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赣州俪人整形吸脂手术多少钱Why are dogs#39;noses so wet?的鼻子为什么总是湿的?Humans and dogs share a special relationship, moulded over millennia of reciprocal love and companionship.数千年来,人类和都有十分特殊的关系,相互喜爱,相互陪伴。Anyone who#39;s ever had the fortune of sharing their life with a close canine companion can attest that, from poodles to Pomeranians, dogs truly are a wondrous species.有幸拥有一只作伴的人,都能明这一点。无论是卷毛还是美,确实是种超赞的物种。But there#39;s something else that dog lovers the world over know all too intimately – the feel of a dog#39;s cool, wet nose brushing up against your cheek.爱之人还有个场景再熟悉不过——爱用湿漉漉、冰凉凉的鼻子,在你的脸上蹭来蹭去。Whether they#39;re running to fetch a ball, or merely pinning you down while they#39;re snoozing on the couch, dogs#39;noses seem to be perennially wet.无论它们是跑去捡球,还是正在沙发打盹的它们,看到你过来立马激动地把你扑倒,它们的鼻子总是湿湿的。So what gives?这带给我们什么信息呢?To most dog owners, it#39;s common knowledge that dogs don#39;t sweat. Their lack of proper sweat glands, as humans and some other mammals have, is one of the main causes of the excessive panting that happens when your mastiff mate is out for a run. Put simply, panting is a method of regulating heat within the canine body.大多数主人都知道不会排汗的常识。它们没有人类和其他哺乳动物的汗腺,这也是为什么它们跑起来会不停喘气。简单说,喘气是调节体温的一种方式。One other way which dogs keep cool though, is by excreting a substance similar to sweat on their extremities – namely, their nose and paws.另一种降低体温的方式,就是在手足部分(鼻子和爪子)分泌类似汗液的液体。Ever wonder why they#39;re a similar colour and texture? Boom. There#39;s your answer. The moisture on their extremities helps to radiate heat away from your pawed pal, in a similar way to their panting.好奇为什么这种液体跟汗液颜色和质感这么相似吗?我们来告诉你。它们手足分泌的液体帮助它们散热,跟喘气效果相同。The moisture on a dog#39;s nose helps serve a secondary purpose, too. Covering a canine nose is a thin layer of mucous, which helps to trap scents and other particles in the air.鼻子上的湿气还有另一个用途。它们鼻子上薄薄一层粘液,能帮助捕捉空气中的气味和微粒。In order to sample this no-doubt delectable melange, a dog will then proceed to lick its nose – a behaviour dog lovers will no doubt have noticed when their precious pup picks up a scent. This serves to present the trapped particles to the olfactory glands on the roof of a dog#39;s mouth, enabling the dog to further analyse the scent.为了检验这些味道,会去舔自己的鼻子。当心爱的嗅到气味时,爱之人对它们以上的举止一定不会陌生。这个举止能让把鼻子上收集到的颗粒送到口腔顶部的嗅腺,让它们能进一步分析这种味道。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201610/471745赣州祛斑效果好的医院Joanne Reitano told me, ;I developed burning in my eyes that made it very difficult to work.;乔安·雷塔诺告诉我,;我的眼睛有灼烧感,很难工作。;After resting her eyes for a while, the discomfort abates, but it quickly returns when she goes back to the computer. ;If I was playing computer games, I#39;d turn off the computer, but I need it to work;.让眼睛休息一会儿,这种不适感会有所减轻,但是她再回到电脑前时,很快就会感到不适。;如果我在玩电脑游戏,那么我会关掉电脑,但是我需要用电脑工作;。Reitano has a condition called computer vision syndrome. It can affect anyone who spends three or more hours a day in front of computer monitors, and the population at risk is potentially huge.雷塔诺换上了电脑视觉综合症。它可以影响到任何面对电脑显示器三个小时或更多时间的人,处于这种风险中的人群规模十分庞大。Worldwide, up to 70 million workers are at risk for computer vision syndrome, and those numbers are only likely to grow.在全世界,极易患上电脑视觉综合症的工作者高达7000万,并且这些数字只会日益增加。