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Where I have been, whatever I#39;ve done,has been no shortage of risk uptaking,to show you how to survive.无论我身处何地 我的任何行动 都是充满危险的 为了向你展示如何求生I#39;ve always live life, try to push the limits.And I am happiest when I am challenged.我总是挑战生存的极限 面对挑战 我欣然接受The climbs and jumps I take while filming certainly take me to the limit.拍摄中的攀爬和跳跃 无疑达到了我的极限But I wouldn#39;t have it any other way.We#39;ve come up with suggestions and ideas of how to do it.但我就是喜欢这样 我们商讨如何拍摄 行动策略It#39;s a good team efforts And Bear dives into it or throw himself off it or climb up to it, with amazing enthusiazm and dexterity.这是很好的团队协作 贝尔每次的高空跳跃或者悬崖攀爬 都是充满了惊人的胆量与技巧It#39;s the combinationg of his physic and his common sense and thinking, ok,how far can I go?这是他强健的体魄 常识和 想法的结合 我的极限是什么That is why he brings audience to an good end.But a good end was far from guarantee the bleeds.这就是他为何深受观众好评 但是结果好并不能保我安然无恙I was at the edge of deep chasm and had to find a way down.A strong vipe should support a man#39;s weight.我在一个深谷的边缘 设法下到谷底 一根粗壮的藤蔓应该能承受我的重量But with a drop like this state,it will always be tested.但是这样的高度 结果是很难说的And Bear#39;s favorite film was Tarzan,and he always wants to be Tarzan.贝尔最喜欢的电影是《人猿泰山》 他一直想当泰山And he knew what he is gonna do is straight away.And he was going through his mind.他知道他将要径直跳下去 他已经深思熟虑了That#39;s all my weight,..on it.And it#39;s holding,and let#39;s give this a fatal test.Jesus我全部的重量 都在这上了 它撑的不错 我要给它来个终极测试 天啊I know give Bear credits,he just cut it and leave tons swing.And swang across this biss.贝尔真值得赞赏 他割断藤蔓 掉了下去 然后荡越了峡谷The last thing I really remember is he hitting the other side with such force that it almost the whole rock face shock.我最后只记得 他摔到了对面的石壁上 重重的摔在那 几乎使整片岩面震动 Article/201606/448495Course, as Antonio said, ;Yep, and you photographed everything in black and white, and it was all about color.;Antonio评价我说;你的照片虽然是黑白的但记录下的却是色斑斓的生活;。Course he was right, but I couldn#39;t afford color film and developing...so it#39;s in black and white.他说的对,不过那时我负担不起照只能拍黑白照片。Oh, boy. Someday, it#39;s all gonna fall down on me.估计这些有一天会掉下来砸到我。I know. I don#39;t even want to think about that. My God.我知道,不过我可不希望这样的事发生。If I disappear under a bunch of books, you#39;ll know what...They#39;re all fashion books.如果我被埋在了一堆书底下你知道那一定是时尚类的书。Imagine me having to move the end of June?你能想象我六月底要从这里搬走么?I thought it was just open-end that at some time, people would have to move out of here.我觉得时间上会有些宽限吧他们总得留出时间让人搬走。Is there a specific date when you have to leave?他们说过你必须在哪天之前搬走么?Yeah, June 30th. -So they say. -Bill, that#39;s like in two or three months. Hmm?是的,6月30号。-他们说。-Bill,那大概是在两三个月之后对么?The battle against a plan to evict artists who live and work at Carnegie Hall...was taken to the steps of city hall today.日前,有一些人聚集在市政厅抗议政府驱逐住在Carnegie Hall的艺术家。Over the years, the studios have seen the likes of Marlon Brando and Leonard Bernstein.近些年来,这里的工作室曾得到过马龙·白兰度和伦纳德·伯恩斯坦等人的赏识。Now the remaining tenants at Carnegie Hall are turning to the mayor for help.现在,Carnegie Hall的房客们开始向市长求助,不要搬离这里。CBS 2#39;s Andrew Kirtzman reports.这是来自CBS二台Andrew Kirtzman的报道。Today, residents gathered at City Hall...with actor John Turturro as their champion.今天,很多居民聚集在市政厅演员约翰·特托罗还参与到了他们的队伍中。They want Mayor Bloomberg to step in, since the city owns Carnegie Hall.