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Each crew is seven students 每一组有七名学员three on each side of a small rubber boat and one coxswain to help guide the dingy小皮艇两侧各三人 还有一个舵手在中间指引方向Every day your boat crew forms up on the beach每天 我们都会在海滩上分好组and is instructed to get through the surf zone and paddle several miles down the coast 被要求划过海浪带 并在岸边划行数英里In the winter, the surf off San Diego can get to be 8 to 10 feet high 冬季 圣地亚哥的海浪可以高达8到10英尺and it is exceedingly difficult to paddle through the plunging surf unless everyone digs in要划过大浪非常困难 大家都需要努力划才行Every paddle must be synchronized to the stroke count of the coxswain 每个桨手都需要按照舵手口令进行同步Everyone must exert equal effort 每个人的施力需要均衡or the boat will turn against the wave and be unceremoniously dumped back on the beach否则船就会被浪拍打回岸边For the boat to make it to its destination, everyone must paddle 要让船驶向目的地 所有人都需要努力划桨You cant change the world alone you will need some help 你无法独自改变世界 你需要他人的帮助and to truly get from your starting point to your destination takes friends, colleagues从起点到目的地 你需要有朋友 同事the good will of strangers and a strong coxswain to guide them 陌生人的好心 以及很强的舵手来指引If you want to change the world, find someone to help you paddle 如果你想改变世界 务必找人帮你划桨Over a few weeks of difficult training 经过短短几周的艰苦训练my SEAL class which started with 150 men was down to just 42学员人数从最开始的150人缩减为42人There were now six boat crews of seven men each 剩下的人组成六个组I was in the boat with the tall guys 我同一些高个子在一组but the best boat crew we had was made up of the the little guys 但最好的组则由一些小个子组成the munchkin crew we called them 我们称他们为矮子组no one was over about 5-foot five 他们没人超过5英尺5英寸The munchkin boat crew had one American Indian, one African American 矮子组中有一个美国印第安人 一个非裔美国人one Polish America, one Greek American, one Italian American 一个波兰裔 一个希腊裔 一个意大利裔and two tough kids from the mid-west 还有两个来自中西部的硬朗伙计They out paddled, out-ran, and out swam all the other boat crews 其他人的船都跑不过他们的船201601/423994

Today we have the special privilege of welcoming a leader of innovation 今天我们特别荣幸地请到了创新领袖Susan Wojcicki 苏珊·沃西基As CEO of the worlds most popular digital platform, YouTube 作为全世界最受欢迎的数字平台YouTube的首席执行官Ms. Wojcicki have shaped the way over 1 billion users access digital media 沃西基女士影响着全世界十亿多用户对数字媒体的使用YouTube is unique YouTube非常独特in the way that it allows small communities to interact with a global network 它让小社区能够同全球网络进行互动And Ms. Wojcickis direction and YouTubes business operations 沃西基女士的指导以及YouTube的商业运作will be critical in shaping the way the world will interact in the coming decades 将在未来数十年内对世界交流方式的塑造至关重要In 1999, Ms. Wojcicki joined Google as the companys first marketing manager1999年沃西基女士加入谷歌 作为公司第一位营销经理Called the most important person in advertising 被称作广告方面最重要的人Ms. Wojcickis supervision and pioneering Google Images and Google Books 沃西基女士对谷歌图片和谷歌书籍的管理和创新jump started much of Googles initial success 让谷歌得以产生最初的飞跃与成功As senior vice president of advertising and commerce 作为广告和商务高级副总裁Ms. Wojcicki determined the vision and direction of Googles monetization platforms 沃西基女士决定了谷歌实现收入的未来和方向According to Forbes 根据福布斯Wojcicki was responsible for 87% of the companys 50 billion in revenue 谷歌500亿收入中有87%都来自于沃西基and shes repeatedly being selected by Forbes as one of worlds most powerful women 她个人也持续被福布斯选为世界最具权势的女性之一As we think about the future 在未来Ms. Wojcickis leadership and innovation of new marketing strategies 沃西基女士在新营销战略上的领导和创新and her overall success as a company executive 以及她作为公司高管的总体成功sets a distinguished example that all of us can admire and emulate 为我们所有人树立了值得敬仰和模仿的榜样Please join me in welcoming our 2014 commencement speaker 请和我一起欢迎2014年毕业演讲嘉宾Susan Wojcicki 苏珊·沃西基201511/412299

