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A Finnish teenager has smashed the world record - and probably his phone - in this year#39;s annual mobile-phone throwing contest in Finland.在芬兰举行的年度扔手机大赛中,芬兰一位青少年打破世界纪录夺冠,当然他扔出的手机也粉身碎骨。Eighteen-year-old Ere Karjalainen launched a phone the ;amazing; distance of 101.46 metres, Finnish public television network YLE said after Saturday#39;s event.据芬兰公共电视网芬兰广播公司报道,在上周六的比赛中,18岁的埃林#8226;卡尔亚莱宁把手机扔出惊人的101.46米远,获得冠军。Second place went to South African Jeremy Gallop, who threw a phone 94.67 metres.获得第二名的是南非人杰里米#8226;盖洛普,他的成绩是94.67米。According to contest organisers, the competition offers mobile phone users a unique opportunity to ;pay back all the frustrations and disappointments caused by these modern equipments.;据比赛主办方介绍,比赛给了手机使用者一个难得的机会“发泄手机带来的烦恼和失望”。Finland is the home of Nokia and is awash in obsolete phones, organisers said.主办方说,诺基亚公司总部位于芬兰,芬兰到处都是废弃的手机。;There will be no doping tests,; organisers said on their English website.主办方在英文网站上说:“扔手机比赛中可不用药检。”;However the jury can rule out the contestant if his/her mental or physical preparedness is not adequate for full a performance.;“但如果选手在精神和体力方面的准备不足以完成比赛,裁判可以拒绝他参赛。”The event has been held in the southeastern town of Savonlinna since 2000.自2000年开始,比赛每年在芬兰东南部小镇萨翁林纳举行。 /201208/196008

Christmas is one of the most beautiful holidays of all time. It is the day when God#39;s son was born on earth. Hence, this day is sacred for all Christians around the world. The Christmas season gives rise to a number of Christmas traditions that come along. Here are a few of them that are celebrated with zest and enthusiasm worldwide for centuries.圣诞节一直是个美好的节日。这是上帝之子诞生的日子,因此对世界各地的基督徒来说,这一天是非常神圣的。圣诞季节自然少不了各种圣诞传统。下面这些传统,可是几个世纪以来一直世界各地的人们一直热闹欢庆的习俗。Preparation of the Christmas cake烘烤圣诞蛋糕This was an English tradition which started centuries ago. On Christmas eve, plum porridge was served to the people. As years passed, various other things like dry fruits, honey and spices were used. Soon this porridge got replaced with the Christmas cake. Christmas cakes are made using eggs, butter, confections, fruits, etc. Today a Christmas cake is an integral part of a Christmas .这项英式传统早在几个世纪以前就流传开了,以前人们在平安夜喝梅花粥。随着时间慢慢推移,人们还会享用果脯、蜂蜜及香料食物等,随后圣诞蛋糕便代替梅花粥出现了。圣诞蛋糕由鸡蛋、黄油、甜点、水果等烘制而成。现如今,圣诞蛋糕已成为圣诞菜谱不可或缺的一部分。Sending gifts to loved ones给亲友送礼物This tradition comes from the story of the three wise men who got gifts for baby Jesus on Christmas. Every Christmas, gifts are exchanged among loved ones, especially children. The story of Santa Claus also comes from this tradition.这个传统源自一个传说:三位智者在圣诞节给婴儿耶稣送出了礼物。每年圣诞节,亲朋好友尤其是孩子们都会互赠礼物,圣诞老人的故事也源自这个传统。Decorating the Christmas tree装扮圣诞树This refers to the tradition of decorating a pine tree using lights, tinsels, garlands, ornaments, candy canes, etc. Today, a Christmas tree is an indispensable part of Christmas celebration.这个传统指的是用灯、金箔、花环、饰品、糖果条等装扮松树。现如今,圣诞树也是欢庆节日不可或缺的一部分。Lighting up the Christmas candle点燃圣诞蜡烛This refers to the tradition of placing a lighted candle outside houses during the Christmas season. A candle signifies hope as it brings light even to the darkest room. In the earlier times, when Christians were persecuted, they were not allowed to practice prayers. Hence, a single candle used to be placed outside the house as a sign that Christian prayers were being conducted inside.这个传统指的是人们会在圣诞期间在屋子外面放一点燃的蜡烛。即便在最黑暗的屋子,蜡烛也能带来光明,寓意希望。早些年代,也就是基督徒深受迫害的时候,他们被禁止布道祷告。因此,基督徒们在屋外放一蜡烛,暗示他们仍在心里默默祷告。Singing Christmas carols唱圣诞颂歌It refers to the age-old custom of enchanting a number of traditional Christmas songs during the Christmas season. It adds to the joy and fun to the atmosphere. Different Christmas hymns or carols like The First Noel, Jingle Bells, Joy to the world, etc are sung every Christmas as a part of the Christmas celebration.这是一个古老的习俗:圣诞期间总是回荡着一首又一首圣诞传统歌曲。歌曲给人们带来欢乐,也增添了节日的气氛。每年欢度圣诞之际,《第一个圣诞节》、《铃儿响叮当》、《普世欢腾》等各种圣诞圣歌或颂歌都会奏响旋律。Making of Cribs制作圣诞马槽This is yet another age-old tradition of Christmas. A crib refers to the Nativity Scene that is prepared using small statues. The first crib ever was made outside a church of St. Francis of Assisi for children to show them how the Nativity scene was like. Since then, this tradition became very popular.这也是一个古老的圣诞习俗。人们用小雕像和马槽营造耶稣诞生的场景。第一个马槽建在圣法兰西斯一所教堂外面,意在向孩子们展示耶稣诞生的场景。从那以后这个习俗便一直流传了下来。Distributing Christmas candies分发圣诞糖果This is one of the most wonderful traditions of all. Christmas candies are distributed to neighbors during the Yuletide season. On the day of Christmas, all misunderstandings and grudges are forgotten and the community comes together to celebrate the birth of Christ.这是所有传统中最有趣的一个。圣诞季人们向邻居们分发圣诞糖果;圣诞节那天,所有误会与仇恨统统化解,邻里之间团结一致共同庆祝耶稣的诞生。These traditions have been carried out for decades, yet they are celebrated with more and more exuberance each year. The level of excitement has never gone down. It just keeps getting better and better with time.这些传统沿袭已有几十年,一年比一年热闹,盛况可谓有增无减。相信随着时间的推移,人们对传统习俗的热情只会越来越高。 /201212/216286

