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Celebrations in honour of the dead take place in July and August in Japan. Prayers are set and graves are tended during the festival of O-Bon. In Tokushima city around 100 thousand costumed people dance in the streets."This is an incredible scale, there's this whole river, thing going on, there's three blocks on either side of the river. It’s the biggest I've ever seen."There are a number of different theories explaining the origins of Tokushima’ s Awa Odori(阿波踊り) or "our dance festival". But some see it as a form of the wider Japanese custom of Bon Odori (盆踊) or Bon-dance. "Awa Odori began around 450 years ago. It was originally a regional custom performed decent spirits back to the realms of the dead after their brief stay in the living world during the O-Bon season. Now participation isn't limited to the people of Tokushima city or Tokushima prefecture. It has grown into a festival that attracts people from all over Japan."Awa is the former name of the Tokushima prefecture and the dance festival is thought to have gained its local character in 1587 when the feudal lord handed out sake to celebrate the completion of his newly-built castle. Legend says the citizens became so drunk they started to dance with abandon in an unsteady gate. One of Tokushima's most famous dance teams is called the Ahou Ren."The lyrics of one of the festival songs says fool's dance and fool's watch. If both are fools you might as well dance. So I think that this is where our Ren gets its name."For the most part, women wear traditional straw hat, known as amigasa (編み笠) that is shaped like a half moon. A colorful yukada (浴衣)and wooden sandals known as gata(木屐)."Men should dance in a very masculine way. Women should dance in a feminine and graceful way."Onna Odori (女踊り), the female dance style, is distinguished by its upright stance and physical discipline and it's intended to an embodiment of feminine grace and beauty. By contrast, Otoko Odori(男踊り), the male dance style, is distinguished by a lower stance and more fluid vigorous movements and resemble the moves of a drunken fool. "It's extremely fun, you know, Japanese are not known for this spontaneity, but you see people very spontaneous and people are approaching you in the street and asking you where you are from and getting to know you, which is extremely welcoming to visitors."07/78648US Treasury Secretary Assures China Its Dollar Assets Are Safe盖特纳:中国持有美元资产很安全U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is reassuring the Chinese government that its huge holdings of dollar assets are safe.美国财政部长盖特纳向中国政府重申,北京持有的巨额美元资产是安全的。As evidence of the importance of the Sino-American relationship, China is Secretary Geithner's only destination on this trip. His official duties in Beijing began Monday, with a speech at Peking University, where he attended in 1981.美国财政部长盖特纳此次出访的唯一目的地就是中国,这明了美中关系的重要性。他对北京的正式访问从星期一开始。他在北京大学发表演讲。1981年,盖特纳曾经在北大读书。Geithner says it is crucial for the ed States and China to work together to effectively combat the global economic downturn.盖特纳说,美中两国合作对成功地遏制全球经济衰退来说十分关键。"How successful we are in Washington and in Beijing will be critically important to the economic fortunes of the rest of the world," he said.他说,“华盛顿和北京的成功与否对世界其他地区的经济前景至关重要。”China is the biggest foreign owner of U.S. Treasury bonds. American data shows that China held 8 billion in treasury securities as of March.中国是美国联邦债券最大的海外债权人。根据美国的数据,中国3月份持有7680亿美元的美国联邦债券。The English edition of the Beijing-based Global Times newspaper ran an article Monday in which 23 Chinese economists expressed deep concern that American debt poses great risks to the Chinese economy.北京出版的环球时报英文版星期一登载文章,报导23位中国经济学家对持有大量美国债券给中国经济带来的巨大风险表示相当担心。In response to a student's question about this issue, Geithner said Chinese assets are very safe.美国财政部长盖特纳在回答北大学生相关问题时说,中国持有的资产是非常安全的。The American official renewed pledges that the Obama administration will cut its huge fiscal deficits and promised future spending that would be, in his words, "very disciplined."这位美国财政部长再次保,奥巴马政府将削减巨额财政赤字,并承诺未来政府开,用他的话说,将“非常谨慎”。