After all, I dont know if youve seen it 我不知道你们见过这个没有This weeks Time Magazine called you 本周的时代杂志把你们称作lazy entitled narcissists 懒惰的自恋狂who are part of the Me Me Me Generation你们是;我我我一代;的一部分So self obsessed, tweeting your Vines 如此自我沉醉 用推特发送Vinehashtagging your Spotifys 为Spotify加标签and Snapchatting your YOLOs 对YLO使用Snapchatyour generation needs everything to be about you 你们这一代需要一切都围绕着你们And thats very upsetting to us baby boomers 这让我们婴儿潮这一代很不爽because self-absorption is kind of our thing因为自我陶醉本应是我们的东西We are the original ;Me Generation; 我们是最初的;自我一代;We made the last 50 years all about us 我们让过去50年都围绕着我们We took all the money 我们赚了所有的钱we soaked up all the government services 我们攫取了所有的政府务and weve deep fried nearly everything in the ocean 我们炸透了几乎海洋里的一切It may seem that all thats left for you is unpaid internships 似乎留给你们的只剩下没有工钱的实习Monday to Tuesday mail delivery 周一到周二的邮件递送and thanks to global warming 还有得益于全球变暖soon semester at sea 很快 海上学期will mean sailing the coast of Ohio 就会成为沿俄亥俄洲海岸航行Now in our defence, in my generations defence 下面为我们这一代人辩护how were we supposed to know that you were coming? 我们怎么知道你们正继往开来We thought it went like this 我们以为是像这样Every successive generation of mankind一代人接一代人and then us 然后是我们roll credits这就完了but while 不过 虽然we may be leaving you with an economy 我们留给你们的经济环境with fewer job opportunities for the new graduate to slip into 对于新毕业生而言 工作机会可能确实更少了while traditional paths may seem harder to find 虽然传统工作似乎更难寻找了that also means 但这也意味着that you may learn sooner than most generations the hard lesson 你们能够比其他很多代人 更快学到艰难的一课that you must always make the path for yourself 也就是 你必须为自己铺平道路201603/430029

And I said Arjun 我说 阿儿琼I think that our challenge in what she said in out here the gambit is how we get to put this together 我认为 按照她的说法 我们最大的挑战是 如何将这些整合在一起And Arjun said, we really have no idea 阿儿琼说 我也不知道And we got home, we got on the airplane the next day, we went back to San Francisco 第二天 我们乘飞机回到旧金山I went back to my desk at Oracle and he went off to start his company我回到甲骨文 他则去开他的公司And just as I arrived back at my office I got a phone call it was a fateful call回到我的办公室后 我马上就接到了一个电话 这个电话改变了我的命运To attend something called the Presidents Summit for Americas Future 电话邀请我参加美国未来总统峰会And it was in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, I went out there, it was incredible 地点在宾州费城 我去赴会了 会议很美妙I arrived in this huge conference room 我来到一间巨大的会议室And it was being chaired by General Colin Powell, one of the great Americans 主持人是科林·鲍威尔将军 一位伟大的美国人And the five living Presidents of the ed States 然后会上还有五位美国前总统Nancy Reagan, was representing Ronald Reagan 南希·里根代表罗纳德·里根And were sitting there in this room 我们坐在会议室里And five living presidents were on stage and 五位前总统坐在台上The General came up and he came up on stage and stood at the podium鲍威尔将军走上台 站在讲台前Everyone in the audience were kind of the CEOs and leaders of these major corporations of ed States 而在座的都是 美国各大公司的CEO和领导者And I looked around and I felt, wow, really incredible companies 我环顾四周 发现周围都是一些大人物I just recognizes these faces from every page of Fortune or Forbes or Business Week or the Wall Street Journal 这些面孔都经常出现在 财富 福布斯 商业周刊 华尔街日报等报刊杂志上201601/422586

But then in the apartment across the hall from this cow shed lives a newly married couple in what locals describe as one of the nicest apartments in the area.不过从这个牛棚穿过楼道的这个公寓住着一对新婚的夫妻,这里被当地人形容为当地最好的一座公寓之一。The attention to this detail astonished me,公寓里对细节的注意使我震惊,and as the owner of the home so proudly led me around this apartment,并且当公寓的主人很自豪地让我在这个公寓里随便走动时,from floor to ceiling, every part was decorated.从地板到屋顶,这里的每处都经过装点。But if it werent for the strangely familiar stomach-churning odor that constantly passes through the apartment,但假如不是那让人无法忍受的持续穿过公寓的让人恶心的气味,it would be easy to forget that you are standing next to a cow shed and on top of a landfill.你会非常容易忘记你正站在牛棚的隔壁和垃圾清理厂的上方。What moved me the most was that despite these seemingly inhospitable conditions,让我感动的是除了那些看上去不宜居的条件,I was welcomed with open arms into a home that was made with love, care,and unreserved passion.我被非常热情地邀请进入一个充满爱,关怀和没有保留热情的家。Lets move across the map to China,让我们跨越来到中国,to an area called Shanxi, Henan and Gansu.来到一个叫陕西,河南和甘肃的区域。In a region famous for the soft, porous Loess Plateau soil,一个以柔软松散的黄土高原黄沙而闻名的地区,there lived until recently an estimated 40 million people in these houses underground.最新估计那里有四千万人住在地下的房屋里。These dwellings are called the yaodongs.这种住宅称为窑洞。Through this architecture by subtraction,通过这种往下建的建筑方式,these yaodongs are built literally inside of the soil.这些窑洞真的是建在土地下面。In these villages, you see an entirely altered landscape,在这些村子里,你可以看到完全改变了的地貌,and hidden behind these mounds of dirt are these square, rectangular houses which sit seven meters below the ground.而在这些土丘背后藏着的是广场,长方形的房子坐落在地下7米的地方。201601/424474

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