Going on holiday not only makes you feel good while you#39;re there - you reap the health benefits for months, new research shows.新研究显示,度假不仅让你在当时感觉良好,而且给你的健康带来的益处可维持数月之久。Jetting off to exotic destinations such as the Maldives cuts your blood pressure, helps you sleep better and bounce back from stress, it found.研究发现,乘飞机到马尔代夫等颇具异国情调的旅游目的地度个假,不仅会让你的血压降下来,而且有助于改善你的睡眠,帮助你从压力中恢复过来。The benefits last at least a fortnight longer than the vacation and can be felt for months in some cases it is claimed.度假带来的益处可在假期结束后持续至少两周,据称有时还能持续数月之久。Experts say workers should always take their full holiday entitlement each year - as many as one in three don’t - to reap the benefits.专家认为,员工应当充分享受其每年的休假权,从中获益——而事实上,多达三分之一的员工没有休掉年假。The study compared key health markers in holidaymakers visiting Thailand, Peru or the Maldives, with people who stayed at home and continued working.此项研究将去泰国、秘鲁或马尔代夫等国度假的人的主要健康指数与留在家里继续工作的人进行了对比。The average blood pressure of those on holiday dropped by six percent while the workers saw their blood pressure rise by two percent over the same period.度假者的平均血压降低了6%,而同一期间继续工作的人的血压则上升了2%。The sleep quality of holidaymakers improved by 17 percent while that of the non-holidaymakers deteriorated by 14 percent.度假者的睡眠质量提高了17%,而不度假者的睡眠质量则下降了14%。The study also found the ability of vacationers to recover from stress - known as the stress-resilience test - improved by 29 percent.通过压力恢复力测试,研究还发现,度假者从压力中恢复过来的能力提高了29%。There was a 71 percent fall in stress resilience scores among workers.假期工作的人这一能力的得分则下降了71%。Tests showed a fall in blood glucose levels, reducing the risk of diabetes, trimmer waistlines and enhanced mood and energy levels, with the effects sustained for at least two weeks after returning home.测试表明,度假者的血糖水平降低了,患糖尿病的风险减少了,腰围变细了,情绪和精力均有所改善,而且这种影响可以在度假回家后持续至少两周。The Holiday Health Experiment was conducted by tour operator Kuoni and Nuffield Health, the UK’s largest healthcare charity.这项度假健康实验是由瑞士旅业集团与英国最大的健康慈善机构纳菲尔德健康中心联合开展的。 /201302/223723

