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Script:In the frozen arctic region of the East Siberia, teams from the Russian oil company Rosneft, work in numbing -40 degree cold, digging exploration wells. The massive Vankor field promises to be one of the largest in Russia. Russia’s oil and gas remain the backbone of its economy, but production growth is slowing. Last year, according to analysis of government statistics by the Economists, oil production rose just 2.6 percent. But Russia’s gross domestic product hit a six year high, in the first quarter of this year, rising 7.9 percent, compared to 5 percent in the same period last year. There was major growth in construction, manufacturing and trade, and here is one of the major reasons---Russia’s consumers. Just take a look at Moscow’s newest mall, the European, Yevropeisky, one of the biggest in Europe. Here in Moscow and across Russia, shoppers are flocking to malls like these. Russians have more and more disposable income, and they are spending it like there is no tomorrow. Retail sales are up 30.5 percent this quarter over the same period last year, imports of goods and services up nearly 37 percent. Last year, domestic credit in Russia grew more than 46 percent.Alexander Gonchruk is part of that growth. He’s president of the Russian corporation Sistema, a 20-billion-dollar conglomerate with five companies in ten industries including telecommunications, construction and services. The service sector is growing very strongly, unbelievably fast. The purchasing power of consumers is increasing, and that’s stimulating growth in that sector. And in past year, the business climate has seriously improved. It’s become predictable and more stable. This June at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, President Putin told CEOs from major global corporations, Russia is gradually integrating with the world economy. Another message, the government’s economic strategy isn’t focused just on oil and gas. Russia intends to become a high-tech and industrial leader. For now, Russia’s economy and the purchasing power of consumers remain dependent on global oil prices. If those prices stay high, Russians will continue to have more to spend and the consumer boom will go on.Jill Dougherty, CNN, Moscownotes:Conglomerate: A corporation made up of a number of different companies that operate in diversified fields.200807/44526。

US Envoy Confident Stalled N. Korea Denuclearization Will be Resolved Soon希尔:北韩无核化僵局很快会化解  The U.S. negotiator to six-nation talks on disarming nuclear North Korea says he believes the current stalemate will be resolved before the next American president takes office. 美国参加朝核六方会谈的谈判代表希尔说,他相信目前的僵局会在美国下届总统上任之前得到化解。The U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill expressed confidence Saturday that North Korea's efforts to denuclearize would soon continue. 美国助理国务卿希尔星期六表示相信北韩无核化的努力即将继续下去。Pyongyang last week announced it had stopped dismantling its main reactor and threatened to re-start it if Washington did not remove it from its list of "state sponsors of terrorism." 平壤上个星期宣布已经停止卸除主要核反应堆,并且威胁说:如果华盛顿不把北韩从持恐怖主义国家名单上除名,北韩会重新运转这个核反应堆。Washington has said North Korea must first agree on terms for verifying its declared list of nuclear materials. 华盛顿表示,北韩必须先同意核实北韩核项目清单的细则。Hill says once North Korea agrees to a system based on international standards, the isolated country would immediately be removed from the list. 希尔说,一旦北韩同意基于国际标准制定的核实细则,就立即会把北韩从恐怖主义持国名单上除名。"The declaration without a protocol is really like just having one chopstick," he said. "You need two chopsticks if you're going to pick up anything." 他说:“没有具体实施细则的核项目清单就好像一双筷子少了一根一样。如果要夹起一样东西,必须有两根筷子才行。”Pyongyang's turnabout last week prompted speculation that it might be stalling until the new U.S. president was in power to see if it could get a better deal than the one aly negotiated. 