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铜鼓县马来食螺龟云南闭壳龟马来西亚巨龟豹斑象龟黄额盒龟价格怎么养绍兴市马来闭壳龟长身蛇颈龟东部箱龟棱背泥龟缅甸孔雀龟百色闭壳龟价格怎么养With just 10% of the population being left-handed, it can be easy for everyone else to forget we#39;re living in a right-handed world. But aside from making it tough to cut a straight line with a pair of scissors designed for righties, being a southpaw can also have some subtle effects on our physical and mental health.由于左撇子在人口中比例仅为10%,所以人们很容易忽略这样一个事实,即自己正生活在一个左撇子的世界。除了能够轻易地将自己同一般人区分开来之外,左撇子的习惯对个人的身体和心理健康还有着微妙的影响。The brains and bodies of lefties may operate differently than those of right-handed people (and in mixed-handed people, who may have different dominant hands for different tasks). ;Handedness seems to be determined very early on in fetal development, when a lot of other things about your future are being determined as well,; says Ronald Yeo, PhD, professor of psychology at the University of Texas-Austin. Here#39;s a look at some of the most common facts about being left-handed, and what it might really mean for your health.习惯用右手的人,其大脑和身体的运转方式可能和左撇子有所不同 (对双撇子来说,不同任务中他们会习惯用不同的手。)“人的许多特点在胎儿时期就已经形成了,偏手性似乎也不例外,”德克萨斯州大学奥斯汀分校的心理学教授、士罗纳德杨说。下面我们会探讨有关左撇子的一些常识以及左撇子对健康的影响。It#39;s not just genetics左撇子不一定都是遗传因素导致的。Scientists aren#39;t exactly sure why some people are left-handed, but they know that genes are responsible about 25% of the time, says Yeo. Left-handedness does tend to run in families, he says, ;but noticeably less than other inherited traits, like height or intelligence.;科学家们并不确定为什么有些人是左撇子,但是他们确信,左撇子的遗传因素占到25%。“左撇子的确会在家族内部遗传,但与体重和智力等其他遗传特性相比,其遗传几率却要小很多。”罗纳德杨教授说。It#39;s linked to stress in pregnancy左撇子与怀期间的压力有关。In one British study, the fetuses of super-stressed pregnant women were more likely to touch their faces more with their left hands than their right. This could be the first signs of a left-handed child, say the researchers. Other evidence supports that theory. In one 2008 Swedish study of moms and their 5-year-old children, women who were depressed or stressed during their pregnancies were more likely to have mixed- or left-handed kids. In other studies, babies with low birth weight, or born to older mothers, were more likely to be lefties as well.英国一项研究显示,压力较大的妇生出的孩子 更倾向于用左手摸脸。这可能是左撇子在婴幼儿时期的第一个征兆。而其他研究结果也实了这一结论。2008年,瑞典的一项研究显示,期较为压抑或压力较大的妇女,她们的宝宝成为左撇子或双撇子的可能性更大。其他研究还显示,出生时体重较低的婴儿或高龄产妇生产的婴儿成为左撇子的几率更大。 /201511/410785侯马市马来闭壳龟长身蛇颈龟东部箱龟棱背泥龟缅甸孔雀龟百色闭壳龟价格怎么养 FOR most of us, sleep is the only time during the day where we can get away from our screens and get a bit of rest.对大部分人来说,在面对各种屏幕一天后,终于可以在睡觉休息的时候远离电脑了。But not for 27-year-old Rikki Mortimore, who shops online in her sleep.但27岁的丽奇·莫蒂默却会在睡梦中上网购物。;I#39;ve spent around 00 so far, but I#39;ve returned around 85 per cent of the items I#39;ve bought,” Rikki, who works as an online designer in Sydney, told news.com.au.;丽奇现居悉尼,是一名网络设计师。她告诉澳大利亚新闻在线:“算下来,我已经在熟睡时网购了近1500美元的东西,不过其中约85%的东西已经被我退掉了。”Rikki says her abnormal sleep behaviour is only a few months old, which she thinks stemmed ;from a few incidents as a child;.丽奇称,自己的反常行为始于几个月前。不过,她认为,这与发生于“自己小时候的几则轶事”息息相关。;When I was a kid, I would sometimes sleepwalk,; she said.她说:“我小时候偶尔会梦游。”