程度能够完成我下达的所有任务:开灯、上调Nest温控器温度、激活Sonos扬声器、给咖啡机通电。Revolv之所以能够完成这些任务,一个原因是它的无线电发射器比竞争对手更多。Though Revolv tapped into my Nest unlike the others, a representative for Nest warned me that it isn#39;t an authorized use, and any software updates could disrupt the thermostat#39;s compatibility. For that reason, I can#39;t recommend these hubs for Nest owners. The three hubs do work with other thermostat makers.虽然Revolv实现了对Nest温控器的控制,有别于其他控制中心,但Nest公司的一名代表提醒我,这不是授权用途,如果软件升级,则有可能干扰温控器与控制中心的兼容性。因此我无法向Nest用户推荐这几款控制中心。这三款控制中心与其他温控器倒是兼容的。This brings up a core issue. Many device makers haven#39;t opened up their systems to home controllers because of concerns over security and technology standards. Without more cooperation, hub makers are unable to fulfill the dream of a fully automated home. The Staples hub maker says it doesn#39;t want to support unencrypted devices, and forges partnerships to ensure stability.这就带来了一个核心问题。出于安全和技术标准方面的考虑,许多设备生产商还没有向住宅控制装置开放系统。在没有更多合作的情况下,控制中心生产商就无法实现住宅全自动化的梦想。Staples控制中心生产商说,它不想持未加密设备,并通过与设备制造商结成合作关系来确保稳定。Getting the software right is another challenge. All three hubs let you turn on and off devices via your smartphone. But programming automatic routines requires solving logic puzzles the likes of which you see on the LSAT: If the hub senses A during B time of day, then it will do C, but only if D isn#39;t around.设置软件又是一重挑战。三款控制中心都允许你通过智能手机打开、关闭设备。但编写自动化的日常事务需要解决一些类似于法学院入学考试的逻辑题:如果控制中心在一天的A时刻感知到B事件,那么它将执行C任务,但前提是D事件没有发生。The best software of the lot, by far, was SmartThings. With it, you build commands around specific needs and moments. I used its #39;rise and shine#39; template to tell it to look for action on a sensor between 6:45 a.m. and 8 a.m., and then turn on lights, speakers and my coffeepot. Another program turns off all of those things when I -- or at least my phone -- leaves the house. But sometimes those programs would inexplicably fail -- and I couldn#39;t tell if it was my bad programming, or something wrong with the system.目前为止软件做得最好的是SmartThings。它是围绕具体的需求和时刻来建立指令。我用它“起床晒太阳”的模板让它在早上6点45分至早上八点的时间段内留意一个传感器上的动作,然后打开灯光、扬声器和咖啡壶。另一个程序在我(至手是我的手机)离开房子的时候把这一切都关掉。但有时候这些程序不知何故失灵了,我也不知道是我编程不对,还是系统出了问题。Staples Connect offered some of the same capabilities, but in an interface that was much more difficult to use and often more buggy.Staples Connect也有一部分相同的功能,但它的界面用起来难了很多,而且常常显得更加神经兮兮的。Revolv may have been the hero at connecting to the most devices, but it software lacks the ability to understand conditions, like time of day. I could create a #39;good morning#39; routine to be activated by the motion sensor, but if I got up in the middle of the night, the program would kick off then, too. One Sunday night, it kicked off my morning routine over and over, with lights blazing and heater blasting. I#39;m sorry, Revolv, but I just unplugged you. The company, says it is working on adding conditions to the app.在连接设备最多这一点上,Revolv可能算是最佳的,但它的软件缺乏理解条件(比如时刻)的能力。我可以设置一串“早上好”的指令,由动作感应器来激活,但如果我在半夜起床,程序也会激活。一个星期天的晚上,它一遍又一遍地启动我早上要做的那些事情,灯光刺眼、温控器热浪袭人。对不起Revolv,但我只能拔掉你的电源了。Revolv公司说,它正在为应用程序增加条件。My experience speaks to a broader problem. Our lives often have a rhythm, but it will require a much more sophisticated artificial intelligence to program a house around the way we live. Sometimes I want the lights off at 11; other times, people come home late. I#39;d like to be alerted if there#39;s unexpected motion at home, but not if it#39;s a cat.我的体验揭示了一个更大的问题。我们的生活常常是有节奏的,但要围绕我们的生活方式来给住宅编程,目前人工智能的复杂程度还远远不够。有时候我想在11点钟熄灯,还有些时候大家回家较晚。如果屋内有意外动作,我希望获得提醒,但如果是一只猫那就算了。It#39;s easy to see how home automation will advance -- all of the hub makers say they#39;re regularly rolling out updates to make their software more intuitive and compatible with more devices. But my life needs more flexibility than what today#39;s hubs can handle.住宅自动化的进步可以很容易看得到――所有控制中心生产商都说,它们正在不断地推出更新,让软件更加直观、与更多的设备兼容。但我的生活需要的灵活机动性,超出了今天的控制中心能够应付的水平。 /201402/277285Apple is believed to have delayed plans to produce a 12.9inch #39;iPad Pro#39; so it can keep up with demand for its 5.5inch iPhone 6 plus handset.据悉,苹果推迟12.9英寸的iPad Pro的生产计划,以保满足5.5英寸的iPhone 6 plus的市场需求。