他们希望市长Bloomberg介入此事留住Carnegie Hall。Not far away, the concert hall#39;s artistic director held his own City Hall press conference.不远处,音乐厅的艺术总监在市政厅前发表了他的演说。Their work...It is perfectly possible for them to do somewhere else.这些艺术家当然可以在其他的地方完成作品。The work of Carnegie Hall, and the work of music...and our contribution to the city, has to come from Carnegie Hall.但是他们在Carnegie Hall做出的作品,或是音乐对我们的城市都有着重大的意义和价值他们必须是来自Carnegie Hall的创作。City hall sources tell Andrew that Mayor Bloomberg will not intervene in the matter.市政厅发言人Andrew表示市长Bloomberg暂时不会接受关于此事的采访。He reportedly feels it#39;s a private, landlord-tenant dispute.他认为这件事更像一件普通的房客纠纷案件。There was no official comment from the mayor#39;s office.市长办公室尚未对此给出官方回应。 Article/201608/460209Bookseller: This one's a red-hot best seller! 书商: 这是一本最畅销的书! Bookseller: You've really got to check it out. 书商: 你可以去看看。 Bookseller: I guarantee you'll love it! 书商: 我保你会喜欢它的! Hen: What a great novel! I loved it! 母鸡: 多棒的一本小说啊!我喜欢! Girl: This book is too long! 女孩: 这本书太长了! Boy: What a bore! 男孩: 这太叫人讨厌了! Dog: This book is utterly tasteless. : 这本书一点没有味道。 /200604/5787

So 200 episodes, that#39;s amazing. Thank you.200集,真是太神奇了 谢谢I cannot believe that it#39;s been, we turned 200, we#39;re very old.我不敢相信这我们拍到200集 我们变得很老了It#39;s been a lot of years. The fans have been amazing. We had a blast.已经过了很多年了 粉丝数惊人 我们曾经名声大噪We just shot the episode and it was incredible.我们刚拍完那一集 真的是难以置信And Johnny and I actually, every week we go into the audience and其实约翰尼和我 每周我们都会走到观众旁边然后talk to the audience, and on the 200th we went up there and we both started crying.我们和观众聊天 在200集那天我们走过去然后我们俩都哭了Just kind of thinking about how special it was and what it meant to us.只是想到这一集有多特别 对我们多有意义Yeah well very few shows go that long That#39;s really a big deal.是的 真的很好 很少有电视剧能拍那么多集 真的很了不起I would think you#39;re at that point. We#39;re at 13 years.我想你也拍了很多了对吧 艾伦秀已经拍了13年了And we shoot every day as opposed to one day a week, but that#39;s okay.而且我们每天都有 而不是每周一集 但是没关系So if I did the math right that#39;s like twice as many. It#39;s two thousand episodes, it#39;s okay. I cry every day too所以如果我算数没错 应该就是两倍之多 我们拍了2000集 还行吧 我也每天都哭Because I#39;m so happy. But that really is. And when you see, like cuz it#39;s on everywhere, in syndication.喜极而泣 但是真的是这样 当你看到…就像生活大爆炸随处可见同步放映When you see early episodes, how do you feel about that? Well, like you just said I cry.当你看到之前的剧情 你会有什么感觉 这个么 就像你刚才说的 我会想哭Because I cry for the memories, but I cry at some of the decisions on my hair.因为这些回忆会让我感动 但是我也想对我的一些发型选择大哭And some questionable clothes, and ten years, nine, ten years, it#39;s a long time.还有那些有问题的装 和十年了 九 不 十年 真的是很长的时间Styles change, hair changes, size, body. Everything#39;s just been going down hill.时尚在变 我的发型在变 当然还有我的身材也变了 所有的一切感觉都走下坡了No, but the good news is you just keep getting better and better.哦不 但是好消息是 你在努力变得更好Thank you. You look better than you looked before. I#39;m trying, it#39;s hard.谢谢 你比之前看上去好多了 我有努力 挺困难的That#39;s young Kailey right there. Yes that#39;s many many moons ago. Wow.这是年轻的凯利 是的 这是很久很久之前了 哇哦I mean look how high my boobs are. So much better. They#39;re sinking now. That is not true.我是说 你看那时候我的胸多挺 比现在好太多 现在都下垂了 没有啦That is not true. But I never would have recognized you in that picture though.并没有 但是这张照片我真的认不出是你Isn#39;t that weird? Yeah. Yeah, that#39;s weird. Yeah, it#39;s amazing, but congratulations.