;Once, I walked through my house and straight to our alarm system. It was switched off that night, but I typed in the pin and set the alarms off in the middle of the night.;“有一回大半夜,我穿过整座房子,径直走到警报器前,输入了密码,触发了原本关闭的警报器。”;My mum found me standing there as sirens were going off around me. It was a one off incident, so we didn#39;t take it seriously and seek treatment.;“我妈发现我站在那儿,四周警报大响。不过后来这样的情况再没发生过,我们也就没当回事,没去看医生。”During her teenage years, Rikki would often set three alarms during high school, because while asleep, she would switch each clock off and in turn, run late to school.青少年时期也有轶事。那时丽奇上高中,每天要设三个闹钟,因为她总会在睡梦中关掉闹钟,害得自己第二天迟到。She has recently been diagnosed with insomnia, and is now taking non-addictive medication to assist with a healthy sleeping pattern.最近她被诊断出得了失眠症,眼下正在用一些非成瘾药物辅助睡眠。But Rikki admits her strange sleeping behaviour didn#39;t start with online shopping.但丽奇也坦言,梦中网购并不是自己第一宗睡眠怪行。;When I first started waking up, I would go to sleep and wake up wearing different clothes,; she said.她说:“刚开始梦游那会儿,我第二天醒来会发现自己穿着与前一晚完全不同的衣。”“The shopping incidents started when I fell asleep next to my laptop. When I was asleep, I guess I would just use it and go to websites I had visited during the day.”“有段时间,我趴在笔记本电脑前睡着了,于是就有了梦中购物的经历。我猜我就是在梦中无意识地操作电脑,上白天浏览过的网页。”Admittedly a big ASOS fan, Rikki said her fingers do all the talking when it comes to her sleep shopping stints.丽奇本人很喜欢逛ASOS网店(译者注:英国著名网上时装与化妆品店)。梦游时,光动动手指,就买下了许多东西。;During the day, I look obsessively at ASOS, so my fingers know where to go,; she said.她说:“平日里我特爱逛ASOS,手指对操作网页已是熟门熟路。”;I have heaps of things in my shopping cart online just waiting. But most of the time I am buying things that I would never buy, so I must browse in my sleep.;“虽然我购物车里屯着一大堆东西,但其实我梦游时买下的那些并不是我平日里想买的,由此可见我梦游时也会浏览其他东西。”;My last order, I brought jumpers and swimsuits, which I really don#39;t want. I never go swimming! I haven#39;t in three years!;“我上次买了毛衣和泳衣,结果压根用不上。我从不游泳!这三年里一次都没去过!”;I also bought three pairs of the same shoes once.;“有一回,我还买了三双一模一样的鞋子。”From blazers, skirts and shirts, Rikki now keeps a box under her desk where she collects the unwanted items, which she will return to the online retailer before the refund date expires.如今,丽奇的桌子下放着一只盒子,里面塞满了她梦中买的,却用不上的东西:上衣啦,裙子啦,衬衣啦等等。她得在退货截止日前,把这些东西统统退掉。;Sometimes I actually like what I have bought while asleep, but a lot of the time it#39;s too big and it has to go back.;“有时候,我还蛮喜欢睡梦中买到的衣的。但大多数时候,它们总是太大,需要退货。”Rikki and her partner laugh at her shopping habits now, but admit she has recently taken extreme measures in a bid to reduce her addiction.说到梦游怪癖,丽奇和她的伴侣往往会忍俊不禁。但丽奇表示,近来也在想方设法克自己的异行。;I#39;m really worried what I might actually buy one day, like a flight overseas or something similar,; she said.她说:“我很担心自己哪天买了张国际机票啥的。”;As a measure, I have taken my credit card details off websites, and even hidden my laptop in the bathroom so I won#39;t be able to find it while I#39;m asleep.;“所以呢,我删掉了网站上的信用卡预留信息,甚至把电脑藏到浴室里,这样我梦中就找不到它了。”;I was looking at a beautiful handbag online the other day, but had to delete it from my history so I didn#39;t drop 00 in my sleep,; she laughed.“有一次,我在网上看到一款特别漂亮的手提包,但不得不清空了浏览记录,免得自己睡梦中又当‘剁手党#39;,花掉3000美元。”她笑着说。The National Sleep Foundation suggests sleepwalking and parasomnia originates during deep sleep, and is much more common in children than in adults.全国睡眠协会称,一旦人进入深度睡眠,就可能引发梦游和睡眠机能紊乱,且儿童的发生率比成人高。