The firm confirmed it sold more than 10 million iPhone 6 units during the launch weekend, with recent estimates suggesting it may have sold more than 21 million units in the first two weeks - with over 4 million iPhone 6 units reserved in China.苹果公司实,它在iPhone6上市后首个周末售出1000多万部大苹果,近期估计显示,它可能在头两个星期售出超过2100万部,其中中国地区预订量超过400万部。It is believed the larger model, the 6 Plus, has proved more popular than expected, causing manufacturers to scramble to produce enough screens.大屏的iPhone 6 Plus被普遍认为确比预期更受欢迎,导致制造商紧急生产足够多的屏幕。#39;The top priority for the supply chain is to meet the overwhelming demand for the larger screen iPhones,#39; a source told the Wall Street Journal.一位消息人士告诉华尔街日报:“供应链最优先考虑的事情是满足大屏iPhone手机的巨大市场需求。”#39;The output of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus remains unsatisfactory,#39; an unidentified person familiar with Apple#39;s supply chain said.一位熟悉苹果供应链的不明身份人士表示:“5.5英寸的iPhone 6 Plus的生产量仍然不能令人满意。”#39;It would be challenging for display makers to split resources and spend a few months to ramp up production for a new larger screen iPad now.#39;“对于显示屏制造商来说,拆分资源,花几个月的时间来加速一个新的更大屏幕的iPad的生产,将是具有挑战性的事情。”#39;Everyone is busy with the new iPhones, Foxconn#39;s b and butter. Chairman [Terry Gou] has also gone to the Zhengzhou site to monitor the production closely,#39; a Foxconn official said.一位富士康负责人表示:“每个人都正忙着生产新iPhone手机,这是富士康的核心业务。主席[郭台铭]还去了郑州产地密切监控生产。”At the Zhengzhou plant alone, more than 200,000 workers are making iPhone 6 units — overall, Foxconn has well over 1 million workers.仅在郑州工厂,就有20多万工人正在制造iPhone 6手机——富士康总体拥有超过百万的工人。The bigger 12.9-inch iPad Pro tablet was supposed to enter production in December, it has been claimed.据称,更大的12.9英寸的iPad Pro平板电脑应该在12月份投入生产。 /201410/338796襄阳市铁路医院子宫肌瘤怎么样

谷城县妇幼保健中医院可靠吗襄阳治疗附睾炎的价格 A Dutch artist and designer has come up with a device he hopes will suck pollutants from Beijing#39;s smog-cloaked skies, creating columns of clean air for the city#39;s surgical-mask wearing residents.一位荷兰艺术家兼设计师发明了一种装置,他希望借此装置能够为北京烟雾笼罩的天空清除污垢,为那些戴着口罩的北京市民创造新鲜的空气。An electromagnetic field generated by copper coils will pull airborne particles in the smog to the ground where they can be easily cleaned.通过铜线圈制造的电磁场可以将漂浮于烟尘中的颗粒物吸附到地面上,很轻易的被清理干净。;It#39;s like when you have a balloon which has static (electricity) and your hair goes toward it. Same with the smog,; says artist Daan Roosegaarde.荷兰艺术家戴恩·罗素格地说,“就好像如果你有一个带静电的气球,头发就会被气球吸附一样。烟尘也会被吸附。”His studio has reached an agreement with the Beijing government to test the technology in one of the capital#39;s parks.他的工作室已经和北京政府签订了协议,允许他在北京的一处公园中测试这项技术。With its skies regularly shrouded by filthy gray smog, Beijing this week unveiled a series of emergency measures to tackle the problem.北京的天空常常被灰色的污浊烟尘覆盖,这一周内,北京已经数次发布了空气污染红色预警。Roosegaarde says an indoor prototype has aly proven it works and is confident the results -- with the help of a team of scientists and engineers -- can be replicated outside.罗素格地说,他已经在室内进行过模型试验,明这个方法有效。他有信心,在一组科学家和工程师团队的合作之下,这一装置在室外也同样有效。;Beijing is quite good because the smog is quite low, it#39;s in a valley so there#39;s not so much wind. It#39;s a good environment to explore this kind of thing.;“北京的地形和气候条件都很适合。空中的烟尘高度很低,而且它地处谷地,空气流动性不强。这种地形气候条件很适合测试该装置。”;We#39;ll be able to purify the air and the challenge is to get the top of the smog so you can see the sun again.;“我们可以净化空气,但真正的挑战在于,要将烟尘清除彻底,重见天日。”Roosegaarde acknowledges that projects like this are a way of drawing attention to the problem, rather than a viable solution to Beijing#39;s dire air pollution.罗兰格地承认,这种致力于净化空气的工程更多的是想 增强人们对环境问题的重视,使人们更多的关注切实有效的净化空气的方案,而不仅仅是可能有效的治理空气污染的方案。;This is not the real answer for smog. The real answer has to do with clean cars, different industry and different lifestyles.;“这不是根治烟尘的方法。根治烟尘的方法是环保汽车、转变工业结构和转变生活方式。”However, he hopes the project will make a ;radical statement; by allowing the city#39;s residents to realize the difference between breathing clean and smog-filled air.但同时,他希望这项空气净化工程能够给市民们敲响警钟,使他们意识到洁净空气和污浊空气之间的差异。 /201408/317619襄阳第一医院有治疗前列腺炎吗

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