In a report about the condition written by eye care specialists in Nigeria and Botswana, the authors detail a list of professionals at risk — accountants, architects, bankers, engineers, flight controllers, graphic artists, journalists, academicians, secretaries and students — all of whom ;cannot work without the help of computer.;尼日利亚和茨瓦纳的眼部护理专家撰写了一篇关于该病症的报告,报告的作者详细列出了可能患上这种病的职业群体——会计师、建筑师、家、工程师、空管员、平面设计师、记者、学者、文秘和学生——这些人;离开电脑就不能工作;。And that#39;s not counting the millions of children and adolescents who spend many hours a day playing computer games.这还没算上每天花很多小时玩电脑游戏的成百上千万儿童和青少年。Studies have indicated 70 percent to 90 percent of people who use computers extensively, whether for work or play, have one or more symptoms of computer vision syndrome.研究显示,在工作或中经常使用电脑的人中,70%至90%患有一种或多种电脑视觉综合症。The effects of prolonged computer use are not just vision-related. Complaints include neurological symptoms like chronic headaches and musculoskeletal problems like neck and back pain.长期使用电脑不仅会对视觉方面造成影响,还有神经性症状,比如慢性头痛,以及颈部、背部肌肉疼痛等肌肉骨骼问题。Still, the most common computer-related complaint involves the eyes, which can develop blurred or double vision as well as burning, itching, dryness and redness, all of which can interfere with work performance.不过,与电脑有关的最常见的症状是眼部不适,包括视线模糊、重影以及灼烧感、瘙痒、干涩、发红,所有这些都会影响工作表现。Another unconscious effect is a greatly reduced frequency of blinking, which can result in dry, irritated eyes.另一个不易察觉的影响是眨眼频率大大降低,导致眼睛干涩、疼痛。While working on a computer, the blink rate is often reduced from 17 or more blinks a minute to only about 12 to 15 blinks.用电脑工作时,眨眼频率从每分钟17次降到每分钟12至15次。While prevention is most important, if you aly have symptoms of computer vision syndrome, there are ways to reduce or eliminate them.预防是最重要的,如果你已经出现电脑视觉综合症的症状,这里有一些方法缓解或消除它们。Ophthalmologists suggest adhering to the ;20-20-20; rule: Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and look at something 20 feet away.眼科医生遵循;20-20-20;法则,即每20分钟,休息20秒,看20英尺以外的地方。Consciously blink as often as possible to keep eye surfaces well lubricated. To further counter dryness, redness and painful irritation, use lubricating eye drops several times a day.尽可能有意识地眨眼,保持眼睛表面顺滑。进一步应对干涩、发红以及让人难受的过敏症状,可以一天点几次润滑滴眼液。You can also reduce the risk of dry eyes by keeping air from blowing in your face and by using a humidifier to add moisture to the air in the room.此外,为了减少眼睛干涩的风险,你可以避免让风吹到脸上,使用加湿器增加房间的空气湿度。 /201609/468621赣州注射隆丰唇多少钱

赣州俪人整形美容医院治疗黄褐斑兴国县哪家隆鼻医院比较好2017, ahoy! These are the books ― among others! ― that we can’t wait to .你好,2017!以下这些书已经让人迫不及待、蠢蠢欲读啦!The Man Who Shot My Eye Out Is Dead by Chanelle Benz夏奈尔·宾士《那个向我眼睛开的人已经死了》A debut collection that spans centuries and oceans, Benz’s book skips from adventure to adventure for an action-packed, imaginative . Her stories burst with thrills, but also lay bare the crimes, compromises and traumas that shape her characters’ lives. -Claire Fallon克莱尔·法伦:“跨越时间和空间,宾士的这部处女座内容丰富有趣、想象力超群,充满了 一个又一个的冒险。在她的故事中有突如其来的静寂,同时也揭露了罪恶、阴谋以及对其人物塑造具有不可磨灭影响的创伤。”Riverhead河源出版社Fever Dream by Samanta Schweblin萨曼塔·施维伯林《热夜之梦》This spare, strange book begins with a blurb from Jesse Ball’s The Curfew. If you’ve had the pleasure of ing Ball, you know that’s a good omen; he manages to write worlds that are fully realized, using laudably punchy prose. Schweblin’s book about a dying woman in a rural hospital falls into the same category. -Maddie Crum曼迪·克拉姆:“这是一本简单却奇诡的书,开场便是对于杰西·保尔《宵禁》的大肆宣传。