平壤上星期改变态度,使人们猜测北韩可能想拖到新美国总统上任后再看看能否得到比目前更有利可图的协议。However, Hill told reporters he believes the set-back would be resolved before the next American president took office in January. 但是希尔告诉记者,他相信目前的倒退会在下届美国总统明年1月上任之前得到解决。"We have to get this verification protocol done very soon," he said. "So, yes it can be. And, I think it will be." 他说:“我们必须很快达成核实细则。这是可以做到的。而且我认为会做到。”He made the comments after holding weekend talks in Beijing with representatives from China, Russia, Japan, and South Korea, also known as the Republic of Korea, or ROK. 希尔在北京与中国、俄罗斯、日本和韩国代表举行周末会谈之后发表了上述讲话。"We had a complete understanding with the ROK delegation, complete understanding with the Japanese," said Hill. "The Russian ambassador assured me we have no daylight between us. And, China is also very much working along the same lines." 他说:“我们和韩国及日本的谈判代表完全达成共识。俄罗斯特使也向我保,我们之间毫无芥蒂。而且中国也和我们的思路相当一致。”The "state sponsor of terrorism" designation prevents North Korea from getting access to much-needed international loans for its feeble economy. 把北韩确定为持恐怖主义国家,这使北韩得不到它衰弱的经济急需的国际贷款。The sudden demand by North Korea to be removed from the list followed recent breakthroughs in cooperation.  北韩在最近在合作上采取突破性措施之后突然要求把北韩这个名单上除名。Pyongyang in June submitted a list of its nuclear materials, which Hill called a "very good" list, and blew up part of its main reactor. 平壤今年6月提交了核项目清单。希尔称这份清单相当好。北韩还炸毁了主要核反应堆的部分设施。North Korea agreed last year to give up its nuclear materials in return for aid and political incentives. 北韩去年同意放弃核材料,以换取援助和政治利益。200809/47634。

gory details ———— 可怕的细节英文释义 Unpleasant, sickening descriptions; usually involving serious, bloody injuries.例句 I turned off the radio because I dont want to hear all the gory details about todays terrible railroad accident.我关掉收音机,因为我不想听有关今天可怕的铁路事故的血淋淋细节。 /201607/451630。

We are at the Georgia Home Theater in Atlanta and if you are in the market for a new high definition or HDTV, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the letters and the numbers in the sales picture, so we are gonna arm you with some knowledge to impress those sales people. And joining us now to help us with that is Brian Cooley, editor-at-large with CNET.So Brian, if people are shopping for an HD or high definition TV, resolution becomes a big issue (yeah). What does that mean, exactly?It's a whole new spec you probably never had to deal with before, because the last time you bought a TV, if it's a regular CRT television, there was no discussion of resolution, now with modern TVs, we get into it. Here's what it means. Let's say a set is called a seven-twenty-P resolution TV (OK), that means 720 lines from top to bottom of picture detail, compared that to a DVD, which is only 480, so you can see why HD looks better (well, almost twice as good),almost twice(OK).Now the, the P at the end of that, means progressive, that means every one of those lines is repainted if you will, many times a second. The other version of that is I or interlaced. You'll see that sometime at the end of a number, and that means every other line is repainted every time the picture is flashed on the screen which is how TV works. P is better than I. It tends to look smoother, you'll see fewer jaggy edges and a less blurring or smearing of fast action on a progressive signal going into a progressive set, permitting us to match. Interlaced is a little less desirable but still looks fabulous. And the bottom line is you're gonna see the most sets are called 720 P sets, but that doesn't mean they can only show that, they can also show 1080 I signals which are also fairly common (so 1080 being 1080 lines vs 720 or so) right, more lines, (ok) but the 720 set can show it, it does some math internally that makes it all fit and look great. So don't feel like there is any incompatibility. The main line of sets are 720s, and they can show all the pictures, but the ideal set for the future, if you're a connoisseur, would be a 1080 P, the most resolution and the best scan, and that's if you really wanna spend some big money, those are pretty rare.Right, the money goes up for the better resolution (a lot) and the P. Yes.All right, well, thanks for defining high definition, Brain Cooley with CNET. We appreciate itHappy to do it. 200809/50287。

