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西安北环医院胃部疾病急慢性胃炎浅表性胃炎萎缩性胃炎铜川市妇幼保健院肠胃科在哪个区Italian politics意大利政治Who will be Italy’s next prime minister?谁将成为意大利下一任总理?As Silvio Berlusconi seems to be standing aside, the spotlight is on Mario Monti and the candidates of the Left由于西尔维奥–贝鲁斯科尼似乎要退出竞选,焦点就到了马里奥·蒙蒂以及左翼候选人身上TWO questions have dominated Italian politics since early summer and hung like long, dark shadows over the markets’ assessment of a country that has done much to extricate itself from the euro crisis, but is still far from safe.从今年夏初起,有两个问题就成为意大利政治的主题,它们像黑色阴影一样长期笼罩着市场对意大利的评估。尽管意大利努力摆脱欧元危机,但是它远未安全。The first question is: “Will he, or won’t he?”. And so is the second.第一个问题是“他会还是不会呢?”第二个问题同样是这个。One concerns Silvio Berlusconi. In June the former prime minister and founder of the conservative People of Freedom (PdL) movement hinted heavily that he would return as his party’s candidate in the general election next spring. Since Mr Berlusconi’s years in government coincided with an almost total absence of economic growth and structural reform, investors were horrified. So were many Italians who had not enjoyed their government becoming something of a laughing stock abroad, thanks to Mr Berlusconi’s antics.一个问题关系到西尔维奥·贝鲁斯科尼(Silvio Berlusconi),他是意大利前任总理,还发起了保守派人民自由党运动。六月份,他强烈暗示自己将在明年春天的大选中作为他所在党的候选人回归。由于贝卢斯科尼执政期间,经济几乎完全没有增长,结构性改革也几乎完全没有进行,所以这让投资者感到恐慌。而且贝卢斯科尼举止滑稽古怪,使得意大利政府在国外沦为笑柄,许多意大利人对此不满,因此他们也十分恐慌。On October 9th Mr Berlusconi all but said he had thought better of the idea. Interviewed on one of his three television channels, the media billionaire declared himself “y to stand aside”.10月9日,贝卢斯科尼几乎说他经考虑后决定放弃这个想法。作为传媒界的一位亿万富翁,他拥有三个电视频道。在接受其中一个的采访中,他宣布自己“准备好退出竞选”了。The wily tactician left some wriggle room: his renunciation was to facilitate a grand alliance of the right; if it does not happen, he could make another U-turn. Some commentators and rival politicians suspected a ruse.这位狡猾的战术家给自己留了退路:他放弃参选能够促进右派结成大的同盟,如果这样不行的话,他可以来个大转弯。一些家和政治对手怀疑这是一个计谋。But there are good reasons for Mr Berlusconi to have reconsidered. Four months ago, he felt his undoubted charisma could revive the fortunes of the PdL, which has seen its poll ratings decline ever since he handed the candidate’s mantle to Angelino Alfano, a former minister. More recently, however, they have continued to fall, as the PdL has been immersed in a flood of corruption and other scandals involving its regional and local leaders. These reflect badly on Mr Berlusconi as they show what sort of men and women acquired positions of influence under his long leadership.但是贝卢斯科尼有充足的理由重新进行考虑。四个月前,他觉得自己毫无疑问的领导魅力能够重新给自由人民党带来好运。自从曾任部长的安杰利诺·阿尔法诺接替贝卢斯科尼之后,自由人民党的民意调查持率就开始下降。但是最近,该党陷入大量腐败及有关地区和地方领导人的丑闻之中,使得民调持率继续下降。这给贝卢斯科尼带来耻辱,因为它们显示了在他长期的领导下,都是哪些人获得了有影响力的职位。Antonio Piazza, a regional PdL leader, is accused of slashing the tyres of a disabled driver who had the effrontery to use a parking bay, reserved for the disabled, in which the PdL dignitary liked to leave his Jaguar. Another PdL apparatchik was arrested on October 10th, accused of buying votes from the Calabrian mafia—the most worrying evidence yet of its penetration of northern Italian politics. According to a poll commissioned by RAI, Italy’s state broadcaster, Mr Berlusconi would lose to Mr Alfano if a primary election were held among right-wing voters.