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勒流医院预约顺德乐从医院尿科;Youll have them in your bathroom and youll use them to look at a splinter in your finger or a cut that doesnt heal or anything thats going on inside your body.; “你可以使用它们来清理厕所,用它检查指甲里的碎片,或者身上没有愈合的伤口,任何你身体里的毛病都可以。” Doctors will use the sonic flashlight to more easily insert needles in intravenous lines deep inside the body and find lumps and other potentially malignant masses. Youll also be able to see through other things. 医生有了这个声波手电筒,可以更容易地将针身体深处的静脉,可以更容易地找到肿块和潜在的恶性病变。你也可以用它来透视物体。 ;In the future with the right kind of radar, you could use this display technology to actually look through the wall.; “等未来发明了适合的雷达,你就可以用这种科技来透视墙壁。” Think what this could do for a hostage rescue team or other first responders. 想想这会对救援人质团队或者其他急救队有多么重要的意义。 ;You could do eyes systems that could be built into a firemans helmet and could deliver images of what was in front of the fireman through the smoke.; “你可以将这套视觉系统植入消防人员的头盔,可以向消防员传送浓烟前方的画面。” The sonic flashlight is still in a development phase. But one day soon, this X-ray vision will join robots and the Exoskeleton as technological breakthroughs that will change our lives. 声波手电筒仍处于发展阶段。但是很快,这种X射线视觉就会利用到机器人领域,作为重大技术突破,Exoskeleton将改变我们的生活。 But no future machine could be more thrilling than one that gives us the ability to fly without wings. 但是没有哪一款机器能比让人在空中飞行更让人兴奋了。 Its every kids dream to be able to fly, have no constraints and be completely free. I think everyone has the passion to fly, and thats the mystique of jetpacks, and we are developing jetpacks for the average consumer. 能够无拘无束,自由自在地翱翔天空是每个孩子的梦想。我认为每人都有想飞的冲动,能不能飞就在于那神秘的喷气背包。目前我们正在研发适于广大群众单人飞行的喷气背包。 Which means everyone will able to fire up their personal rockets and jet into the clouds. 这就意味着人人都能发射单人火箭,然后直冲云霄。 Jetpacks were first developed in the 60s to be able try to fly around in space. 喷气背包早在上世纪60年代就被开发,并利用在太空飞行领域。 The military was interested in jetpacks too. But early systems were impractical, too heavy and hard to use. Troy Widgery and Eric Strauss believe theyve solved those problems, and that their jetpack model will usher in a new era of personal flight. 军队也对喷气背包感兴趣。但是早期的系统太不实际,太笨重而不便使用。Troy Widgery和Eric Strauss相信他们会克这些困难,他们的喷气背包模型将会引领单人飞行的新时代。 原文译文属! 201207/192056暨南大学附属顺德医院泌尿外科 佛山男科权威医院

顺德区伦教医院电话预约Shopping and Hummingbirds购物和蜂鸟Did you know, Don, that your shopping habits maybe similar to a hummingbirds?东,你知道也许你的购物习惯和蜂鸟的相似吗?Are you going to tell me that hummingbirds are also sold on flash colors and miracle diamonds?你是想告诉我蜂鸟也钟爱又大又亮的钻石吗?No. But it turns out that hummingbirds do make shopping decisions as irrational as those of many humans. You see, supermarkets can get about a third of shoppers to switch from one brand to a second brand by introducing a third brand designed to draw attention to the target brand.不是,事实上,和人类一样,蜂鸟也会非理性购物。你知道,超市会通过介绍第三品牌来将大约1/3顾客对一种品牌的关注转移到其它目标品牌。Wait! So when this decoy brand shows up on the shelf, suddenly shoppers find themselves more attracted to a brand they had previouslyignored.等等!所以 “诱饵”品牌上架了,也许顾客以前忽视某个目标品牌,会变得更关注该品牌。