Democratic Party presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama faced off in a debate Thursday in Texas. There was more agreement on issues than clashes over differences. 民主党总统候选人提名竞争者希拉里.克林顿和巴拉克.奥巴马星期四在德克萨斯州进行了辩论。他们在辩论中对许多问题更多地表示了一致而不是相互对立的看法。The debate, on the campus of the University of Texas in Austin, was marked more by broad agreement on policy issues from immigration to health care; from the war in Iraq to this week's resignation by Cuban president Fidel Castro. But there were a few contentious moments. One came when Senator Obama was asked about charges that he had stolen phrases from a speech by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, using them in his own speeches without attribution. 在德克萨斯州立大学奥斯丁分校举行的这次辩论当中,两位民主党总统候选人提名竞争者在移民、医疗保健制度改革、伊拉克战争、本星期古巴领导人卡斯特罗辞职等一系列问题上表示了相当一致的看法。但是,辩论当中也出现几个激烈争辩的场面。奥巴马参议员被问道,他从马萨诸塞州州长帕特里克的一篇讲演当中“盗用”了几个说法用在自己的讲话当中。"The notion that I had plagiarized from someone who is one of my national co-chairs, who gave me the line and suggested that I use it, I think is silly," he said. 他回答说:“一个人是我的全国竞选班子的共同主席之一,他把一些说法给了我,建议我使用。我使用了,就说我是盗用,这种说法我觉得实在是愚蠢。”Senator Clinton followed up by saying that if a candidate bases his campaign on words, they should be his own.  希拉里.克林顿接著说,假如一个候选人把自己的竞选建立在言辞的基础上,那么其言词就应当是他自己的:"There is no doubt that you are a passionate, eloquent speaker and I applaud you for that, but when you look at what we face in this country. We do need to unite the country, but we have to unite it for a purpose around very specific goals," she said. “毫无疑问,你是一个富有、雄辩的演说家,我为你喝。但是,面对我们国家的现状,我们需要团结全国,我们必须围绕一些非常具体的问题把全国团结起来。”In the sharpest attack in the debate, Clinton said that Obama's message was not "change you can believe in, it's change you can Xerox" -- a reference to a well-known photo copy machine. The line fell flat, however, and drew boos from the audience.  在这次辩论当中,希拉里.克林顿对奥巴马发动了一次最严厉的攻击。她说,奥巴马的竞选竞选口号“诸位可以信任的变革”实际意思不过是“诸位可以用复印机复印的变革”而已。但是,希拉里.克林顿的这句话没有达到目的。辩论会会场的听众对她喝倒。In another exchange, the two candidates sparred over who would be the most y to assume the position of commander in chief.  在另外一次辩论交锋中,两位候选人就谁最有能力担当全国武装部队总司令的问题进行了争辩。Clinton emphasized her experience over the past seven years in the senate and cited an Obama supporter who had trouble coming up with a single accomplishment by the Illinois senator.  希拉里.克林顿强调她过去7年中在参议院的经验,并说奥巴马的一个持者不能明确指出奥巴马有任何一项政绩。Obama said he believed he was y to take on the responsibilities of the presidency and he noted that every major newspaper in Texas has endorsed him. In response to a question on how he would confront the probable Republican nominee, Senator John McCain, a decorated war veteran, Obama noted that McCain had supported the war in Iraq, while he, Obama, had opposed it. 奥巴马说,他认为他有能力承担总统职责。他说,德克萨斯州的所有大报都发社论对他表示持。在回答有关他会如何应对很有可能成为共和党总统候选人的麦凯恩参议员这个著名的老兵这个问题的时候,奥巴马说,麦凯恩持伊拉克战争,而他反对伊拉克战争。"