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上海合作组织峰会仍在北京继续召开,组织者从众多的国家带来了异国情调风格的艺术作品。The Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit continues in Beijing, organizers have brought art works from a host of countries that were once on the path of the ancient Silk Road. Exotic oil paintings along with traditional water color works have dazzled audiences at the Great Hall of the People.A real treat for art lovers as the exhibition presented over 120 works by the finest artists. From portraits to landscapes, works depicting everyday life. There’s something for almost everybody.The artists were not just eager to share their works, but their understanding of the entire event as well.Wang Zhong , painter, said, ;This a very energetic art show, because it’s organizer, the SCO is rich in energy and diversity. It’s wonderful that all the artists are depicting the beauty of their homelands with bright and rich colors. To match this vibrancy, my painting here shows sunshine splashed across a garden.;Stanley Lee, Beijing, said, ;Speaking of vibrancy and sunshine I can find no better example than this....I’m aly off to Chinese fairyland.;The contrasting elements are not just a display of opposites, but also of colors, tradition and modernity. Another element the artists are trying to communicate is emotions.Mikhail Kudrevatyi, painter, said, ;This is a landscape painting of Russia, I was deeply touched by the sight of a powerful gust sweeping across the forest with the radiance of the Sunlight, so I wanted to communicate my emotions with this work. ;Things got even more emotional when Emomalii Rahmon the President of Tajikistan descended on the scene, but it seems even with his presence the real star of the day is still the artworks themselves.201206/186335汤姆·香农展示了他的抵抗重力,非自然的雕塑——它们是用简单的自然的材料制成的——像星球一样在磁铁和悬挂线上浮动和旋转。这由科技启发的艺术极具神圣性。201302/226362

How To Be Sexy In The MorningStaying over at a date's house is a big step. When the sun rises, will you have morning breath? Bed head? What will you sleep in? Here's how to keep the sexy factor, even at the crack of dawn.Step 1: Early Bird(早点起来)The instant you wake up, roll over and realize you're not in your own bed, get up and get to the bathroom ASAP without waking Prince Charming. The object is to freshen up and get back into bed without him knowing.Step 2: Bed Head(不要蓬头垢面)For a quick fix, wet your mop down with some water and tie it up in a bun or messy ponytail. A headband works wonders for out-of-control flyways.Step 3: Breath Control(口气清洁)If you don't have your toothbrush on you, steal some mouthwash or toothpaste and use your finger. It's not ideal, but it beats having dragon breath.Step 4: Best Face Forward(洗脸)If you didn't wash your face the night before, do it now. Don't worry about getting every goop and glob, you don't want to look too perfect or he'll know you were primping. Apply some lotion and concealer or powder if needed. Refresh your underarms and other delicate areas with a refresher cloth.Step 5: Play Dress Up(穿衣打扮)Grab one of his tees or button downs and then sprits it with your perfume so he can smell you all day long, even after you leave. Guys love to see a woman wearing his clothes.Step 6: Back To Bed(回到床上)After you're feeling fresh, tiptoe back to his room and slip under the sheets. When he stirs, fake a yawn and a sexy stretch. Let him look at you. There's no need to hide now.201105/137231

我国安徽省突降大雪201302/226173;谁说人是理性的;一书的作者,行为经济学家Dan Ariely,利用经典视差图象和他那些跟直觉相反(甚至令人震惊)的研究结果,说明我们做决定时,并非自以为那么理性。201202/170516

