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2019年11月13日 21:06:42

Hi, everybody. Im speaking to you today from Springfield, Illinois.大家好!今天,我在伊利诺伊州斯普林费尔德市向大家演讲。I spent eight years in the state senate here. It was a place where, for all our surface differences in a state as diverse as Illinois, my colleagues and I actually shared a lot in common. We fought for our principles, and voted against each other, but because we assumed the best in one another, not the worst, we found room for progress. We bridged differences to get things done.在这里,我在州参议院度过了8年时间。在这里,我们国家所有表面上的差异与伊利诺伊州一样纷繁复杂,但我和我的同僚们有很多共同点。我们会为了原则争论,在投票上彼此互不相让,但因为我们认为彼此都是最好的,而不是最坏的,所以,我们为政治进步找到了空间。我们在彼此的差异之间寻求共同点,把事情做好。In my travels through this state, I saw most Americans do the same. Folks know that issues are complicated, and that people with different ideas might have a point. It convinced me that if we just approached our politics the same way we approach our daily lives, with common sense, a commitment to fairness, and the belief that were all in this together, theres nothing we cant do.在我行走在这里的路途上,我看到大部分美国人民也是这么做的。人们知道,事情总是复杂的,拥有不同观点的人们还是能找到共同点的。这也让我想到,如果我们对待政治也像我们对待日常生活一样,相信最基本的常识、坚持对公平的承诺、以及我们是一家人的信念,就没有我们做不到的事情。Thats why I announced, right here, in Springfield that I was running for President. And my faith in the generosity and fundamental goodness of the American people is rewarded every day.因此,我在这里宣布,在斯普林费尔德参选总统。我相信,慷慨大方、心地善良的美国人民每一天都应该得到回报。But Ill be the first to admit that the tone of our politics hasnt gotten better, but worse. Too many people feel like the system is rigged, and their voices dont matter. And when good people are pushed away from participating in our public life, more powerful and extreme voices will fill the void. Theyll be the ones who gain control over decisions that could send a young soldier to war, or allow another economic crisis, or roll back the rights that generations of Americans have fought to secure.但我也许是第一个承认我们的政治环境没有改善,反而正在恶化的人。有太多的人觉得这个系统被人操控了,人们的意见变得无关紧要。当好人被排挤在外,不再参与政治生活,更多的强权和极端力量则会趁虚而入。他们掌控决策的控制权之后,就会将年轻人送上战场,或是引发另一场经济危机,或是毁掉几代美国人民努力保护的各种公民权利。The good news is theres also a lot we can do about this, from reducing the influence of money in our politics, to changing the way we draw congressional districts, to simply changing the way we treat each other. Thats what I came back here to talk about this week. And I hope you check out my full speech at WhiteHouse.gov.好消息是,在这方面我们还可以做很多事情,这包括减少金钱对政治的影响,改变国会选区的划定,直接改变对待彼此的方式。这就是我本周回到这里,发表演讲要说的内容。我希望你们访问白宫官网(WhiteHouse.gov),回顾我全部的演讲内容。One thing I focused on, for example, was how we can make voting easier, not harder, and modernize it for the way we live now. Here in Illinois, a new law allows citizens to register and vote at the polls on Election Day. It also expands early voting, which makes it much easier for working folks and busy parents. Were also considering automatic voter registration for every citizen when they apply for a drivers license. And Im calling on more states to adopt steps like these. Because when more of us vote, the less captive our politics will be to narrow interests – and the better our democracy will be for our children.