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聚会-- :6:6 学生:Drew,你喜欢聚会吗?  Student:Drew.Do you like going to parties?  老师:是的,我朋友说我是聚会迷  Teacher:Yes .My friends say I'm a real party animal.  学生:你们国家里聚会是什么样子的?  Student:What's the party like in your country?  老师:你知道,在加拿大,啤酒是很贵的,所以,通常我们都自带酒,这叫BYOB聚会,我们也玩儿一些游戏,有时会玩得很疯  Teacher: Well,you know,Cause beer is very expensive in Canada.We always bring our own beer. It's called BYOB party,and we play drinking games,sometimes it's really crazy.  学生:你们聚会时都干些什么?喝酒吗?  Student:What do you do at parties, drinking?  老师:当然,我们喝酒,跳舞,泡妞,开心----  Teacher:Yeah,we drink, dance, pick up, hot chicks and have fun.  学生:Hot chick是什么意思?  Student:Hot chick?  老师:漂亮姑娘  Teacher:That means beautiful girls.  学生:校园里有很多聚会吗?  Student:Are there lots of parties on campus?  老师:是啊,我们经常考试后聚一聚,你知道我们需要放松,就去泡吧  Teacher:Yeah.We would party after exams.You know we need to relax. So we hit the bars.  学生:Hit是什么意思?  Student:Hit?  老师:噢,Hit在这里不是指打的意思,Hit the bar表示我们列一张酒吧的单子,然后挨个去逛  Teacher:Oh! Hit the bars doesn't mean we hit them.It means we make a list of bars and go around them.  学生:噢,谢谢  Student:Oh. Thanks.  老师:没问题  Teacher:You're welcome.  1.BYOB是英语Bring Your Own Beer的首字母缩写由于国外的酒很贵(到5美元或加元),人们会自带酒水,在国外外时可要当心,别轻易向别人要烟或酒,弄不好就会被别人当成Social smoker或Social drinker,就是那些自己不带烟或不买酒,却总是向别人要的那种人  .Drinking games,国外的drinking games和国内可不一样,有一种游戏是互相问问题,不管多尴尬都要回答,甚至有人会问你:Who did you sleep with last night?  3.Pick up hot chicks中文的直译是泡妞hot chicks是男孩对女孩的称呼,尤其是漂亮女孩儿男孩儿们更常说的是"Let's go to the bar and pick up some hot chicks"绝对地道  .hit the bars不要被hit这个词迷惑,hit the bar在这里就是指去泡吧,hit就是go to的意思另外还有几个跟hit有关的用法,也很常用,比如hit the road表示Let's go. hit the book表示Let's study. hit the sack表示Go to bed.  5.Party animal表示聚会迷,需要注意的是animal表达这种含义时,仅用于这种情况,千万别自创出什么movie animal来,那就出笑话了.Let Us Live Safely 让我们生活得更安全 -- 18:57:31 来源: Let Us Live Safely 让我们生活得更安全  Yesterday was an unlucky day me. On my way home from school, I went into a small bookshop. When I came out, I couldn't see my bike. I looked it everywhere, but I couldn't find it. I was very sad and angry, because my family wasn't rich enough. It was a birthday present from my uncle. I hated the thief. I hated all the thieves.  I hope our policemen can catch all the thieves, then people will live happily and safely. Government should do things to solve this problem. example, many thieves are teenagers. They should be sent to a special school. In this school children must study, and work hard as well. When they grow up, they can have a chance to make a living by working.  昨天是我倒霉的一天在我放学回家的路上,我进了一家小书店当我出来的时候,我看不到我的自行车了我赶紧到处去寻找,但是仍然没有找到我非常难过,也非常生气,因为我家并不富裕,这辆车是叔叔给我的生日礼物我恨那个小偷,我恨所有的小偷  我希望我们的警察能抓住所有的贼,这样人们就可以幸福平安地生活政府应该采取一些措施来解决这个问题例如,许多小偷都是十几岁的孩子,他们应该被送到特殊的学校,在学校里,他们必须在学习的同时努力工作当他们长大以后,他们也能有机会通过努力工作而生活四年级英语作文:A busy --1 ::55 来源:   Yesterday I was busy.  First I went to the childre s palace.I played the piano and some books.  Then I went to my friend' s home. We played the badminton and some games.  Next I went to the bookshop bought some books.  After I did my homework and go to bed .  Yesterday I was busy but I was very hay.