Speaking about major news back in the ed States, Geithner says he is optimistic General Motors and Chrysler will emerge from bankruptcy, without needing government assistance.盖特纳在谈到美国国内的重大新闻时说,他对通用汽车与克莱斯勒不需要政府援助可以从破产的废墟上浴火重生的前景感到乐观。"Their failure would have had a very, very substantial cost to the economy, as a whole," he said. "So the president decided that we would be willing to provide support if there was in place the kind of comprehensive restructuring plan to allow them to emerge viable as private entities, over time."盖特纳说,“它们的失败将会给整个经济造成非常实质性的伤害,因此,奥巴马总统决定,如果他们提出全面重组方案,可以使它们在一段时间里作为私营企业生存下去,我们愿意提供持。”Geithner met with some of his former Chinese professors in Beijing and visited a Ford Foundation economist training program set up by his father. He is to meet President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao on Tuesday.盖特纳在北京见到了曾经教过他的一些中国教授,参观了他父亲建立的福特基金会经济学家培训项目。他将在星期二会晤中国国家主席胡锦涛和总理温家宝。06/72462

Clinton 'Accepts Obama Job' Hillary Clinton has decided to take up the offer of joining Barack Obama's cabinet as Secretary of State, according to her associates. So let the conversations begin. I have a feeling. It's going to be very interesting.America's next administration is starting to take shape with daily leaks and drips of speculation. The New York Times claims Hillary Clinton will accept the post of Secretary of State. The 61-year-old Junior Senator for New York and Obama's rival for the nomination would replace Condoleezza Rice as America's global ambassador. A formal announcement is expected after Thanksgiving this Thursday. Shame on you Barack Obama, it’s time to run a campaign consistent with your messages in Public.This is the Clintons, and the Clintons run to their own agenda. And someone is going to have to give in here. Will she work to what he wants her to do? Remember? One was for the war; one was against the war. Bill Clinton, I don't care, you know, how much he's told to keep the lid on it. Sooner or later, Bill is gonna get fidgety. He’s gonna wanna be on the world’s stage. And he's gonna wanna give a speech somewhere. So this is gonna have some problems.So here is rumor to be joining around the cabinet table. This could be the man with the toughest job in the administration. Timothy Geithner, sources told N news he's in line for the job of Treasury Secretary. The young president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank is one of the few involved in the financial crisis to emerge unscathed. Helping him attempt to get America's finances back on track could be this man, Bill Richardson, who appears to be favored for Commerce Secretary. The part-Latino Governor of New Mexico was Energy Secretary in Bill Clinton's Cabinet.The National Security Advisor, General James L. Jones is been considered a Vietnam vet; he was also the Military Head of NATO. Finally, Arizona's Governor Janet Napolitano is in line for another crucial role, Head of Homeland Security. It's a massive department which has immigration and federal disaster management under its umbrella, as well as its core role protecting America from terrorist attack. Obama's transition team is officially staying out of this speculation. But analysts are welcoming many of the picks as young, energetic and bright. Their early performance will be scrutinized. There's an enormous way to the expectations surrounding this new administration.Robert Nisbet, Sky News, Washington. 参考中文翻译:据希拉里助手透漏,希拉里接受邀请,同意加入奥巴马内阁,出任国务卿。现在谈话开始。我有种感觉,事情将会非常有趣。美国的下任内阁随着滴水不漏,有条不紊的审查,逐渐开始成形。纽约时报报道说希拉里将会出任国务卿一职。这位61岁的纽约高级参议员,奥巴马的前对手将会取代赖斯成为美国的全球大使。本周四感恩节过后官方会正式宣布。奥巴马,现在到你实现你对公众许下的诺言的时候了。这是克林顿夫妇,这对夫妇在赴他们自己的日程安排。在这必须有一个人屈。她会按照他希望的去做吗?是不是记得?一个主战,另一个反战。比尔克林顿,不管他现在怎么去遮掩,我都不会在意,迟早,他会不安分的。他还是想登上世界舞台的。他会想在某个地方发表一下讲话。所以,这样会有问题产生的。那么这里有一些关于加入内阁的谣言。这会是内阁最难做的工作。有消息告知N新闻,Timothy Geithner将会出任财务部长。这位年轻的纽约联邦储备的主席是很少受到财政危机伤害的为数不多的其中一个。帮助他使美国经济返回正轨的将是Bill Richardson,此人似乎倍受商务部长青睐。这位有着部分拉美血统的新墨西哥的领导是克林顿内阁时期的能源部长。国家安全顾问Security Advisor,据说是个越南老兵,同时也是北约的军方首脑。最后,亚利桑那州的州长Janet Napolitano 是另一个关键职位的候选人,国家安全部的部长。这个部门全力相当庞大,包括移民和联邦灾难管理都在他的管理范围之内,更重要的任务是保卫美国免于恐怖袭击。奥巴马的过渡期团队目前还没有接受官方的正式审查。但是分析家希望能够选出一些年轻,精力旺盛,聪明的领导人。他们前期的表现将要接受严格的审查。关于这个新的内阁,有这各种各样不同的预期。200811/57020