例如,我关注的一件事就是,如何让投票更容易,而不是更困难,并让投票与我们的生活一样现代化。在伊利诺伊州,一部新法律实施,允许公民在选举日当天在投票站注册投票,该法延长了提前投票时间,这为工薪人士和忙着带孩子的父母们提供了方便。我们还考虑让每个公民在申请驾照的时候可以自动获得选民登记。我也呼吁更多的州采取同样的措施。因为只有我们参与投票的人更多了,我们的政治被少数既得利益团体把控的几率才能更小,我们也才能给我们的后代留下更好的民主制度。Nine years after I first announced for this office, I still believe in a politics of hope. And for all the challenges of a changing world; for all the imperfections of our democracy; choosing a politics of hope is something thats entirely up to each of us.从我发表声明参选总统已经过去9年了,我依然对未来的政治充满希望。面对不断变化的世界的各种挑战,面对我们民主政治中的不完美,选择一个充满未来的政治,从某种程度上来说完全取决于我们每个人自身。Thanks, everybody.谢谢大家!201602/426119吉安埋线双眼皮哪家好吉安第一人民医院去痘多少钱吉安纹眼线价格

吉安丰胸最好的医院是哪家吉安保仕柏丽整形医院双眼皮手术要多少钱From the entrance, this is nothing like a commercial cave. 从洞口看,这绝不像个商业旅游的山洞。Youre looking at Camp Two in a place called J2, not K2, but J2. 你看到的是二号营地,它搭在J2,不是K2(世界第二高峰),而是J2.Were roughly two days from the entrance at that point. 在那里我们大约距出口两天路程。And its kind of like a high altitude mountaineering trip in reverse, 它就像一场反方向的高海拔登山之旅,except that youre now running a string of these things down. 不同的是你用绳子往下走The idea is to try to provide some measure of physical comfort while youre down there, otherwise in damp, moist, cold conditions in utterly dark places. 这是让人们在这种地下环境中稍微觉得舒些,要不然周围就是完全潮湿,寒冷而且漆黑的地方了。I should mention that everything youre seeing here, by the way, 我应该提一下,你在这儿看着的每一件东西,is artificially illuminated at great effort. 都是费了很大劲儿人为照亮的。Otherwise it is completely dark in these places. 否则,在这些地方全都是黑的。The deeper you go, the more you run into a conflict with water. 你越深入,就越要费力气抵抗地下水问题。Its basically like a tree collecting water coming down. 它基本上就像是一棵向下吸水的树。And eventually you get to places where it is formidable and dangerous and unfortunately slides just dont do justice. 最终你会到达了一个可怕的危险的地方,不幸的是这些幻灯片并不能充分显示(这些地方有多么可怕)。So Ive got a very brief clip here that was taken in the late 1980s. 所以我找了一个1980年代末拍的小短片。So descend into Huautla Plateau in Mexico. 这是在墨西哥瓦乌拉特高原。Now I have to tell you that the techniques being shown here are obsolete and dangerous. 现在我要提醒你们这里所用的技术,已经过时而且危险。We would not do this today unless we were doing it for film. 现今除非是为了拍电影,否则我们不会这样做。Along that same line, I have to tell you that with the spate of Hollywood movies that came out last year, 同样地,我还要说我们在底下从未见过,we have never seen monsters underground,象去年新出的大量好莱坞电影中的怪兽,at least the kind that eat you. 至少没见到吃人的怪兽。If there is a monster underground, 如果有地下怪兽,it is the crushing psychological remoteness that begins to hit every member of the team once you cross about three days inbound from the nearest entrance. 那一定是心中的能致命的孤寂,一旦你从最近的洞口深入三天,这种孤寂感就开始侵袭队中的成员。Next year Ill be leading an international team to J2. 明年我要带领一国际队伍去J2.201512/413086Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, memebers of the university, graduates, ladies and gentlemen. As I look around this hall full of happy, proud faces, filled with enthusiasm and hope for the future, I am struck by the rich possibilities that await you. You have been educated in one of Australias and the worlds top universities, in the peaceful and beautiful environment of Canberra. You have studied with some of the most talented students and teachers you could find anywhere. You have been exposed to a kaleidoscope of cultural influences and you have achieved academic excellence.