Get Rid of Bad Habits 改掉坏习惯 -- :8:9 来源: Get Rid of Bad Habits 改掉坏习惯  We all have certain kinds of bad habits. teenagers, it is very important to get rid of bad habits.  Let's take the habits of talking in class as an example. If we talk in class, we can't listen to the teachers carefully. Of course we can't understand the teachers, and can't finish our homework easily after class. Some students have to copy others' homework when the teachers ask us to hand it in. Then we will get weak in our school lessons and we will become a bad student in the teachers' eyes. Besides, talking in class maybe influences some other students.  So, we must get rid of bad habits at once.    我们都有各种各样的坏习惯对于青少年来说,改掉这些坏习惯是非常重要的  让我们以上课说话为例如果我们上课说话,我们就不能注意听讲,当然不能很好的理解老师所讲的内容,课后就不能轻易完成老师的作业当老师要求我们交作业时,一些同学不得不去抄袭其他同学的作业然后我们的功课会变得很差,我们将会变成一个老师眼中的坏学生不仅如此,在上课说话还会影响其他的学生  ,我们必须立刻改掉坏习惯

口语对话:富豪相亲你去吗?别被钱愚弄了-- ::57 杨:Wow, dating with millionaire, so nice!哇,跟富豪相亲,好棒!李:Nice? You may not say so after you really join in!棒?你亲身体验过后也许就不会这样说了杨:What? It seems that you know something.什么? 听起来你好像知道点什么李:Yes, last week I joined one activity which was dating with millionaire.是的, 上周我参加了富豪相亲活动杨:And?然后呢?李:I found it was totally a farce. First girls are required to be perfect, good looking, virtuous, hard working, etc when they even know nothing of the millionaire.杨:At least they know his money.至少这些女孩知道他的钱李:Also girls are required to have some love tests, 3 figure measurement and even are asked to answer some defending questions like whether virgin or not.女孩们需要参加爱情测试,测量三围,甚至还要回答一些带攻击性的问题, 例如是否是处女等等杨:My god! Then why have you been there?我的天!那你去那里是干嘛的?李:I just wanted to get more inmation my report to warn more girls never to be fooled.我只是想为我的报道多收集点素材,来警告这些傻女孩不要被人愚弄岳阳楼英文导游词 --3 :00:7 来源: 岳阳楼英文导游词岳阳楼位于湖南省岳阳市洞庭湖畔,和武汉黄鹤楼、南昌滕王阁一起被列为扬子江三大名塔岳阳楼原本是为了战士休息和站岗而建的,三国时代吴国大将鲁肃于此训练士兵,后来重修以阅兵Good morning! Ladies and gentlemen:      Today we will go and visit the Yueyang Tower, Yueyang Tower lies in the west of Yueyang city, nearby the Dongting Lake, it is listed as three famous towers in the south of Yangtze River, together with Yellow Crane Tower at Wuhan, Hubei province and Tengwang Tower at Nanchang, Jiangxi province.   Yueyang Tower was originally built soldiers to rest on and watch out. In the Three kingdoms Period, Lusu, General of Wu State, trained his soldiers here and then rebuilt it as a tower to review his troops.   In the th year (7 A.C) of Kaiyuan of Tang Dynasty, General Zhangshuo was dispatched to defend at yuezhou and he rebuilt it into a Tower named South Tower, and then Yueyang Tower. In the th year ( A.C) of Qingli of Song Dynasty, Teng Zijing was stationed at Baling Jun, the ancient name of Yueyang city. In the second year, he had the Yueyang Tower repaired and had poems by previous poets inscribed on the walls of the Tower. Fan Zhongyan, a great artist and poet, was invited to write the well-known poem about Yueyang Tower, in his essay which entitled《 A Panegyric of the Yueyang Tower, the two sentences Fan writes :“ Be the first to worry about the troubles across the land, the last to enjoy universal happiness”have thousands of years been a well-ed dictum and made the tower even better known then bee.  