很奇怪对吧 是的 嗯 挺奇怪的 是的 很神奇 但是恭喜Thank you. And I know that you#39;ve gone through a little bit of a hard time.谢谢 然后我得知 你最近日子不太好I don#39;t know if you wanna talk about it or not.我不知道你是否愿意谈一下You are divorced or getting divorced? I#39;m, yes, I#39;m getting divorced.你是已经离婚还是正在办手续 是的 我正在办离婚You know, last year was very bizarre.你懂的 去年对我来说挺离奇And we all go through really weird ups and downs, and sometimes you#39;re,我们经过了一段很奇怪的起伏 然后有时候你会I#39;m a little bit more seen, and everyone goes through that stuff. Yeah.这段时间感觉自己经历了太多 所有人都会有这种时候 是的So, I aly feel like 2016 is going to be a much better year than 2015.所以 我已经觉得2016比2015年好太多了And you know, it#39;s been rough, but things are going good, and你要知道 这挺难的 但是现在越来越好I#39;m much much better now and I#39;m in a much better place than I was.我现在真的是好很多 我现在的状态也比以前好很多I#39;m glad. Yeah. Great. Yeah. How long were you married Not that long.我很高兴 是的 很好 嗯 你结婚了多久?并没有很久I was married for a year and a half. A year and a half, yeah.我结婚一年半 一年半 嗯I know, I know, It such a, I know. No. It is,我知道 我知道 这太 我知道 不是吧 是的I had a date tattooed on my back and everything to remind me,我背上有一个纪念日纹身 所有一切都不断提醒我then I had to- Maybe you should put it on your front. Yeah.然后我只能 或许你应该把纹身纹在胸前 是的I know, I know. Don#39;t tattoo wedding date. I know, I know.我知道 我知道 不要把结婚纪念日纹在身上 我知道 知道Wait, so you had your wedding date tattooed on your back? Yeah.等等 你把结婚纪念日纹在了背上?是的没错I saw you getting a tattoo, is that why, to cover it? Yeah.我看见你又去纹身了 是因为这个么 把它覆盖掉?没错Cuz you posted a picture, and it was a really cool picture of you getting tattooed.因为你发表了一张照片 是张很酷的你在纹身的照片Yeah, I looked real happy. Yeah.是的 我看上去很开心 是的Was like streaming tears down, yeah, I just, I made a mistake.就像泪流成河 是的 我只是 我犯了个错误The tattoo was yeah, a mistake. Had to cover it, had to cover it.这纹身是 嗯 一个错误 需要盖掉 必须盖掉How big were the numbers? They were big, they were big.那些数字有多大 很大 它们很大So then I had to cover it with the wings. Which I think turned out okay.所以我只能用翅膀来盖掉 所以就变成了这样What did you get put on your back? My little moth on the back.你在背上纹了个什么?我的背上有个小飞蛾What is it? It#39;s a moth. A moth? Yeah. And what made you?什么东西?飞蛾 飞蛾?是啊 为什么?Look it#39;s a smattering of applause, a moth, okay.你看 这是无法理解的掌声 一个飞蛾 嗯A moth, yes, it was like, yes a moth. It was like two people.飞蛾 是 这就像 就是个飞蛾 就像分裂成了两个人The rest are crying for me right now.另一个人在为我哭泣No, no, no. But, why, I mean, people do butterflies, but, why a moth, you know?没有 没有没有 但是 为什么 我是说 正常人会纹蝴蝶 但是 为什么是个飞蛾?What#39;s the significance? Because, the significance is it was big enough to cover the numbers.有什么意义么?因为 意义就是 飞蛾足够大 能盖掉那些数字So, the wings. You know, they, big wings, silent, quiet. Yeah, but, you, anything, if you put.你看 翅膀 你懂么 它们有很大的翅膀 沉默 安静 是的 但是你 其他任何东西 你也可以纹上On a wall. Yeah they do that, we#39;re just like stationary, it#39;s just what i picked out when i was there.停在墙上 是的 飞蛾就是这样 它们就像静止一样 我就是在纹身店选择了这个I picture a moth like, cause a moth is drawn to the light all the time, so maybe-我觉得飞蛾就像 因为飞蛾总是停在灯上 所以也许That too, that#39;s exactly what I was thinking.也停在数字上 我也是这么想的 Article/201706/513777I#39;m Bear Grylls.I#39;ve traveled to the most dangerous parts of the planet to search the most extreme challenges,or, to show you have to survive.我是贝尔·格里尔斯 我前往地球上的危险之境 只为挑战生存极限 并教你们如果险中求生I#39;ve been to the edge.That#39;s where the fun starts.