尊敬的校长,副校长,各位教职员工,全体毕业生们,女士们,先生们,你们好!环顾大厅四周,我看到一张张洋溢着幸福和自豪的脸庞,你们富有,对未来满怀希望,我为你们的大好前途感到惊叹不已。在宁静而美丽的首都堪培拉,你们在澳大利亚乃至世界上一流的大学接受了教育。在这儿,你们同世界上最出色的学生为伴,得到最学的教师的谆谆教导。遨游在多种文化交织的海洋里,你们在学术上取得了卓越的成就。Leaving the global financial crisis aside for a moment, surely this is one of the best positions from which to start living the rest of your life. Hopefully you will all be happy and successful and live long fulfilling lives. So while you are celebrating your achievements today, lets take a moment to pause and reflect on what makes some people successful while others, whith similar or greater talent and resources, founder.暂且抛开全球金融危机不谈,毋庸置疑,从这所大学毕业将成为你们今后美好生活的起点。我希望,你们所有人都能拥有幸福而成功的人生,能实现自己的人生价值。因此,在你们庆祝自己所取得的成就时,让我们暂停下来反思一个问题:拥有同样甚至更加卓越的才智和资源,为什么一些人成功而另一些人却失败呢?Over my career, I have had the privilege to work with some astounding people. People like Paul Keating who left school at barely 15 years of age, yet went to become one of Australias most visionary and far sighted prime ministers. As an executive coach, I am working with highly motivated, successful corporate leaders. Yet often I find myself helping them to work out what is missing in their lives and what to do about it.在我的职业生涯中,我非常有幸曾和一些杰出的人一起工作,比如保罗·基廷。他不到15岁就离开了学校,然后后来却成为澳大利亚最具远见卓识的总理之一。作为一名高级主管指导员,我经常和富有活力且非常成功的公司领导人一起共事。然而,我发现自己经常帮他们寻找生活中迷失的东西,并帮助他们弥补。 /201308/252345吉安中心医院去眼袋多少钱They told me that Im a traitor to my own profession,that I should be fired,have my medical license taken away,that I should go back to my own country. 他们告诉我, 我背叛了自己的职业,我应该被解雇,我的医生执照应该被吊销,我应该回到自己的国家。My email got hacked.我的邮箱被入侵了。In a discussion forum for other doctors,someone took credit for ;Twitter-bombing; my account. 在一个其他医生开设的论坛上有人轰炸我的推特账户, 而且还得到了其他人的赞赏。Now, I didnt know if this was a good or bad thing,but then came the response: 当时, 我不知道是一件好事还是坏事,但是接着有人回复了:;Too bad it wasnt a real bomb.可惜不是真的炸弹。I never thought that I would do something that would provoke this level of anger among other doctors.我从来没有想到过我做的事情能激起其他医生们这种程度的愤怒。Becoming a doctor was my dream.成为一个医生曾是我的梦想。I grew up in China,and my earliest memories are of being rushed to the hospital because I had such bad asthma that I was there nearly every week. 我在中国长大,我最早的记忆是被匆忙送到医院因为我有很严重的哮喘, 以至于当时几乎每周都在那里。I had this one doctor, Dr. Sam, who always took care of me.我有一个总是照顾我的医生, 山姆医生。She was about the same age as my mother.她当时和我的妈妈一个年纪。She had this wild, curly hair,and she always wore these bright yellow flowery dresses. 她有一头狂乱的卷发,而且她总是穿着一条明黄色的花裙子。She was one of those doctors who,if you fell and you broke your arm,she would ask you why you werent laughing because its your humerus. Get it? 她是那些医生中的一个,如果你跌倒并摔伤了胳膊,她会问你是为什么不笑因为那是你的肱骨(与搞笑同音), 明白吗?See, youd groan,but shed always make you feel better after having seen her.你会痛得哇哇叫,但是在见到她之后她总是会让你感觉很好。Well, we all have that childhood hero that we want to grow up to be just like, right?我们所有人都有我们想长大后成为的儿时英雄, 对吗?Well, I wanted to be just like Dr. Sam. 我想成为像山姆的医生。