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惠州哪家医院看早泄惠州市医院割包皮手术价格【剧情简介】 The Lion King 《狮子王》辛巴是狮子王国的小王子,他的父亲穆法沙是一个威严的国王。可是狮王的兄弟刀疤十分仇恨辛巴,他又引诱辛巴到了一个山谷,然后指使鬣们追击角马。大批角马朝辛巴狂奔过来,穆法沙又及时赶到,救出辛巴,可自己却被弟弟刀疤推下了山谷。 辛巴开始流浪,饱受创伤的他在帮人的帮助最终成长起来……【经典语句】Yes, the past can hurt. But I think you can either run from it or learn from it.对,过去是痛楚的,但我认为你要么可以逃避,要么可以向它学习。hurt是个常见的及物动词,本义指在身体上受的伤,此处指在情感上对人的伤害,表示“使人伤心;使人痛苦”,例如:She's hurt because you haven't visited her.她很伤心,因为你没有去看她。either...or... 指“或……或……,要么……要么…… ”,两者择一。We either watch a new film or go for a walk,it's up to you.我们要么看部新的电影要么去散文,由你来决定。learn from 表示“向……学习,从……学习”,from是介词,其后接名词或代词。例如:As world travel increases, nation have to learn from each other. 由于世界旅游业的增加,国家间必须互相学习。【词语辨析】learn和study都可表示“学习”。区别:learn 常指一般性的学习,尤指初级阶段的学习,表示摹仿实践的过程;着重成果时,作“学会”解。study 着重指学习过程和高深的或周密的研究,尤指从书本上学习。我们通过例子来体验下两者之间的区别:I can't drive yet I'm still learning. 我还不会开车,我仍在学.I am studying art.我在学习艺术。(转载请注明出处) /201012/121683惠州治疗前列腺炎哪家医院最好 1.Mary,I am leaving you. Mary,我不等你了. /11/88356精对话Victor: Gaby, we agreed that after we got married you would sell the house.Gabrielle: I still have a lot of stuff here.Victor: My house is over ten thousand square feet, I'm pretty sure there are closets.Gabrielle: I'm just not in a rush to unload this house, okay? This was my home. I was very happy here.Victor: Well you got a new home now. Aren't you happy there?Gabrielle: Yeah, it's a great house.Victor: Well, good, then sell this place. What are you waiting for?Gabrielle: I'm not waiting for anything. Oh look, a moving van.口语讲解I am not in a rush to unload this house, okay?'unload'在这里相当于'sell, get rid of, dispose of',就是卖掉,脱手的意思.非常的口语化.这句话也可以说成,'I am not in a hurry to dispose of the house.'当然这样就比较正式.Dispose of: to get rid of somebody/something that you do not want or cannot keep 去掉;清除;销毁 the difficulties of disposing of nuclear waste 处理核废料的困难 unload原意是指"(从车、船上)卸,取下",但也可以用于不同的场景中,大前提都是"to get rid of".比如说前几天我和老外聊天,聊到了生活中不顺心的事,第二天他就和我说,"Last night you unloaded your unhappiness on me."意思就是我向他倒苦水.He unloaded some of the anguish on me. 他向我倾诉他的一些苦恼.这个词还可以指将工作或自己的责任推卸给他人.It's his problem, not something he should unload onto you. 那是他的事,他不该把问题甩给你. /201004/100960惠州中心人民医院男科大夫

淡水县医院男科专家挂号非传统安全威胁 nontraditional security threats1月18日至21日,中国国家主席胡锦涛将对大洋彼岸的美国进行国事访问,同美国领导人一道为新时期的中美关系谋新篇,再布局。目前中美合作非常广泛,双方已签署30多个政府间合作协议,建立了60多个对话机制。中美增强互信,构建伙伴关系,对于增强两国关系的发展后劲,对于全球稳定、保持经济增长、减少非传统安全威胁都具有重要意义。请看相关报道:In reality both countries share fundamental strategic goals in global stability and economic growth and in reduction of nontraditional security threats such as climate change, terrorism and pandemics.实际上,中美双方在全球稳定、经济增长、和打击非传统安全威胁方面有着共同的基本战略目标。非传统安全威胁包括气候变化、恐怖主义、以及流行病等。上面报道中的nontraditional security threat就是“非传统安全威胁”,也可以用unconventional security threat来表示。非传统安全威胁是相对traditional security threat(传统安全威胁)而言的,指除军事、政治和外交冲突以外的其他对主权国家及人类整体生存与发展构成威胁的因素。非传统安全问题主要包括:information security(信息安全)、 terrorism(恐怖主义)、nuclear proliferation(核扩散)、serious communicable diseases(疾病蔓延)、transnational crime(跨国犯罪)、drug trafficking(走私贩毒)、illegal immigration(非法移民)等。Nontraditional和unconventional都可用来表示“非传统的,非常规的”,例如具有大规摸杀伤性的unconventional weapon(非常规武器)、不同于正常全日制学生的nontraditional student(未接受传统教育的学生)、以及某个性别的人占聘用人员总数不到25%的nontraditional employment(非传统职业)。 /201102/125618河源龙川县妇幼保健人民男科中医院不孕不育科 阿美在看完电影后,看到第二天放映《人鬼情未了》的海报,这是妈妈最喜欢的电影,因此她当即为爸爸妈妈买了两张电影票。那么爸爸妈妈到底有没有去看电影呢?Listen Read Learn(Dad and Mom walk to the cinema to see Ghost.)Dad: Ghost will be on at 6:30. It's aly 6:15 now. Hurry up.