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Show pearly whites to be proud of! Find out the correct brushing technique with VideoJug and look after your smile for an overall improvement in appearance. Learn how to brush your teeth properly in this helpful .想要自豪地展示自己珍珠般炫白的牙齿吗?VideoJug带你寻找正确的刷牙技巧,并教你怎样微笑来提升整体形象。在这段帮助性的视频中,我们带大家学习怎样正确刷牙。Step 1: You will need1.你需要1 toothbrush,some toothpaste,1 dispensing tablets (or disclosure tablets),some mouthwash,some dental floss1把牙刷,一些牙膏,1片配方药片,一些嗽口药水,一些洁齿用牙线Step 2: When to brush2.什么时候刷牙You should brush your teeth twice a day, to keep them and your gums healthy. This removes the plaque from your teeth,prevents bad breath, cavities, gum disease and keeps your mouth healthy.每天应该刷牙两次才能保牙齿和牙龈健康。可以去除牙菌,防止口腔异味,龋齿,牙龈疾病,保持口腔健康。Step 3: Rinse your toothbrush3.清洗牙刷Rinse your toothbrush thoroughly in case any bacteria has built up on it since the last time you used it.彻底清洗牙刷,防止上次使用过后有细菌在牙刷上滋生。Step 4: Put on the toothpaste4.挤牙膏For children put a smear of toothpaste on the toothbrush and adults a pea sized blob.儿童只挤上一点牙膏就可以了,成人可以挤豌豆粒大小的牙膏。Step 5: Brush the teeth5.刷牙Hold the brush at a slight angle to the gums.牙刷稍微倾斜,与牙龈保持一定的角度。Move the brush in small circular motions across the surface of the teeth. Don#39;t press too hard on the teeth, or you could damage your gums.刷牙齿表面时牙刷轻轻的转圈,不要把牙刷太用力压在牙齿上,否则可能损伤牙龈。Make sure that you cover the front of the teeth and the back of the teeth.确保刷到牙齿的前后两面。Use the top of the brush in an up and down movement to clean the back of the front teeth.用牙刷的顶端上下移动来清洁门牙的背面。Step 6: Get round the back6.臼齿It#39;s very important to make sure you clean the back teeth thoroughly. You might have to pull out your cheek a little to get a better angle.确保彻底刷干净臼齿是非常重要的。你可能需要稍微张开脸颊来形成一定的角度。Step 7: Bad breath7.口腔异味Use the brush to lightly sweep the tongue too. Bacteria can gather here and this is what causes bad breath.用牙刷轻轻刷一下舌头。细菌也可能在舌头上聚集,这是造成口腔异味的原因。Step 8: Dispensing tablet8.配方药片To check whether you have done a thorough job, use a dispensing tablet. Chew on it, until it#39;s fully dissolved. Then look at yourself in the mirror.用配方药片来检查刷牙是否彻底。咀嚼药片,直到完全溶解。然后在镜子里看一下。It attaches itself to bacteria and plaque so you can see if there#39;s any left.这种药片可以吸附细菌和牙斑,所以你能够看到是否还有残留。Brush the areas where the plaque is now visible.If you do this over a few days you will see if you tend to miss certain areas.再刷一下还可以看到牙斑的地方。坚持几天之后看一下牙斑的范围是否会缩小。Step 9: Spit9.吐出牙膏沫When you have finished brushing your teeth, spit the toothpaste out. Don#39;t rinse out your mouth. It#39;s better to leave the residue on your teeth to protect them.刷完牙之后,把牙膏沫吐出来。不要漱口,把牙膏沫残留继续留在牙齿上提供保护作用,这样能够达到更好的效果。Step 10: Finish off10.完成Once a day you should also floss your teeth. If you like, use a mouth wash too, to really strengthen your teeth.每天一次用牙线清洁牙齿。如果你愿意的话,也可以每天使用漱口药水来加固牙齿。Step 11: WARNING11.警告If your gums bleed a lot when you brush your teeth, see your dentist right away. No matter how good your brushing is, you should visit your dentist for a check-up twice a year.如果刷牙的时候牙龈大量出血,立即去看牙医。无论你的刷牙技巧有多好,每两年也要去看牙医进行检查。Thanks for watching How To Brush Your Teeth感谢收看“怎样正确刷牙”视频节目。 /201209/201664While dating, it#39;s easy to lose yourself and forget who you are in the process. You give so much to the other person, and eventually your identity as an individual starts to blend with theirs. And some who can#39;t seem to catch a break in the realm of love begin to look inward and wonder if it has something to do with them. To maintain your sanity and self-worth in the midst of relationship trial, it#39;s important to keep the following lessons in mind. Here#39;s what all women need to know and follow.约会时,人们很容易迷失、忘却自我。你为另一个人付出了那么多,最终你这个人会开始与他们融合。在爱情中,有些人看起来似乎无法喘息,他们开始审视自己,想知道这是否与他们本身相关。