自由人民党地区领导安东尼奥·皮耶萨(Antonio Piazza)受到指控称他划破了一个残疾人司机的轮胎。这位自由人民党高管喜欢将自己的路虎车停在残疾人专用的停车位上,而那个司机却十分放肆,使用了那个停车位。另一个自由人民党官员因向卡拉布利亚黑手党购买选票受到指控,于10月10日遭到逮捕,这是目前它渗入意大利北部政治的最令人担忧的据。意大利国有广播公司--意大利广播电视公司的民意调查显示,如果初选在右翼选民中进行的话,贝卢斯科尼会输给阿尔法诺。Much of Mr Berlusconi’s success in politics has been down to his ability to depict himself as a political outsider: someone far removed in speech and habits from the finagling party hacks whom most voters regard as venal and self-interested.贝卢斯科尼取得政治成功的一大部分原因就是他能够将自己刻画为一个政治旁观者,在讲话和习惯上都与那些被大多数选民认为贪污腐败,自私自利,招摇撞骗的政客截然不同。Ironically, the arrival in office last November of a technocratic government of authentic outsiders headed by Mario Monti has been lethal to Mr Berlusconi’s image. Compared with the prime minister, an economics professor, Mr Berlusconi looks every inch the professional Roman power-broker. And the very disenchantment with Italy’s political class that helped launch Mr Berlusconi into a new career 19 years ago is now working to sustain Mr Monti’s popularity.具有讽刺意味的是,去年十一月,马里奥蒙蒂带领下的由真正的政治旁观者组成的技术官僚政府上台,这极大的损害了贝卢斯科尼的形象。这位总理是一个经济学专家,与他相比,贝卢斯科尼怎么看都像是罗马的权利掮客专家。19年前,贝卢斯科尼因对意大利政治阶层不再抱有幻想开始了新的生涯,但是也是这一原因发挥作用让蒙蒂一直受到欢迎。RAI’s poll found Mr Monti was by far Italians’ first choice for prime minister, ahead of Mr Berlusconi and Pier Luigi Bersani, the leader of the biggest left-wing movement, the Democratic Party (PD). That is remarkable considering the pain the prime minister has heaped on the electorate since taking office. This week brought another 11.6 billion ( billion) of budgetary adjustments, including further cuts to Italy’s aly hard-pressed health services and a one percentage point increase in VAT albeit offset by reductions in the two lowest rates of income tax.意大利广播电视公司的民意调查发现,目前为止,蒙蒂超过了贝卢斯科尼和最大左翼运动—民主党的领导人贝尔萨尼(Pier Luigi Bersani),成为意大利总理的首选。考虑到这位总理从上台之后给选民中添加的痛苦,这一结果很不寻常。本周又进行了116亿欧元(150美元)的预算调整,包括进一步缩减本已面临困境的医疗务,以及将增值税提高一个百分点,虽然所得税的两项最低税率抵消了这一增长。Will he or won’t he?他会还是不会呢?That is the second question hanging over Italy. Mr Monti has repeatedly said no to suggestions that he run for executive office next spring. On September 27th he finessed his reply, saying he hoped the election would produce a clear result in favour of one side. But, if not, “I will be there”.这是意大利面临的第二个问题。蒙蒂多次拒绝让他明年春天竞选行政办公室职位的建议。9月27日,他巧妙地回答说,他希望选举结果能够明显的倾向于一方。但是,如果不是这样的话,“我将会在那里的”。A descent from Olympus, or rather, the seats in parliament reserved for life senators like Mr Monti, would be an ideal solution for a man who does not exactly relish campaigning (though he has a nice line in dry humour, his rhetoric style is more suited to the lecture hall than hustings). But will his intervention be required?对于那些不喜欢竞选的人(尽管他擅长冷幽默,讲话风格更适合演讲而不是竞选)来说,专门为像蒙蒂这样的终身参议院设立的奥林普斯血统或者说议会席位是一个理想的出路。但是他需要进行干涉吗?As the PdL implodes, the odds shorten on a left-wing victory. A primary election next month will decide if the PD is led to the polls by Mr Bersani, an ex-Communist, or Matteo Renzi, the young, centrist mayor of Florence. Mr Renzi admires Mr Monti, and might want him in a future government, which would almost certainly need the votes of parties to the left of the PD. That would be a problem for the prime minister, a declared anti-Keynesian.由于自由人民党发生内爆,左翼获得胜利的可能性也变小。下个月举行的初选决定民主党将由前共产党员贝尔萨尼(Bersani)还是佛罗伦萨的年轻中间派马特奥里兹(Matteo Renzi)带领进行民意调查。里兹喜欢蒙蒂,可能希望他出现在未来的政府中,这几乎肯定需要民主党控制的政党的投票。