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西安交通大学第一附属医院肠胃炎胃肠功能紊乱肠易激综合症肠息肉西安市第九医院肠胃科地址查询运城市市中心医院胃肠科怎样预约 本单元是关于投诉的对话Tim: How can I help you sir? Customer: It's about this watch. Tim: What seems to be the problem? Customer: The alarm doesn't work and the strap leaves a green mark on my wrist when I take it off. Tim: Have you worn the watch in the shower perhaps sir?Customer: No and I only bought it two weeks ago. It's still under guarantee but I must say, for the amount of money I paid for it, I'm very disappointed. Tim: I'm so sorry you've been inconvenienced. Would you like a refund?Customer: No, I'd rather have the watch replaced please. Tim: Right, well, I'll just take down your purchasing details and we'll get this watch changed for you in no time at all.Vocabulary (词汇):under guarantee (在担保期内):if something you buy breaks or stops working soon after you buy it, a shop or company promises to fix it or give you your money back a refund (退款):money that a shop or company gives back to you if you return something you bought from them in no time at all (立刻): soonreplace (更换):change for another similar one  本单元的语言点是关于投诉,当你买的东西不尽人意或对获得的务不满时,你可以投诉;你可以书面投诉,或直接致电有关个人或公司时口头投诉,用英语投诉时,我们在投诉前一般会使用温和的语言,比如我们通常会直接致函或致电投诉人表示歉意,因为打搅了他们。然后,我们开始投诉。最后,我们 要求对有关投诉进行处理,或要求得到赔偿.ComplainingYou can complain when something you've bought or a service you've used isn't as good as you expected it to be. You can do this in writing or by speaking directly to the person or company In English, we tend to soften our language (often by apologising for disturbing the person we're talking or writing to) before we start complaining. Then we make our complaint and finally we ask for some kind of compensation for our inconvenience or help with our problem Here's some language to help you complain (以下是可以用于投诉的一些表达方式):Written complaints (书面投诉): Usually written complaints use quite formal English:I'm writing to complain about the poor quality of service we received in your hotel recently.I wish to complain about the inconvenience and delay I experienced on my recent train journey from London to Brighton.I was very disappointed when, after only two weeks, my washing machine broke down.We ordered a blue sofa however you sent us a green one. The first problem was that there weren't enough seats for our party to sit together and the second problem was that we had to wait more than an hour to be served. We were promised a non-smoking room but when we arrived, we were told that your hotel didn't have any non-smoking rooms. /200707/16062Now, I also agree that that is rational, for now.现在我依然觉得这很理性。But it is not, by any means, an optimal situation.但是,无论如何,这不是最佳选项。We have to start making the real world more like a game.我们不得不从现在开始把现实社会构建得像一个游戏。So, I take my inspiration from something that happened 2,500 years ago.因此,我从发生于2500年前的一些事情中获取灵感。These are ancient dice, made out of sheeps knuckles. Right?这些是古老的骰子,由羊的关节骨制作而成。Before we had awesome game controllers,we had sheeps knuckles.在我们设计出游戏控制器前,我们人类已经拥有了羊关节制作的骰子。And these represent the first game equipment designed by human beings.这就是人类设计出的最早的游戏器械。And if youre familiar with the work of the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, you might know this history,which is the history of who invented games and why.如果你对古希腊历史学家的作品比较熟悉的话,如古希腊历史学家希罗多德,你就会了解这段历史游戏发明的历史是什么以及原因是什么呢。Herodotus says that games, particularly dice games,were invented in the kingdom of Lydia during a time of famine.希罗多德说游戏,特别是骰子游戏是由Lydia(小亚细亚西部的富裕古国)王国在一次大饥荒中发明的。Apparently, there was such a severe famine that the king of Lydia decided that they had to do something crazy.显然,历史上曾经有过这么一次严重的饥荒,Lydia国王决定做一些他们不得不做的疯狂的事情。People were suffering. People were fighting.当时人民在遭受痛苦,互相争斗。It was an extreme situation, they needed an extreme solution.形式非常危机。他们需要一个极端的解决方案。So, according to Herodotus, they invented dice games and they set up a kingdom-wide policy:据希罗多德说,他们因此而发明了骰子游戏并且制定了一个全国范围内的政策:On one day, everybody would eat,and on the next day, everybody would play games.某一天,所有人可以吃东西,但是第二天,所有人就只能玩游戏。