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西安市第九医院胃病胃肠收费贵吗三门峡市妇幼保健院肠胃科电话号码是多少Amazing news for lazy people; sleep makes you smarter. Not studying, ing or revising, just sleeping, although the other three won’t hurt either. A joint study conducted by Harvard Medical School and the University of Pennsylvania found that shut-eye enhances your ability to recall recently learned memories, even when those memories are challenged hours later by new information.Head researcher Dr Jeffery Ellenbogen says: “This shows us that sleep does not just passively protect memories, but rather, plays an active role in memory consolidation. Taking a stimulant to stay awake can help with alertness in the short term, but people really need sleep to retain knowledge and brain function at their best.” Scientists at Stanford University have suggested that a more supportive pillow can reduce the breathing difficulties that can interrupt your snoozing, so a clever, memory foam pillow will let you sleep soundly enough to sound clever the next day. /200901/60651陕西省西安胃泰胃肠科医院网上挂号 Snoring could soon be hushed with vitamin D supplements.  使用维他命D可以消除打鼾。  Scientists are giving sleep apnoea sufferers the tablets as part of a new trial. As many as one in four adults are regular snorers, with sleep apnoea a major factor.  作为一种新的尝试,科学家们给被睡眠窒息症困扰的人们开出了这种药片。每四个成年人中就有一个人规律性打鼾,其主要病因就是睡眠窒息。  Here, the upper airway collapses at irregular intervals during sleep, possibly due to a lack of muscle tone in the throat lining, which triggers snoring.  在这种情况下,上呼吸道可能会因为喉衬缺少肌肉张力而在人们的睡眠中会不规律的塌陷,造成打鼾。  This can also cut off the flow of air for up to ten seconds.  而这也同时切断空气流通达十秒钟之久。  Though a major risk factor is obesity, the exact cause is not fully understood.  尽管打鼾的主要原因是肥胖,具体成因却一直没有被完全知晓。  The theory behind the new trial is that normal levels of vitamin D — most of our intake comes from exposure to sun — are necessary for muscles to function normally, and that increased levels could prevent the lining of the throat from collapsing.  新疗法的原理如下:一般水平的维他命D--大部分是我们在日光照射下合成的—对于肌肉的正常工作是非常必要的,加强肌肉的张力则能有效避免呼吸道塌陷。  In the 80-patient, 32-day French trial at the University Hospital, Clermont-Ferrand, patients with sleep apnoea and low levels of vitamin D are being given the supplement or a placebo.  在法国的克莱蒙费朗大学校立医院医院里,80名患有睡眠窒息症和维他命D含量低的患者进行了32天的治疗,他们被发放了维他命D或者替代物。 /201107/143380A Russian who killed his father in December 2011 after a row about China#39;s geographical position, has been sentenced to 13 years in jail, the prosecutor#39;s office in Far Eastern Amur region said on its website on Thursday.上周四,位于远东地区阿穆尔州的公诉人办公室在网站公布,2011年12月因与父亲对中国地理位置争论不和而杀父的俄罗斯男子被判入狱13年。According to prosecutors, the 41-year-old man, who was released from prison in October 2011, started an argument with his father about China#39;s geographical position as they were drinking alcohol together in Far Eastern city of Blagoveshchensk.据公诉人称,在远东区城市布拉戈维申斯岛,2011年12月刚从监狱被释放的41岁男人,当时正和父亲一边喝着酒,一边争议着中国地理位置的问题。After unsuccessful attempts to convince his father on which shore of the Amur River China is located, the man beat his father, suffocated him with a towel and then drowned him in a bath, the prosecutors said in a statement.中国位于阿穆尔河(即黑龙江)哪一侧?公诉人声称,该男子在屡屡劝说父亲关于中国地理位置得不到赞同之后,便开始打他的父亲,用毛巾捂住他,然后把父亲溺死在浴缸中。The man will serve a 13-year jail term in a high-security prison, the prosecutor#39;s office said.公诉人办公室说,男人将要在重刑犯监狱役13年。 /201208/193540铜川胃部疾病急慢性胃炎浅表性胃炎萎缩性胃炎