(Mom feels a little angry.)Mom: You'd been hanging around before left home. Well, now, you are urging me for the movie. This has been fun!Dad: Don't be upset. I am just afraid of missing the movie. It is your favorite.Mom: In short, you become more and more impatient with me after wedding.Dad: Why do you think so?Mom: Every time I complain about the domestic chores with you, you just don't listen.Dad: Nothing of the sort!Mom: Don't interrupt me! In addition, every time I need your advice, you just say, "it's up to you."Dad: Maybe I was busy with my work at that time, so I felt a little bored.Mom: You mean, I am not busy with my work?Dad: Honey, don't get me wrong. (Don't misunderstand me.) I don't know how to explain. But I really have eyes only for you and our children.Mom: Do you still love me?Dad: Honey, maybe sometimes I seem careless, but I take great care to cooking breakfast every morning. That shows how much I love you.(Mom drops into silence.)Mom: Oh, honey, that's enough. Our love story is more touching than the Ghost.Dad: Let's go to see the movie. It's time to begin.听看学(爸爸和妈妈一起走着去电影院看《人鬼情未了》。)爸爸:《人鬼情未了》将在六点半开演。现在已经六点十五了,快点啊。(妈妈感到有点生气。)妈妈:你在家磨磨蹭蹭的。现在有为了赶电影一直催我。真有意思!爸爸:别着急。我只是怕错过电影嘛。这可是你最喜欢的电影。妈妈:简而言之,结婚后你对我越来越不耐烦了。爸爸:你为什么这样认为?妈妈:每次我对你抱怨家务事时,你总是不听。爸爸:哪有这回事!妈妈:别打断我!另外,每次我需要给些意见的时候,你只是说:"你说了算。"爸爸:可能是那个时候我忙于工作,感觉有些烦吧。妈妈:你的意思是说,我工作不忙吗?爸爸:亲爱的,不要误会我。我不知道该怎么解释。但是我真的非常在乎你和孩子们。妈妈:那你还爱我吗?爸爸:亲爱的,可能有时候我显得很粗心大意,但是每天早晨我都会很用心的做饭。这代表了我有多爱你。(妈妈沉默了片刻。)妈妈:哦,亲爱的,这足够了。我们的爱情故事比《人鬼情未了》还要动人。爸爸:那我们就快去看电影吧。马上要开演了。经典背诵 RecitationDad: My wife often complains that I've become more and more impatient after the wedding. You know, I am always very busy and my carelessness just makes it worse. But I do care a lot about my family. I am a very responsible person to my family. So to make it up for her, I'd take her to movies from time to time. It works!生词小结walk vi. 走urge vt. 催促upset adj. 心烦意乱的impatient adj. 不耐烦的interrupt vt. 打断bored adj. 烦躁的explain vt. 解释careless adj. 粗心的touching adj. 感动的注释Hurry up 快点!hang around 闲荡complain about 抱怨……domestic chores 家务琐事in addition 另外,……be busy with 忙于……cook breakfast 做早餐take great care 用心……drop into silence 陷入沉思Nothing of the sort! 没有这回事!It's up to you. 由你决定!I really have eyes only for you and our children. 我真的非常在乎你和孩子们。从字面上看,这句话是说我的眼睛放在你和孩子们的身上。言下之意是说非常在乎你和孩子们。语法小结 Grammar用在时间和地点前的介词1.连接时间的介词(1)at表示时间概念的某一个点(在某时刻、时间、阶段等)at 6:40 在六点四十(2)on 表示具体日期They arrived in Beijing on February. 他们二月份到达北京。(3)in 作为连接时间的介词,有如下两重意思①表示时段、时期。in 1983 在1983年②表示以说话时间为基点的"(若干时间)以后"。I will be back in 10 minutes. 我十分钟后回来。The job will be finished in a week. 这工作在一星期内完成。(4)after 表示"在(某具体时间)以后"after supper 晚饭后; after the war 战后(5)for 表示"(动作延续)若干时间"I stayed in Beijing for two days. 我在北京待了两天。(6)since 表示"自(某具体时间)以来),常用于完成时态He has worked here since 1965.(指一段时间,强调时间段)自从1965年以来,他一直在这儿工作。He began to work here after 1965.(指一点时间,强调时间点)从1965年以后,他开始在这儿工作。2.连接地点的介绍(1)in (表地点、场所、部位等)在……里,在……中in Class Two Grade Three 在三年级二班in Beijing 在北京(2)on (表示接触)在……上on the wall 在墙上 on the floor 在地上(3)under 在……正下方,在……下面,底下under the chair 在椅子下 under the tree 在树下(4)behind 在……后面behind the sofa 在沙发后面 behind the tree 在树后家庭总动员 Do it together两人一组,一方朗诵下面的中文句子,另一方挑选出合适的翻译。1.阿美把电影票放到桌子上。2.爸爸喜欢饭后散步。3.叔叔星期二将带丹尼尔去电影院。4.妈妈下班后忙于准备晚饭。5.电影五分钟后开演。1.Mom is busy with supper after work.2.Dad likes having a walk after supper.3.The film will begin in five minutes.4.May put the movie tickets on the desk.5.Uncle will take Daniel to the cinema on Tuesday. /200804/35604河源紫金县看男科怎么样

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