我曾游走在生死边缘 好戏就要开始了But now I#39;m back to the countdown of my 25 favorite moments.如今 我凯旋而归 奉献给各位我最爱的25个片段Okay, let#39;s go.I#39;ve taken on the toughest tests the natural has to offer.好 我们走 我接下大自然最严酷的挑战书I#39;ve pushed my mind and body to the absolute limit.考验生理与心理的极限It#39;s often being painful.Gonna coming fast.I#39;m getting a devoured.艰难险阻是家常便饭 动作快点 我的手被咬住了And hasn#39;t always gone to plan.That tastes like raw goat testicle before.意外也时常发生 羊骚味太重了I#39;ve been chewed up and spat out.Very hot.险恶的环境 近将我生吞活剥 热死人了Come along for the ride. It#39;s gonna be a blast.做好准备 享受一场惊险大回顾I#39;ve traveled to the ends of the earth,taking on the world#39;s wildest places.我的冒险之旅遍布天涯海角 远至那荒无人烟之地Come on. Keep with me, keep with me.加油 跟上我It has been one hell of journey both for me and the huge diligent team of people,who were with me every step the way.这样艰险的旅程 对于我 及一路随我而来的摄制组来说 都是不小的考验The team and I were always asked about our favorites moments from the show.大家一直问我们 最喜欢的时刻有哪些So we#39;ve put together the top 25 countdown of the very best.因此 我们挑选了25个精片段 绝对够刺激There are so many moments for me to remember in ;Man vs Wild;.《荒野求生》中让我记忆犹新的时刻太多了It#39;s always been hard to narrow down to 25.只挑出25个着实不易But on a kickoff, 9000 feet up,in a helicoptor, looking down at a little desert island.Magic.从飞翔于2.7千米高空的直升机上 看着底下渺小而荒芜的岛 再一跃而下 绝对排得上 Article/201612/481459

Li Xuemei teaches compulsory Mandarin lessons to around 300 students ranging from grade five to middle school.李雪梅教约300名学生中文普通话必修课,在这些学生中,小的正在读五年级,大点的在读中学。She is one of the Chinese instructors at the private Roots millennium schools,她是“千年根基”私立学校的一位中国讲师,where more than 7,000 children are learning the language.有7000多名儿童正在这所学校学习汉语。They are good and they are very excited to learn Chinese.他们表现很好,学习汉语的时候非常兴奋。She says that writing Chinese language characters is challenging for her students, but they quickly master it.她说,写汉字对她的学生来说很具有挑战性,但他们还是掌握得很快。The instructor underscores the urgency of learning Mandarin.李老师强调了学习普通话的紧迫性。I think they need to learn more Chinese to learn Chinese culture and they can communicate more我认为他们需要多学习汉语以便了解中国文化,这样他们才能更多地进行交流,and they can cooperate better with Chinese people and they can work better.更好地同与中国人开展合作,更愉快地共事。China#39;s investment of around billion under CPEC collaboration在当前的中巴经济走廊(CPEC)合作下,中国投资了约600亿美元,is expected to bring around 20,000 Chinese to Pakistan.预计将吸引2万名中国人去到巴基斯坦。A large number of them have aly moved to the country, mostly running private businesses.其中大部分人移居到巴基斯坦,主要经营私营企业。Public and private institutions are establishing links with Chinese counterparts to promote exchanges in higher education公共和私营机构正在与中国同行建立合作,促进高校交流,and provide research opportunities on both sides of the border.为双方提供研究机会。Beijing regards CPEC as ;a pilot flagship project; of its Belt and Road Initiative,北京方面认为,中巴经济走廊是“一带一路”倡议的“试点旗舰项目”,which is a massive trade and connectivity venture aimed at linking China to the rest of Asia,这一贸易通道可谓大手笔,旨在通过海上和陆上丝绸之路将中国同亚洲其他国家、Africa and Europe through both land and maritime routes.非洲及欧洲联系起来。While both countries have traditionally enjoyed close political and defense ties,虽然一直以来,两国在政治和国防上有着密切的联系,officials hope the corridor will further cement relations and bring economic prosperity to Pakistan.巴基斯坦官员希望中巴经济走廊能进一步巩固双边关系,带动巴基斯坦经济繁荣。