It is going to be much easier for the candidate who was opposed to the concept of invading Iraq in the first place to have a debate about the wisdom of that decision than to have to argue about the tactics used subsequent to that decision," he said.Asked about her criticism of the U.S. military surge in Iraq, Clinton said achieving progress by adding more U.S. troops is not the result the ed States should be seeking."Upon taking office, I would ask the Secretary of Defense and the Joints Chief of Staff and my security advisors to give me a plan so that I could begin withdrawing our troops within 60 days," she said.One of the best moments for both candidates came at the end when they were asked to describe a crisis they had faced. Obama spoke of being raised by a single mother and overcoming challenges as a youth. Clinton said the crises she has faced are well known, but that these were nothing compared to the difficulties faced by soldiers who have been maimed in combat overseas and the problems faced by workers, homeowners and people in need of health insurance.Clinton once held a large lead here in Texas and in Ohio, the other large state which holds its primary on March 4, but Obama has won the last 19 contests in a row and has now pulled even with her in the polls. Analysts agree that Clinton needs wins in both states in order to remain viable, whereas Obama only needs to maintain his momentum to stay in the lead.200802/27793。

Pope Celebrates Outdoor Mass in US Capital教皇本笃在美国首都举行露天弥撒  Pope Benedict XVI has celebrated an outdoor Mass for more than 45,000 people in Washington, D.C. The pope expressed concerns about problems in modern society and once again addressed the sex scandal that has rocked the church. 罗马天主教皇本笃在华盛顿为4万5千人举行露天弥撒。教皇对现代社会中的问题表示担心。他再次谈到震惊教会的性丑闻事件。 Tens of thousands of worshippers packed the stadium on a crystal clear day as Pope Benedict, dressed in scarlet vestments, arrived in the white popemobile. The pontiff led the service from a towering white and gold altar erected in a new baseball stadium.  在这个万里无云的晴朗日子,身著红色长袍的教皇本笃乘坐教皇专车,抵达挤满成千上万名信徒的体育场。在这个新棒球场上立着一个高大的白色和金色神坛。教皇就在神坛上主持弥撒活动。Benedict told the crowd that the world is at a crossroads. On the one hand he says it is a time of great promise, but the pope says there are also clear signs of what he called a disturbing breakdown in the foundations of society.  教皇对在场的人说,世界处在一个十字路口。一方面,教皇说,这是个有伟大希望的时代;但是另一方面,他说,还有明显迹象显示他所说的社会基础崩溃令人感到不安。"Signs of alienation, anger and polarization on the part of many of our contemporaries, increased violence, a weakening of the moral sense, a coarsening of social relations and a growing forgetfulness of Christ and God," said Pope Benedict. 教皇说:“在我们许多同仁身上出现的排外、愤怒和多极化现象增加了暴力、削弱了道德、加剧社会关系紧张,让人逐渐忘却耶稣和上帝。”Benedict says Americans have always been a people of hope and told the faithful their ancestors came to this country with the expectation of finding new freedom and opportunity. 教皇说,美国人民一直是个充满希望的民族。他对在场的信徒说,他们的祖先带着发现新自由和新机会的期待来到美国。But the pontiff says that promise was not fulfilled for all in America. 但是教皇说,并不是所有美国人都实现了自己的愿望。"One thinks of the injustices endured by the native American peoples and by those brought here forcibly from Africa as slaves. Yet hope, hope for the future, is very much a part of the American character," he said. 他说,“我想到美洲土著人和那些从非洲作为奴隶被强征到美洲的人受到的不公平待遇。然而,希望、对未来的希望在美国人的特性中是一个非常重要的部分。”For the third consecutive day, Benedict spoke about the sex abuse scandal that has led to the removal of hundreds of priests and cost the U.S. church billion in damages. 教皇本笃连续第三天谈到性侵犯丑闻,这一事件已经导致数百名神父被开除,它给美国天主教会造成20亿美元损失。"It is in the context of his hope born of God's love and fidelity that I acknowledge the pain which the Church in America has experienced as a result of the sexual abuse of minors," he said. "No words of mine could describe the pain and harm inflicted by such abuse." 教皇说:“本着上帝的爱和仁慈,我承认美国天主教会由于对未成年人的性侵害所经历的痛苦。我无法用语言表达性侵害造成的痛苦和伤害。”Pope Benedict says it is important that those who have suffered be given loving pastoral attention. He says he cannot adequately describe the damage that has occurred within the community of the Catholic Church in America. 教皇本笃说,那些遭受痛苦的人得到有爱心的精神指导很重要。他说,他无法充分形容美国天主教会团体内部受到的伤害。"