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 a、四个名词--检索中心词 b、主题团结性 c、语气及强调原则  . 有钱的太太们大多忙于无数鸡毛蒜皮的小事请,而且她们深信这些事情都惊天动地非常重要

欢迎学习《读句子轻松学英语四级语法【第70节】70.She never got on with hey father.四级词汇讲解:本句听力的难点和重点在于get on with sb.,该短语意为“与某人和睦相,关系良好”,在口语中也可用get along with sb.来表达英语四级考点归纳:短语get on除了与介词with连用表示“和睦相处”之外,在口语中还有以下含义:※ 意为“进展,进步”,相当于get along如:How are you getting on with your project?你的项目进展如何?※ 意为“应付;过活”,相当于get along如:He cant get on without his mother.没有他母亲他就无法过活※ get on本身也可指“和睦相处,关系良好”如:Were not friends. We just dont get on.我们不是朋友,我们就是合不来学习更多《读句子轻松学英语四级语法

读句子轻松学英语四级语法 第76节


  英语能力>英语作文>初二英语作文 我的邻居朋友史密斯一家(The Smiths) -- ::1 来源: The SmithsRecently more and more eign families move to Shanghai.My new neighbour -- the Smiths -- is one of them. Mr Smith is from America. He works in a car factory in Shanghai. He is anengineer. His wife Helen is a teacher. Now she teaches English in a middle school here. They've got a son, David. We are of the same age. Since they moved here, we've been good friends. Wehave the same hobbies -- playing football and basketball. Last year, we two families spent the Spring Festival together. We enjoyed ourselves very much. Now they take Shanghai as theirsecond hometown. I am glad to have such a nice neighbour.。

    3. I believe the speech was needlessly stubborn.

  考研英语 句话教你掌考研英语作文三段论 --5 :3:7 来源: 考研英语作文三段式写作众所周知,可是要把握到位却并不容易,而写作作为英语的重要提分主力,在冲刺阶段,大家还是要多下功夫才是即使拿不到高分,也要确保分数不低于一般水平下面,就通过个句子,包括首段、中间段和结尾段来为大家详细解读英语作文该如何谋划  一、首段  第一段四个句子,第一句宏观描述图画,并谈图画看似可笑但发人深思.第二句写出图画最强烈的视觉效果,第三句是主题句,谈用二十个单词的爆发力句型谈该现象对个人的发展和进步有破坏性,并引发思考,第四句是用贬义词批判这个现象是强烈的指责  1、As is vividly depicted in the picture, which seems to be humorous and ridiculous but thought-provoking on second thoughts.  、The most striking feature that impresses me deeply is that unbelievably,  3、Recent few years has witnessed a phenomenon of 主题 which seems to be disastrous to individual survival and prosperity.  、This phenomenon of 主题 should be condemned severely or made illegal.  二、中间段落  中间段落从两方面论问题的危害,并举例论,预测危害的趋势  第二段七个句子,首先第一句从宏观上谈这种现象的总的有两到三个点危害或者原因,第二句谈这个现象的第一个危害,用 “not only, but also”的五星级句子,通常是谈对个人身心健康的危害性, 第三个句子谈第二个危害,通常是用一个豪华级的比较级的句子,让老师耳目一新,通常是谈这个现象对社会的危害.第四个句子谈对家庭或学校的危害.第五个句子谈一个代替 “ example”的十五个单词的好句子,意思是说没有更好的例子来明正如下文.第六个句子是例子群体的出现,谈根据一项调查表明,80%以上的人只要从事经历过这个消极的现象一定会对个人在精神和生活上有危害.最后一句话是预测趋势的二十五个单词的钻石级的句子,谈以下预测趋势,表明这种现象再这样下去,就会导致恶劣的结果出现,甚至是毁灭性的后果  1、To the above-mentioned phenomenon, several serious effects have been put ward.  、To begin with,主题 not only results does harm to our physical and mental health but also results in a frustrating and humiliating life.  3、In addition, nothing is more harmful than主题 to contradict with a harmonious society.  、Last but not the least, no issue is as harmful as 主题 to increase family burdens, which is a threatening situation we are unwilling to see.  5、No better illustration of this idea can be thought than the example mentioned below .  6、According to a survey made by China Daily, 63.93% of young people who have ever experienced主题will live a dull life or even feel loss of hope about the future.  7、If we cannot take useful means, we may not control this trend, and some undesirable results may come out unexpectedly, we will see the gloomy future of something.  三、结尾段落  最后一段要强调解决问题,谈的两点建议通常是提高人们的意识,加强执法  第三段六个句子, 第一个句子是下个结论,谈解决问题的必要性.第二个句子是第一个建议谈的是加强立法惩治这个现象,第三个句子谈提高人们的觉悟关于着这个现象能提高人们对这个现象的觉悟.第四个句子谈个谚语,谈一下实践我的建议的重要性.五个句子谈解决的任重道远.第六个句子是解决问题之后的美好的未来  1、From what have been discussed above, it is theree, necessary that some effective measures are taken to prevent主题.  、On the one hand, we should be sensible to strengthen the encement of the laws to protect something.  3、On the other hand, it is demanding us to keep people aware of the importance of saving somebody out of the evil hands of destruction.  、However, it is easier said than done.  5、Although the fight against it is long-standing and tremendous one,our efts will eventually pay off.  6、Only when you attention to it can you see a colorful and harmonious future better sooner or later.We insist on an interview bee we accept any MA candidates.年(TOEFL)考试词汇分类记忆:视频网合并 --5 ::57 来源:qnr  视频网合并  youku.com优酷网;  tudou.com土豆网;  online company网络视频公司;  merger兼并;  bitter rivalry激烈竞争;  reshuffle重新洗牌;  market value市值;  Nasdaq-listed 在纳斯达克上市的;  New York Stock Exchange纽约券交易所;  combined entity合并实体; 词汇 词汇 视频网 记忆 考试 TOEFL