The architectural style of Yueyang Tower is quite unique. The main tower is 1.35 meters high with columns, 3 stories, flying eave, helmet roof and wood construction, the helmet-roof of such a large dimension is a rarity among the ancient architectures in China. Entering the tower, you"ll pass the famous couplet: "Dongting is the water of the world, Yueyang is the tower of the world." Moving on, there is a platm (Dianjiang tai) that once functioned as the training ground the navy of Three-Kingdom period general Lusu. To its south is the Huaifu Pavilion in memory of Dufu (7-770AD), who was the famous poet during the Tang dynasty and wrote the famous poem and later died in the city. Stepping out of the Xiaoxiang Door, the Saint Plum Pavilion (Xianmei ting) and the Three Drunkards Pavilion (Sanzui ting) can be seen standing on two sides. In the garden to the north of the tower is the tomb of Xiaoqiao, the wife of Zhouyu, another famous Three-Kingdom general. 岳阳楼 英文 导游词疯狂英语口语对话详解7篇第9课:我了解-- :7:36 I see. 用英语与别人沟通,最害怕的是鸡同鸭讲,所以想表示自己明白别人意思时,可以说:I understand.(我明白了),或用更通俗的说法:I see,都是‘我了解,我明白’的意思除此之外,也可以用I see what you mean. I get it. I get the picture. I get you. 都是相同的意思 对话 A: Darrell, how could you let Nigel sell all his shares and leave the company? You told me he would be your business partner life. B: It’s a long story. The long and the short of it is I’m in love with Annie. A: I see, but Annie is Nigel’s girlfriend. That’s so wrong of you. B: That’s why Nigel and I parted ways. If loving her is wrong, I don’t want to be right. 甲:达内尔,你怎么让奈哲尔出售所有股份而离开公司?你说过他会是你的终身生意伙伴 乙:说来话长,整个故事是因为我正和安妮谈恋爱 甲:我明白了,但安妮是奈哲尔的女朋友,你这样是不对的 乙:这正是我和奈哲尔拆伙的原因,假如爱她是错的,我也不想做对 要表示明白人家的意思,英文除了说:I see.,还有不少其它说法 首先,你可以用be(包括is、were等be的变体with somebody来说‘明白某人的话’,例如:(1) Are you with me?(你明白我的意思吗?) () I’m afraid I’m not with you. Could you explain again?(对不起,我不明白,可以再解释一次吗?)I’m with you. 即‘我明白了’ Get也可解作‘明白’,例如I get it.(我明白了),I get you.(我明白你的意思)等有时你会听见人家说:Don’t get me wrong,那是叫人 ‘不要误解我的意思’,例如:Don’t get me wrong. I say she’s beautiful, but that doesn’t mean I’m in love with her.(请不要误会,我说她美丽,不等于爱上了她)留意解作‘明白’的get不可用被动语态 (passive voice) I see take your point. 或 Point taken则多是用来说‘明白并接受人家的观点’,例如:I see your point. Our plan must be changed.(我明白你的看法我们必须改变计划) 此外还有I hear what you’re saying. 一语,也是说:‘我明白你的意思’,但一般有‘我不同意’含义,例如:I hear what you’re saying, but things are not as simple as that.(我明白你的意思,但事情不是那么简单)Understood、I know (what you mean)等,当然也是 ‘我明白’的意思

我的理想(My ideal) -- :3: 来源: 我的理想(My ideal)  "my ideal" (author : a fourth-grade students, male, parents markets selling chickens) is the ideal, i do yituo droppings, yituo big smelly droppings. i go to my classmates chousi xxx, because he owes me the money has not also gave.我的理想(My ideal)英语作文我的理想(My ideal)小学英语作文  i also take classes in the book is zoned chaos. i also xiusi my class, i find her remarks are each collect so much money, i would like to chousi her. i also xiusi math teacher this semester every time i passed the examination is not, in fact, i can pass. but he will not let me copy.  i also xiusi principals, why he can stage a flag-raising ceremony monday speech, we should be below drenched. finally, i would like to chousi myself, i xiusi so many people, a police officer and pulling to jail, i will not go to jail. i also chousi.