西安市中心医院萎缩性胃炎反流性胃炎食道炎一九五八年六月七日;;如果你是一滴水,你是否滋润了一寸土地?如果你是一线阳光,你是否照亮了一分黑暗?如果你是一颗粮食,你是否哺育了有用的生命?如果你是一颗最小的螺丝钉,你是否永远守在你生活的岗位上?如果你要告诉我们什么思想,你是否在日夜宣扬那最美丽的理想?你既然活着,你又是否为了未来的人类生活付出你的劳动,使世界一天天变得更美丽?我想问你,为未来带来了什么?在生活的仓库里,我们不应该只是个无穷尽的付者。June 7, 1958;If you were one drop of water, do you moisten the field? If you were a ray of sunshine, do you brighten the darkness? If you were a morsel of food, do you provide others with nutrition? If you were the tiniest bolt, do you stay in place and fulfill your duty? If you want to tell others your ideals, do you preach them day and night? When you are alive do you always remember to work hard and realize your efforts will affect future lives and let the world become more beautiful day by day? I want to ask you: What do you contribute to the future? In life you must be a giver and not just a taker.; /201203/173860铜川市第一人民医院肠胃科网上挂号 In order to stay sharp, it is important that you exercise your brain. The less we use our minds, the duller they become. There is a lot of emphasis these days on staying physically healthy, but we should also be concerned for our mental well-being. Our brains continue to expand and adapt to the stimuli they receive throughout our lives. The more we take care of our brains, the better thinkers we become. Here are twenty ways that you can develop a training regimen for your brain!想要保持敏锐,最重要的是要锻炼你的大脑。我们思考得越少,它就会变得越迟钝。如今我们越来越注重保持生理健康,但我们也应该关注我们的精神健康。在一生中,我们的大脑都在持续扩张和适应受到的刺激。我们更关心我们的大脑,我们会变得更有智慧。这里有20个训练大脑的方案。11. Break your routines.Drive a new way to work. Try writing with your less dominant hand. Mix things up a little. This perks up your brain because it requires you to think more. You arenrsquo;t just running on auto-pilot. Challenge your brain by getting out of your routines and it will respond. This is a great way to get your mental juices flowing.11. 打破常规。选择一条新路开车去工作。试着用另外一只手去写字。将一点不同的东西掺杂在一起。这将使你的大脑得到锻炼,因为它需要你思考更多。你不能只是自动驾驶。离开你的定式来挑战你的大脑,它将有所反应。这是使你;脑浆;流动的好方法。12. Stop watching so much television.Researchers have found that too much television between the ages of 1 and 3 leads to attention problems later in childhood. Let#39;s face it, TV is mind-numbing. Get up off the couch and away from the television. Sure, there is some good educational stuff for children and adults, but the average American watches way too much TV. If you want peak mental performance, then turn off the boob tube.12. 不要看太多电视。研究者发现在1-3岁时看太多电视会导致儿童注意力问题。也就是说,电视使心态麻木。从沙发上起来,离开电视机。当然,也有一些好的教育节目给孩子和大人们,但是整体上美国人看太多电视了。如果你想要高效的精神表现就关掉电视吧。13. Work with numbers.Do math problems in your head instead of on a calculator. For many of us, it is use it or lose it. We have become mentally lazy. We rely on our gadgets instead of thinking for ourselves. Working with and memorizing numbers is a great way to get your brain back in shape. This could pay off big dividends down the road!13. 处理数字问题。心算而不是用计算器计算。对我们多数人而言,要么使用它,要么失去它。我们已经变得精神懒惰了。我们依赖工具而不是自己思考。处理和记忆数字是使大脑恢复状态的好途径。这一路上能够偿还大量股息。14. Stop relying on your GPS to tell you where to go.Remember the cab drivers in the 8th above? Using your brain to figure out how to get from Point A to Point B is good mental exercise. You have to use your brain#39;s ability to determine spatial relationships to effectively a map and navigate a city. Traveling in an unfamiliar area is even better!14. 停止依靠GPS走路。记住第8条里所讲的出租车司机。用你的大脑去指出如何从点A到点B是很好的思维体操。你必须用你大脑的能力来决定空间关系,提高读地图的效率和穿梭城市。