But the teacher cried老师哭了The six-year-old John was terribly spoiled.六岁的约翰娇生惯养。His father knew it, but his grandma doted on him. He hardly left her side. And when he wanted anything, he either cried or threw a temper tantrum. Then came his first day of school, his first day away from his grandmother#39;s loving arms.他的父亲知道这一点,可他的祖父母仍然宠着他。这孩子几乎寸步不离他的祖母。他想要什么不是哭,就是闹。他第一天上学才离开祖母的怀抱。When he came home from school his grandma met him at the door.约翰放学了,他奶奶在门口接他并问道:;Was school all right?; she asked, ;Did you get along all right? did you cry?;“学校怎么样?你过的好吗?哭了没有?”;Cry?; John asked. ;No, I didn#39;t cry, but the teacher did!;“哭?”约翰问,“不,我没哭,可老师哭了。” /201209/200874

FOREVER ended up being a very short time for three couples who vowed ;until death do us part#39;#39; on the auspicious marriage day of January 4 but divorced just days later.对三对在结婚吉日1月4日宣誓“至死不渝”但几天后离婚收场的夫妻来说,永远并没有多远。They were among some 7,300 couples who drew marriage certificates at civil affairs bureaus across the city that day, which witnessed a marriage boom for its auspicious meaning. The date sounds like ;forever love#39;#39; in spoken Chinese.他们是那天在市民政局领取结婚的7300对夫妻中的几个,见了一场吉祥意义的结婚盛况。日期在汉语口语听起来像“永远爱你”。A couple who declined to be identified divorced only four days after January 4.一对不愿透露姓名的夫妇1月4日之后仅4天就离婚了。They called the marriage ;a hasty decision; resulting from following the craze that day.他们称结婚是源于那天狂热跟风的“一个仓促决定”。The young couple rejected counseling from staff workers at the Xuhui marriage registration center who tried to dissuade them from divorcing.这对年轻夫妇拒绝了徐汇婚姻登记中心的工作人员试图劝阻他们离婚的咨询。But they said they had made up their minds without further explanation.但是他们说已经下定决心,没有进一步的解释。If a wife or husband remains silent or cries when asking for a divorce, it means it may still be possible to change their minds, according to officials providing free marriage counseling services at the Xuhui center.如果妻子或丈夫在要求离婚时保持沉默或哭泣,这意味着仍有可能改变他们的想法,据徐汇中心提供免费婚姻咨询务的办公人员说。But in most cases, the efforts fail.但大多数情况下努力会失败。Seven couples in the city who registered for marriage on December 12, which means ;want to love; twice in Chinese, also divorced.市里有七对夫妇在12月12日登记结婚,这在中文中意味着“想爱”,也离婚了。;Nowadays, divorce is such an easy thing compared with years ago when the procedure was complicated with both the spouses, working units probably getting involved,; said Leng Li, a marriage counselor.“如今,离婚是这样一件容易的事情,而几年前程序对配偶双方都是复杂的,工作单位可能牵扯进来,”婚姻顾问李棱说。Lin Kewu, deputy director of Shanghai Civil Affairs#39; marriage administration office, said the number of flash marriage and flash divorces among young couples is on the rise as their love does not have a strong foundation and they don#39;t take their marriage vows very seriously.上海市民政事务行政办公室副主任林克武说年轻情侣中闪婚闪离的数量正在上升,因为他们的爱没有一个坚实的基础,他们没有严肃对待婚姻誓言。;Many young couples do not know tolerance and their parents intervene, making things worse,; he said.“许多年轻夫妇不知道宽容,他们父母的干预使事情变得更糟,”他说。Leng said those born after 1980 were pampered by their parents as China#39;s one-child policy took effect, and they tend to be more self-centered and less tolerant in a marriage than those born earlier.李棱说由于中国的独生子女政策生效那些被父母纵容的80后他们在婚姻中比那些更早出生的人往往更自私且缺少宽容。;When disputes erupt, neither the husband nor the wife is willing to compromise because they grew up in a similar environment of a one-child family,” she said. ;So quarrels escalate into divorces, sometimes with parents#39; intervention.;“当争端爆发,无论是丈夫和妻子都不愿意妥协,因为他们成长在独生子女家庭这样一个类似的环境中,”她说,“所以争吵升级为离婚,有时有父母的干预。”Couples also sometimes divorce to purchase one more apartment under housing purchase restrictions and they remarry later, Lin said.在购房限制下夫妻有时也会为再购买一套公寓而离婚,之后他们复婚,林说。 /201301/221479

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