我的理想(My ideal)英语作文疯狂英语口语对话详解7篇第课:谁是你最喜欢的歌手?-- :7:36 Who is your favorite singer? 相信每个人心里都有一些最喜欢的东西最喜欢的英文就是favorite最喜欢的食物(favorite food)、最喜欢的颜色(favorite color)、最喜欢的歌手(favorite singer)那么你最喜欢的歌手是谁?Who is your favorite singer?如果你没有特别偏爱的歌手,可回答:I don't have a particular favorite.(我没有特别的偏爱)相反你有一个非常喜欢的歌手,可以用firm favorite,例如:Michael Jackson is my firm favorite.(米高积逊是我非常喜爱的歌手) Hot favorite是指非常流行 受欢迎的东西,例如:This song is a hot favorite in Hong Kong.(这首歌在香港非常流行) 对话 A:What were your hobbies at university? B:Well, I liked to do so many things so I didn't really have a regular hobby. But I was a rock singer and I still perm occasionally. A:Who is your favorite singer? B:I'm a fan of the Beatles and Rod Stewart. 甲:你在大学时期有什么嗜好? 乙:哦,当时我喜爱做太多事情了,并没有特定的嗜好但我以前是一个摇滚乐手,现在偶然也会表演一下呢 甲:谁是你最喜爱的歌手? 乙:我是披头四和洛史都华的歌迷 要说所喜欢的人、物等,英文多会用favorite一字,作形容词(adjective)解作‘特别喜爱的’,作名词(noun)则是指‘特别喜爱的人、物’,例如:(1) War and Peace is my favorite novel.(《战争与和平是我很喜欢的一本小说)() Coca-Cola is a firm favorite with my son.(可口可乐是我儿子百喝不厌的饮料) 最喜欢或最不喜欢,就是most least favorite,例如:Madonna is my most least favorite singer.(玛丹娜是我最喜欢 最不喜欢的歌星) 父母、教师等偏爱的孩子,也可用favorite 一字来说,例如:(1)Peggy has always been her mother's favorite.(佩琪向来都是她母亲偏爱的孩子)() It is not advisable a teacher to have favorites in the class.(教师不宜偏爱班中几个学生)偏爱或徇私的行为,即favoritism,例如:(1)The chemistry teacher was accused of showing favoritism to certain students.(化学老师被投诉,说他偏爱某些学生)竞赛之中获看好的选手、动物等,一般都称为favorite,例如:(1) He bet $,000 on the favorite to win the horse race. (他把二千元赌注,押在马赛中最多人看好的那匹马上)() He was a hot favorite to win the election.(这次选举之中,他很有机会获选)

:灰姑娘(多版本) -01- ::37 来源: 灰姑娘(Cinderella)第一场布景:灰姑娘家 旁白:Long, long ago, there was a cute girl, her name is Cinderella, her mother was dead, and her father loved her very much. 父亲: Dear daughter! These presents are your birthday! Do you like them? 灰姑娘: Yeah, thank you, Dad.(开心地接过) 父亲: My lovely daughter, I hope you can be happy ever! 旁白:But one day, her father married a new wife and died untunately. Look, her stepmother and her new sisters are COMING. 后妈: Helen, Jenny, look, how beautiful the house is! (四周看了看,开始乱翻东西,拿起些东西来看) 后妈女儿(1): Yes, and so many fruits.(一个个用手指点) Apples,bananas, mangoes and lychees. Wow, I like them. (吃水果) 后妈女儿():(打开衣柜,翻翻看看) Mum, look, so many beautiful clothes. I like this dress. (往身上穿) 灰姑娘:Oh, no, please, that’s my dress. This new dress is bought by my father(跑过去,想把那条裙子拿过来). 后妈女儿(): Who are YOU? (把那条裙子藏到一边,厌恶地把灰姑娘的肩膀推了推)Mum, who is she?(退了几步,回头看后妈,用手指指了指灰姑娘) 后妈: She is your little sister. But it doesn't matter. Now! Cinderella, go, clean the room and then cook us. RIGHT NOW! 灰姑娘: Why? I'm not your servant.(插着腰,皱着眉很生气的样子) 后妈: Yeah.(点头). But from NOW ON you are our servant.(很凶的样子) 后妈女儿(1): Mum, I like this dress. (拽灰姑娘的衣) 后妈女儿():I like her necklace. (抢走她的项链戴在脖子上)灰姑娘:Oh, no, PLEASE!!! (哭喊)旁白:After that, Cinderella had to been their servant. She worked and worked from morning to night.