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Obama beats Brad Pitt as most stylish man: pollMove aside Brad Pitt. US President Barack Obama has beaten all the usual male style icons to be named the world's most stylish man in a poll.The survey of 3,000 men put the 47-year-old president at the top of the style list after impressing people all over the world with his suits and dress sense.Actor Brad Pitt came second, praised for his ability to look stylish in a suit or in jeans.Third in the poll, conducted by researcher OnePoll.com, was British footballer David Beckham, whose trendy style has seen him become one of the most photographed men in the world and the face -- and body -- for Giorgio Armani's underwear campaign."Barack Obama has a great sense of style, which no doubt adds to his popularity," said Jonathan Heilbron, CEO of luxury British shirt brand Thomas Pink which commissioned the poll."World leaders and politicians are not known for their dress sense, so it's refreshing to have Obama who seems to genuinely care about his appearance."James Bond star, actor Daniel Craig, was voted fourth in the list, followed by US actor Al Pacino.Rounding out the top 10 were actors George Clooney, Bill Nighy, Clint Eastwood and Will Smith as well as painter and filmmaker Andy Warhol. /200906/74778

Most women have gone through the ordeal of buying a product only to get home and discover it looks more clown than chic. But now the "magic mirror" can give you a full make-over in seconds, and lets you test hundreds of different products in minutes through using the touch-sensitive screen.大部分女性都曾有过这样的化妆品购买经历:兴冲冲买了一款化妆品,结果回家发现它只能让你看起来更像小丑而非美女。如今有一款“魔镜”终于能够实现你几秒内即可上好妆的梦想,并通过触摸屏的设计,让你在几分钟即可试遍成百上千种化妆品。 /201104/131414

It#39;s really no wonder we are obsessed with staying young. It seems to me that youth is equated with beauty, vitality and power, whereas old age is synonymous with the loss of such qualities. The general consensus is that we hit a certain age and it is all down hill from there. Or that there is a time we call the ‘prime of our lives#39; and before and after our ‘prime#39; it is all just struggle and suffering. So what#39;s this all about? When did we collectively decide to forget that we actually get better with age?我们对于保持青春如此地痴迷,这真的不足为奇。我们对于衰老的社会态度未必就是值得称道的。在我看来,似乎年轻就等同于美丽、活力和力量,反之年老就意味着丧失了这些特性。人们的普遍共识是,我们到了某一年龄,从此之后就开始走下坡路了。或者有那么一段时期我们称之为;人生的黄金时期;,在;黄金时期;前后的时间里都是挣扎与痛苦。那么这是怎么一回事儿?是在什么时候我们忘了这样一个事实:随着年龄的增长我们其实越过越好?Somewhere along the great evolutionary journey of humanity, we lost our reverence for growing old (which, by the way, is totally natural and something we all go through!). So, if I were to narrow it down to just 5 things that keep us beautiful, filled with vitality and power, it would be the following:沿着人类伟大的进化之路,我们不知在何处丧失了对衰老的崇敬(顺便提一句,衰老完全是自然发生的现象,而且我们都要经历!)。因此,如果要我总结出5件让我们保持美丽、充满活力和力量的事情,那么就是以下的5点:1.Cultivate breath awareness. This, to me, is where meditation really begins. Meditation, leads to mental clarity (purifying and concentrating the mind…on what#39;s really important…in every moment.) This mental clarity then ignites our innate intuitive abilities, which enables us to make the right decisions. And finally, with this clarity and heightened insight into our individual truth, we harness the power to heal. To heal from within, bringing into oneness the body, mind and soul because our soul does not want us to be insane or ill!1.培养呼吸的意识。对我而言,这是冥想的真正开始。冥想能纯净心智(净化大脑,每时每刻集中精力于真正重要的事情上)。纯净心智可以激发我们先天的敏悟,这能让我们做出正确的决定。最后,有了这种纯净和对个人真实的高度洞察力,我们掌握了痊愈的力量。为了从内心得以痊愈,将身体、精神和灵魂合为一体,因为我们的灵魂不想让我们变得愚蠢和邪恶!2.Laugh. Hmmmm, this is a tricky one. Laugh…because it feels awesome! It sps good vibes everywhere and it promotes loads of yummy sensations and vibrations throughout the body. Yeah!2.大笑。嗯,这是比较微妙的一点。大笑……因为这感觉很棒!它能向各处传播良好的气氛,大大提升愉快的感觉,让快乐遍布你的全身。耶!3.Sing (or at least speak with passion and heart). If not sing, then hum, chant, cry out…just let it out. Don#39;t be afraid, there is no right or wrong. We are born with this beautiful instrument; our voice. We are meant to use it. Speak with love and inspiration…it#39;s pretty much the same as singing. Also, it feels good. Don#39;t hold it all in…let it out – it#39;s good for you!3.唱歌(或者至少是充满地用心讲话)。如果不想唱歌,那就哼歌、吟诵、喊叫……总之要释放出来。不用担心,这没有对错之分。我们生来就具有这个美丽的乐器:我们的嗓音。我们注定要去使用它。用爱和灵感说出来……这跟唱歌非常相似,并且感觉很好。不要把什么都憋在心里,说出来,这对你是有好处的!4.Move. I can remember being told when I was younger and would make silly faces, ‘careful, if you pull that face for long enough, it will get stuck like that.#39; Well, in a way this is kind of true. We see it with age. Bad posture can lead to really deformed spines. Bitterness can lead to a permanently miserable looking expression on one#39;s face. As long as you#39;re alive, move. Even if it#39;s just wiggling your fingers, your toes and your nose…just keep moving. If we remain aware of our breath, it will always guide us, telling us exactly how the body wants to move in every moment. So, just trust breath and move around. Again, it feels good.4.活动。我还记得年轻一些的时候,当我傻傻的做鬼脸时有人会告诉我:;小心,如果你长时间地拉着脸,那么你的脸就会那样僵住。;好吧,在某种程度上这句话有几分道理。随着年龄的增长,我们就知道这一点了。不良的姿势真的会导致脊柱变形。难过会让一个人的脸上永远都是痛苦的表情。只要你还活着,那就活动吧。即便只是摆动手指、脚趾和鼻子……要一直活动着。如果我们一直能意识到自己的呼吸,这将会一直指导着我们,确切地告诉我们身体在每时每刻是多么希望能得到活动。因此,相信呼吸,多走动。况且这种感觉很棒。5.Love…it all.That includes and really starts with you! Make a conscious choice to love everything…the good, the bad and the ugly. It all comes from a loving place anyway, so loving it all, just keeps you more filled with joy, as opposed to hating it all, which will just make you old, bitter and dis-eased! Don#39;t we all just know it!5.爱……一切。这当然包括爱你自己,这是爱一切的开始!做一个清醒的选择来爱一切……不论好的、坏的,还是丑陋的。总之这全部来自于一个有爱的地方,因此爱这一切吧,让你的生活充满更多欢乐。与之相反,憎恨一切会让你衰老、怨恨和不安,我们都知道这一点!So try to embrace these five things everyday and see if you feel any younger. If it works for you, sp the word, share the vibes and let#39;s all be a little happier and vibrantly alive!因此每天努力去做这5件事吧,看看你是否感觉自己更年轻了。如果这对你来说有用,把它告知他人,分享这种氛围,让所有的人都更幸福一点,充满活力地活着! /201208/193798