The act of movement and activity while asleep is sometimes an inherited trait caused by lack of sleep or even stress, drugs and other medicines.另外,缺乏睡眠、压力过大、滥用药物等亦可能引发梦游活动。Parasomnias include abnormal acts like eating disorders while asleep, nightmares, sleep paralysis and sleep aggression.睡眠机能紊乱包括了梦游进食、频发恶梦、睡眠麻痹、睡眠躁动等一系列失常症状。It is often hard to wake someone during the activity because they are in such deep slumber when the walking or activity occurs. Aside from traditional ‘sleepwalking#39; it can also include sitting in bed, walking around the house, leaving the home and in extreme cases, even getting behind the wheel of a car.通常,旁人很难叫醒睡眠机能紊乱患者,因为他们正处于深度睡眠状态。除了常见的“梦游”外,他们也可能突然从床上坐起,在房内打转,离开住所,甚至开车出行。;I dealt with a patient recently who was going on a cruise but was a sleepwalker,; Dr Maree Barnes, Sleep Physician and President of the Australasian Sleep Association told news.com.au.玛丽·巴恩斯士是一名睡眠治疗师,也是澳洲睡眠协会会长。她告诉澳大利亚新闻在线:“我最近接收了一个梦游病人,那人在梦游时乘船出行。”;So I gave him sedatives so he was very sound asleep while on the ship.;“于是我给他开了镇定剂,好让他在船上睡得安稳些。”;Some other patients are compulsive eaters, sleep walkers and talkers, or even people who get behind the wheel of a car while asleep.;“我也有过不少其他病人,有的会在睡眠时进食,有的会梦游,有的会发梦呓,还有人甚至边睡觉边开车。”;Basically these are people who have deep rooted psychological issues that are being played out during the night. It#39;s a matter of keeping people safe until the behaviour ceases to occur, and usually it always is dealt with through psychology and time.;“其实这些人都患有根深蒂固的心理疾病,各种症状会在睡梦中表现出来。治疗的首要准则是确保他们的安全,直至症状消失。通常来说,这需要通过心理诱导,更需要耐心。”Sleep Health Foundation of Australia suggests that around three children in 100 sleepwalk often, and approximately five in 100 children sleepwalk sometimes.澳大利亚睡眠健康协会称,约3%的儿童经常梦游,约5%的儿童偶尔梦游。In adults, this figure is lower, with only four in every 1000 people still sleepwalking. Statistics indicate that if you sleepwalk or talk as a child, you#39;re less than a quarter likely to do that as an adult.成人梦游的比率要低得多。只有4‰的成人深受梦游之苦。同时,数据显示,哪怕一个人在儿童时期梦游或发梦呓,此概率在成年后会骤降七成多。;Most people will grow out of it,; Dr Barnes said.“这些症状一般在成年后都会消失。”巴恩斯士说。We don#39;t know why people sleep walk or talk, but we do know that it is not uncommon at some stage of your life to do some for of activity.”梦游或发梦呓的原因尚不可知,但这些行为在个人成长中并不罕见。While 4 per cent of the population admit to sleepwalking at least once in their lives, the condition can be easily rectified if treated accordingly. Adults are advised to enlist good sleeping habits, or seek medical advice.4%的成人表示,他们有过梦游经历。只要治疗得当,比如培养良好的睡眠习惯,寻求医护人员的帮助,梦游症状便会很快消失。;Main treatment is to keep these people safe,; Dr Barnes said.巴恩斯士称:“主要的治疗手段是保患者的安全。”;Partners and family members should ensure sleepwalkers can#39;t get out of the room, out of windows or through the front door.“患者的配偶及家属应确保患者待在屋内,不会爬出窗户,或走出家门。”;Psychologists can explore anxieties, concerns, issues and past events and even worries about the future.“心理学家不妨着手研究患者的为什么会焦虑担心、心事重重,以及他们对往事的执念,或是对未来的担忧。”;All of these areas can contribute to these behaviours.;“以上种种,都可能导致睡眠功能紊乱。”As for Rikki#39;s sleep-shopping, Dr Barnes suggests more sleep, and eliminating caffeine, food and alcohol at least one hour before bedtime, and not to rely on prescribed sleeping medication.针对丽奇的梦中网购症状,巴恩斯士建议她补充睡眠,切勿在睡前一小时喝咖啡、进食或饮酒,并避免一味依赖安眠药。