Great efforts have aly been made to deal honestly and fairly with this tragic situation, and to ensure that children, whom our Lord loves so deeply, and who are our greatest treasure, can grow up in a safe environment," he said. "These efforts to protect children must continue." 他说:“人们已经采取了重大措施来诚实公平地处理这些悲剧。保儿童,我们的主所深爱的儿童,我们最珍贵的宝贝儿童,能够在安全的环境里成长。这些保护儿童的努力必须继续下去。”Most Catholic dioceses in America now require criminal background checks on employees and have taught parents and children how to recognize signs of abuse.  美国大多数天主教教区现在要求对雇员进行刑事背景调查,并且教导家长和儿童如何识别性侵害现象。Near the end of the Mass Benedict walked down from the altar to distribute Holy Communion. 在弥撒快结束时,教皇本笃走下神坛分发圣餐。At the conclusion of the two-hour service he blessed the cheering crowd and strolled through a multitude of the faithful who reached out to shake his hand or touch his robe. 在两个小时的活动结束时,教皇本笃为欢呼的人群祝福,走过伸手和他握手或者触摸他的长袍的大批信众。For Catholics like Odianosen Igene it was a moving service. 对于天主教徒伊杰恩来说,弥撒活动让他感动。"I am just thankful to God to be in the presence of the pope," said Igene. "This is my first time ever seeing a pope and it was something special. I felt very honored." 伊杰恩说:“我感谢上帝,我与教皇同在。这是我第一次见到一位教皇。这是很特殊的经历。我感到非常荣幸。”Marylou Francisco had a similar experience. 弗朗西斯科也有同感。"It was wonderful," she said. "It was so peaceful. It was so great." 他说:“太完美了。这么祥和。这么伟大。”Pope Benedict will address the ed Nations Friday in New York.  教皇本笃星期五将在纽约联合国总部发表讲话。 200804/35461。

Rice Hopes For Iranian Change of Course on Nuclear Program赖斯希望伊朗改变核问题立场 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says she hopes Saturday's critical meeting with Iran's nuclear negotiator in Geneva will mark a change of course for Tehran in its nuclear dispute with the international community. Rice is sending a senior envoy to take part in the talks. 美国国务卿赖斯说,她希望星期六在日内瓦美国高级官员与伊朗核项目谈判代表举行的关键性会议将标志伊朗当局在与国际社会在核项目上的争端中改弦更张。赖斯派美国国务次卿伯恩斯参加这次会谈。The dispatch of Undersecretary of State William Burns to the Geneva meeting is a policy shift for the Bush administration, which had shunned direct contacts with Tehran on the nuclear issue in the absence of an Iranian commitment to stop uranium enrichment. 派遣国务次卿伯恩斯前往日内瓦参加有关会议是布什政府政策的改变,因为布什政府原来一直拒绝就核项目问题与伊朗当局直接接触,除非伊朗保停止浓缩铀工作。At a State Department news conference with Kosovo political leaders, Rice said she hopes the U.S. gesture will encourage Iran to accept international incentives and halt its pursuit of technology that could lead to a nuclear weapon: 赖斯在美国国务院与科索沃政界领导人举行联合记者会时说,她希望美国的姿态将促使伊朗接受国际社会提出的鼓励方案,并且停止发展可能会用于核武器生产的技术。"We have been very clear that any country can change course," Rice said. "The ed States doesn't have any permanent enemies, and we hope that the signal that we're sending that we fully support the track that Iran could take for a better relationship with the international community is one that the ed States stands fully behind. We will see what happens on Saturday but that is the message that Bill Burns will be delivering." 赖斯说:“我们一向都清楚地表明,任何国家都可以改变路线方针。美国没有永久的敌人,我们希望我们发出的信息就是,美国全力持伊朗为了改善与国际社会关系而采取的措施,美国全力持这个立场。我们要看一看星期六会发生什么情况。不过,这就是伯恩斯要传递的信息。”Burns, the third-ranking State department official, will join European Union chief diplomat Javier Solana and diplomats from the other permanent U.N. Security Council member countries and Germany, the P-Five-Plus-One, in the meeting with Iranian envoy Saeed Jalili. 伯恩斯是美国国务院第三号官员。他将同欧盟外交事务主管索拉纳以及联合国安理会常任理事国和德国,即五加一集团的外交官一起出席与伊朗谈判代表贾利利举行的会议。Iran is expected to give its reply to an enhanced package of incentives offered by the P-Five-Plus-One in June to try to persuade Tehran to stop its enrichment drive and return to negotiations over its nuclear program. 预计,伊朗将对五加一集团今年6月提出的修改过的鼓励方案作出答复。这个方案是要争取说伊朗当局停止浓缩铀活动,回到有关伊朗核项目问题的谈判中来。A suspension of enrichment would mean a suspension of U.N. Security Council sanctions against Iran. Solana has also proposed a six-week period of so-called "pre-negotiations" in which there would be no new sanctions added if Iran stopped adding to its enrichment capacity. 