Today in History: Friday, December 07, 2012历史上的今天:2012年12月7日,星期五On Dec. 7, 1941, Japanese warplanes attacked the home base of the U.S. Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, drawing the ed States into World War II. More than 2,300 Americans were killed.1941年12月7日,日本战机在夏威夷珍珠港袭击美国太平洋舰队基地,使得美国卷入第二次世界大战,超过2300名美国人牺牲。1787 Delaware became the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution.1787年,特拉华成为第一个批准美国宪法的州。1796 Electors chose John Adams to be the second president of the ed States.1796年,选民选择约翰·亚当斯当选美国第二任总统。1836 Martin Van Buren was elected the eighth president of the ed States.1836年,马丁·范布伦当选美国第八任总统。1842 The New York Philharmonic gave its first concert.1842年,纽约交响乐团举办第一次音乐会。1963 Videotaped instant replay was used for the first time in a live sports telecast during the Army-Navy football game on CBS.1963年,在CBS现场直播的一场体育电视广播橄榄球比赛中首次使用了录像即时重播。1972 Americas last moon mission was launched as Apollo 17 blasted off from Cape Canaveral.1972年,阿波罗17号从卡纳维拉尔角发射升空,这是美国最后一次登月任务。1982 A U.S. prisoner was executed by injection for the first time, in Huntsville, Texas.1982年,在德克萨斯州亨茨维尔,美国囚犯首次执行注射死亡。1985 Retired Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart died at age 70.1985年,退休的最高法院大法官波特·斯图尔特去世,享年70岁。1988 An earthquake in northern Armenia claimed an estimated 25,000 lives.1988年,亚美尼亚北部地震夺走25,000条生命。1993 A gunman opened fire on a Long Island Rail Road commuter train, killing six people and wounding 17. (Colin Ferguson was later sentenced to a minimum of 200 years in prison.)1993年,一名手袭击长岛铁路公路通勤列车,造成6人死亡17人受伤。(科林·弗格森后来被判处至少200年监禁。)1995 A 746-pound probe from the Galileo spacecraft hurtled into Jupiters atmosphere, sending back data to the mothership before it was destroyed.1995年,一个746磅重的探头从伽利略太空船撞向了木星大气层,,在被毁前向“母舰”送回数据。2001 Taliban forces abandoned their last bastion in Afghanistan, fleeing the southern city of Kandahar.2001年,塔利班军队放弃了他们阿富汗最后的堡垒,逃离南部城市坎大哈。2002 Iraq denied it had weapons of mass destruction in a declaration to the ed Nations.2002年,伊拉克在联合国声明中否认有大规模杀伤性武器。2004 Hamid Karzai was sworn in as Afghanistans first popularly elected president.2004年,哈米德·卡尔扎伊宣誓就任阿富汗第一位民选总统。2011 Ousted Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years in prison for corruption.2011年,被撤职的伊利诺伊州州长罗德·布拉戈耶维奇因腐败被判处14年监禁。 /201212/212904Step 1 Switch to baths1.沐浴Switch to baths; showers strip more of your skins natural oils. Dont make them too hot or too long; both can dry out skin.选择沐浴。因为淋浴会冲掉更多皮肤产生的天然油脂。水温不要太高,也不要太长时间,否则会导致皮肤干燥。Step 2 Use bath oil and mild soap2.使用沐浴油或温和香皂Pour bath oil into your tub, and wash with a mild, non-deodorant, fragrance-free soap.在浴缸中倒入沐浴精油,使用比较温和,无除臭剂,无香味的香皂。Tip:You can also use a bath treatment that contains oatmeal.小贴士:你也可以使用含有燕麦片沐浴疗法。Step 3 Moisturize3.保湿Moisturize as soon as you step out of the bath, after gently patting your body with a towel. Reapply during the day –especially before going into the blustery outdoors – and before you go to bed at night.走出浴缸,用毛巾轻轻地擦干身体后立即涂抹保湿产品。白天重复涂抹,尤其是进入寒风凛冽的户外和晚上睡觉之前。Tip:Choose moisturizer that contains glycerin, hyaluronic acid, or feverfew.小贴士:选择含有甘油,透明质酸或小白菊的保湿霜。Step 4 Wear soft clothes4.穿比较柔软的衣Avoid clothing and bedding made from wool, synthetic materials, and wool blends. Layer clothes to avoid overheating and sweating, which make dry skin worse.不要使用羊毛,合成纤维或毛线织成的衣和床具。分层穿着装可以避免过热出汗,否则会让皮肤更加干燥。Step 5 Turn down the thermostat5.降低温度Reduce the drying effects of central heating by lowering the thermostat to between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Put on a sweater if thats too chilly for you.把中央空调的温度设置在华氏68至72摄氏度,以降低干燥效应。如果感觉太冷的话,可以穿上一件羊毛衫。Step 6 Humidify6.增加湿度Add moisture to indoor air with a humidifier. Or make a homemade one by putting a heatproof bowl filled with on top of a radiator or near a heating vent.使用加湿器增加室内湿度,或者在暖气炉上放置一个装满水的隔热碗。Step 7 See a doctor7.看医生See a doctor if you itch all over your body, its so bad that you cant sleep, or your skin is broken from scratching so much; these are all signs that you may have a more serious medical condition.如果全身瘙痒,难以入睡,或者由于抓痒而蜕皮,着说明你的情况已经比较严重。赶紧去看医生。You Will Need:Warm baths,Bath oil,Mild soap,Moisturizer,A lowered thermostat,A humidifier or bowls of water,An oatmeal bath treatment (optional)你需要:温水沐浴,沐浴油,温和香皂,保湿霜,降低温度,加湿器,燕麦片沐浴疗法(可选)201211/206899