When I was eight, my parents and I moved to the U.S.,and ours became the typical immigrant narrative.当我八岁的时候, 我的父母和我搬到了美国,我们成为了典型的移民家庭。My parents cleaned hotel rooms and washed dishes and pumped gas so that I could pursue my dream.我的父母去清理酒店房间、 洗盘子和给瓦斯充气来让我追逐我的梦想。Well, eventually I learned enough English,and my parents were so happy the day that I got into medical school and took my oath of healing and service.最后, 我学了足够的英语,我的父母很开心对于我进入医学院学习, 并为治疗务宣下了誓言。But then one day, everything changed.但是有一天, 所有的事情都变了。My mother called me to tell me that she wasnt feeling well,she had a cough that wouldnt go away, she was short of breath and tired. 我的妈妈打电话和我说 她感觉不是很好,她得的咳嗽一直没有好 她喘不过气而且一直很疲累。Well, I knew that my mother was someone who never complained about anything.我知道我的妈妈是那种 从来不向他人抱怨的人。For her to tell me that something was the matter,I knew something had to be really wrong.所以当她告诉我她觉得不对劲的时候,我就知道事情不妙了。And it was:结果:We found out that she had stage IV breast cancer,cancer that by then had sp to her lungs, her bones, and her brain.我们发现她已经到了乳腺癌四期,癌细胞当时已经扩散到她的肺,骨头和大脑里。My mother was brave, though, and she had hope.我的妈妈是勇敢的, 她一直抱有希望。She went through surgery and radiation,and was on her third round of chemotherapy when she lost her address book. 她经历了手术和放射治疗,在她在进行第三轮的化疗的时候她弄丢了她的通讯薄。She tried to look up her oncologists phone number on the Internet and she found it, but she found something else too.她想从网上找到她的肿瘤科医生的电话她找到了, 并且也找到了一些其他的东西。On several websites,he was listed as a highly paid speaker to a drug company,and in fact often spoke on behalf of the same chemo regimen that he had prescribed her. 在一些网站上,他是一家药物公司高薪聘请的代言人,而且, 事实上经常为他给我妈定的化疗方案作代表宣传。She called me in a panic,and I didnt know what to believe. 她很慌张的给我打电话,我不知道该相信什么。Maybe this was the right chemo regimen for her,but maybe it wasnt.可能为她做的化疗方案是对的,但是也可能不是,It made her scared and it made her doubt.这使她非常害怕并产生怀疑。When it comes to medicine,having that trust is a must,and when that trust is gone, then all thats left is fear.当我们遇到药物问题时,这种信任非常重要,当信任失去了, 那么剩下的就只有害怕了。Theres another side to this fear.这份恐惧也有着另外一面。As a medical student, I was taking care of this 19-year-old who was biking back to his dorm when he got struck and hit,run over by an SUV.作为一个医学院的学生, 我一直照顾一个19岁的骑自行车回他的宿舍的路上被撞倒, 卡在一辆越野车里的人。He had seven broken ribs,shattered hip bones,and he was bleeding inside his belly and inside his brain.他有七根断掉的肋骨,破裂的臀部骨头,他的腹部和脑袋一直在流血。Now, imagine being his parents who flew in from Seattle, 2,000 miles away,to find their son in a coma. 现在,想象一下他的父母要从2000英里外的西雅图飞过来,为了去见正在昏迷的儿子。I mean, youd want to find out whats going on with him, right?我意思是, 他们真的想找出 到底发生了什么在他的身上?They asked to attend our bedside rounds where we discussed his condition and his plan,which I thought was a reasonable request,and also would give us a chance to show them how much we were trying and how much we cared. 他们要求去参加我们的查房,听取我们的诊疗经过。我认为是个合理的请求。同时也给我们一个机会去向他们展示我们有多努力和关心,The head doctor, though, said no.尽管主治医生说不行。He gave all kinds of reasons.他给了很多方面的原因。Maybe theyll get in the nurses way.可能他们会妨碍护士的工作.Maybe theyll stop students from asking questions.可能他们会阻止学生问问题。 201503/365810吉安市中医院去疤多少钱

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