对于声称自己是“反凯恩斯”的总理来说,这将是一个问题。Hence Mr Berlusconi’s suggestion in the television interview that Mr Monti should lead a reunited centre-right embracing the PdL, the conservative Christian Democrat Union of the Centre (UDC), and even the party founded by his former lieutenant, Gianfranco Fini, after he defected two years ago.因此,贝卢斯科尼在电视访谈中建议蒙蒂领导重新联合的中右派,包括自由人民党,保守的基督教民主联合中心,甚至包括两年前他的前任副手叛党之后成立的政党。There are snags. The sober professor is not a natural fit with the party of a man on trial on juvenile prostitution charges in connection with a young Moroccan runaway and her alleged participation in notorious Bunga Bunga parties at Mr Berlusconi’s home. And Mr Monti is committed to free markets whereas few in the PdL have done more than pay them lip-service.但是还存在一些问题。自由人民党的领导贝卢斯科尼因受到青少年卖淫指控接受审判,指控与一位年轻的洛哥离家出走者有关,她涉嫌参与贝卢斯科尼家举办的臭名昭著的性爱狂欢派对。而蒙蒂作为一位严肃的专家,与这一政党并非天然良配。而且蒙蒂致力于自由市场而大部分的自由人民党党员只是在口头上赞成而已。Given the circles to be squared, Mr Monti might be aiming instead for the presidency, also up for grabs in 2013. Someone who has worked closely with him, argues, however, he is too “hands-on” for a post that offers more influence than control.这一两难的问题都已经得到解决,蒙蒂可能就将目标转向将于2013年被争夺的总统位置。但是曾与他紧密共事过的人说,他过于喜欢动手实践,而总统这个位置提供更多的是影响力而不是控制力。A member of Mr Monti’s government admitted that, barring a hung parliament, it was impossible for the moment to see how Mr Monti could be shoehorned into politics after next spring. Even so, he added, “It is just as hard to believe he will not be around.”蒙蒂政府的一位成员承认,除非议会中各党势均力敌,要不然就不可能看到明年夏天之后蒙蒂被硬塞进政治活动中的时刻了。他还说,即使如此,要认为他不在政治圈内也是同样困难。 翻译:孙齐圣译文属译生译世 /201608/458009西安市北方医院胃部幽门螺杆菌急慢性胃炎 Before dawn on Monday a 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit Indias remote northeast region. 周一黎明前,印度东北部偏远地区遭6.7级地震。The quake caused damage to some buildings and there were reports of damage to a popular market in Imphal. 地震造成一些建筑物损坏,有报道称英帕尔一流行市场遭到破坏。The city is the capital of Manipur state. The tremor left large cracks in several walls and a portion of the building collapsed. 城市是曼尼普尔邦首都。地震造成几面墙上出现大裂缝,一些建筑物倒塌。It struck before dawn on Monday at a depth of 17 kilometers or about 10 miles in the India-Myanmar border region.地震发生在周一凌晨印度与缅甸边境地区,震源深度17公里,或约10英里。As residents felt massive shaking at least twice within 60 seconds, many panicked and rushed out of their homes in Gauhati, the capital of neighboring Assam state.60秒内市民至少两次感到强烈震感,在邻近的阿萨姆邦首都高哈蒂,人们慌忙冲出家门。Photos out of the area show damage to buildings and other structures.从流出的照片显示,房屋和其它建筑物遭到损坏。译文属。201601/419644西安胃泰胃病科医院怎样预约

渭南市预约挂号肠胃科西安市妇幼保健院消化病科挂号 In the crypt of the castle,Himmler wanted to hold pagan SS ceremonies by the light of an eternal flame.在城堡地窖里,希姆莱想进行异教徒般的党卫军仪式点燃永不熄灭的火焰。Above the crypt was a hall, for the leaders of the SS to meet,like the warrior knights of old.地窖上是大厅,供首领们会面使用像古时骑士一样。Always subordinate to their heroic master, Adolf Hitler.永远效忠英雄般的主人—希特勒。He is a genuinely great man and, above all, a true and pure one.他是真正的伟人,最重要的是,他够真实、纯粹。Himmler believed that, just as Hermann had once proved to be a superior kind of Germanic hero, 2,000 years ago,Adolf Hitler would prove to be just such a hero today.希姆莱相信,两千年前的赫尔曼曾被认为是优等的日耳曼民族英雄,如今希特勒也会有如此礼遇。In 1923, the political atmosphere in Munich was tense and unstable.1923年,慕尼黑的政治气氛紧张,政局动荡。By now, Hitler had been leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party,which some called the Nazis, for two years.希特勒作为德国社会主义工党党魁,当时被称为纳粹党,已有两年。And hed built a large and growing paramilitary organisation,the Stormtroopers.他组建一极具规模 且日益壮大的准军事组织冲锋队。In November 1923, he decided to act,and to try and spark an uprising in Munich.1923年11月,他决定采取行动在慕尼黑发起暴动。 译文属201511/411491西安胃泰胃肠科医院网上预约电话

