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武汉哪个医院看男科最好武汉怎样叫包皮The US Federal Reserve must do a better job of responding to the rising tide of economic anger in America that is leading to a surge in protectionist rhetoric on the presidential campaign trail, according to the newest member of its policy committee.美联储(Fed)政策委员会的最新成员表示,美联储在回应美国国内日益高涨的经济愤怒浪潮时必须做得更好,这股愤怒正导致总统竞选过程中保护主义言论升温。In an interview with the Financial Times, Neel Kashkari, who took over as head of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve at the start of the year, warned the Fed must work harder to rebuild public trust and communicate with US citizens. Economic anger, he said, was “all around the country and it is non-partisan”.在接受英国《金融时报》采访时,今年初接任明尼阿波利斯联邦储备(Minneapolis Federal Reserve)行长的尼尔愠什卡利(Neel Kashkari)警告称,美联储必须在重建公众信任、与美国公民沟通方面更加努力。他称,经济愤怒“遍布全美,不分党派”。Mr Kashkari’s first public forays this week have quickly positioned him as an outspoken voice among policymakers.卡什卡利在本周的首次公开发难,使他迅速树立起直言不讳的政策制定者的形象。As a senior Treasury official during George W Bush’s administration and the first term of Barack Obama, Mr Kashkari was a key architect of Wall Street’s 2008 bailout. But on Tuesday, in his first speech since joining the Minneapolis Fed, he called for regulators to consider breaking up the largest US lenders, which were still “too big to fail”.作为乔治圠布什(George W. Bush)政府时期以及奥巴马第一任期时的财政部(Treasury)高级官员,卡什卡利是2008年华尔街纾困计划的关键设计师。但在本周二,在他加入明尼阿波利斯联储后的首次演讲中,他呼吁监管部门考虑拆分美国规模最大的一些,称它们仍然“太大而不能倒”。In his FT interview he blamed the bailouts he oversaw as one of the “root causes for the loss of trust” in the US’s economic managers. Those actions had “really violated a core American belief” that risk takers had to bear the consequences of things going wrong, he said, and “it really leads to great anger if you violate the core beliefs of a society”.在接受英国《金融时报》采访时,他指责当年由他负责的纾困计划是民众对美国经济管理者“失去信任的根源”之一。他称,那些举措“确实违反了美国的核心信念”,即风险承担者不得不承担事情出错的后果,“如果你违反一个社会的核心信念,确实会造成极大的愤怒”。The impact, he said, had been made worse by a history of opacity at the Fed and a past institutional reluctance to explain monetary policy clearly.他称,这股冲击波因美联储不透明的历史和以往在机构层面不愿明确解释货币政策而变得更糟。The Fed was now paying the price for decades of “very poor” communications as it “adopted this Wizard of Oz routine that ‘We are so mysterious and you can’t understand what we are doing’”, he said, “and that really hurt trust between the people and the institution”.他称,美联储正在为数十年来“采取‘我们那么神秘,你搞不懂我们在干什么’这一绿野仙踪般的套路”、导致“非常糟糕”的沟通付出代价,“而这确实损害了人们与这个机构之间的信任”。Anger about the economy was also fuelling support for those advocating new barriers to protect US industry. “I don’t think protectionism is the right path. I think we need to promote free markets around the world. But some of the anger is understandable,” he said.对于经济的愤怒也使那些提倡设置新壁垒来保护美国产业的人得到更大持。“我不认为保护主义是正确的道路。我认为我们需要在世界各地促进自由市场。但是其中一些愤怒是可以理解的,”他称。“We need to promote free markets on both sides. It can’t just be the American economy that is free and our trading partners are not free. So I understand that anger that is there. We need to push back against that [protectionist rhetoric] but also push out globally for free markets everywhere.”“我们需要促进双方的自由市场。不能只有美国经济是自由化的,而我们的贸易伙伴的经济不自由。所以我理解当前存在的愤怒。我们需要顶住(保护主义言论),但也要在全球各地推动自由市场。”His words come amid a presidential election campaign dominated by frustration about sluggish growth since the 2007-09 financial crash. Some 72 per cent of people feel the economy is still in recession, according to the American Values Survey released in November, even though economic analysts say the Great Recession ended in mid-2009.他发表言论之际,人们对自2007-09年金融危机以来增长乏力的沮丧感主导着美国总统竞选的氛围。去年11月发布的《美国价值观调查》(American Values Survey)显示,大约72%的人觉得经济仍然处于衰退状态,尽管经济分析人士称“大衰退”已在2009年年中结束。