如果你是保尔的书迷,那么你肯定觉得这是一个很好的兆头,作者用强有力的语言描绘出了一个完全实现了的世界,这一点颇受好评。施维伯林有一本关于一家乡村医院中濒死的女人也属于同一类型的小说。”Hogarth贺加斯出版社Human Acts by Han Kang韩江《人类的行为》Following The Vegetarian, one of the most stunning novels of 2016, Human Acts is yet another belatedly translated work from South Korean writer Han Kang. Centering on the killing of a young boy during a student uprising, the novel follows the rippling effects of the tragedy. –CFCF:“继《素食主义者》(2016年备受瞩目的小说)之后,韩国女作家韩江的又一力作《人类的行为》被翻译为英文。故事围绕一个在学生起义中被杀死的小男孩展开,讲述了这起悲剧带来的一系列连锁反应。”Random House兰登书屋Idaho by Emily Ruskovich艾米丽·鲁斯科维奇《爱达荷州》A woman realizes her middle-aged husband has begun to lose his memory and behave in unfamiliar ways. As he fades from her, she grasps at a submerged history, of what happened to his first wife and his daughters. Ruskovich’s debut is haunting, a portrait of an unusual family and a state that becomes a foreboding figure in her vivid depiction. –CFCF:“一个女人发现自己已经进入中年的丈夫开始逐渐丧失记忆,并且行为异常。随着丈夫记忆的日渐消逝,她竭力想要留住一点过去的片段——关于他的首任妻子还有他的女儿的事情。鲁斯科维奇的处女作令人回味无穷,生动形象地描绘了一个异常的家庭和一个成为不祥之兆的州。”FSGFSG出版社Flaneuse by Lauren Elkin劳伦·埃尔金《闲逛的女人》There was a time when a flaneur — an idle walker and observer of cities — was considered an elite, whereas a flaneuse, a woman who took up the same pastime, was presumed to be up to no good. Elkin chronicles the history of women wanderers, thing her own on-foot experiences in New York City, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong throughout. –MCMC:“曾几何时,城市中游手好闲、观察入微的闲逛者被认为是精英,然而一个闲逛的女人却被认为不是什么好人。埃尔金通过亲身经历按时间发展顺序描绘了穿梭在纽约、巴黎、东京、香港的女性闲逛者。”Viking维京出版社Dear Friend, From My Life, I Write to You in Your Life by Yiyun Li李翊雲《亲爱的朋友,从我的生活写到你的生活》Li’s fiction has earned her a MacArthur fellowship. Now, her memoir written amid the throes of depression has garnered praise from Marilynne Robinson and Akhil Sharma. Li celebrates the authors who make ing a joyous pursuit, and the details that’ve made her own life worth living. –MCMC:“李翊雲的虚构小说曾获得过麦克阿瑟奖。如今她的这本充满了在抑郁中痛苦挣扎的回忆录也受到了玛丽莲·鲁冰逊和阿克希尔·沙马的好评。李翊雲在书中感谢了那些使得阅读成为愉悦追求的作者们以及描述了自己对于生命的意义的见解。”Grove Atlantic格罗夫大西洋出版社The Refugees by Viet Thanh Nguyen阮越清《难民》After his debut novel The Sympathizer took home the Pulitzer Prize and seemingly endless other honors, Nguyen is back with more fiction: This time, short stories linked by their attention to people caught between two worlds. –CFCF:“阮越清的首部小说《同情者》为其赢得了普利策奖以及其他数不尽的荣誉,这一次他的回归为人们带来了一部更加虚构化的小说,这些短篇故事由对于两个不同世界的人们的关注而串联起来。”The Dial Press戴尔出版社The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley by Hannah Tinti汉娜·廷蒂《塞缪尔·霍利的十二种生活》Nine years after the release of her debut — a New York Times notable book — Tinti returns with the story of a girl, Loo, and her criminal father who takes her with him from city to city. As the longtime editor of lit mag One Story, Tinti knows how to blend emotional connections with engrossing plots. –MCMC:“廷蒂在发表处女作(一本备受《纽约时报》好评的图书)之后暌违九年回归笔坛。故事的主人公是一个名叫洛的女孩,她的父亲是一名罪犯,带着她在各个城市间逃亡。廷蒂曾任文艺杂志《一个故事》的编辑多年,因此她深谙如何将情感元素与引人入胜的故事情节相结合。” /201701/488733赣州短鼻手术哪家好龙南县治疗黄褐斑要多少钱

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