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铜仁市妇幼保健院官网贵阳天伦不孕医院医术好吗Russia has blocked a Facebook page calling for a protest in support of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, as the Kremlin tightens its control of the internet and social media.The move capped a week of drama in Russia, where a collapse in the value of the rouble triggered widesp alarm and rattled the population’s confidence in President Vladimir Putin.The Facebook page was set up after prosecutors on Friday asked for a 10-year jail sentence for Mr Navalny on embezzlement charges that critics say are politically motivated.As of Sunday afternoon, 12,000 people had said they would attend the protest, which was called for January 15, the date of the verdict in Mr Navalny’s case. A separate Facebook page, set up after the first one was blocked, had attracted 15,700 promises of attendance.Mr Navalny, an anti-corruption blogger sharply critical of Mr Putin, was a central figure in the 2011-12 protests that shook Moscow after the most recent presidential elections. Last year he ran unsuccessfully for Moscow mayor, but since February has been living under house arrest amid a series of investigations into his affairs.Vadim Ampelonsky, a spokesman for communications regulator Roskomnadzor, told Interfax on Saturday that the prosecutor-general had requested that access be blocked “to internet pages on Facebook which contain calls to unauthorised mass events”.The move comes amid a growing crackdown on the Russian opposition and paranoia in the Kremlin about the possibility of a popular revolution in the mould of Ukraine’s Maidan square or the Arab Spring.At his annual press conference on Thursday, Mr Putin said “the border line between the opposition and the fifth column is very thin”, using a Stalin-era term to describe traitors within Russia that Mr Putin has repopularised.翻译仅供参考俄罗斯加大了对互联网和社交媒体的控制力度,封禁了一个呼吁开展抗议活动、持反对派领导人阿列克谢#8226;纳瓦尔尼(Alexei Navalny)的Facebook网页。周五,俄罗斯检方以贪污罪提请判处纳瓦尔尼10年监禁,这个Facebook页面是在那之后设立的。批评者认为,检方这一指控带有政治目的。有人呼吁在纳瓦尔尼案判决当日,即2015年1月15日举行这一抗议活动。截至周日下午,已有1.2万人表示会参加该抗议活动。此外,在第一个Facebook网页被封之后,有人在Facebook上另外设立了一个网页。后者吸引了1.57万人表态,承诺将参与该抗议活动。纳瓦尔尼是一名对俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)持尖锐批评态度的反腐败主。他是2011年到2012年期间俄罗斯多起抗议活动的核心人物。这些抗议活动发生在俄罗斯最近一次总统选举之后,它们令俄罗斯政府十分不安。去年,他还曾竞选莫斯科市长,但并未成功。不过,自今年2月以来,他因多起事件遭到一系列调查,并一直处于软禁之中。周六,俄罗斯通信监管部门Roskomnadzor发言人瓦季姆#8226;安佩龙斯基(Vadim Ampelonsky)告诉俄罗斯国际文传电讯社(Interfax),俄罗斯总检察长要求“对含有呼吁开展未经批准的大规模事件的网页予以封禁”。这一举措的推出,正值俄罗斯加大对反对派打击力度之际。同时,俄罗斯政府还十分偏执地认为,俄罗斯可能发生乌克兰独立广场(Maidan square)模式或阿拉伯之春(Arab Spring)模式的人民革命。今年,俄罗斯加大了对互联网的管控。今年2月,俄罗斯生效了多项法律,令总检察长可以在无需法院命令的情况下,下令封禁网站或社交媒体账户。 /201412/350213贵阳市天伦医院医生 贵州天伦不孕不肓医院地址

贵阳/市第三人民医院妇科专家在线The US Supreme Court has thrown out the conviction of a man who posted violent messages about his wife and co-workers on Facebook, in a case that was being closely watched over its potential implications for online speech.美国最高法院(US Supreme Court)推翻了一名在Facebook上对其妻子和同僚发出威胁性言论的男子的罪名。该案由于对网上言论具有的潜在影响,受到了密切的关注。Anthony Elonis was convicted on four counts of transmitting threatening content in 2011 after ranting online about wanting his wife dead and, in one photograph posted on the social media network, holding a toy knife to the neck of a co-worker at an amusement park with the caption “I wish”.2011年,安东尼#8226;埃罗尼斯(Anthony Elonis)因四次传播威胁性内容而被定罪。他在社交媒体网络Facebook上大放厥词,称要杀死自己的妻子——在上传的一张照片中,他手握一把玩具刀指向游乐场一名同僚的脖子,同时配上文字称“我希望”(I wish)。Mr Elonis argued that he was under emotional duress after his wife of nearly seven years left with their two children and that he was merely venting through Facebook.埃罗尼斯辩称,他与妻子结婚近7年,当妻子带着他们的两个孩子离开之后,他感到很郁闷,他只不过是通过Facebook泄愤。The Supreme Court, in a 7-2 decision, threw out his conviction on Monday, ruling that the jury was not properly instructed in the case. The US high court said that it was not enough for the government to establish that a “reasonable” person would have viewed Mr Elonis’s posts as threatening.