;The room should be also quiet, dark and comfortable,; Dr Barnes said.“还要营造安静、黑暗、舒适的睡眠环境,”巴恩斯士补充道。;Sometimes medication can effect your sleep — its like a circuit breaker. Taking sleeping tablets are not good for anyone in the long term. If the short term interventions don#39;t work, then a psychologist is the way to go.;“安眠药的作用机制和断路器相似。从长远角度看,吃安眠药都会产生副作用。病人短期用安眠药后发现无效果,就应该转而寻求心理治疗。” /201602/426853Yu is the hero of controlling flood.禹是治水安民的历史英雄人物。It is said that in the reign of Yao and Shun, the overrunning flood was mischievous, so Yao assigned Gun to regulate it.尧、舜时期,洪水泛滥为害。尧命夏族首领鲧治洪水。Gun failed with embankment and was killed by Shun.鲧用筑堤防的方法治水无功,为舜杀死。Then, Shun recruited Yu,Gun,s son,to continue the work. Spending a backbreaking thirteen years and bypassing his house three times but never going in, Yu dredged new river channels as outlets, guiding water to river and river to sea.舜又命鲧之子禹治水,禹“居外十三年,过家门不敢人”,用疏导法治水,导小水入于川,导川水致于海。This not only eliminated the flood, but contributed to the development of agriculture.不仅消除了洪水,还为农业生产发展创造了良好条件。Yu was revered as Yu the Great for his achievement and selected to succeed to the throne by Shun.禹因有大功于人民,被尊称为“大禹”,并因此被舜选为接班人。 /201510/407407会宁县印度星龟密西西比红耳龟黄头侧颈龟东部网目鸡龟价格怎么养

肥东县佛州甜甜圈龟辐射陆龟齿缘龟三线闭壳龟真鳄龟蛇颈龟价格怎么养5.Smile5.保持微笑That#39;s right, just smile. A simple smile does wonders. It can help to soften hearts, make ;no; into ;yes; and instantly change mood of others as well as your own. Smile to members of your family, smile to your coworkers, smile to everybody you meet. Smile even to yourself in the mirror if there#39;s nobody else around. Smile is deeply connected to Love. And what you give, comes back to you later. Notice that it#39;s impossible to sincerely smile and to experience anger, sorrow or jealousy at the same time. While smiling, you can#39;t help but feel calmness, happiness and love.是的,只要微微一笑。一个简单的微笑也能产生奇迹。它可以唤醒最柔软的心灵,可以收回快到嘴边的拒绝,可以快速改变别人的以及自己的心情。对家人微笑,对同事微笑,微笑面对每一个你遇到的人。即使一个人照镜子的时候也要对自己微笑。微笑是与爱联系在一起的。你所给予的,最终也会回馈你。你要知道一个人不可能同时微笑,同时生气、悲伤、嫉妒。微笑的时候,你会情不自禁地感到平静,感受到幸福与爱。4.Take your time4.慢慢来,别着急Be patient. Enjoy your life as a kind of journey. Everything will happen when the time is right. Good or bad, all is finely interconnected and you can not be defeated until you yourself proclaim capitulation. Remember something bad that happened to you? Try to think of what good it also gave you. If this ;bad; experience didn#39;t happen, how much different you#39;d be from your current self? Try to appreciate small things in life, good or bad. And take your time.要有耐心。把生活看成一趟旅途。在恰当的时机一切都会到来。祸福相依。你永远不会倒下,除非你自己承认失败。回想一下发生在你身上的不好的经历?试着思考一下它带给你的好处。如果那些;不好;的经历没有发生,你会同现在的自己多么不一样呢?尝试着欣赏生活中的小事情,无论好坏。慢慢来,别着急。3.Finish what you start3.善始善终Or in other words, close the circle. Your unfinished business (unforgiven griefs, unspoken words, started but unfinished projects or tasks) is a heavy burden for your present consciousness and peace. Try to notice just how often they pop-up in the back of your mind, leading to anxiety and dragging you down. If there is a thing you started but definitely don#39;t want to finish, take your time to think deeply about it and make a mental final check-line next to it. Then be sure to never go back to it again.换言之,画一个圆。