And they would be so immersed in playing the dice games because games are so engaging,and immerse us in such satisfying blissful productivity,they would ignore the fact that they had no food to eat.人们专心的玩骰子游戏,因为游戏极具吸引力,可以使我们沉浸在如此自我满足的幸福“生产”活动中,人们就会忘掉他们没有食物可吃的事实。And then on the next day, they would play games;and on the next day, they would eat.第二天人们就会通过玩游戏度日,接下来的第二天他们就会去吃东西。And according to Herodotus,they passed 18 years this way,surviving through a famine by eating on one day and playing games on the next.据希罗多德所说,Lydia国的人民用这种方式度过了18年,用吃一天、玩游戏玩一天的方式,他们顺利的度过了大饥荒。Now, this is exactly, I think,how were using games today.这也是现如今我们,如何看待游戏的。Were using games to escape real-world suffering.我们通过玩游戏逃避现实中的痛苦。Were using games to get away from everything thats broken in the real environment, everything thats not satisfying about real life,我们通过玩游戏来避开现实环境中那些,残缺不全、不能令人满意的东西。and were getting what we need from games.同时从中获取我们所需的东西。201606/449160西安西京医院消化科在线咨询

西安第五医院消化病属于几级So, my fellow Americans, whatever you may believe, whether you prefer one party or no party, whether you supported my agenda or fought as hard as you against it, our collective future depends on your willingness to uphold your duties as a citizen.我的美国同胞们,无论你信仰什么,无论你持一党制或无党制,无论你持还是反对我,美国的未来掌握在你们手中,需要你们自愿履行好自己作为公民的义务。To vote. To speak out. To stand up for others, especially the weak, especially the vulnerable, knowing that each of us is only here because somebody, somewhere, stood up for us.你们要参与选举;你们要敢于发声;你们要为他人,尤其是弱势群体,争取权利,要清楚知道我们能在这里就是因为有人在某个地方持着我们。We need every American to stay active in our public life, and not just during election time, so that our public life reflects the goodness and the decency that I see in the American people every single day.你们要积极参与公共生活,不仅仅是选举时,让美国人民的善良、礼貌以及乐观渗透每个角落,就像我每天接触到的美国民众一样。It is not easy. Our brand of democracy is hard.这并不是一件容易的事。我们的民主道路也很艰难。But I can promise that a little over a year from now, when I no longer hold this office, I will be right there with you as a citizen - inspired by those voices of fairness and vision, of grit and good humor and kindness that have helped America travel so far.但是,我能保,一年之后,我已不再是美国总统,我将和你们一样,是一个普通的美国公民,那些曾经帮助美国前进的公平与远见之声、坚韧之声,以及幽默与和善之声,也会让我倍受鼓舞。Voices that help us see ourselves not first and foremost as black or white or Asian or Latino, not as gay or straight, immigrant or native born; not as Democrats or Republicans, but as Americans first, bound by a common creed.这些声音告诉我们,每个人的身份,无论黑人还是白人,无论亚裔还是拉丁裔,无论性取向如何,无论是移民还是土生土长的美国人,无论是民主党还是共和党,我们首先都是美国人,并且有着共同的信念。Voices Dr. King believed would have the final word voices of unarmed truth and unconditional love.马丁·路德·金士坚信拥有最后话语权的声音:不靠武装发声的真理以及无条件的爱。And theyre out there, those voices. They dont get a lot of attention, they dont seek a lot of fancies, but they are busy doing the work this country needs doing.这些人,这些声音一直都在。寂静无声,不求关注,但却一直在为这个国家奔忙。I see them everywhere I travel in this incredible country of ours. I see you. The American people. And in your daily acts of citizenship I see our future unfolding.在美国这片热土上,我所到之处都能看到这么一群美国人的身影。我看到了你们所有人。美国人民。我在你们以公民身份进行的日常活动中看见了我们的未来正在展开。I see it in the worker on the assembly line who clocked extra shifts to keep his company open, and the boss who pays him higher wages instead of laying him off.有一位在装配流水线上工作的工人,每天加班加点以确保公司正常运营,而他的老板不是解雇他而是给他更高的薪水。201603/431630西安胃病胃肠专家qq电话 延安妇幼保健院胃肠科属于几级

碑林区胃溃疡幽门螺杆菌反流性胃炎 糜烂性胃炎So, enough scientists in other disciplines are really asking people to help, and theyre doing a good job of it.足够多的科学家在其它领域正寻求大家帮忙,而且大伙也干的不错。For instance, theres eBird, where amateur birdwatchers can upload information about their bird sightings.例如,有一种电子鸟,业余观鸟爱好者可以把自己的观察结果上传,And then, ornithologists can go and help track populations, migrations, etc.之后鸟类学家可以从中追踪数量,迁徙情况等。And theres this guy, Mike Oates. Mike Oates lives in the U.K.有个叫迈克·奥特斯的人,他住在英国,Hes a director of an electroplating company. Hes found more than 140 comets.他是一家电镀公司的总监。他发现了超过140个彗星。Hes found so many comets, they named a comet after him. Its kind of out past Mars. Its a hike.他发现了如此之多的彗星,有一颗彗星就以他命名。那些彗星比火星还远,是一个长途旅行。I dont think hes getting his picture taken there anytime soon.我不认为他拍过什么照片。But he found 140 comets without a telescope.