But all is not as it seems.但是事情并不总是这样Mr Jin, like many of the best conservationists,像其他许多最好的自然保护者一样is poacher turned gamekeeper,金先生现在由偷猎者变为了看护者using his hunting skills to benefit his old quarry.使用他捕猎技艺来保护他原先的猎物The staff here at Dongtan Bird Reserve在东潭鸟类保护基地里will measure, ring and weigh the trapped birds人们将给这些捕获的鸟测量 带环 称重before releasing them unharmed.然后把它们释放The information gathered by Mr Jin and his colleagues由金先生和他的同事们收集的这些信息helps to protect over 200 different species of birds帮助保护了200多个不同的鸟类which visit the island each year.这些鸟类每年都要来到这个岛屿Just south of Chongming Island在崇明岛正南端lies Chinas largest coastal city,Shanghai.是中国最大的海边城市——上海Situated on a major migration route for birds as well as river life,上海处于一条河流生物和鸟类迁徙的路径上Shanghai is now preparing for an even bigger invasion.现在它正进行一个更大的侵袭动作Barges loaded with building materials constantly arrive in the citys docks,满载着建筑材料的驳船不停的到达这个城市的码头feeding one of the greatest construction booms in the world.来满足这个世界最繁忙建设之一的需要Last year, half the worlds concrete was poured into Chinas cities,去年 全世界一半的水泥都运往中国的各个城市all in preparation for the biggest mass migration of people这些都是为了人类历史上最大规模的in the history of the world.人口迁移做准备 /201210/202465Winding westwards into the hills,蜿蜒向西深入山地these were once some of the most important highways in Asia,曾一度是亚洲地区的要道the southwesterntea and silk road.西南部的茶马古道(即为西南丝绸之路)Built thousands of years ago,茶马古道源于古代西南边疆的茶马互市兴于唐宋盛于明清the southwestern tea and silk road gaveaccess tothe world beyond Chinas borders,西南茶马古道越过中国的边境迎来了远自罗马的商人与旅者carrying tradesmen and travellers fromas far away asRome.将这片古老土地与世界相连Wars werefought overaccess to this tiny path,这条路上曾燃烧过连绵的战火the only sure routein or out ofChina,也是出入当时中国的唯一咽喉要道that was guaranteed to be clear of snow all year round.必须要保全年畅通无阻So, what causes Gaoligongshans strange and remarkable climate?那么是什么造就了高黎贡山独特的气候In late May, gusts of wind arrive,五月后旬阵风来临bringing with them the key to Gaoligongshans mystery.带来了解开高黎贡山气候之谜的钥匙The winds are hot and saturated with water.热风富含水分They come all the way from the Indian Ocean.它们完全来自于印度洋Channelled by Yunnans unique geography,受云南独特地形的影响they bring with them the moisture of the tropical monsoon.热带季风带来了充沛的雨量The giant river valleys,created millions of years ago,形成于千百万年前的巨大河谷act likeimmense funnels.如同巨大的漏斗一般The gorges are so deep and narrow,这些峡谷深邃狭长that the moist warm air is driven right up into the north of Yunnan.引导湿热气流径直流向滇北The result is rain, in torrents!然后就是降雨暴泄的狂流 /201208/193375The court of Versailles could be seen凡尔赛宫廷犹如as a cross, perhaps, between一个十字架 它汇集了Royal Ascot and the dealing floor of a futures exchange.皇家提拔与未来奉献A combination of a very socially elite group包括了一个who aly know each other由早已互相熟识 经常交流的and can interact with each other精英群体and at the same time同时也包括一群a group of hardened professionals态度坚定的学者 他们拥有who have their own language and their own codes,自己的说话风格与行为准则who know how to strike deals,也知道如何打破合约and to extract the best possible advantages如何在特定情况下from a particular situation.取得最佳利益Versailles was the original hotbed of scandal.凡尔赛原是流言滋生的温床The phrase with which everyone began their conversation每个人说话was, ;On dit; 都以;据说;开头;Its being said.; ;Theyre saying this, theyre saying that.;;人人都这么说; ;他们说这他们说那;All day, these whispers of rumour would travel about the palace流言整天在宫中传递and people would send each other little bulletins by sedan chair,人们坐着轿子传递小告示板to report on what was going on in the different rooms互相告知各处的动向and that of course made it a tremendously claustrophobic place to live.宫中成了幽闭恐惧的住处You couldnt do anything without everybody knowing about it.你无法隐藏自己所行之事It was this extraordinary networking centre.这里的关系网络异常复杂Everyone who was anyone in France, was now at Versailles,法国的贵族都住进了凡尔赛宫so to be excluded was disastrous for a French nobleman.被排斥在外的人则饱受打击The worst thing that a courtier could hear from the King幕僚最不愿听到的话就是was, ;Hes a man I never see.;国王说;我不认识他;People would spend literally years人们会花上很多年trying to hear one word or have a gesture from the King.争取得到国王的话语或手势201204/177713

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