在一个陌生的地方旅行就更好了!15. Recall old memories.Get out those old picture albums and start thumbing through them. This taps into your brains memory banks. Pictures will help you recall things that you thought you forgot. Dig deep to see just what all you remember. If you have other ways to stimulate your memory, like old letters or home movies, then by all means use those too.15. 唤起远久的记忆。找出老照片并且开始翻阅。这将进入你头脑中的记忆。图像将帮助你想起你已经忘记的东西。深入挖掘就是所有你记得的东西。如果你有别的方法来唤醒你的记忆,就像以前的信件和家庭电影,那么也尽可能得利用它们。16. Make beautiful music.Learning to play a musical instrument is a great way to super-charge your brain. It requires a number of different parts of your brain to work together to make the melodies that you desire. Of course, if you are aly a musician, then learn a new piece. Push yourself to learn new techniques. Music is a great workout for the mind.16. 创造优美的音乐。学习演奏一件乐器是超级改变你的大脑的方法。它需要你大脑的多个不同部分协调工作来创作出你想要的旋律。当然,如果你已经是一个音乐家了,学习一件新的东西。迫使你自己学习新技术。音乐是思想伟大的锻炼。17. Speak a new tongue.Many people agree that learning to speak a new language is a powerful way to give the mind a stretch. If you#39;ve ever tried to learn even a few new words, then you know this can be difficult. Of course, the harder something is for the brain, the better! You have so much more mental capacity than you might imagine. Give it a try!17. 说一种新语言。许多人同意学习一门新语言是使思想延伸的一种有力途径。如果你曾经尝试学习即使是几个新单词,那么你知道这会很难。当然,给大脑越难的东西越好!你有比你想象的要多得多的思维能力。让它试一下吧!18. Memorize a song.Many of us have lots of old songs stored in our heads, but why not expand your memory by learning a few new tunes? It may take awhile at first, but if you keep at it, you will find it gets easier. This is your brain getting back in shape.18. 记忆一首歌。我们很多人头脑中都储存有许多老歌,但为什么不通过学习一些新的调子来扩充我们的记忆?它将在开始的时候花费一点时间,但如果你坚持怎么做,你将发现会越来越简单。这是你的大脑恢复状态了。19. Walk around the house blindfolded.It might seem like a strange activity, but your brain can handle it. Once you try it a few times, you will probably find it fun and challenging. Again, this one draws on your memory, motor skills, and reasoning abilities. What a workout!19. 遮住你的双眼绕你的屋子走。这看起来是一种陌生的活动,但你的大脑能够处理它。一旦你试了几次,你就可能发现它很有趣和有挑战性。另外,这会应用你的记忆、运动技能和推理能力。多么好的锻炼!20. Expand your vocabulary.Decide to learn one new word a day. There are several websites out there that can help you with this endeavor. You#39;ll not only be expanding your mind, but you#39;ll also be able to impress your friends and co-workers when you work one of your new words into a conversation.20. 扩大你的词汇量。决定每天学习一个新单词。有许多能够帮你做这项努力的网站。你将不止扩大你的思想,而且当你在谈话中引入一个新词汇时能够使你的朋友和同事印象深刻。Get started today and be smarter tomorrow!今天就开始行动,明天将更聪明!There you have it! I have just given you 20 very practical ways to sharpen your mind. These suggestions will have your brain back in tip-top shape in no time. Why are you waiting? It is time to start exercising your mental muscles!你都知道了!我刚刚已经给了你20条非常实用的能使你的思维敏锐的方法。这些建议将马上使你的大脑回到最佳状态。你为什么还在等待?是时候锻炼你的思想神经了。 /201111/162577西安市一医院消化病在哪