他发现的140颗彗星,并没有用望远镜,He downloaded data from the NASA SOHO satellite, and thats how he found them.而是从NASA SOHO卫星下载数据分析出来的。If we can find comets without a telescope, shouldnt we be able to find words?如果我们可以不用望远镜就能发现彗星,为什么我们就不能发现单词呢?Now, yall know where Im going with this.现在你明白我的立场了。Because Im going to the Internet, which is where everybody goes.我要去互联网,就像大伙那样。And the Internet is great for collecting words, because the Internets full of collectors.互联网非常合适搜集单词,因为互联网上有很多搜集者。And this is a little-known technological fact about the Internet,这是一个关于互联网的不为人知的技术事实,but the Internet is actually made up of words and enthusiasm.互联网实际上是由单词和热情组成的。And words and enthusiasm actually happen to be the recipe for lexicography. Isnt that great?而单词和热情正好是字典编纂的膳料。那不是很好吗?So there are a lot of really good word-collecting sites out there right now,现在已经有很多单词搜集网站了,but the problem with some of them is that theyre not scientific enough.只是它们中有些还不够科学,They show the word, but they dont show any context. Where did it come from? Who said it?有些显示了词,没有显示上下文。词从哪里来?谁说的?What newspaper was it in? What book? Because a word is like an archaeological artifact.源自哪张报纸?哪本书?因为一个词就像一个考古学产物,If you dont know the provenance or the source of the artifact, its not science, its a pretty thing to look at.如果你不知道起源或源头,这就不够科学——这是应该去考究的。201704/504581 Lets get half of us to agree to spend an hour a day playing games,让我们中一半的人每天玩游戏一小时until we solve real-world problems.直至我们可以去解决现实生活中的问题Now, I know youre asking, ;How are we going to solve real world problems in games?;你可能会问,“我们在游戏中如何解决现实中的问题呢?”Well, thats what I have devoted my work to over the past few years,这也是我在过去的几年中积极投身我从事的工作的原因at The Institute For The Future.我工作的地方叫“未来研究所”We have this banner in our offices in Palo Alto,这是我们在帕洛阿尔托办公室里的广告and it expresses our view of how we should try to relate to the future.它给出了我们关于如何看待未来的观点We do not want to try to predict the future.我们不会试着去预言未来What we want to do is make the future.但,我们会创造未来We want to imagine the best-case scenario outcome,我们曾经设想过最好情况的结果and then we want to empower people to make that outcome a reality.然后,我们想通过努力,让人们将那个设想变成现实We want to imagine epic wins, and then give people the means to achieve the epic win.我们渴望史诗般的胜利,同时也给予人们实现胜利的途径Im just going to very briefly show you three games that Ive made我想给大家简短的介绍三款我做的游戏that are an attempt to give people the means to create epic wins in their own futures.他们都是一些尝试,尝试着给未来的人们能创造属于自己的史诗般的胜利,提供一些方法So, this is World Without Oil.这是《无油世界》We made this game in 2007.这款游戏制作于2007年This is an online game in which you try to survive an oil shortage.这是一款网络游戏,它让你在石油短缺的时候设法生存The oil shortage is fictional,石油短缺是虚构的but we put enough online content out there for you to believe that its real,但是我们会投入很多的内容在里面,你就会认为那是真的,and to live your real life as if weve run out of oil.并且这会影响你的现实生活,让你感觉我们已经没有石油可用了。So when you come to the game, you sign up, you tell us where you live,因此,当你打开游戏注册,并告诉我们你的居住地and then we give you real-time news, s, data feeds that show you exactly how much oil costs,我们就会给你实时的新闻视频数据,精确地告诉你石油的成本whats not available, how food supply is being affected, how transportation is being affected,什么是不可用,食物供应是如何受到影响的,运输是如何受到影响的if schools are closed, if there is rioting,并且会告诉你学校是否被关闭,哪里里发生了骚乱and you have to figure out how you would live your real life as if this were true.如果这一切都是真的,你就会找出如何处理现实生活中的这些问题的方法And then we ask you to blog about it, to post s, to post photos.我们会要求你将这些东西发布到客上,上传视频或者照片We piloted this game with 1,700 players in 2007,在2007年,有1700人参加了这款游戏的测试and weve tracked them for the three years since.我们跟踪了这些测试者接下来三年的生活And I can tell you that this is a transformative experience.我可以告诉诸位的是这是一段极具改造作用的经历Nobody wants to change how they live没有人希望改变他们的生活方式just because its good for the world, or because were supposed to.或者是因为他们觉得对环境无损,或者是因为他们觉得这顺理成章But if you immerse them in an epic adventure and tell them, ;Weve run out of oil.但是,如果你让他们着沉浸于一个异乎寻常的经历当中,并且告诉他们,“我们已经耗尽我们的石油。This is an amazing story and adventure for you to go on.这将是你听说的一个美妙的故事和异乎寻常的经历Challenge yourself to see how you would survive,;挑战自己,看看你将如何生存201607/453820西安医学院第一附属医院看肠胃病好吗西安中医院胃病胃肠正规的吗

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