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郑州省妇幼保健院激光去痘多少钱郑州/惠济区疤痕修复多少钱视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》Can anything survive the North African desert是否有生物能在北非沙漠when the sun is at its fiercest?烈日的炙烤下存活呢Its approaching mid-day.此刻响午时分将至A fringe-toed lizard is hungry.一只棘趾蜥早已饥肠辘辘Hes on a stake-out.他正在监视猎物Flashy scales reflect some of the suns rays.闪耀的鳞片能够反射一些阳光Nevertheless, the heat is almost unbearable.尽管如此 高温依旧令他难以忍受His prey hasnt left home all day.他的猎物一整天都没有离开巢穴The lizard is the last animal still out on the dunes.那只蜥蜴是沙丘上唯一暴露在外的生物But even he cant take it any more.但他也无法忍受这酷热了To survive longer, you would need a spacesuit.想活得更久 需要一件太空And in a way, thats what these insects have.而这些昆虫就好像是穿着太空一样Silver ants armoured skin reflects light.银蚁的皮肤能够反射光线They can tolerate temperatures他们因此能够承受that would kill any other land animal.足以杀死任何陆地生物的高温Even so,即便如此 they can only survive for less than ten minutes in the midday sun.他们在正午骄阳的炙烤下 也存活不到10分钟201405/296062郑州市曼托丰胸的价格 Most of us dont learn a lot about Central American civilisations at school;大部分英国人在上学时都没怎么学习过中美洲文明。were all taught about the Parthenon, and weve all heard of Confucius as a great Chinese thinker,我们可能学过帕台农神庙和孔子,but we dont know a lot about the great civilisations occurring at the same time in Central America.但并不怎么了解在同一时期出现在中美洲的伟大文明。Yet the Olmecs were a highly sophisticated people, who built the first cities in Central America, mapped the heavens, developed the first writing and probably evolved the first calendar there.奥尔梅克人拥有极高的智慧,他们修建中美洲最早的城市,绘制了天文图,发明了当地最旱的文字,并很可能创制了当地的历法。They even invented one of the worlds earliest ball games-which the Spanish would encounter about three thousand years later.他们甚至还发明了世界上最早的球类游戏之一,西班牙人要在三千年后才首次接触它。It was played using rubber balls-rubber being ily available from the local tropical gum trees-and although we dont know what the Olmecs called themselves, its documented that the Aztecs called them Olmen, meaning the rubber country.游戏使用的是橡胶球,而橡胶取自当地的热带橡胶树。尽管我们并不知道奥尔梅克人如何自称,但有记录显示,阿玆特克人称他们为奥尔曼人,奥尔曼,即“橡胶之国”。 Its only relatively recently that Olmec civilisation was uncovered from the jungles of Mexico;从墨西哥丛林中发现奥尔梅克文明的时间并不算长。it was after the First World War that their sites, their architecture and above all their sculptures were found and investigated.一战后,人们才陆续找到他们的遗址、建筑和雕像,开始研究。Finding out when the Olmecs lived took even longer.人们花了更长的时间才确定了他们生活的时代。In the 1950s radiocarbon dating came in, and that allowed archaeologists to date the buildings and therefore the people that lived in them.二十世纪五十年代,放射性碳定年法出现,考古学家才最终确定了那些建筑的兴建时间,从而估算出居民生活的年代。The results showed that this great civilisation flourished about three thousand years ago.结果显示,这一伟大文明繁盛于三千年前。The discovery of this ancient and long-standing culture has had a profound effect on the cultural identity of Mexicans today.这一古老而悠久的文明的发现,对墨西哥人的民族认同产生了深远影响。We asked the celebrated Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes what it means to him.我曾问墨西哥著名作家卡洛斯?富恩特斯,这一发现对他有何意义。201409/329921He knows were here. Were here on his terms.他知道我们在这里 在他的领地里If he decided to bat us all into the next world...如果他决定把我们攻击出去he would do.他会那样做的Director Kate Broome checks with Tonga导演凯特·布鲁姆跟唐加确认that its safe for the crew to get closer.摄影组可以安全靠近Normally, we have to stay in the Land Rovers,通常 我们需要留在陆虎越野车内Kaseyo says its safe to go in.卡希奥说可以靠近This is such an extraordinary opportunity,这真是一个难得的机会to be this close to能这么近距离接触black rhino.黑犀牛The trial goes well with Elvis跟艾维斯的接触很成功and the stage is set for future filming.为未来的拍摄工作奠定了基础Several weeks later, the team are back几个星期后 摄制组又返回了and this time Ive joined them.此次我也加入了But Elviss mood has changed.但艾维斯的性情变了He seems more wilful.他似乎更任性了Now, Ive stood by many wild animals in my time,我曾接触过很许多野生动物but Im not as fast on my pins as I used to be.但我现在老了 没以前跑得那么快了We dont want to test Elviss patience,我们不想考验艾维斯的耐心so we get on with filming.所以我们就继续拍摄了A horn that is worth its weight in gold.犀牛角的价值堪比同等重量的黄金201408/324324许昌/市人民医院光子脱毛多少钱