That frustration has spilled over into antipathy towards the Fed itself, and on both sides of the political divide. Democratic lawmakers have questioned the central bank’s decision to lift interest rates, warning it could stifle wage growth, while Republicans are calling for greater scrutiny of the Fed’s decisions amid lingering anger over the scale of its interventions during the crisis.这种沮丧感已弥漫为人们(政治分界线的双方都是如此)对美联储本身产生厌恶。民主党议员质疑美联储加息的决定,警告它可能抑制工资增长,与此同时,共和党人士呼吁对美联储的决策加强审查,其背景是人们仍对金融危机期间美联储的干预规模耿耿于怀。But above all it has helped fuel the rise of populist candidates such as Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, who have both urged greater effort to protect US industry from cheap imports and foreign competition.但最重要的是,这助长了民粹主义候选人的气焰,比如自称民主社会主义者的伯尼儠德斯(Bernie Sanders)和共和党领跑者唐纳德礠朗普(Donald Trump)。他们二人都敦促为保护美国产业免受廉价进口商品和外国竞争的冲击付出更多努力。Mr Kashkari praised the work of Janet Yellen, the Fed chair, but said the central bank needed to go further.卡什卡利称赞了美联储主席珍妮特耶伦(Janet Yellen)的工作,但是他称美联储需要更进一步。Ms Yellen was “trying to do the right thing for the country”, and if people got to know her and other people in the Fed system “they would be very proud we have this institution in our country”, but “we don’t really let them see in”.耶伦“正尝试着为国家做正确的事”,如果人们了解她和美联储系统内的其他人员,“他们会为我们国家拥有这样的机构感到非常自豪”,但是“我们没有真的让他们了解”。“I think we could do a better job,” he said. “The press conferences [held quarterly by the Fed chair] are a step in the right direction and Chair Yellen is very candid in those press conferences and addresses the questions directly. That’s positive.” But the Fed needed to “look for more opportunities like that. It has to happen on all levels.”“我觉得我们能做得更好,”他称,“(美联储主席每季度举行一次的)新闻发布会是向着正确方向迈进的一步,耶伦主席在新闻发布会上非常坦诚,直接回答问题。这是积极进展。”但是美联储需要“寻找更多这样的机会。进步必须体现在所有层面。”Monetary policy was hugely complicated and it was not possible to explain every twist and turn to the whole population. That meant it was critical the public trusted the Fed, he said.货币政策非常复杂,不可能向所有人解释清楚政策制定的每个环节。他称,这意味着公众信任美联储很关键。“You are not going to have the population as a whole understand all the nuances of what we are talking about here. They need to trust us. They need to know that we care. If they trust us and know that we care, they are going to give us the benefit of the doubt on some of the complexities they may not fully understand.”“你没法让所有人都理解我们现在所讨论的每个细微之处。他们需要信任我们。他们需要知道我们在意。如果他们信任我们,知道我们在意,他们就会在一些他们可能不能完全理解的复杂问题上对我们‘疑罪从无’。” /201602/427486武汉精子 Soviet-era T-72 Tanks苏联时期的T-72坦克ISIS captured many tanks from the Iraqi army, including the relatively modern Soviet T-72, of which it may have as many as 10.ISIS捕获了伊拉克军队的许多坦克,其中包括比较现代苏联T-72,可能有多达10辆。照片:维基共享资源Type 59 Artillery59式火炮Also known by the slightly less succinct name ;130 mm towed field gun M-46 M1954,; the Type 59 came out of the Soviet Union in the 1950#39;s. Medium reported in August that ISIS was using the artillery against Iraqi troops完整名字称为“130毫米拖拉式野战炮---M-46 M1954,”59式火炮来自20世纪50年代苏联。媒体报道,八月ISIS使用火炮此对付伊拉克军队。FIM-92 Stinger MANPADsFIM-92毒刺便携式防空系统ISIS fighters acquired a host of American Stinger missiles from ravaged Iraqi basis, according to Fox News. The Stinger is lightweight and easy to use, and can be operated from the shoulder of a single soldier, making it no small threat.ISIS战士从伊拉克战场上缴获大批美国毒刺导弹,据福克斯新闻说。毒刺重量轻且易于使用,并且单一士兵就可以操作,使得它拥有不小的威胁。ZU-23-2 ;Sergey; Anti-Aircraft CannonZU-23-2“谢尔盖”防空炮Medium reported in August that ISIS was using these Soviet anti-aircraft mounted guns with ;brutal effectiveness against Iraq#39;s dwindling helicopter gunship force.;媒体报道,八月ISIS使用这些苏联防空炮有效应对伊拉克的武装直升机部队。