History bears testimony to the fact that this great friendship has stood the test of time历史明了我们之间伟大的友谊经得起时间的考验,and has boomed from the sinks and setbacks under successive generation of leaders in both the countries.在两国各届领导人的不懈努力下,虽历经困难与挑战,双边关系不断繁荣发展。But in the past four years this relationship has crossed new thresholds and culminated in the establishment of CPEC.在过去四年中,巴中关系已经迈上了一个新台阶,中巴经济走廊的建设足以说明这一点。The nearly 3,000-kilometer long corridor China is building in Pakistan中国在巴基斯坦修建的这条经济走廊近3000公里长,will allow its trade convoys to travel along the Karakoram Highway, snaking past snow-capped ranges,建成后,贸易车队就可以经喀喇昆仑公路,穿越积雪覆盖的山脉,down to the deep-water Pakistani port of Gwadar.直接抵达巴基斯坦深水港---瓜达尔港。The freight will then be placed on ships bound for markets in Africa, the Middle East and Europe.而后货物会被转装到船只上,出口到非洲、中东和欧洲市场。Ayaz Gul,for VOA News, Islamabad.VOA新闻,阿亚斯·盖尔于伊斯兰堡为您播报。 Article/201707/516726Today is a big day!今天是个重要的日子!No, Squeaks, it#39;s not my birthday…啊,Squeaks,今天不是我生日...But it is the day that I take the bandage off of my elbow!但却是我摘掉手肘绷带的日子。I was riding my bike the other day, and I had a little spill.有一天,我骑自行车摔了一跤,Luckily, I wasn#39;t hurt too badly, but I did get a big cut on my elbow.但幸运的是,没有伤得很重,只是手肘划了一个大口子。So I cleaned out the cut with warm water and soap, and put on a bandage.所以我用温水和肥皂清理了伤口,贴上了绷带。But check it out! It#39;s only a week later, and the cut#39;s basically gone!快看,仅仅一周,伤口基本不见了。That#39;s because my body—and yours—has a way to to make cuts and scrapes get all better, or heal.这是因为你我的身体有一种方法,能让伤口和擦伤变好或愈合。Even the ones that bleed.即使流血也能愈合。Blood travels through your body in what are called blood vessels.身体的血液通过血管流经身体各处。They#39;re kind of like straws or tubes.血管有点儿像吸管或导管。Most blood vessels are long and flexible, which means they#39;re able to bend.大多数血管长且灵活,这意味着它们能够弯曲。There are lots of really tiny blood vessels right under your skin.你的皮肤底下也有很多的小血管。They can be thinner than a single hair!它们可能比一根头发丝还细。When you get a cut that bleeds,当你伤口流血时,you end up with a hole in your skin that#39;s deep enough to break some of those tiny blood vessels你的皮肤就会留个小洞,深到足以弄坏一些小血管。It doesn#39;t take long for your body to figure out that something#39;s wrong,用不了多久,你的身体就会不舒,and it starts to do something to stop the bleeding right away!它会立刻采取措施阻止流血。Even though blood looks like it#39;s just one liquid, there are actually a few different ingredients in it.即使血液看起来仅是一种液体,但它却包含几种不同的成分。Like platelets, which look like little blobs.如血小板,它们看起来像小斑点。They#39;re way too small for you eye to see, but there are lots of platelets in your blood,它们太小了,小到看不见,但你的血液中却有很多。and they start to fill up the hole your cut made in the blood vessel.它们开始修复伤口留在血管上的洞。They act like a plug to stop any more blood from getting out.它们就像塞子,阻止更多的血液流出。Your blood also makes a bunch of stringy fibers, which form a kind of a net, or web.你的血液也会产生一束绳状纤维,它们组成一种网。The platelets stick to this web, and to each other, making a lump that completely covers the cut.一个个血小板紧粘着这张网,组成结块完全地覆盖伤口。After a while, the lump dries out and gets hard.不久结块就干了,变硬了。We call this brown, hard lump of platelets and fibers a scab.我们称这个褐色的,由血小板和纤维构成的结块为痂。That#39;s true! Squeakes. A scab is a little like a bandage that the body can grow all by itself!Squeakes,这是真的,痂有点儿像身体自主产生的绷带。