You got it, and while scientists arent surprised that humans shop irrationally, they are surprised to find that hummingbirds shop similarly. Hummingbirds require a lot of energy, and on top of eating quite frequently they prefer flowers containing either sweeter or larger volumes of nectar because they provide more energy. But that didnt stop researchers from luring the birds toward less choice flowers. Similar to the supermarket strategy, a fake flowerbed was set up in order to divert the hummingbirds attention from their flowerbed of choice to a previouslyignored bed of flowers that would provide less energy. And it worked. The birds gave up high nectar concentrations for lower ones, all because of the introduction of more options.就是这样!科学家一点都不惊讶人类的非理性购物,倒是蜂鸟类似的消费习惯让他们大吃一惊。蜂鸟需要补充很多能量,所以在选择食物时,通常会选择花蜜蜜甜多汁的花朵。但是,科学家依然成功地引诱蜂鸟选择平时很少选择的花朵。和超市的策略一样,用假花转移蜂鸟注意力,让蜂鸟选择花床提供更少能量的花朵。蜂鸟果真没有选择花蜜更甜的花朵,反而选择了花蜜更少的,这都归功于多选择性。Seems like a kind of cool trick you asked me.真是骗人的鬼把戏。Not really. This technique could actually prove beneficial in conservation efforts to protect certain species of flowers, making them more attractive to pollinators such as hummingbirds.可别这样说,这种方法有利于保护一些花种,可以帮助它们吸引比如蜂鸟等的传粉者。 /201302/226120佛山检查早泄多少钱 According to the Maya calendar, the world is expected to end on December 21st, 2012. Whether by natrual disaster, nuclear fallout or some other doomsday event. One southern Californian man is keeping the deadline in mind with hopes of providing a solution. Entrepreneur Robert Vicino is building and selling spaces in underground shelters across the country. He is the visionary behind the $ 200 million project called VIVOS with the goal to retrofit or build as many as 20 bunkers around the US, ahead of any catastrophic event that may threaten life as we know it.无论是自然灾害,核泄漏,还是其他灾害,根据玛雅太阳历的记载,2012年12月21日将是世界末日。不管怎样,一加利福尼亚州男子将这个日子记在了心头,并且期望在这个日子来临前能够提供解出决方案。公司创建人Robert Vicino正在全国范围内建造并销售地下庇护所。他是这个名为VIVOS,预计耗资2亿美元计划的梦想家,以在重大灾害前建立并改装尽可能多的避难所为己任。;The Maya calendar just happens to be the perfect time and there is a lot of awareness we havent on there on our websites. Kind of a metaphor for, for, hey, if you believe, here is the number of days. But you know, who is to say when its gonna happen? It could happen tomorrow. You know, whatever the reason that you may need a shelter like this can happen any time.;“网上已经有相关灾难灭亡的流言,玛雅太阳历只是给了我们一个准确的日期。就像是一种暗喻:如果你相信,那么就是那一天了。但是,你要知道,谁会真的去说世界末日就是那天呢?也许世界末日就是明天。不管是什么灾难,我们只是去准备避难所以备不时之需。”Vicino denies that he is promoting a doomsday scenario in order to move his product and increase the number of units sold. He says there are plenty of other forces in play they creating a concern for many who feel that the end of the world may happen in their lifetime.Vicino拒绝因为末日说而改变产品或增加生产量。他表示,媒体的宣传给大众造成了很大影响,民众害怕在有生之年经历世界末日。;So we are just providing a solution. We are not fanning the flames of fear. The media is aly doing a good enough job of that for us and Mother Nature, and perhaps the Al-Qaeda. We are just providing a solution. Thats all we are.;“因此我们只是提供一个解决方案。我们并不是在添油加醋,媒体宣传得已经够多了,庇护所,自然灾害,还有基地组织。我们只是提供一个解决方案,只是这样。”Several including the one located in the Mojave Desert 170 miles from Los Angeles are former power stations with walls ladder 3-feet thick. Vicino emphasizes there are disarter-proof durability.