周一,美国最高法院以7票赞同、2票反对的比例,推翻了他被判的罪名。最高法院认定,陪审团在该案中对案情掌握不当。最高法院表示,美国政府没有足够据明一位“有理性的”人会把埃罗尼斯的发言视为威胁。In a narrow ruling that dodged the First Amendment issues some free speech advocates expected the court to address, the justices found that the government must show that a defendant intended their posts to be threatening, or at least understood there was a possibility they would be viewed as a crime, to be convicted under the federal law barring the transmission of threatening content.在一份避开了美国宪法第一修正案问题(有些倡导言论自由的人希望法庭提到这些问题)的狭义裁决中,法官们认定,政府必须明一名被告人故意用言论来发出威胁,或者起码要明白该言论有可能被视为一项犯罪行为,唯有这样,才能依据阻止传播威胁性内容的联邦法律对其定罪。 /201506/378537贵阳/市红十字会医院妇科坐诊 The Environmental Protection Agency said on Monday that it had discovered cheating software on more Volkswagen and Audi cars than previously disclosed and, for the first time, also found the illegal software in some of the carmaker’s high-end Porsche models.美国国家环境保护局(Environmental Protection Agency,简称EPA)周一表示,他们在更多大众(Volkswagen)及奥迪(Audi)车上发现了作弊软件,超过之前披露的规模,而且首次在大众高端品牌保时捷的一些车型中发现了非法软件。The findings put significant new pressure on Volkswagen, which did not reveal the defeat devices to the agency, and its new chief executive, Matthias Müller, who was previously the head of Volkswagen’s Porsche division.这一发现给大众集团及新任首席执行官马蒂亚斯·穆勒(Matthias Müller)带来重压,该公司没有向EPA报告这种减效装置,穆勒之前是大众集团保时捷部门的负责人。Mr. Müller’s predecessor, Martin Winterkorn, resigned in September after regulators in the ed States disclosed that the German automaker had installed sophisticated software on some Volkswagen diesel models that reduced pollutant emissions when the cars were being tested. In day-to-day usage, the mandatory controls were turned off, providing the cars with better engine performance but emitting as much as 40 times the legal limits of nitrogen oxide, a pollutant linked to lung ailments.在美国监管机构发现这家德国汽车制造商在一些大众柴油车上安装用于排放检测作弊的复杂软件之后,前任CEO马丁·文德恩(Martin Winterkorn)于9月辞职。在日常使用时,这种强制控制软件会被关闭,为车辆提供更好的发动机性能,但排放的氮氧化物是规定标准的40倍,这种污染物会导致肺部疾病。The new revelations escalate the potential damage to Volkswagen’s finances and reputation. Audi and Porsche are the source of most of the company’s earnings, because profit margins tend to be much higher on luxury cars. In contrast to Volkswagen brand cars, which have struggled in the ed States, Audi and Porsche are success stories in America. The ed States is Porsche’s biggest single market.新发现加剧了此事可能对大众财务状况及声誉造成的损害。奥迪和保时捷是该公司的主要收入来源,因为高档车的利润空间要大得多。与难以立足美国的其他大众品牌汽车相比,奥迪和保时捷在美国取得了成功。美国是保时捷的最大市场。The E.P.A.’s report opens a new chapter in its investigation of Volkswagen’s practice. The new cheating devices were uncovered by investigators during new tests that were conducted on all diesel car models in the ed States by E.P.A., the California Air Resources Board and the regulatory group Environment Canada.EPA的报告打开了针对大众集团的调查的新篇章。EPA、加州大气资源委员会(California Air Resources Board)及监管机构加拿大环境部(Environment Canada)的调查人员在美国对所有柴油车型开展了新的检测,期间发现了这些新的减效装置。“VW has once again failed its obligation to comply with the law that protects clean air for all Americans,” Cynthia Giles, the assistant administrator for E.P.A.’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, said in a statement.“大众集团再一次没有承担担任,没有遵守为所有美国人保护洁净空气的法律,”EPA环境执法办公室行政助理辛西娅·贾尔斯(Cynthia Giles)发表声明称。Volkswagen did not immediately comment on the E.P.A.’s announcement. The carmaker has not yet disclosed how it will fix the cars.大众集团没有立即就EPA的声明发表。该汽车制造商尚未透露如何修理相关车辆。Since September, regulators have been conducting additional tests on all diesel cars models. They have not found similar defeat devices on diesel models produced by automakers other than Volkswagen. Testing is continuing and the agency plans to make its results public once the tests are completed.自9月以来,监管机构对所有柴油车进行了额外的检测。他们尚未发现除大众之外的汽车制造商生产的柴油车存在类似的减效装置。检测还在继续,该机构计划在检测结束后公布结果。