有些中国人说话太尖刻 在参加一次商务聚会时,有一位外宾很礼貌地问一位以前就认识的中国朋友:“当你有空时,你愿意和我一起谈谈吗?”那位中国人知道外国人非常欣赏直率的性格,于是很干脆地回答说:“不,我太忙了,没有时间。”外宾对于被拒绝并不介意,但是对于中国人拒绝的方式,却有点儿吃惊:“这个人说话欠缺一点儿修养,说话如此尖刻”。  旅居加拿大和美国期间,笔者不止一次地听到有北美的朋友抱怨说:“中国人说话太尖刻了。”开始我们并没有在意,以为这只是个别中国人个性较强所致,或者只是有些外国人听不得别人的意见和建议而已。不过我们渐渐地发现,与我们交往的很多北美朋友,竟然都有相似的感慨与抱怨。我们很诧异地想:“怎么可能呢?!中国人以千年礼仪之邦而自豪,是世界上号称最会委婉讲话的民族。现在竟有这么多人抱怨说中国人说话太尖锐,原因何在呢?”   经过了解和观察,笔者们发现很多平日彬彬有礼的中国人,在与加拿大、美国人交往时,并没有学会使用北美人所熟知的礼仪、礼貌与特有的表达习惯,只是套用我们中国人的礼仪、礼貌和表达方式去交往,以至于造成了不少对于中国文化缺乏了解的人误解。因此中外双方文化冲突和差异的解决,一方面是外国人需要多了解中华文化和礼仪;而另一方面,就是我们自己也要了解一些外国人在交流时所特有的表达方式。详细的内容请见我们的《如何与老外有效交流4:文化差异与冲突》(北京大学出版社出版)系列图书。以下,简要介绍一些原因和解决的办法。 /200909/83054

Don’t add more pressure. Forget about turning lemons into lemonade. The first rule to follow when trying to turn around a bad day is to not try to turn around a bad day — that’s nearly impossible and puts way too much pressure on you. Your goal should be to survive the day and minimize the long-term damage by agreeing not to make any decisions. After a barrage of bad news, your decision making ability will be all messed up. Take a break and, if possible, escape… 不要再给自己加压。忘记把柠檬榨成柠檬汁了,不要强迫自己一定做好,你要做的就是认真过好这一天,不让时间浪费。 /201003/100021

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