包括距洛杉矶170英里的莫哈韦沙漠在内的几个地方被认为是抗灾效果最好的场所,莫哈韦沙漠废弃的发电厂,有3英尺厚的墙体。;We are nuclear blasts resistant, we are biological and chemical proof, we are waterproof, we are earthquake proof to several force 10 earthquakes on the Richter scale. In fact, this entire facility can be shoved through the earth, sideways, 30 feet and it will not hurt the facility.;“这里防核辐射,防生物化学药剂的侵蚀,防水,抗地震,甚至能抗击10里氏地震。事实上,这整个庇护所可以移动30英尺都不会破损。”The underground cities will all be located within 150-200 miles of major cities on high ground. Each one will be fully equipped to meet the needs of its inhabitants for up to 1 year. Vicino says hes aly recieving 50-100 applications a day fielding international calls from a variety of interest parties.这些地下小城都将被建造在主要城市地下50到100英里的地下。每一座地下城市都将能容纳地上居民长达一年之久。Vicino表示他每天都天能收到50到100个各地的申请电话。In Los Angeles, I am John Russell for Reuters.路透社消息,John Russell洛杉矶报道。retrofit 改装,对…翻新改进metaphor 暗喻fan the flame 火上加油,使局势更趋紧张,煽动情绪注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201207/191278暨南大学附属顺德医院治疗龟头炎多少钱

南海人民医院男性专科 Business Biotech patents Taking it personally商业 生物技术专利 对人下药A legal fight over a new generation of medicine新一代药品的法律纠纷DRUG research is in dark times, as pipelines dry up and development budgets are cut.但有一束光带来了一线希望。But one shaft of light pierces the gloom.随着新药品种开发减少,药品的研发资金缩减,药品研究正处于黑暗时期。;Personalised medicine; promises to craft drugs for individuals.;个性化药品;承诺为个人定制药品。Genetic tests will identify those who will benefit from specific medicines.基因测试将识别出那些从特制药品中获益的人。Treatment will be more effective; waste will drop.从而加强治疗效果;降低浪费水平。Personalised medicine has sparked excitement among drugmakers, doctors, hospitals and patients.个性化药品让制药商、医生和病人均欣喜若狂。It has also sparked a legal brawl.这也引发了法律纠纷。On December 7th Americas Supreme Court heard arguments in Mayo v Prometheus.2011年12月7日美国高等法院听取了梅奥V普罗米修斯的辩论。The suit, despite a name that suggests an ancient liver sandwich, may be crucial for biotechnology firms.这一诉讼虽然以暗示古代肝三明治的名义进行,但是对于生物公司来说至关重要。America is the worlds hub for drug research.美国是全球药品研究中心。By definition, personalised medicine includes the study of genetic mutations and other personal characteristics.按定义,定制药品包括对于基因突变的研究和其他个性化特征。However, American law bars patents of nature and abstract ideas.但是美国的法律禁止给自然和抽象的概念颁发专利。The question is which discoveries in personalised medicine may be patented.问题在于个性化药品的哪一种发现可能授予专利。Prometheus is part of a series of suits over biotech patents.普罗米修斯公司是陷入一系列生物技术专利权之争的公司之一。Courts have been active because Congress has not.因国会无动于衷,法庭便积极地应对。A recent patent reform provided little clarity.最近的专利改革提供模棱两可的解释。Congress merely ordered a study of genetic testing.国会仅是指示对基因测试进行研究。Judges have been bolder: in July a federal court ruled that genes could be patented.法官们是更加的大胆:7月份联邦法庭裁决基因可获得专利。On December 7th the suits losers appealed to the Supreme Court.12月7日该案件的败诉方上诉至最高法院。But Prometheus may have greater practical import, says Hans Sauer of the Biotechnology Industry Organisation (BIO), a trade group.生物科技产业组织(BIO)的汉斯.萨奥尔说,但普罗米修斯案可能实际起的作用更大。