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安顺市人民医院老人全身检查多少钱贵州省贵阳市天伦医院孕前检查好吗Business books quarterly;Book Review;商业书籍季刊;书评;Terry Leahys management;One to ten;特里·利亚的管理之道;听君一席话,胜读十年书;Management in 10 Words. By Terry Leahy.《管理真言》,作者:特里·利亚;Students of management theory have long debated what constitutes the worst kind of book—the CEO autobiogaphy or the management tome that promises to reveal the secrets of business in words of one syllable. But in “Management in 10 Words” Sir Terry Leahy, a former boss of Tesco, has performed a remarkable act of alchemy: combining two dismal forms to produce an excellent book—a veritable management page-turner that has interesting things to say about everything from the evolution of British society to the art of transforming huge organisations.管理学理论学界的学者们一直在对什么造就了最烂的那类管理学书籍的问题争论不休-首席执行官们的自传亦或是那些宣称能用寥寥数语揭露商界秘诀的。不过,在《管理真言》一书中,乐购前首席执行官特里·利亚爵士如炼金术师一般令人惊叹地将两种沉闷的形式融合成一本优秀的书-一部对从英国社会的演进到大型组织重整中的艺术等有趣之事无所不谈的著作。Sir Terry is an example of a type of Briton that is becoming increasingly rare: a working-class boy made good by dint of quick wits and hard work. His Irish father was one of ten children. He grew up on a Liverpool housing estate as one of four. A scholarship to a local public school and a taste for the grocery business provided him with a ladder up: he started his career stacking shelves at Tesco and ended up as CEO for 14 years.特里爵士, 可谓是英国的一例典型,因他身上带着英国人身上越来越稀有特质:他虽是工人阶级的孩子,可机智幽默,勤奋努力的品性,让显得他出众不凡。爵士的父亲是爱尔兰人,家中有9个兄弟。而特里是在利物浦街区长大的,结伴的还有家中的其他三个孩子。他之所以能够迈向成功,多少要归功于当年一份当地公共学校的奖学金,以及在商品零售业体验的机会:虽是在乐购的货架间铺展开职业生涯,14年后却能以CEO的身份离开。When Sir Terry was appointed to the top job, Tesco was struggling in third place in Britains supermarket hierarchy behind Sainsburys and Marks amp; Spencer. Rumour had it that a tobacco company had toyed with buying the supermarket but dropped the idea believing it would be bad for the brand. Today Tesco is Britains largest private employer and the third-largest supermarket in the world, operating in 14 countries and offering banking and insurance as well as fruit and vegetables.当特里爵士被任命这个最高职位时,乐购正在英国的超级市场领军集团中的第三位苦苦挣扎,在它前面的是Sainsbury和玛莎百货。有谣言称,曾有一家烟草公司想着要买下乐购,不过因为觉得这样做可能损及自己的品牌,最后便打消了这个念头。而如今,乐购已经是全英最大私营雇主,同时也是全球第三大的超市品牌,在14个国家运作,除果蔬之外还提供着和保险业务。Sir Terry argues that the secret has been constant innovation. Tesco introduced loyalty cards in order to gather information on its customers and encourage them to keep coming back. The picture that emerged, of a country that was changing very fast, surprised even the keenest trend-watchers. One innovation led to another. The trove of customer information provided by the loyalty card eased Tescos entry into banking and e-commerce. And the growing cashflow provided by its expanded businesses eased its entry into foreign markets. Nevertheless, Sir Terry ily admits that there is no science to management: he got the idea for one of Tescos most successful innovations—small stores in town centres—from visiting a wholesaler and noticing how much business it was doing selling to small shops.特里爵士认为秘诀是持续的创新。乐购推广会员卡,以此收集顾客的消费信息并鼓励他们成为回头客。国家这样的快速变化,使得那些最敏锐的观察着都感到诧异。创新一个紧挨一个。通过会员卡收集到的顾客信息使乐购在向业和电子商务发展时异常受用。同时,通过扩张快速增长的现金流也使其在迈向国外市场时,脚步异常轻松。尽管如此,特里爵士坦诚表示管理中并无科学可言:他由乐购最成功的创新之一-镇中心的小店-源于拜访一家批发商时注意到它对小商店的巨大销量,而得出这样的观点。Every British retailer in the 1990s prided itself on its enthusiasm for innovation. Why did Sir Terrys Tesco end up being as successful as it has done? One reason is that he notices things. His book is full of fascinating asides. He notes, for example, that South Korean retailers make no distinction between consumers and citizens, automatically setting aside a third of their space for organisers of local community activities. Another is that he knows what it is like to be poor. Having grown up in a Liverpudlian prefab, he is constantly amazed at businesss power to improve peoples lives.