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襄阳耳聋去哪里较好襄樊耳喉科医院正规襄阳四院医院治疗咽炎价格 TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。201504/370334襄阳市第四人民医院看鼻息肉大概多少钱费用

宜城人民医院治疗鼻子疾病哪家好The 1964 good friday earthquake measured 9.2 on the richter scale and took over 130 lives.1964年 发生在受难日的大地震 震级为里氏9.2级 大地震夺走了130条生命The death toll would have been much higher but for the extreme remoteness of the location.幸亏这儿极为偏远 否则造成的伤亡更大You see all the terrain along the coastline there.Its tough-going.你们看看海岸线四周的地形 路很难走啊But I reckon with all of these sort of resources around here,但我想利用这周边所有 这类废弃物better off making some sort of raft and then getting out onto the water itself.Okay.说不定能做个筏 然后把它推下水 好了You should be able to cover more distance and have a better chance of being spotted on the sea.这样子就可以走得更远 而且在海面上更可能被人发现But out there, youll need a sturdy raft.Old beds.Actually, thatll be quite good to lie on for a raft.但要离开这里 就需要一个坚固的筏 旧床板 这东西 用来做筏挺好的All sorts of these old barrels. Look.And these are so buoyant, these things.所有这种旧油桶 看看 这些东西的浮力很大You want to check theyve got both the... both the bungs in and also that theyve not got any holes.你得检查检查 保所有塞子都塞住了 没有任何漏水孔Otherwise, look like that fella.An airtight oil drum will easily support my weight.不然就惨了 瞧这玩意儿够坚固的 一个密封的油桶很容易就能承载我的重量And with a few, I have the beginnings of a substantial raft.有这几个 初步的坚固筏就成形了Its all this work making sure you build a raft close enough to where youre gonna launch it.这些工作都是为了 保这筏离入水的地方够近The last thing you want to do is build a thing, especially when its out of metal,and then not be able to drag it down there.最不想看到的一件事 就是造好这个金属筏之后 却没有办法把它弄到岸边See the tides coming in here, so its probably about right.正好在涨潮 现在时机正合适I want to get this raft built quickly so Im y to launch when the tide turns.我得快点把筏做好 等着开始退潮时我就下水What I want to do is use the barrels to give me all the buoyancy so that keep this up out of the water.我要做的就是 利用这些桶的浮力 让这个床板离开水面201604/440139襄阳市第一人民医院声带息肉看怎么样好不好 Botticelli, The Birth of Venus波提切利:《维纳斯的诞生》Were looking at The Birth of Venus by Botticelli. This is, of course, one of the most iconic images in the history of western art.我们正在看波提切利的《维纳斯的诞生》。这是,当然,西洋艺术史中最具标志性的图像之一。Venus is fabulously beautiful. How could it be otherwise?维纳斯是难以至信地美丽。怎么可能不这样觉得呢?So she stands radically naked in a Renaissance painting not in a Christian context here.所以她完全地站在这里一幅不在基督教脉络中的文艺复兴画作里。Until, really, this point in the Renaissance, the only time you would see nude was Eve, but here...直到,真的,在文艺复兴的这时期,你会看到裸体的唯一机会是夏娃,但这里...This is not Eve.这不是夏娃。No, Botticellis portrayed the ancient goddess of love, Venus. And he has portrayed her, actually, based her on an ancient Roman sculpture of Venus.不是,波提切利绘出古代爱神--维纳斯。而他描绘她,实际上,以古罗马维纳斯雕像为基础。...which was actually a copy of an even earlier ancient Greek sculpture, which was known sometimes as the Modest Venus, and which was actually in the collection of the Medici. We think that this painting might have actually been for one of the Medici court, perhaps even for a cousin of Lorenzo de Medici....这其实是一个甚至更早期古希腊雕像的仿作,这有时以《含羞维纳斯》为人所知,这其实是在麦地奇家族的收藏中。我们认为这幅画也许其实是要给麦地奇的其中一座宫殿,也许甚至是要给伦罗佐麦地奇的一位表亲。So Venus stands in the middle. Shes born of the sea and seems to be being pushed in by the winds, the Zephyrs that are personified on the left. She stands on a seashell, or almost stands on a seashell. Theres so much impossibility in this painting. And when she gets to the shore, shell be received by an attendant thats y to wrap her nude body.所以维纳斯站在中间。她从海洋诞生,看似被风推动,也就是在左侧拟人化的风神。她站在贝壳上,或几乎站在贝壳上。在这幅画里有太多的不可能性。然后当她走到岸边,她将会由一名准备好裹覆她身躯的侍女接待。But were, I think, delighted that she hasnt gotten there yet because the body is just so beautiful. Its so sensuous, and its an impossible kind of pose. Its not really contrapposto. You know, theres this extraordinary curve to the body that I think...I suggest that shes got a very flexible kind of skeletal structure.但我们是,我认为,很开心她还没走到那儿,因为那身躯就是如此美丽。那是如此充满美感,而且那是个不大可能做到的姿势。那是非常人体比例不协调的。