西安胃泰消化病收费标准1.Leaving hostility and depression unchecked1.放任敌意和沮丧的情绪Are you feeling stressed, hostile, or depressed? It can take a toll on your heart. While everyone feels this way some of the time, how you handle these emotions can affect your heart health. ;Those likely to internalize stress are in greater danger; research has shown a benefit to laughter and social support,; Dr. Reynolds says.你是否感到压力大、有敌意或是沮丧?这些都对你的心脏有害。虽然所有人都会偶尔经历这些,但你处理这些情绪的方式能够极大地影响到你的心脏健康。;常把情绪压在心里的人很危险,研究表明大笑或是社交活动有利于健康。;Reynolds医生说。2.Not flossing2.牙齿不清洁While the exact reason is unknown, there is a strong link between gum disease and heart disease, Dr. Ostfeld says. If you don#39;t floss, sticky, bacteria-laden plaque build up over time, which can lead to gum disease. One theory is that these bacteria trigger inflammation in the body.Ostfeld医生说,虽然确切的关联尚不清楚,但牙齿疾病与心脏病的确有着强烈的关联。如果你不清洁牙齿,时间长了,那些黏糊糊充满细菌的牙垢就会积累起来,造成牙龈疾病。有一种理论认为这些细菌会引发机体炎症。3.Avoiding fruits and vegetables3.不吃水果和蔬菜;The most heart-healthy diet is a plant-based diet,; Dr. Ostfeld says. That means loading up on fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and protein, and keeping junk food to a minimum. In fact, new federal dietary guidelines recommend that half of each meal should be composed of fruits and vegetables.对心脏最有好处的食物大多是植物,;Ostfeld医生说。这意味着要多吃水果和蔬菜,坚果,全麦食品,低脂牛奶和蛋白质,别吃垃圾食品。事实上,最新的联邦饮食建议每顿饭应该至少有一半是水果和蔬菜。 /201206/188200 Brits the length and bth of the country are currently gripped by London 2012 Olympic fever.如今,英国四处洋溢着2012伦敦奥运会的狂热气息。While many of us are hugely inspired by the phenomenal achievements of the athletes, the sad reality is that only a minority of us share the same enthusiasm for being active.当我们许多人因为运动员的杰出成就受到极大鼓舞时,残酷的现实却是:仅有少数人与他们一样拥有运动的热情。Scientific journal The Lancet has carried out a global study, including results from 122 countries, to establish which nations are the laziest.科学期刊《柳叶刀》进行了一项全球研究,其中包括来自122个国家的调查结果,列出了世界上最不爱运动国家的排行榜。The UK, it found was one of the most inactive countries, with a staggering 63.3% of the population being inactive. It was ranked eighth laziest country in the world.研究发现,英国是最不爱运动的国家之一,居然有63.3%的人口不爱运动,位列排行榜第八。The UK was put to shame when compared with its US friends. The study found just over 40 per cent of those in North America were inactive, putting it in the 46th spot.当与他的好朋友美国比较时,英国应当感到羞愧。调查显示只有40%多的北美居民不爱运动,处于第46位。Meanwhile, Greece was labelled the least lazy nation in the study. Only 15% of the population of the balmy Mediterranean country, which also boasts one of the world#39;s healthiest diets, was classed as inactive.同时,希腊是研究中最爱运动的国家。这个气候宜人的地中海国家只有15%的人口被归为不爱运动,他们同时也享受着世界上最健康的饮食。Overall, women rated lower than men in the study. The highest percentage of inactive women was found in countries where they find it difficult to find employment due to social constraints, such as Saudi Arabia, which ranked third least active country.总的来说,此项研究中,女人比男人更缺乏活力。不爱运动女人的最高比率出现在妇女失业率高的国家,比如位列第三的沙特阿拉伯。Of the countries surveyed almost one third of their population is considered inactive.调查的国家中基本上都有三分之一的人群不爱运动。And 80 per cent of adolescents rated as below the standards.而且80%的青少年低于标准。The results of the study, the researchers said, are being release to coincide with the Olympic Games to help spur lazy members of the public to choose to lead more active lives.研究者说,公布调查的结果是为了与奥运会相呼应,帮助激励群众中的懒惰分子选择更有活力的生活。The researchers point out that lack of exercise is now a leading cause of death and a third of people across the world do not meet the minimum activity recommendations, which is generally about 2.5 hours of moderate activity per week.研究者指出,现在缺乏锻炼是死亡的主要原因,世界上三分之一的人口没有达到最低运动量推荐标准,也就是每星期一共适度运动2.5个小时。They hope that the timing of the series, along with Olympic excitement, will give people a push into more physical action.他们在奥运会四溢之时推出这个榜单,希望能促使人们参与到更多的体育运动中去。 /201208/193801西安省医院肠胃科电话号码西安省妇幼保健院胃肠科网上预约咨询



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