在恋爱关系中,想要保持理智和自我价值,那记住以下的这些教训就十分重要。下面就是所有女生都需要知道并遵循的教训。1. No one else is responsible for your happiness but yourself1. 除了自己,没人该对你的幸福负责A partner can contribute to your happiness, but it#39;s not their job. It all starts with you, and you can#39;t put it on him or her to bring you joy. If you#39;re unable to make yourself happy, how can you ever expect anyone else to? Rather than finding a partner for the sake of filling that void, establish a healthy relationship with yourself and you#39;ll find more fulfillment in being alone.另一半可以让你开心,但这并不是他们的职责。幸福得靠自己,你不能依赖他或她带给你幸福。如果连你都无法让自己快乐,那你又怎么能奢望其他人可以呢?与其为了填补自己的满足感而找寻伴侣,倒不如与自己建立良性关系,这样你会发现:自己一个人也能很满足。2. Never tolerate anybody who doesn#39;t treat you with respect2. 对不尊重自己的人,永远不要容忍Don#39;t ever allow someone to put you down in any way or hurt you emotionally, mentally, or physically. You should be shown nothing but love and kindness, and anything below that is not to be accepted.永远都不要放任别人在情感上、精神上或身体上羞辱你或伤害你。你应该被人以爱、以善良相待,任何位于这两者之下的感情都不能被接受。3. Don#39;t chase someone who doesn#39;t see your worth3. 不要追求一个看不出你价值的人Whoever can#39;t understand how lucky they are to have you isn#39;t worth your time or effort. You deserve nothing but the best, so don#39;t settle for a partner who can#39;t live up to that. It#39;s not about being better than him or her, either; it#39;s about being valued. Don#39;t waste your energy on assh*les who don#39;t understand that.任何不懂得有你作伴是多么幸运的人都不值得你为之付出时间或努力。你值得拥有最好的,所以如果你的另一半不尽如人意,千万不要将就。这并不是说你要找一个更好的,而是说你一定要被人重视。千万不要将自己的精力浪费在不懂得欣赏你的混蛋身上。4. Never change who you are for somebody else4. 永远都不要为了别人改变自己Unless it#39;s for the better, you shouldn#39;t have to alter any of your beliefs, values, opinions, appearance, etc. to please a significant other. Clearly, they don#39;t accept you for who you are and don#39;t appreciate what they have in front of them. If they truly care about you, they#39;ll love every single part of you, flaws and all.除非是为了变成更好的自己,否则你不该为了取悦另一半而改变自己的信仰、价值观、观念和容貌等等。很显然,他们并不接受最本真的你,也并不欣赏站在他们面前的那个你。如果他们真的在乎你,他们会爱你的一切,包括缺点。译文属 /201706/515446

^0cY[pyu##6W;r+qSA-@r@mq4Pa2Lead poisoning in children is confirmed when two consecutive blood tests show a lead content in a child#39;s blood of over 100 milligrams. There are many ways for children to become poisoned by lead. Such as air pollution and poor health habits. In the home, paint, colorful toys and tableware all contain lead. It#39;s good to eat more calcium-rich foods, such as milk, as well as foods rich in zinc, iron and vitamin C.Mx7|FCO!!,u!M儿童铅中毒已经被实,实验已经明经过两个连续血液检测后显示一名儿童的血液中铅含量超过100毫克x]frB#28XMuz]jgm[。很多种途径都能造成孩子铅中毒dFkFx_s(EN。如空气污染和很多恶习#bqhFfP(!_w。在家里,油漆,五缤纷的玩具和餐具当中都含有铅J_+yKW097c(。多摄取富含钙的如牛奶等的食品对人体非常有益,也有食物中含有丰富的锌、铁和维生素Cfb-gs2lFdPTHN6sPk;。V2Vq7rceQ5NSF!T词语解释:*K_BvH(R.,(G1. lead n. 铅2. confirm v. 明,确认3. poison n. 毒bTMU7!]3xXWIqLbC;5p93LKl44!FUb4p996LCh9I;YY Article/201111/162185

Step 1 Groom yourself1.梳洗打扮Properly groom yourself for the date. Take a shower, brush your teeth, comb your hair, and dress in clean, wrinkle-free clothes that are appropriate for the date.为约会精心打扮一下。洗洗澡,刷刷牙,梳梳头,穿上干净,平整,得体的衣。Wear clothes that accentuate your style. You don#39;t have to change who you are to look nice.选择适合自己风格的衣。你没必要为了让自己看上去漂亮而改变自己。Step 2 Be chivalrous2.绅士风度Be chivalrous – to a degree. You don#39;t have to fight for her honor, but women still appreciate it when you open doors and pull out chairs for them.要有绅士风度——但是要适度。你没必要为了她的荣誉而战,但是当你为她们开门,为她们把椅子拉出来的时候,她们仍然会非常欣赏你。Step 3 Flatter her3.奉承Flatter her without being creepy or desperate. Compliment her clothes rather than her body. Keep compliments short and sweet.适当地奉承,但是不要太过火。赞美她的衣而不是她的身材。赞美的语言一定要甜蜜而简短。Step 4 Drink moderately4.适度饮酒Drink in moderation, if at all. Too much drinking implies that you have to be intoxicated to be around her.