那些你没有完成的事情(不可饶恕的悲伤,没说完的话,开始却没有完成的项目或任务)是你平和的内心上沉重的负担。试着关注一下多久它会在你脑海里出现一次,让你感到焦虑,感动疲惫不堪。如果有这样一些事情,你已经开始做但是你不想完成的,花些时间好好想想,在这件事情上设定上一个思维的缆绳。确保自己不会再回想这件事。2.Keep calm2.保持平静If you find yourself agitated, take few deep breaths and wait to fully calm down before taking any kind of action or decision. Rushing anything leads only to poor outcomes. The ability to keep calm and focused amidst chaos and changes is a true sign of inner peace. This one is closely connected to another advice about keeping your mind in the present moment. Because look around you… Is there really anything that bad to disturb your calm self, or is it just you imagining the future or reliving the past?如果你发现自己很生气,深呼吸,等完全平静下来再做决定或者采取行动。盲目催促只会导致不好的结果。在混乱无常的环境中保持平静专注的能力是内心平和真正的标志。这一条和关注当下的建议紧密联系在一起。因为你环顾四周……真的有什么糟糕到可以打乱平静的你吗?或者是不是只是你在构想未来或者缅怀过去呢?1.Do not make money your priority1.不要做金钱的奴隶Always remember that money is just a means to achieve something, not a goal in itself. So what do you have in mind? What is the purpose of money you are working so hard for? Always think before-head why do you work, and what is the purpose of your work. Would you keep doing what you do now if money would not be an issue? If your answer is a definitive no, then there is a serious reason to slow down and reflect. Life is short, so try to find your passion, and think of a way to make money practicing it.永远记住,金钱是解决问题的途径,不是目标。那么你心里想的是什么呢?你努力工作赚钱的目的是什么呢?总是在脑子中想一想你为什么工作,你工作的目的是什么。如果钱不是问题的话,你还会继续做你现在做的事情吗?如果你的回答明确的不是,那么你绝对有理由慢下来,思考一下。人生短暂,所以尝试着去找到你的,想出一种挣钱的方法并付诸实践。翻译:杉杉 来源:前十网 /201512/417852尼玛县黄缘盒亚洲巨龟加拉巴哥象龟锯缘龟缅甸陆龟黄头庙龟价格怎么养 Three Departments and Six Ministries三省六部制The Three Departments and Six Ministries System was initiated during the Sui Dynasty (581—618).三省六部制首创于隋朝(581——618),Subject to some adjustments at different times, the system was employed by subsequent dynasties right up to and including the Qing (1644—1911).这个制度在之后的朝代包括清朝(1644——1911)都得以应用并根据不同时期做出调整。During the Sui Dynasty, the three departments were known as the Shangshu, Menxia and Neishi.隋朝期间,三省指“尚书省”、“门下省”和“内史省”。The Shangshu Department was in charge of the administrative affairs of the country.尚书省——负责执行国家的重要政令;The Neishi Department dealt with the issue of imperial orders.内史省——负责颁布皇帝的诏令;The Menxia Department handled the verification of orders and policies.门下省——负责审核各项政令和决策。The three boards restricted and oversaw each other.三个部门互相牵制并监督彼此。The senior official of each department was equivalent to Zaixiang, namely prime minister.各个部门的最高官员行使宰相的权力,被称为“纳言”、“内史令”和“尚书令”。“Six Ministries” referred to the six branches of the Shangshu Department.六部指尚书省下设的六个部门。The Ministry of Civil Affairs—responsible for the appointment, training and dismissal of officials.吏部——负责官员的任免、培训 和解雇;The Ministry of Rites— responsible for the emperor’s religious obligations and ceremonial, schools, examinations, reception of foreign guests, and selection of officials.礼部——负责皇帝的宗教事务和庆典、学务、科举、外国宾客的来访以及官员的选拔;The Ministry of Military Affairs— responsible for the military affairs, such as conscription, training army, declaring war, ordnance, and etc.兵部——负责军事,比如征兵、练兵、宣战、军械等;The Ministry of Punishments— responsible for law enforcement and judicature.刑部——负责法令的颁布与司法;The Ministry of Finance— responsible for household registration and finance.户部——负责户籍登记和财政事宜;The Ministry of Public Works— responsible for building new facilities and bringing wasteland under cultivation.工部——负责建造新的设施和开垦荒地。Of these, the Ministry of Civil Affairs ranked highest.在这些部门中,吏部是最重要的。The senior secretary of each ministry was called Shangshu and the assistant Shilang.每部设尚书为最高长官,侍郎为辅助。 /201511/398430鹤庆县佛州甜甜圈龟辐射陆龟齿缘龟三线闭壳龟真鳄龟蛇颈龟价格怎么养