你知道,有这个身体异常的弧线,我觉得...我认为她有种非常灵活的骨骼构造。And even the Zephyrs who are those winds that blow her to shore are intertwined in impossible ways. And every figure here floats.甚至风神,就是那些吹动她到岸边的风,也以不可能的方式交缠。且这里每个角色都是飘在空中的。When we look at Renaissance paintings, we generally expect to see real naturalism. We expect to see figures that have weight, with bodies that make sense, existing in a realistic space. Thats what we think of when we think about the Renaissance, but thats not what Botticelli gives us.当我们欣赏文艺复兴的画作时,我们通常期待看到真正的自然主义。我们期待看到有重量的人物、有合理的身躯、存在于现实的空间里。那是当我们想到文艺复兴时会想到的东西,但那不是波提切利带给我们的。Well, some art historians suggested that Botticelli is looking back to ancient Greek painting. And the only painting, really, that Botticelli would have available to him from the classical Greek tradition would have been vase painting, where figures are often isolated against the ground.嗯,有些美术史学家认为波提切利正在回顾古希腊的画作。而真的,波提切利唯一能从古典希腊传统找到的画作会是瓶画,其中人物通常都与地面分离。This is really a freeze. All the figures, and this is very much a Botticelli characteristic, are pushed forward, and...这真的是个定格动作。所有人物都被往前推向前景,这是非常波提切利的特性,而且...Kind of occupying a single plane.有点像佔住了一个单平面。Thats right! And they are sort of isolated, these three groupings. And you can always imagine them as line painting on a vase. In fact, this painting is really linear. And because of the patterning, because of the quality of the linear, it sort of defies space.没错!且他们有点孤立,这三组人物。而且你总是可以把它们想像成花瓶上的线图。事实上,这幅画是非常依赖线条的。而因为那结构、因为那线条的特形,它有点违反空间。I mean, yes, we can look into the deep space, but this is not a Masaccio. The attempt here is to really de-emphasize deep space and to, instead, create a sense of pattern, create a sense of beauty. This is a painting, presumably, and were just guessing. We dont know.我是说,是的,我们可以望进那深度空间,但这不是马萨乔(意大利画家)。这里的尝试是要确实降低深度空间的重要性,转而创造出格局感,创造出美感。理论上来说,这是一幅画,而我们只是在猜测。我们不知道。It is really about beauty. Perhaps in the neo-Platonic sense, both beauty is physical and sensual as erotic, but that leads one to his notion of divine beauty.这确实有关美感。也许是新柏拉图派的概念,美感,正如情欲般既是形体上又刺激感官的,但那将一个人引导至他对神圣美感的概念。Right, there are two kinds of beauty, and that through a contemplation of physical beauty we can arrive at divine beauty.没错,有两种美感,而透过形体美感的沉思,我们可以到达神圣的美感。Botticelli is creating a kind of beauty that is a result of, of course, the narrative; its a result of the elegance of the figure herself, but also through the use of pattern, through a kind of purely decorative quality. We can see that especially in the traces of gold that hes placed in her hair, in the trees to the right.波提切利正在创造出一种美感,当然,那是叙事的结果;那也是人物她本身优雅的结果,但同样是透过构图的使用、透过一种纯粹装饰的特性。我们可以看到那点特别是他放在她发丝中、放在右侧树中的金色轮廓。Theres a kind of sensuality here thats irresistible, right? The pink flowers, fluttering between Venus and the Zephyr; the beautiful lines that create the waves; the lines from her hair; that fluttering drapery. Its a beautiful world that we want to enter.这里有一种无法抗拒的感官享受,对吧?那粉红色的花朵,在维纳斯及风神之间飘动;那创造出海浪的美丽线条;她发丝中的线条;那摇荡的布料。那是个我们想要进入的美丽世界。201503/363978襄阳哪里有专治鼻息肉的医院

襄阳哪个医院治疗扁桃体炎Just the fact that it gets into space它能成功进入太空and we start talking to it for the first time并与我们首次取得联络is an incredible achievement.就是一次了不起的成就Its spacecraft separation.现在是航天器分离的画面Its the first big step on the way to Mars.这是迈向火星第一个重要步骤But any damage caused by the launch但是发射对好奇号内部组件to Curiositys components造成的损害might not be immediately obvious.也许无法被立刻观察到So, for the past eight months,在过去的八个月中the engineers have needed to stay in careful contact,工程师们一直与其保持密切联络to check its course and its vital signs.以检查其运行状态和重要数据They need to be sure that they receive他们得确保接收到了every message sent back by the rover...火星车发回来的所有数据and that every instruction they give同时他们发出的指令will be heard loud and clear.也能被准确地接收到重点解释:1.in contact 有联系例句:I came in contact with her by telephone.我和她通过电话联络。2.send back 被送回例句:I was sent back to clean up the mess.我被派回来收拾残局。 201512/418818 襄阳市东风人民医院看声带小结哪家好襄阳喉科医院那可以



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