如果需要饮酒的话,一定要适度。喝太多酒就好像你必须喝醉了才敢和她在一起。Step 5 Converse5.对话Talk about your interests, and ask about hers. Avoid divisive topics like religion or politics. Keep the conversation light. If you can make her laugh, you’ll both have fun.谈论一下你的兴趣,问一下她的爱好。避免讨论有分歧的话题,例如宗教信仰或政治倾向。对话一定要轻松。如果能让她笑的话,你们两人都会非常开心。Don#39;t hog the conversation. Let her do at least half of the talking, and listen with genuine interest.不要主宰整个对话。让她参与至少一半的对话,并且对她说的话表现出真诚的兴趣。Step 6 Mind your manners6.注意礼貌Mind your manners. Be polite and respectful to the wait staff and others you encounter. Refrain from inappropriate jokes or suggestions.注意礼貌。对侍应生和你们遇到的任何人都要彬彬有礼,不要开不合适的玩笑,或者提出不恰当的建议。Step 7 Pay the bill7.买单Pay the bill without hesitation. Asking her to split the bill will be awkward, and paying for her meal on the first date is a nice gesture.要毫不犹豫地买单。要求她和你一起付账会非常尴尬,第一次约会为她买单是比较好的姿态。Did you know? According to a recent survey, one out of every four singles doesn’t brush their teeth before a date.你知道吗?根据最近一项调查,四分之一的单身人士约会之前不刷牙。 Article/201301/218163

2012温布尔登网球锦标赛周五将展开男单半决赛的争夺,德约科维奇和费德勒将率先登陆中心球场,展开一场火星与地球的碰撞。不是冤家不聚头,费德勒和德约科维奇真是杠上了,一个月前才刚刚在法网半决赛遇上的两人,如今又相约在温网的半决赛中。With Wimbledon, where the final four on the men#39;s side is set after quarter-final play at the All-England club on Wednesday. With Rafa Nadal being bounced out early, three of the top four men#39;s seeds were looking to keep their hope of a win on the fabled grounds alive.Third seed Roger Federer, a six-time champ on the grass in London, was taking on 26th-seeded Russian Mikhail Youzhny. And Federer was at his best on the day, completely controlling the match from the beginning. Federer,wrapping up a 6-1 first set win in only 28 minutes.The Swiss maestro took the second set in exactly the same time and he sealed a 6-1, 6-2, 6-2 victory on his fourth match point to move on to his 32nd career Grand Slam semi-final.Also looking good on the day was top seed and defending champion Novak Djokovic as he squared off against 31st seeded Florian Mayer of Germany. Djokovic, taking the first set by a 6-4 scoreline.The Serbian world number one then backed up that first set win with an even more dominant 6-1 win in set two. And in the final set, Mayer hung around a little longer, but a Djokovic break of serve in the ninth game, led to The Djoker finishing off his opponent with an ace to take set three 6-4 and set up a great semi-final showdown against Federer.Novak Djokovic, Wimbledon Semi-Finalist, said, ;You know we never played on grass so, we#39;ll see how, how that is going to turn out but, you know, as I, as I said, maybe he uses the grass court better because of that slice and you know he has a really smart game for this surface, but I improved playing on grass in the last couple of years, I mean I won the title here last year, get to another semi-final this year, so I#39;m feeling good about this surface, about myself on the court and I really have nothing to lose, I#39;m going to try to win.;Roger Federer, Wimbledon Semi-Finalist, said, ;Well I mean, obviously things are not that drastic of a change any more these days from clay, hardcourt, indoor to grass, but it is interesting that this is our first grass court match. You know I#39;m looking forward to it. Haven#39;t put too much thought into it to be quite honest yet. I#39;m just happy myself again, I#39;m around further than I have been in the past couple of years so it#39;s been a good tournament for me; Article/201207/189336