Iraqi Chemical Weapons伊拉克化学武器Reports in July said that ISIS had seized an old Iraqi chemical weapons facility just north of Baghdad. More recent reports claim that chemical weapons are being used by ISIS against Kurdish troops七月份有报道称,ISIS在巴格达以北已经捕获了一个旧的伊拉克化学武器的设施。最近的报道称,isis正在对库尔德人的部队使用化学武器Chinese HJ-8中国的HJ-8Multiple reports have said that ISIS is using the HJ-8 anti-tank missile, a Chinese weapon first built in the early 1980s. While somewhat unwieldy, the weapon ostensibly has a hit probability rate of 90 percent多个报道说,ISIS正在使用HJ-8反坦克导弹,这种中国的武器最早生产于20世纪80年代初。虽然有些笨拙,虽然武器只有90%的命中率9K32 Strela-2/SA-7 Grail9K32 STRELA-2 / SA-7圣杯The Washington Post reported that multiple ISIS propaganda s have surfaced showing fighters using the SA-7 Strela, a shoulder-mounted surface-to-air missile.华盛顿邮报报道,多个ISIS宣传的视频表明他们正在使用SA-7 STRELA,一种肩扛式地对空导弹。American/Iraqi Humvees美国/伊拉克悍马Along with tanks and weapons, ISIS fighters have also picked up a host of Humvees from raided Iraqi bases. This ability of Humvees to easily negotiate treacherous desert conditions has led to their widesp use in the region. The vehicles are also capable of playing host to multiple weapon emplacements.随着坦克和武器被大量捕获,战士ISIS还袭击了伊拉克基地捕获了悍马车。因为悍马车可以轻松穿越诡谲的沙漠,这种车已经在该地区广泛使用。车辆还能改装成战车。M198 HowitzerM198榴弹炮Business Insider reported in July that ISIS had seized 55 American M198 Howitzers from a fleeing Iraqi army. The weapon is capable of firing 155mm shells with a kill radius of 50 meters.商业内幕报道,7月ISIS已经从一个撤退的伊拉克军队那里缴获55个美国M198榴弹炮。该武器能够发射155毫米炮弹拥有50米的杀伤半径。 /201502/358394Jaguar has aly unveiled plans for eye-tracking cameras that can prevent you from falling asleep at the wheel.捷豹推出了眼球追踪摄像头的计划,它能防止你在方向盘上睡着。And now its latest patent wants to use this technology to control a car#39;s window wipers.现在其最新的专利想利用这一技术来控制汽车的雨刷。It details a system in which every time the driver looks in their rear-view mirror the wipers on the rear window are activated automatically.专利中详细介绍了一个系统,每次司机看后视镜的时候后窗雨刷自动被激活。However, the filing hints that it could potentially work with wipers on the front windscreen too.然而,文件暗示司机的这一动作也可能使前挡风玻璃的雨刷被激活。The patent, called #39;Windscreen clearing system for a vehicle#39;, was filed by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) in March 2013 and awarded this week. It was originally spotted by Gizmag.这项被称为“车辆的挡风玻璃清洁系统”的专利,于2013年3月由捷豹路虎(JLR)提出,并于本周授予。而最早发现它的其实是Gizmag。When a driver decides to observe the environment behind the vehicle by looking through the rear windscreen, typically using a rear-view mirror, the rear windscreen may not be wiped and may be obscured.当司机想通过后挡风玻璃观察车后面的环境时,后风挡玻璃可能很久没擦,也可能模糊不清,因此司机通常只能使用后视镜来观察。It is against this background that the present invention has been conceived.正是在这种背景下,本发明才被设想出来。JLR added that the patent refers to a windscreen wiper system for a vehicle #39;and particularly, but not exclusively, to a rear windscreen wiper system#39; that operates automatically in response to detecting eye-movement of a driver of the vehicle toward a rear-view mirror.JLR补充说,这项关于挡风玻璃雨刷系统的专利;主要针对但不仅限于后挡风玻璃雨刷系统;,后者在探测到司机眼球朝后视镜方向移动时自动启用。It is likely to take advantage of the eye-tracking Driver Monitor System (DMS) JLR announced in January.它很可能利用了JLR在一月份宣布的眼球追踪司机监控系统(DMS)。JLR, with support from Intel and Seeing Machines, has developed sensing technology that monitors the driver#39;s face and eyes to reduce distracted and drowsy driving.JLR在英特尔和视觉机器公司的持下,已经开发了监测司机的脸和眼睛的遥感技术,以减少分心和疲劳驾驶。 /201505/375033武汉手淫过度引起早泄怎么办