黔江区黄缘盒亚洲巨龟加拉巴哥象龟锯缘龟缅甸陆龟黄头庙龟价格怎么养 Sima Guang (1019~1086) was a scholar, statesman, and poet who compiled the monumental Tzu-chih t#39;ung-chien (Comprehensive Mirror for Aid in Government), a general chronicle of Chinese history from 403 B. C. to AD 959, considered one of the finest single historical works in China.司马光(1019~1086),学者、政治家、诗人,编写了《资治通鉴》。《资治通鉴》记载了中国公元前403年至公元959年的历史,被认为是中国最优秀的历史著作之一。Known for his moral uprightness, he was learned in several disciplines and prominent in government.司马光以正直闻名,通晓数个学科,官高位显。Sima Guang studied the Confucian Classics and, after passing his civil-service examinations, rose rapidly to high office.司马光研习儒家经典,通过科举考试之后很快就身居高位。Between 1069 and 1085 he led the faction opposing the radical reforms of the innovator Wang An-shi.1069年至1085年司马光领导了反对改革家王安石激进改革政策的反对派。Conservative in his interpretation of the Confucian Classics, Ssu-ma argued for the cause of good government through moral leadership rather than by assertive measures and through the improved functioning of tested institutions rather than by drastic changes.司马光对儒家经典的诠释相当保守,他认为改良政府应该通过道德上的引导,而不是通过武断的措施;应该通过检验政府优化它的机能,而不是通过激烈的变革。Shortly before his death he finally succeeded in dislodging Wang#39;s faction from the government and became the leading minister in a government that attempted to repeal most of Wang#39;s reforms.司马光去世前不久,最终成功地将王安石的改革派逐出政府,试图废除王安石所有的改革政策。Until recent times most historians tended to view Sima Guang favourably and Wang from an opposite viewpoint, but recent historical work has shown that Sima Guang program of antireform measures was not greatly successful.直到近代,大多数历史学家都倾向于持王安石,但是最近的著作表明司马光反对改革的措施并不是很成功。With chosen associates, Sima compiled the Tzu-chih t#39;ung-chien in emulation of the Ch#39;un-ch#39;iu (;Spring grad Autumn[Annals],; a chronicle believed to have been edited by Confucius).司马光与一些精选的合作伙伴一起,效法《春秋》编著了《资治通鉴》。Sima Guang criticized men and institutions from the standpoint of Confucian moral principles.司马光从儒家的道德原则出发批评人和制度。He devoted most of his attention to political events, but the work also covered such diverse subjects as rites, music, astronomy, geography, and economy.这部著作主要叙述政治事件,但是也包括礼仪、音乐、天文、地理、经济等学科。In spite of Sima Guang moral perspective, his chronicle showed evidence of rigorous critical standards. 尽管司马光持的是儒家的道德观,但是这部编年史展示了他严格的批评原则。He even compiled a separate work, the Kao-yi (Scrutiny), which dealt with the discrepancies in his numerous sources and gave his reasons for preferring certain authorities.司马光甚至还编了本《考异》来处理他浩瀚的材料之间的差异,给他偏好某些典据提供了原因。Sima Guang was also an excellent poet and is the hero of modern Chinese children#39;s books, which portray him as the child who saved a playmate from drowning by breaking the water tank into which his friend had fallen.司马光还是一位杰出的诗人,是现代中国儿童读物里一个英雄,这些读物讲述了这样一个故事:司马光小的时候与伙伴们一起玩要,结果有个朋友掉进了水缸里,于是司马光把缸砸破救出了他。 /201601/423134楚雄市拟鳄龟艾氏拟水龟鼋伯格海角陆龟挺胸龟饼干龟缅甸星龟中华草龟价格怎么养密西西比红耳龟买一只多少钱



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