How to Overcome Shyness on HowcastAre you tired of getting sweaty palms and butterflies in your stomach in social situations? Use this guide to say sayonara to shyness.你讨厌了在社交场合总是手心冒汗,心里扑腾扑腾乱跳?按下面的指导去做来克害羞。Step 1: Gain confidenceAssess your positive qualities to boost self-confidence. Whether at work or school, in crowded parties or in the bedroom, knowing your strengths helps you keep a positive attitude.第一步:获得自信通过估量自己的优良品质来增强自信。无论是工作,学习,还是在人多的聚会或是在寝室,知道自己的优点会帮你保持好的心态。Tip:Listen to motivational lectures to foster self-assurance.小贴士:听演讲来培养自信。Step 2: Imagine talking to a personImagine confidently talking to another person, practicing what you might say as the star of a social gathering to teach yourself new ways of how to relate to guys and girls.第二步:想象和另一个人谈话想象你正和另一个人谈话,练习作为社交聚会主角的你可能要说的话,或是自学些如何和男孩或女孩搭讪的方法。Step 3: Face your demonsFace the demons underlying your shyness and explore the fears keeping you from expressing your true personality and interacting positively with others. Examine what situations make you most uncomfortable and consider why.第三步:正视弱点正视让你害羞的弱点,并找出那些使你害怕展现真实的性格并妨碍你和他人正常交往的恐惧感。想下什么情况下你感到最难受,并思考原因。Step 4: Master risk takingMaster risk taking beginning with small social exchanges and gradually build the confidence to ask someone on a date, or make a public speech.第四步:控制好大胆的尝试开始时可以在小的圈子中进行尝试并控制好,然后逐渐建立自信来邀请别人约会或是做公众演讲。Tip:Set and accomplish small goals on a regular basis to build a positive demeanor.小贴士:一步步地设定小的目标并完成,最终形成积极的行为。Step 5: Consider othersConsider that others may feel equally shy, so make it easy for them to engage in conversation, focusing on how listening, rather than speaking, helps both you and your conversational partner overcome shyness.第五步:考虑他人考虑那些也可能害羞的人,谈话时要让他们更容易参与进来,要仔细倾听而不要光顾着说话,帮助你和谈话的另一方共同克害羞。Step 6: Seek professional guidanceIf you are unable to conquer shyness on your own, seek professional guidance to lead you through the process. A pro can recommend books and other resources, as well as help you recognize progress in overcoming the behaviors keeping you from becoming all you are.第六步:寻找专业指导如果你自己无法克害羞,那就寻找专业的指导来帮助你完成克害羞的过程。专业人士会推荐书和其他资源,也会帮你意识到在克害羞过程中你所取得的进步。 Article/201012/121174Today in History: Wednesday, December 12, 2012历史上的今天:2012年12月12日,星期三On Dec. 12, 2000, a divided U.S. Supreme Court halted the presidential recount in Florida, effectively making Republican George W. Bush the winner.意见不一的美国最高法院下令停止在佛罗里达州重新总统计票,实际上使得共和党人乔治W.布什获胜。1745John Jay, statesman and the first chief justice of the Supreme Court, was born in New York City.1745年,政治家和最高法院首席大法官约翰杰伊在纽约出生。1787Pennsylvania became the second state to ratify the U.S. Constitution.1787年,宾夕法尼亚州成为第二个批准美国宪法的州。1870Joseph H. Rainey of South Carolina took his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, becoming the first black congressman.1870年,南卡罗莱纳州的约瑟夫H.雷尼担任美国众议院代表,成为第一位黑人议员。1897;The Katzenjammer Kids,; the pioneering comic strip by Rudolph Dirks, debuted in the New York Journal.1897年,迪克斯所漫画所作的开创性漫画“喧闹的孩子;首次在纽约杂志发布。1914The New York Stock Exchange re-opened for the first time since July 30. The market had shut down when World War I broke out.1914年,自7月30日以来纽约券交易所首次重开,世界第一次大战时交易所一直关闭着。1915Singer Frank Sinatra was born in Hoboken, N.J.1915年,歌手弗兰克·辛纳屈在新泽西州霍肯出生。1917Father Edward Flanagan founded Boys Town outside Omaha, Neb.1917年,祖先爱德华·弗拉纳根在内布拉斯加州外创立男孩镇。1925The first motel, the Motel Inn, opened, in San Luis Obispo, Calif.1925年,第一家汽车旅馆--汽车旅馆酒店--在加利福尼亚州圣路易斯奥比斯波开张。1947The ed Mine Workers union withdrew from the American Federation of Labor.1947年,美国煤矿工人联盟退出了美国劳工联合会。1963Kenya gained its independence from Britain.1963年,肯尼亚摆脱英国统治获得独立。1975Sara Jane Moore pleaded guilty to trying to kill President Gerald R. Ford.1975年,莎拉简·尔承认试图杀死总统杰拉尔德·福特。1998The House Judiciary Committee approved a fourth article of impeachment against President Bill Clinton .1998年,众议院司法委员会通过了第四项弹劾条款反对比尔·克林顿总统。2003Keiko, the killer whale made famous by the ;Free Willy; movies, died in a Norwegian fjord.2003,因电影《威鲸闯天关》出名的虎鲸Keiko在挪威峡湾去世。 /201212/213859

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