伊朗停止浓缩铀工作意味着联合国安理会停止对伊朗的制裁。索拉纳还建议设立为期6个星期的所谓“谈判前时期”。在这段时间里,如果伊朗停止扩充浓缩铀能力,就不会增加对伊朗新的制裁。In her comments here, Rice said the decision to have Burns join the Geneva meeting is a "strong signal" to the world that the Bush administration is serious about nuclear diplomacy with Iran, but that it has not softened its fundamental demand that Tehran must stop enrichment to end its political isolation:"I would remind you that I signed the letter that sent the proposal forward to the Iranian regime," she noted. "And this is, in a sense, the bookend -- Bill Burns will go to receive the Iranian response. But it should be very clear to everyone: the ed States has a condition for the beginning of negotiations with Iran. And that condition remains the verifiable suspension of Iran's enrichment and processing activities."U.S. officials have declined to speculate what Iran's reply may be. But they say the range of comments by Tehran officials in recent weeks suggests, at least, an internal debate about whether to continue uranium enrichment - which the Tehran government has said is part of a peaceful nuclear program.200807/44328。

探索世界奥秘之The Ghost In Your Genes(基因外遗传现象) 13They discovered that when a famine was able to trigger an effect was different for the grandmother than the grandfather. The grandmother appeared susceptible while she herself was still in the womb, while the grandfather was affected just before puberty. And the timing of this sensitive period was telling us that it was tied in with the formation of the eggs and the sperm. This was critical, because now they knew how it was happening. Environmental information was being imprinted on the egg and sperm at the time of their formation. At last, a clear picture of an inherited environmental effect was beginning to emerge. All they needed to do now was to compile their findings. Bygren drew up a rough diagram, and sent it to Pembrey.Hand-drawn, this is what Olov sent me. You know, he was too excited to wait for the thing to be drawn up properly. You know, he sent me the data. Er, in fact I was recovering, er, from having something down to my heart. So he sent it saying, er, I hope this, helps you get better quickly, because it was so exciting.When Pembrey plotted out the diagram, he was immediately struck by its significance. Once I had plotted out the, the full extent of those results, it was so beautiful and such a clear pattern. I knew then, quite definitely, that we were dealing with a trans-generational response. It was so coherent, and that's important in science that the effect was coherent in some way, was tied in when, when eggs and sperm were being formed.The diagram showed a significant link between generations, between the diet in one and the life expectancy of another. When you think that you have, have found something important for the understanding of the thing (it...) itself, you can imagine that this is something really special.It's up there with I am... I'm a sort of fair-weather supporter of Liverpool. It's up there with Liverpool winning the Champion's League.You can only have it once in your lifetime.This is gonna become a famous diagram. I, I'm convinced by that. I get so excited every time I see it. It's just amazing. Every time I look at it, I find it really exciting. It's fantastic.Pembrey and Bygren had the first conclusive proof of an environmental effect being inherited in humans.New Words amp; Phrases:puberty: The stage of adolescence in which an individual becomes physiologically capable of sexual reproduction. 青春期plot: To represent graphically, as on a chart 以图表画出fair-weather: Present and dependable only in good times 只适于顺利时候的只在好的时候出现或可信赖的200807/45050。