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武汉什么医院适合检查男科The Chinese economy continued to slow in April, prompting predictions of more fiscal and monetary stimulus from Beijing, much of which is likely to boost its booming stock market.中国经济在4月继续放缓,促使人们预测北京方面将出台更多财政和货币刺激措施,而这些措施有很大一部分很可能推高处于牛市中的股市。Fixed asset investment, a key driver of the economy, expanded by 12 per cent in the first four months of the year from a year earlier, the slowest pace since 2000 and down from 13.5 per cent in the first quarter.中国经济的关键驱动力——固定资产投资在今年头四个月同比扩张12%,这是自2000年以来最慢的步伐,而且低于第一季度13.5%的同比增幅。That was driven largely by sliding investment and construction in the crucial real estate sector, which is suffering from oversupply and tepid demand.这在很大程度上可归因于重要的房地产行业投资和建设不断下滑,该行业正遭遇供应过剩和需求乏力。Overall property investment in the country grew 6 per cent in the first four months from a year earlier, a sharp deceleration from 8.5 per cent growth in the first quarter and the slowest pace since May 2009.中国的总体房地产投资在今年头四个月同比增长6%,相比第一季度的8.5%出现急剧减速,而且是自2009年5月以来最慢的增速。Growth in retail sales came in at 10 per cent in April from a year earlier, down slightly from 10.2 per cent in March but the weakest monthly ing in nine years.4月份社会消费品零售总额同比增长10%,仅略低于3月的10.2%,但却是9年来最疲弱的月度同比增幅。China is almost certain to grow at its slowest pace in 25 years this year and the government will struggle to meet its aly lowered target of “around 7 per cent” expansion.今年中国几乎可以肯定将录得25年以来最慢的经济增长,政府要达到其已经下调的“7%左右”的增长目标将有难度。“Today’s activity data suggest that the momentum of growth during the first month of the second quarter could have slowed further to below 7 per cent,” said Liu Ligang, economist at ANZ bank. “Thus, more growth stabilisation policies could be expected to roll out.”“今日发布的经济活动数据似乎表明,第二季度第一个月的增长势头可能进一步放缓至7%以下,”澳新(ANZ bank)经济学家刘利刚表示。“因此,可以预期会有更多的稳增长政策出台。”On Sunday China cut benchmark interest rates for the third time in six months to shore up flagging activity.上周日,中国在六个月内第三次下调基准利率,以提振疲弱的经济活动。The central bank has also lowered the proportion of deposits banks must hold in reserve (known as the reserve ratio requirement) twice since the start of the year, including a 100-basis-point cut last month that was the biggest since the height of the financial crisis in 2008.自年初以来,中国央行还两次下调了存款准备金率,包括上月的100个基点下调,那是自2008年金融危机最严重时期以来的最大幅度“降准”。Most analysts expect Beijing to continue cutting interest rates and the RRR in the coming months.多数分析师预计,北京将在未来几个月继续降息和下调存款准备金率。“We expect sequential growth momentum to improve in the coming months, but given the deep-rooted challenges such as the severe overcapacity problem in upstream industries, any improvement will still be rather fragile,” said Yang Zhao, an economist at Nomura. “Hence, we expect policy to remain accommodative.”“我们预计,环比增长势头将在接下来的几个月出现起色,但考虑到根深蒂固的挑战,比如上游产业产能严重过剩的问题,任何好转都仍将是相当脆弱的,”野村券(Nomura)经济学家赵扬表示。“因此,我们预计政策将保持宽松。”While the government has tried to target its stimulus policies to benefit the economy and keep construction going across the country, much of the fresh liquidity has found its way into the booming stock market, helping the benchmark index to double in the past year.虽然政府一直试图出台针对性的刺激政策,以求惠及经济,扶持全国各地的建设活动,但相当大一部分新的流动性进入了不断上涨的境内股市,推动基准股指在过去一年翻倍。After the data release yesterday, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.58 per cent after rising 1.6 per cent on Tuesday.昨日数据公布后,上综指(Shanghai Composite Index)下跌0.58%,周二该指数上涨1.6%。Japan’s Nikkei stock index erased early losses to end up 0.7 per cent on hopes of fresh Chinese stimulus.受中国出台新刺激措施的希望鼓舞,日本的日经股指(Nikkei stock index)昨日止跌转涨,收盘上升0.7%。On the bright side, some analysts highlighted data suggesting the year-long slump in demand for Chinese real estate could be coming to an end.从光明的一面看,一些分析师强调了一些似乎表明持续一年的中国房地产需求低迷可能即将结束的数据。For example, the floor area of property sold in the first four months of the year fell 4.8 per cent from a year earlier, an improvement on the 9.2 per cent year-on-year decline in the first quarter.例如,今年头四个月的商品房销售面积同比下降4.8%,相比第一季度9.2%的同比降幅有所好转。 /201505/375057 武汉华夏男子医院看支原体感染专家武汉同房时射不出来是什么原因



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