每一个英国零售商在90年代都标榜着自己对创新的热衷。那为什么特里爵士掌管的乐购能以其自己的创新在这样的氛围中成功呢?一个原因是他觉察着各种各样的事。他的书中也充满着令人着迷的题外话。比如,他写道韩国零售商对消费者和市民不加区别,不假思索地留出三分之一的空间给当地的社区活动组织者发挥。此外,他深知贫穷的滋味。在利物浦一座预制房中长大,他总是惊叹于商业改善人们生活的力量。Sir Terry repeatedly emphasises the importance of building a ladder of mobility from the shop floor to the CEOs suite. Of the eight executive directors on the board in 2011, the year he left Tesco, five had started their careers with the company. But that does not mean a ladder of escape: he required all managers (including himself) to spend at least a week a year as dogsbodies in local stores. He also often highlights his customers “simple wish for a better life”. The cost of groceries fell by a third in real terms between 1975 and 2007. The range of products available increased more than tenfold over the same period. And the British diet improved beyond recognition. When Sir Terry joined Tesco, customers spent as much on butter as on fruit and vegetables. Now fruit and vegetables outsell butter by a factor of 40 to one.特里爵士反复强调建立从底层员工到CEO团队的升迁渠道。2011年,也就是他离开乐购的那年,8名执行董事中,有5人的职业生涯始于乐购。但这并不意味这是一个逃离基层的方式:他要求所有的管理者(包括他自己),每年至少有一周在当地的店面中参与基层工作。他还一直强调顾客们的“对更好生活的小小希冀”。在杂货上的花费下降了1/3在1975年到2007年之间。同一期间内,商品的种类增加了十倍以上。同时英国的饮食习惯也发生了翻天覆地的而变化。特里爵士加入乐购之初,顾客们花费在果蔬上的钱和在黄油上的一样多。而如今,出售的果蔬却是黄油的40倍之多。“Management in 10 Words” is on prominent display in your local Tesco store. Add it to all those fruits and vegetables in your shopping basket—you certainly wont be disappointed.《管理真言》摆放在你附近的乐购商场中的显要位置。把它和果蔬一起放进购物篮吧-你绝不会失望的。201207/191157清镇市妇幼保健医院治疗输卵管堵塞 Science and technology.科技。Astronomy.天文学。Psst. Want a space telescope?喂,要太空望远镜吗?Americas spies make a generous donation to NASA.美国间谍机构对NASA慷慨捐赠。AMERICAS civilian space programme is built atop its military one. Its rockets trace their ancestry, via ballistic missiles designed to carry nuclear warheads into the Soviet Union, to the German V2s that bombarded London and Antwerp during the second world war.美国的民用空间计划建立在军用基础之上,比如运载火箭,由携带核弹头并瞄准前苏联的弹道导弹发展而来,再往前可以追溯到二战时用于轰炸伦敦和安特卫普的德国V2系列导弹。And the Space Shuttle, which made its final flight last year, was used to launch satellites for the air force as well as carrying out its better-publicised scientific missions.再比如去年退役的航天飞机,曾用来为空军发射卫星,当然用作执行科学任务的宣传工作做得也不差。So when it was reported on June 4th that the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), one of the more secretive of Americas plethora of spy agencies, had decided to donate two surplus spy-satellite mirrors to NASA, the countrys civilian space agency, the news was less bizarre than it might at first have seemed.所以当6月4日有报道指出国家侦察局(NRO,美国众多情报机关中最神秘的机构之一)决定向NASA(美国民用宇航局)捐赠两颗多余的侦察卫星时,这种新闻或许第一眼看上去有些奇怪,其实并非如此。After all, NASA has benefited from spy technology before.毕竟一直以来NASA就从侦察技术获益颇多。The Hubble space telescope is essentially a redesigned spy satellite that points out into space instead of down at the Earth.比如哈勃太空望远镜本质上就是侦察卫星的另一个版本,只不过把原本对着地球的镜头转向外太空而已。The news that Americas spies had two spare satellite mirrors lying around has prompted speculation about their provenance.美国间谍机构有两颗闲置卫星的新闻一经报道,卫星的来源问题就引发了广泛的猜测。Both NASA and the NRO are tight-lipped about the specifics.但NASA和NRO对细节一直守口如瓶。but the new mirror assemblies have a shorter focal length than Hubbles, allowing them to study patches of sky around 100 times larger.这两颗卫星的焦距比哈勃望远镜更短,所以其拍摄太空的视野也比哈勃大100倍左右。;It looks to me as if these are a couple of Keyhole-11 spares,; says Brian Weeden, a space analyst at the Secure World Foundation, a Colorado-based think-tank.;在我看来这就像是锁眼-11的备份卫星; 安全世界基金会(该智库总部位于科罗拉多)的太空分析师Brian Weeden说。Dr Weeden is referring to a code name for American optical spy satellites.Weeden士参照了美国光学侦察卫星的编号。