河南省郑州/华山整形美容医院吸脂手术好吗河南省郑州华山整形美容医院去痣怎么样 But its not Alexander that shes favouring, because the Greek letters beside her tell us that this is the coin of King Lysimachus.但她出观在这里并非要保佑亚历山大,因为她旁边的希腊字母表明,这是利西马科斯的银币。Lysimachus had been one of Alexanders generals and companions.利西马科斯曾是亚历山大麾下的一名将军,也是他的朋友。He ruled Thrace from Alexanders death until his own death in 281 .他在亚历山大死后统治着色雷斯,直到公元前281年去世。So why didnt Lysimachus mint a coin that showed himself?利西马科斯从未铸造过带自己头像的硬币,The answer is quite simple:hes trying in this coin to appropriate the glory and the authority of his predecessor.他选择赞美前任统治者的荣耀与权威。这是一种对英雄形象的操纵,几乎可以算身份盗窃。Alexander died in his early thirties, and his empire quickly disintegrated into a confusion of shifting territories under competing warlords-Lysimachus was just one of these.亚历山大30出头便英年早逝,他的帝国迅速瓦解,手下统治各块领地的将领开始了激烈的斗争,利西马科斯只是其中之一。All of the war lords claimed that they were the true heirs of Alexander, and many of them minted coins with his image on them to prove it.所有的将领都声称自己才是亚历山大的真正继承者,很多人都铸造了带有亚历山大头像的货币来明这一点。This was a struggle fought out not just on the battlefield but on the coinage.这不仅是战场上的战争,也是货币上的战争。Its a textbook early example of a timeless political ploy:这是一种永恒的政治手段:harnessing the authority and the glamour of a great leader of the past to boost yourself in the present.利用以前某位统治者的威仪与荣耀往现任统治者脸上贴金。Dead reputations are usually more stable and more manageable than living ones.已故者的名望更稳固,也更容易操控。Since the Second World War, for example, Churchill and de Gaulle have been claimed by British and French political leaders of all hues when it suited the days agenda.例如,二战以后,英国和法国的政治家,不管属于什么政治派别,只要情况有利,就会援引丘吉尔和戴高乐。But in democratic societies, this is a high-risk strategy, as Andrew Marr, the political commentator, points out。但政治员兼广播主持安德鲁马尔指出,在民主社会,这种行为的风险很大。201410/337848河南省人民医院祛眼袋手术多少钱

河南中医学院第一附属医院治疗腋臭多少钱视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》The rainwater, briefly held in Gorongosas swamp,雨水在戈龙戈萨沼泽稍作停留has now been enriched with silt and sand.流向下游时 泥沙含量逐渐增加All down this coast, sediment-laden rivers-沿东南海岸望去 泥沙满载的河流the Zambezi, the Limpopo, the Save赞比西河 林波波河 萨韦河drain back to the sea,逐一汇入大海and there they meet the Agulhas Current.并在这里与厄加勒斯暖流相汇And what happens to all that sand?那些沙子的命运又如何呢Over the millennia, the Agulhas has worked it历经数千年 厄加勒斯洋流已经into a complex underwater landscape.使之形成了复杂多变的水底景观This vast sand sculpture is the Bazaruto Archipelago,眼前广阔的沙丘地带就是巴扎鲁托群岛the oldest of its kind in the world.也是迄今存世最古老的同类地貌201404/284725 A few final adjustments这只公凸眼蝇to straighten out any remaining creases细心地抚平眼柄and hes y for action.准备展开求爱大作战They may look unwieldy,眼柄看来也许很麻烦but eyes on stalks improve not only his ability to spot predators,但不仅方便注意掠食动物but they are key when it comes to winning females.也是求爱时的利器In the evening both males and females gather傍晚时雄虫和雌虫聚在一起and the males begin to size one another up,雄虫开始大眼瞪小眼地eyeball to eyeball.彼此打量Having the widest eye span两眼间距最宽的凸眼蝇puts you at the top of the pecking order.就可以称老大The eye stalks are not weapons,眼柄不是武器theyre measuring sticks, used to gauge而是丈量工具,用来测量公凸眼蝇的how big, and so how strong, a male is.体型和力气But theres trouble if two top males have exactly the same eye width.但若两只眼距相同的公凸眼蝇 碰在一起就有麻烦了Then the contest descends into a brawl.原本的君子之争迅速变成混战201307/247770郑州/市妇幼保健儿童医院激光去斑多少钱郑州妇保医院冰点脱毛价钱费用



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