(Cinderella在洗衣,扫地,干别的家务活) She had no room to live and she have to sleep in sofa(睡在沙发上); she had no good food to eat and good clothes to wear. She was more and more dirty.第二场布景:灰姑娘家 (士兵在门外敲门) 后妈: Who is it? 士兵: I'm the soldier of the palace. (后妈打开门)Good morning, madam, this letter is from the palace, you and other girls in this house. Good-bye, madam! 后妈: What is it? (打开信看——欢呼,向后妈女儿(1)()招手)Helen, Jenny, good news! There will be a big dancing party in the palace. Prince Edward will select a queen among the young girls in this kingdom. 后妈女儿(1): Hooray! I'll be the queen! 后妈女儿(): Hey, I will be the queen, not YOU!!后妈: Okay, girls. You must put on your most beautiful dress and make up immediately! 灰姑娘: (小心地走出来问道)Mum, I want to go to the party, too. 两个后妈女儿: You? Look at yourself, so dirty and so ugly. (大笑起来)灰姑娘(看着在镜子前整理衣化妆的后妈):Mum,please, can I… 后妈: Girls, are you y? Let's go. Cinderella, you are so dirty and ugly that you haven’t any excuse to go. And you must do your housework FIRST! Good night!! (后妈和她的女儿很骄傲地走出门外,灰姑娘很伤心地坐到地上哭了这时,猫、鸽子和来了) 灰姑娘: (猛然发现)Oh, my friends. I really want to go. What shall I do?猫,鸽子,: Don't be so sad, Cinderella. At least, we are with you. If we can help you, we will do our best!灰姑娘:Oh,my friend,thank you very much. But I haven’t any beautiful dresses now! What can I do? WHO can help me? 仙女:(突然跳着舞出现) Poor girl, let ME help you. You need a carriage, you need a coachman, you need some horses, you need a bellboy, and you need a beautiful dress.(挥动魔杖,用南瓜变成马车,用老马变成马车夫,用老鼠变成马,用变成侍者,把灰姑娘变得很漂亮)猫、鸽子和变成侍者的:(睁大眼睛,看着灰姑娘)Wow, how beautiful! 猫: You're the most beautiful girl I've EVER seen.: Yes! You will be the most beautiful girl in the party! (拉拉灰姑娘的手) 鸽子: Yes! You will be the most beautiful lady in this party! And Prince Edward will love you at once! (欢快地飞来飞去)仙女: Now, Cinderella, go to the party and dance with the prince. But remember you must come back bee o'clock. REMEMBER, o’ clock! Or you will change back into now. 灰姑娘: Thank you, kind fairy. (冲出门外) 仙女: (对灰姑娘喊)Be careful! Don't get the time! 灰姑娘: I won't get. (跳上马车)Good bye, kind fairy and my dear friends!! (挥动手帕,消失在暮色中) 第三场布景:皇宫中大臣(1): Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the prince-dancing ball. This night, our worshipful Prince Edward(这时,王子走了出来,向所有来宾鞠躬)will select the most beautiful and kindest girl to be his queen .Now, young girls, come to the front, please! (女孩子们走上前) 大臣():(将头转向王子)Highness,how are they? Which one do you like? 王子: (皱起眉头)Mmm…I don’t think they are… (Cinderella suddenly comes in) 大臣们: (惊叹)Wow! How beautiful THAT girl is! (众来宾惊恐地回过头)旁白:She's like a fairy. She's like an Angel. She's so lovely. She's like a princess. How pretty Cinderella is!王子:(走上前,鞠躬) Pretty lady, may I be honored to dance with you? 灰姑娘: I'd love to.(握住王子的手,开始跳舞) (Music and dance) 旁白:Beautiful Cinderella and handsome Prince Edward are dancing. They fall in love.(点的钟声猛然敲响了,敲了6下)灰姑娘: Oh, it's time to go back. I must go now. I am sorry that I cannot dance with you any more, sir! 王子: Wait, miss, please wait! (追上去) 灰姑娘:(急忙地跑,掉了一只鞋)Good bye, sir! 王子: (拿起鞋)Pretty lady! Why are you leaving? I must find you!! Soldiers!!