A tough immigration enforcement law scheduled to take effect in Arizona at the end of July is touching off debate and controversy far beyond the southwestern state. As a consequence, immigration reform is moving higher on the list of issues Americans say they want their politicians to address.The Arizona law requires immigrants to carry their registration documents at all times. It also directs local police to question people they suspect are in the country illegally… a job usually done by federal law enforcement. A Washington Post/A News poll found a majority of Americans – 58 percent – support the controversial course of action Arizona is taking. And roughly half the respondents in another national poll said they want their state to copy its get tough approach. A proposal for a tougher standWoodland, Washington is a surprisingly diverse American small town. Third generation berry farmers live near people who commute to work in distant Portland, Oregon, who in turn live near under-employed construction and mill workers. Woodland also has a growing Hispanic population.The mix verged on combustible at an overflowing City Council meeting recently, as townspeople commented on a resolution to endorse Arizona's immigration crackdown and to urge the Washington State Legislature to follow suit. One woman told council members, "The law opens the door to the indiscriminate use of racial profiling against individuals that look or sound foreign." "If you came to this country illegally, you started off on the wrong foot," another resident said. "You need to go back home, do the paperwork and come back the right way."A woman took the microphone to complain, "A lot of these people who are coming in illegally, they're getting medical coupons. They're getting food stamps... They're getting all kinds of things that are provided through our tax system. It has to stop! It has to stop somewhere!"A Woodland retiree agreed illegal immigration is out of hand, but said local Hispanic families are good people. "We're not a border town," she said. "That's the way I feel. Number one, we're not a border town. That's not our business."Putting a stop to illegal immigration from the bottom upBut City council member Benjamin Fredericks says it is Woodland's business. He introduced the controversial resolution, pointing out, "It obviously isn't working from the top down. The federal government is ignoring current law. That's why I believe Arizona has the right to pass their own laws." He sees Arizona's action and his proposal as part of an effort to start reform from the bottom up, and said he'd like to see the Washington state legislature take up the issue. Juan Barela is a counselor and human rights activist in Woodland. He says Arizona's immigration controversy has awakened the nation's Latino communities. "Now we are galvanized, united. We are strong and we're getting the vote."In the end, the Woodland city council voted down the resolution that would have urged the legislature to copy Arizona's tough enforcement approach. City councils in Seattle, Washington, and Los Angeles, California, have passed boycotts of Arizona travel and business contracts to show their disapproval of the new law. Most recently, the debate surfaced in Fremont, Nebraska where voters approved a city law against hiring or renting to illegal immigrants.Public unease about immigrationPortland, Oregon-based opinion pollster Adam Davis says all of the controversy is moving immigration higher on the list of issues people want addressed. "When you ask about the biggest problem facing the nation," he notes, "just recently there has been a real surge in the number of people that mention immigration. In the West particularly, it jumped from 2 to 16 percent in the Western states, saying that it the biggest problem facing the nation."Davis theorizes the support for stronger immigration enforcement reflects tough times. "They feel these people are taking jobs away from