    3. One of the great charms of Lawrence as a companion was that he could never be bored and so could never be boring.英语能力>英语作文>高考英语作文 严冬会带来盛夏 --6 18:5:55 来源: A Good Winter Brings a Good SummerSome people often say that they like success, but they don't like hard work.This is nonsense. It is known to all that there is no royal road to success. It only depen on hard work. No pains, no gains. We are in Grade Three now. It won't be long bee we take part in the National College Entrance Examination. So time is very precious. Remember that time wait no man,Yesterday is gone, tomorrow hasn't come, only today is yours. One today is worth two tomorrows. Never put off today's work till tomorrow. When studying, don't get that Rome wasn't built in a day. Haste makes waste. Only practice makes perfect. Many a little makes a mickle.Always remember that nothing is too difficult if you put your heart into it.Where there is a will, there is a way. Winter has now come. It is said that a good winter brings a good summer. A famous writer of England said in his poem: "If winter comes, can spring be far behind?"( 180 words) 严冬会带来盛夏一些人常说他们喜欢成功,但却不肯去吃苦,这怎么行呢?众所周知,通往成功的道路上没有捷径,只有辛勤的劳动才能得到成功不劳则无获现在我们是高三了,离参加高考的时间不多了可以说,时间是非常非常宝贵了我们应当记住:时不我待!昨日已过,明天还没有到来,只有今天才是属于你的一个今天胜过两个明天决不要把今天的工作推到明天在学习的时候,要记住罗马不是一天建成的,欲速则不迭唯熟能生巧,积少才成多永远记住:世上无难事,只怕有心人有志者,事竟成冬天现在已经来了,人们说严冬会带采盛夏一个著名的英国作家在其诗中写道:“如果冬天已经来临,那么春天还会远吗?”

  五. 句首不用阿拉伯数字,句末要尽量避免用阿拉伯数字

  -- ::51 来源:kekenet。

  英语能力>英语作文>初二英语作文 我最喜欢的运动——骑自行车 -- :37: 来源: 我最喜欢的运动——骑自行车I like swimming and climbing ,but what i like most is bycle.我喜欢游泳和爬山,但是我最喜欢的是骑自行车There are many advantages to ride the bicycle. In the first place, riding bicycle makes me feel independent. I can go anywhere by bicycle. Especially during rush hours, I can still move freely. Secondly, using a bicycle is good environment protection, because it won't emit any waste gas. Moreover, bicycle riding offers me a healthy body. 骑自行车有很多优点首先,骑自行车使我感到独立有了自行车我可以去任何地方尤其是上下班时间,我仍然可以自由的移动其次,使用自行车有利于环境保护,因为它不排放任何废气此外,骑自行车给了我一个健康的体魄In my free time, I often ride my bicycle to get around in the downtown area or in the countryside, so as to relax myself. It's really a nice outdoor activity me, I think. 在我的空闲时间,我经常骑自行车在市区或者乡村到处走走,为的是自我放松我觉得那对我来说真的是一个很好的户外活动

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    . 英国预计到了将会发生冲突,并据此对这一时期的边境政策作了调整

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