士兵们: Yes!! 王子: Take this shoe to every house and let all the young girls have a try tomorrow morning. You must find the girl me. FAST! 士兵们: Yes, highness! 第四场布景:灰姑娘家的花园中灰姑娘:(失去了魔法的帮助,变回了原样)Oh…He was gentle, he was handsome, oh! I cannot get him… I love him! But I hadn’t found Prince Edward and danced with him yet…鸽子: Cinderella, don’t you know? The man who danced with you was PRINCE EDWARD!! (猫和变回原样的点头附和)灰姑娘:REALLY My goodness!! (捂住嘴巴,不敢相信的样子) Oops, I am sorry…I haven’t done the housework! Mum, Helen and Jenny will back soon! They will be angry! See you soon, buddies! (哼着小曲跳走了)第五场布景:灰姑娘家(士兵敲门) 士兵(3):Good morning, madam.后妈: Good morning. What’s the matter, sir? 士兵: Are there any young girls in this house, madam? 士兵(): The pretty lady lost her shoe in the palace. 士兵(3): The prince wanted to find her and marry her. 后妈:(笑着说)Of course, sir, wait a minute!(往身后招招手,让女儿(1)过来)后妈女儿(1): (急急忙忙跑上前)Let me try. The shoe is mine.(说着把脚伸进鞋子) 士兵: No, It's not yours. It's too small you.(把鞋子拿开) 后妈女儿(): (跳着大喊)It's mine. I AM the queen. Let me try it.(说着把脚伸进鞋子)士兵(): No, it's not yours; it's too big you.(再次把鞋子拿开)后妈: Hey, sir, maybe it's mine. Let me have a try. (急忙想要去穿鞋子) 士兵(3):(马上把鞋子拿走)Oh, please, it couldn't be YOURS. Are there any other girls in this house? 灰姑娘: Good morning, gentlemen, may I try it? (款款走来) 后妈 :You? That’s impossible! (大喊着,做出“快滚”的手势) 后妈女儿(1): Look at yourself, PLEASE! (讥笑)后妈女儿(): So dirty and so ugly! Please not to waste the solders’ time! (讽刺) 士兵: Oh, ladies, let her try! Prince Edward said that all the young girls should have a try. Here, young girl, try it on, please! (送上鞋) 灰姑娘:(轻轻把脚伸进去)Thank you! (试鞋,正好合适) 后妈和两个女儿:It couldn’t be Cinderella! It couldn’t be!! Maybe there’s something wrong, sir! (疯了一样大叫)士兵们: Wonderful! It's yours! It fits you very well! Pretty queen CINDERELLA!! (欢呼雀跃,接走灰姑娘) 第六场布景:皇宫中 士兵: Highness! We have found the beautiful girl.王子: Really? That's wonderful! I'll come at once. 仙女: My child, happy time is coming. Let me help you the last time. (顷刻间将灰姑娘变美丽) 王子: Oh, my dearest princess, I love you, go with me and be my queen, OK? 灰姑娘:(什么也没说,点点头,拥抱王子,两人跑回宫中) 猫、鸽子和: Happy ever, Cinderella! We wish you HAPPY EVER!!后妈和后妈女儿们: How did it happen? It is not true!! (昏倒) 旁白:The story finished. Cinderella found her happiness. She and Prince Edward got married! And that brings us to the end of the play. Thank you and let us wish Cinderella and Edward happy ever! 英语 话剧 剧本Spring 春天 -- :0:57 来源: Spring 春天  I like spring best of all the four seasons. When spring comes, it's getting warmer and warmer, and the world becomes rich and colorful.   The sun is red, the sky is blue, clouds are white, and the trees get green again.     In spring, we can see beautiful flowers everywhere. The birds come back from the south, and sing happily all day. Everything comes back to life again.     Look, the boys and girls are flying kites by the river happily. How beautiful the season is!  一年四季之中,我最喜欢春天当春天到来时,天气变得越来越暖和,世界变得五颜六色  太阳是红彤彤的,天空是碧蓝的,云朵是白色的,树木又变绿了     在春天,我们到处都能看到美丽的花朵鸟儿从南方飞回来了,整天开心地唱万物复苏了     你瞧,孩子们正欢快地在河边放风筝这个季节多美啊!

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