西安交大第一附属医院胃病胃肠正规吗?怎么样听力参考文本:Theres all kinds of testing going on in Flint to try to figure out whats happening in the drinking water system. The state and the Environmental Protection Agency are each doing different kinds of tests.The EPA is about to launch a new kind of test. Its called a pipe rig.Mark Durno is an On-Scene Coordinator with the EPA. He says theyve hooked up four of these pipe rigs to test the treated water leaving the drinking water plant.;A pipe rig is a large apparatus thats tied into the effluent pipes coming from the drinking water treatment plant,; he says.Durno says the city will dig up some lead service lines, and then the EPA will put some of those lines in the pipe rig to test them.Phosphates are added to the water to coat the inside of the pipes. That should eventually keep the pipes from corroding, and keep lead out of the water (Flint didnt control for corrosion after switching to the Flint River in 2014, and lead leached out of the aging infrastructure and got into peoples drinking water).Durno says theyll use the pipe rig to see how well that protective layer is forming.;What the pipe rigs are established to do is actually give us real time water quality data coming off the plant. So well be monitoring concentrations of phosphate in the water, and well evaluate how well the pipes are getting coated with this phosphate material,; he says.He says the information they get from the tests will help them say when Flints water system is in better shape. Durno says theyll also have to evaluate the quality of the water at faucets in peoples homes.Flint Mayor Karen Weaver wants to remove all of the citys lead service lines. Thats expected to start later this week.But Durno says the EPA will still keep testing the water leaving the treatment plant.;Were working under the premise that there are service lines that are going to be in the ground for a long period of time. Now, if that changes and somehow funding is provided, and work is accomplished to rapidly remove lead service lines, that might change the game but theres no guarantees,; he says.He says he expects the testing to start in about three weeks.201603/429103 After the Saturday night blast that injured 29 people in Manhattan. 继周六夜晚曼哈顿爆炸造成29人受伤后。New york City Officals are investigating a motive. 纽约官员正在调查作案的动机。Mayor Bill de Blasio said at briefing at New York Police Departments headquarters,We just know there was a bombing. 市长布拉西奥在纽约警察局总部的新闻发布会上表示,我们只知道发生了爆炸。Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo, who toured the site of the blast in Manhattans Chelsea neighborhood, said there didnt appear to be any link to international terrorism. 民主党州长安德鲁·科莫前往曼哈顿切尔西附近的爆炸现场,称似乎与国际恐怖主义没有任何联系。However he did say it was terrorism. 1,000 extra police officers have been assigned to transport points in the city.然而,他确实说过这是恐怖主义。另有1,000名警察被指派到城市的运输点。译文属。201609/467044平凉妇幼保健院胃肠科在哪个区西安中医院肠胃科正规吗



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