Under the scab, your body is hard at work,在痂下,你的身体在努力地工作,killing any germs that might have gotten inside of your body before the platelets plugged up the cut.杀死所有血小板堵住伤口之前可能进入身体的细菌。Your body also fixes the holes in the blood vessels so that no more blood can leak out, and it starts to close the cut with new skin.你的身体还会修复血管的小洞,使它不再流血,并开始用新皮肤来愈合伤口。As the new skin grows over the cut, the scab starts to get loose.当新皮肤覆盖伤口后,痂开始脱落。Once enough of the hole is closed, the scab falls off, and you#39;re as good as new!一旦小洞完全愈合,痂脱落完,你就完好如初了。Now, for the tough part.现在,到了最困难的部分。Even though it can be hard to do sometimes, leave your scabs alone!尽管有时很难做到,但还是不要碰你的痂!Don#39;t pick at them, pull them off, or even scratch them.别拉它们,撕掉它们,也别挠它们。Because the scab has an important job: it keeps germs that are outside of your body from getting inside of your body.因为痂有一个重要的功能:它能阻止体外的细菌侵入到体内。If germs get inside of your body, they can cause an infection, which can make the cut hurt much worse.如果细菌侵入体内,可能会导致感染,使伤口恶化。And if you pull a scab off, you might rip the skin that#39;s growing over the cut,如果你把痂撕掉,你可能撕的是正在覆盖伤口的皮肤。and your body would basically have to start all over again.你的身体基本上要重新开始愈合了。After stopping the bleeding, making a scab, and growing new skin, it looks like my body#39;s all done fixing the cut I got.在止血、结痂,长出新皮肤后,我的身体看起来已经做好了所有的伤口愈合工作。Hey, Squeaks, wanna go for a bike ride?嗨,Squeaks,想骑车吗?Thanks for joining us at SciShow Kids!欢迎收看儿童科学秀!Do you have a question about your body, or anything else?如果您对您的身体或是其他事有任何疑问,Find a grownup and ask them to help you leave a comment below, or send an email to kids@scishow.com!找个大人帮忙在下方留言,或发邮件至kids@scishow.com!Thanks, we#39;ll see you next time. You#39;re there for.很感谢您的收看,等我们。 Article/201706/514496Ranks of infantry meet head on.Such a smashing of spears that men could hear it far away.整列的步兵随之进攻 短兵相接之声 远境犹可闻English archers are now swept away by Scots cavalry or blocked by the four Schiltrons,which unite and push forward.英军的弓箭手不是被苏格兰骑兵横扫 就是被四个阵形齐整 不断向前推进的长矛阵所拦截And many a splendid mighty blow dealt there on both sides英军腹背受敌Until blood burst through the mail coats And went streaming down to the earth.直到鲜血渗出盔甲 滴落到地上Edward II fled the field with 500 knights.最后爱德华二世带着500骑士逃离战场The English force broke behind him and was slaughtered.留下的英军阵营瞬间崩溃 惨遭屠杀The burn becomes so choked...Men could pass dry foot over it on drowned horses and men.战火使人窒息 血流成河 唯有踏尸而行方可不湿足Edward II left his shield, his seal, his honour And perhaps 4,000 English and Welsh dead.爱德华二世丢盔弃甲 抛荣卸誉 令4000多名英格兰和威尔士士兵命丧战场Having won a victory on the battlefield if not the war itself.虽然算不上战争的最后胜利 但也是一场大捷The Scots now sought international recognition of their newly-won liberty.苏格兰人现在要寻求其它国家 承认他们新近取得的独立The occasion was a letter sent to the pope,Setting out the reasons why Scotland#39;s independence于是他们寄了一封信给教皇 信上列举了苏格兰的独立ought to be recognised by the church as itself sacred.应该被教会所承认的原因The letter was written here in Arbroath Abbey,And more than anything ever produced south of the border信是在阿布罗斯修道院写的 其意义远超不列颠南部有史以来的政治成果represented a perfect fusion between the two ideas of sovereignty we#39;ve seen in action the nation and the prince.代表了关于主权的两种理念的最完美结合 这种结合是前所未见的 那就是 国家和君王 /201611/475707

英语对话Flash [19] /200705/13153栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201606/449131

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