The agency says the new tests found that Volkswagen had installed a defeat device in some Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche diesel cars with a 3.0-liter engines, encompassing model years 2014 through 2016. It said these devices, meant to cheat on emissions testing, would increase the release of nitrogen oxide up to nine times the agency’s standard.该机构表示,新检测发现该公司在一些大众、奥迪及保时捷3公升引擎柴油车上安装了减效装置,包括从2014年到2016年的车型。该机构称,这些用于排放检测作弊的装置将会增加氮氧化物的排放量,最多达到该机构设定的标准的九倍。The disclosure covers about 10,000 passenger cars aly sold in the ed States since the model year 2014. In addition, the violation notice from the agency covers an unspecified number of 2016 vehicles. The cars found to have the software installed are the diesel versions of the 2014 VW Touareg, the 2015 Porsche Cayenne and the 2016 Audi A6 Quattro, A7 Quattro, A8, A8L and Q5.此次披露的丑闻涉及1万辆在美国销售的2014年款轿车。除此之外,该机构发出的违规通告还涉及2016年款轿车,但没有详细说明数量。被发现装有作弊软件的车包括2014年款的大众途锐(Touareg)柴油车、2015年款保时捷卡宴(Cayenne)和2016年款奥迪A6 Quattro、A7 Quattro、A8、A8L和Q5。 /201511/407791遵义/妇幼保健院冶疗子宫肌

贵阳/中医学院第二附属医院做四维彩超多钱British and Chinese motor industry co-operation — best known for Shanghai Auto’s ownership of the Longbridge plant in Birmingham — will advance this week to include projects from red London buses to Aston Martin sports cars, but with a common th: electric power.英中两国汽车业的合作以上海汽车(Shanghai Auto)对伯明翰长桥(Longbridge)汽车厂的收购最为知名。而在本周,这一合作将取得很大进展,这其中包括了从红色伦敦公交车到阿斯顿氠丁(Aston Martin)运动型轿车在内的多个项目,它们的共同点在于:都和电动力有关。Chinese car and battery maker BYD will show off the world’s first electric double-decker bus on Wednesday after signing a 10-year joint venture with Scottish manufacturer Alexander Dennis (ADL) to produce a zero-emissions fleet for the UK.周三,中国汽车和电池制造商比亚迪(BYD)将展示全球第一款电动双层巴士。此前,该公司与苏格兰制造商亚历山大·丹尼斯有限公司(ADL)签署了一份为期十年的合资协议,为英国打造零排放的公交车队。The two companies will together build 2,000, 12-metre single-decker electric buses in Falkirk for the British market over 10 years, in a deal generating 660m in total revenues.两家企业将在10年时间里在福尔柯克为英国市场制造2000辆12米长的单层电动公交车,协议总计会创造6.6亿英镑的营收。But BYD, which is backed by Warren Buffett, and ADL are in advanced talks to extend the deal to include double deckers. “When this happens there is potential to triple the scale of the current deal to almost 2bn,” the companies said.不过,曾获沃伦巴菲特(Warren Buffett)投资的比亚迪正在和ADL开展深入磋商,准备将该协议拓展至包括双层巴士在内。两家企业表示:“此事一旦达成,现有交易的规模可能会扩大两倍,达到近20亿英镑。”The bus will be unveiled outside Lancaster House on Wednesday alongside the new hybrid electric TX5 taxi from the Chinese-owned London Taxi Company and the Aston Martin DB10 sports car from the forthcoming James Bond film, Spectre.该款巴士将于周三在兰卡斯特宫(Lancaster House)外亮相。和该车一道亮相的,还有来自伦敦出租车公司(London Taxi Company)的新型混合电动TX5出租车,以及阿斯顿氠丁DB10运动型轿车。目前,伦敦出租车公司已由中国人全资持股。而阿斯顿氠丁DB10运动型轿车则会出现在即将上映的007电影《幽灵党》(Spectre)中。Aston Marton is expected to announce an agreement on fresh investment from China Equity, a buyout group, which will help the British carmaker produce an all-electric version of its Rapide luxury saloon.阿斯顿氠丁预计会公布一份有关收购集团信中利(China Equity)的新一轮投资的协议,这笔资金将帮助这家英国汽车制造商生产一款纯电动的Rapide豪华轿车。A battery-powered concept version of the car will be in the garden at Lancaster House on Wednesday, and Aston Martin will seek to bring the UK-made variant to market within two years.周三,兰卡斯特宫的花园里将展出该款车型的电池动力概念车,阿斯顿氠丁将寻求在两年内将这种英国制造的变种车型推向市场。The deals are part of a raft of Sino-British business being conducted under the auspices of a state visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping as the UK seeks to woo investment from the world’s second-largest economy.比亚迪的竞争对手、旗下拥有瑞士品牌沃尔沃(Volvo)的中国制造商吉利(Geely),也将首次展出TX5混合动力出租车。这款6个座位的出租车拥有一系列新特性,其中包括WiFi热点、玻璃全景天窗及1958年来首次出现的后铰链车门。China, which is grappling with well-documented air quality and congestion problems in its cities, is closing the gap on emissions standards with western peers and has provided incentives to encourage the production and sale of electric vehicles, such as reducing the purchase price and supporting infrastructure.这款以电池做动力的出租车拥有新的轻型铝制结构,这比目前的铁制底盘前进了一步。此外,该车还持一款汽油“増程器”。 /201510/405241 安顺市妇幼保健院取环多少费用贵州省南岳医院官网人流



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