Firms are studying genetic correlations that might predict a drugs efficacy or determine the cause of a disease.研究遗传相关的公司可能预计到药品的功效或决定疾病的缘由。Prometheus may determine whether methods using such correlations may be patented.普罗米修斯案可能裁定使用这种相关方法是否能授予专利。The fight has attracted the heavyweights of health care.这场官司吸引了卫生保健业重量级人物的眼球。On one side is Prometheus Laboratories, a Californian company that has patented a way to optimise certain drug treatments for individuals.一方是因优化某种个性化药物治疗的方法获得专利的加州普罗米修斯公司,On the other is the Mayo Clinic, a health and research centre.另一方是健康研究中心,梅奥诊所。Prometheuss supporters include BIO and several tech firms.普罗米修斯公司的持者包括BIO和几个高科技公司。Roche and Abbott, two big drugmakers, gave warning against invalidating patents on diagnostic tests.两大医药巨头罗氏制药和雅培公司对诊断试验专利无效提出了警告。Mayos allies include the American Medical Association.梅奥的联盟包括美国医学协会。The patents in question do not concern genetic tests, though the suits outcome will affect them.对于专利权的争议与基因测试无关,尽管这一案件的审理结果会影响到基因测试。They concern tests for the effectiveness of thiopurines, drugs that have long been used to treat gastrointestinal disorders such as Crohns disease.他们关心的是巯基嘌呤是否适当的测试。巯基嘌呤是一直用来治疗胃肠道功能失调如克罗恩病的药物。Their effect depends on how they are metabolised.该药物的是否有效取决于其是如何新陈代谢的。Neither thiopurines nor tests for metabolites (substances produced by metabolism) were new when Prometheuss patents were filed in 1998.在普罗米修斯公司申请专利时不管是巯基嘌呤还是代谢物(由新陈代谢引起的物质)的测试都不是什么新鲜事物。But the patents cover the process for determining whether a given dose produces concentrations of metabolites within a recommended range.但是这一专利包括决定是否给定的药物剂量在推荐范围内能产生大量的代谢物过程。The dose of thiopurines could be adjusted accordingly.巯基嘌呤的剂量可以随之调整过来。Prometheus sells a test based on its patents to hospitals and clinics.普罗米修斯公司因测试方法申请了专利权而将其卖给医院和诊所。In 2004 Mayo developed a competing test, with different recommended levels of metabolites.2004年梅奥研制出了有竞争力的测试,对代谢物使用不同的推荐指数。Prometheus sued.普罗米修斯公司以此状告梅奥诊所。Mayos lawyers say Prometheus has patented a mere observation of the bodys natural workings.梅奥的律师说普罗米修斯公司申请的仅仅是观察人体自然运行的专利。Let the claim stand, Mayo argues, and firms will win broad patents over basic biological relationships, stifling innovation.梅奥辩道,若让普罗米修斯公司胜诉,公司将超越基本的生物基础而获得广泛意义的专利权从而阻碍创新。Prometheus and its allies warn of an alternative apocalypse.普罗米修斯公司和其联盟则警告这是另一场大灾难。A judgment in Mayos favour, they contend, will undermine existing patents and shrivel investment in personalised medicine.偏向于梅奥的持方争辩道这将破坏现有的专利及导致对个性化药品的投资减少。The Supreme Court may not make such a broad judgment.最高法院可能不会做出广泛的评判。It may instead hand down a narrower ruling that leaves many questions unanswered.相反,最高法院有可能将采用较小范围的裁定使得许多问题悬而未决。A natural phenomenon may not be patented, but which applications of that phenomenon might be?自由现象有可能不会授予专利,但是自然现象的哪种应用属于专利范围呢?When studying genetic correlations, which so-called discoveries are truly novel?在研究遗传相关的命题时,哪一种所谓的发现是真的新鲜出炉?Eventually personalised medicine may transform patients care and firms business models.最终个性化药品可能转变病人的护理和企业的经营模式。In the near future, the greatest beneficiaries may be patent lawyers.在不久的将来,最大的的受益者将是打专利权官司的律师。 /201211/211584顺德妇幼保健医院割包皮佛山新世纪男科上班时间



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