He says that the NRO would probably have ordered spare mirrors to replace any that might have been destroyed by failed launches.表示NRO很可能本来准备把这两颗卫星用于替代万一发射失败而摧毁的卫星。Although the deal has been in the works for a year, it is not yet clear what NASA plans to do with its new bits of army-surplus kit.尽管交易已进行一年之久,但还不清楚NASA会如何处置军方剩下的;边角料;。Indeed, an official told a press conference that the agency might not have the cash to make immediate use of both mirrors.确实,在新闻发布会上,一位官员说NASA并没有足够的资金把两颗卫星立即投入使用。But they could nevertheless be a boon to an organisation whose budgets are being squeezed by federal tight-fistedness as well as cost overruns on the James Webb space telescope, an .8 billion (and counting) successor to Hubble.但是他们说詹姆斯-韦伯太空望远镜的预算能在拮据的联邦政府下艰难地获得通过已经是一件好事,因为这位哈勃望远镜的继任者已远超预算,达到了88亿美元(还并非最终值)。One idea is to use one of the mirrors for the WFIRST mission, an infra-red telescope designed to investigate dark energy-the still-mysterious force thought to be behind the accelerating expansion of the universe.一个办法就是把其中一颗卫星用于广域红外线巡天望近镜(WFIRST)项目,红外线望远镜可以用来研究暗能量——这股神秘的力量被认为是宇宙膨胀的幕后推手。Using a higher-resolution NRO mirror would boost the capabilities of WFIRST, says Alan Dressler, a researcher at the Carnegie Institution for Science. It could also cut the projects cost (its present price tag is about .6 billion) and shorten its development time.卡内基科学研究所的研究员Alan Dressler说,运用NRO卫星的高分辨率望远镜可以提升WFIRST的能力,也可以降低该项目的花费(红外线望远镜的当前市价为16亿美元)并缩短研制时间。Advocates hope an NRO-powered WFIRST mission could launch in the early 2020s.该方法的拥护者希望在NRO的助力下,WFIRST能在21世纪20年代发射。By then the mirrors would no longer be state-of-the-art, of course. Indeed, they are probably not even the last word in space-borne optics today.当然,到时候该卫星已不再是最先进的,甚至在现在也不是最新式的星载平台光学设备。That the NRO felt able to give them away suggests that its spies have even better toys to play with, of the sort that astronomers would kill to get their hands on. Could this be the start of a beautiful friendship?NRO觉得把它们送走之后自己的间谍们就有更好的玩意来耍了,要是这样的话,估计天文学家们打死都不会接受的——这会是NRO和NASA一段美好友情的开始吗?201208/195216六盘水市钟山区人民医院做四维彩超的医院

贵阳市第五人民医院封闭抗体治疗六盘水市妇幼保健院输卵管检查多少钱 贵安天伦不孕不育医院

贵州新开的天伦不孕不育医院 Dear Annie:My wife of 50 years and I are at an impasse. A year ago, her 30-year-old daughter, Carol, moved in with us and brought her dogs along. Carol has a good job, but contributes nothing and has absolutely no responsibilities. Her mother and I do her laundry and cook her meals, feed and walk the dogs, and clean up the fur and poop. Carol goes to work and hangs out with her friends. She is living the good life while we do everything for her. Shouldnt adult children contribute both financially and by helping out? I have talked this over with my wife, but she will not change her stance. I am seriously thinking of leaving her. Maybe I could find someone willing to take responsibility for me so I can live the good life, too. - Larry Is Losing亲爱的安妮:我的妻子50岁了。最近我和她闹僵了。一年前,她30岁的女儿卡罗尔搬来和我们一起住,还带来了她养的的。卡罗尔虽然有一份好工作,但是对这个家却难言尽责。我和她的母亲给她洗衣、做饭、养、遛、给洗澡、清理粪。卡罗尔上班、和朋友出去玩。她过得很滋润,但我们要为她打理一切。成年子女不该给予父母财力持和其它帮助吗?我与我的妻子谈过这事,但她没有改变立场。我正在很认真地考虑,是不是应该离开她。也许我能找到愿意为我承担责任的另一半,这样我也可以享受一下生活。;;困惑的拉里Dear Larry:A loving parent does not encourage an adult child to live like a little princess at home. Your wife is being selfish. If she cared more for Carols welfare than her own emotional needs, shed tell her daughter to find her own place. At the very least, Carol should be paying rent and taking care of her dogs, meals and laundry. Explain this to your wife, and tell her how close you are to walking out.亲爱的拉里:慈爱的父母不应鼓励成年子女在家里像个小公主一样。你的妻子其实是很自私的。如果她真地关心卡罗尔的幸福和情感需要,她应告诉她的女儿独立生活。最起码,卡罗尔应自己付房租、自己照顾、自己做饭、自己洗衣。把这些道理解释给你的妻子,并告诉她,若她做不到,你就会离开她。201202/172534贵州省贵阳中山医院治疗多囊卵巢费用贵州在天伦医院怎么样



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