legal residents. In tough economic times, this is something that really concerns a lot of people. And it is not just jobs. There is also a feeling that resources are limited, that there isn't the money out there to provide government services to these people."Craig Keller hopes to tap that public unease. Keller directs a citizen initiative campaign in Washington State. His proposal would require all employers to check the immigration status of new hires through the government's e-verify service. Recipients of public benefits would also have to be validated."It's very ironic that there is huge public demand for a law like this. But the 'representatives'," he says with a bit of a sneer, "that have been selected to go to Olympia are not representing the people. That's why this is a perfect example of why the citizens' initiative process is required." His campaign needs to gather a quarter-million voter signatures to qualify the measure for the November ballot.Meanwhile, the Obama administration and some Arizona city governments hope to convince a judge to stop Arizona's new immigration law from taking effect later this month.亚利桑那州严苛的移民法定于7月29日生效。这个法律引起的辩论和争议早已超出一个州的范围。因此,移民改革成为民众要求领导人尽早解决的问题之一。亚利桑那州的移民法规定移民必须随时携带身份件,并要求地方警察盘问任何他们怀疑是非法入境的人。这本来是联邦执法人员的工作。 华盛顿邮报和美国广播公司合办的一次民调显示,百分之58的美国人持亚利桑那州这种引起争议的做法。在另一次全国民调中,大约半数受访者希望他们的州也效仿亚利桑那州的严格办法。 伍德兰是一个高度多元化的美国小镇。这里有三代种植草莓的农民,邻居是一群每天开车去俄勒冈州波特兰市上班的通勤族。离他们不远,住着工作时间不足的建筑工和钢铁厂工人。伍德兰的拉美裔居民也在不断增加。 最近小镇市政委员会开会,考虑通过一个决议,持亚利桑那州打击非法移民,并呼吁州议会跟进。与会者展开了激烈的辩论。 一名妇女说:“这个法律打开一扇门,也就是以外貌或口音取人,无端地以种族相貌为由进行歧视。” 一名男性说:“如果你非法进入美国,那你从一开始就错了。你应该回到原来的国家,按程序填表申请后再来。” 另一名妇女说:“很多非法进入美国的人得到医药补助,领到食品券,得到所有由我们的税金提供的福利。这种情形必须停止。” 已经退休的诺玛·布伦森也认为,非法移民问题已经到了失控的地步。但是她说,当地拉美裔居民都是好人。 最后,伍德兰市政委员会否决了关于敦促华盛顿州议会效仿亚利桑那州的提案。华盛顿州的西雅图市和加州洛杉矶市,都通过了抵制亚利桑那州旅游和商业合同的提案,以表示他们的不满。最近,内布拉斯加州弗来蒙市也就这个问题展开了辩论。选民通过投票,持该市一项禁止雇用或出租住房给非法移民的法律。 俄勒冈州波特兰的民调专家亚当·戴维斯说,这些争议将移民改革推到了民众希望解决的问题清单中的更高位置:“如果你问美国面临的最大问题是什么,最近越来越多的人会说是移民问题。尤其在西部各州,认为移民问题是美国面临的最大问题的人,从百分之2猛增至百分之16。” 戴维斯认为,持更严格的移民法律,也反映出目前时局的艰难。他说:“他们觉得非法移民抢走了合法居民的工作。在经济困难时期,许多人的确非常担心这个问题。还不仅仅是工作,还有人觉得资源有限,政府没有财力来为这些人提供务。” 克雷格·凯勒在华盛顿州领导着一个公民倡议运动。他建议,所有雇主都应通过政府的电子核对务,确认新雇人员的移民身份,对享受公共福利的人的身份也应当进行核实。 凯勒说:“非常具有讽刺意味的是,民众对这类法律的要求很高,而那些被选到州议会的所谓民意代表们,却没有代表人民说话。这恰恰说明为什么人民倡议运动是必要的。”凯勒的这个运动需要25万选民的签名,才有资格被列入今年11月选票上的公决项目。 与此同时,奥巴马政府和亚利桑那州的一些市政府希望能说联邦法官,阻止亚利桑那州的移民法在7月底生效。201007/109422

  Australia's promise澳大利亚的未来The next Golden State下一个黄金州With a bit of self-belief, Australia could become a model nation再多一些自信,澳大利亚可以成为一个模范国家May 26th 2011 | from the print editionIMINE a country of about 25m people, democratic, tolerant, welcoming to immigrants, socially harmonious, politically stable and economically successful; good beaches too. It sounds like California 30 years ago, but it is not: it is Australia today. Yet Australia could become a sort of California—and perhaps a still more successful version of the Golden State.想象这样一个国家:大约2500万人口,民主、宽容、欢迎移民、社会和谐、政治稳定、经济成功,还有良好的海滩。听上去这像是30年前的加利福利亚,不,这是现在的澳大利亚。不过,澳大利亚能够成为某种形式上的加利福利亚,并且很可能比它更为成功。It aly has a successful economy, which unlike California’s has avoided recession since 1991, and a political system that generally serves it well. It is benefiting from a resources bonanza that brings it quantities of money for doing no more than scraping up minerals and shipping them to Asia. It is the most pleasant rich country to live in, reports a survey this week by the OECD. And, since Asia’s appetite for iron ore, coal, natural gas and mutton shows no signs of abating, the bonanza seems set to continue for a while, even if it is downgraded to some lesser form of boom (see article). However, as our special report in this issue makes clear, the country’s economic success owes much less to recent windfalls than to policies applied over the 20 years before 2003. Textbook economics and sound management have truly worked wonders.澳大利亚已有成功的经济,与加利福利亚不同,它自1991年以来就避开了衰退,得益于丰富的自然资源,仅仅是把矿产积攒起来并运往亚洲,就为澳大利亚带来了大笔的财富。本周,经合组织一份调查报告显示,澳大利亚是富国里面最适宜居住的国家。并且,由于亚洲国家对铁矿石、媒、天然气、羊毛的胃口看上去并无削减之势,澳大利亚的好运还要持续一段时间——即便蓬勃发展的势头有放缓之势。(看文章)。不过,就此问题,正如我们的专题报道中阐明的那样,澳大利亚的经济成功更多归功于2003年前实施了20多年的政策,而非近来的意外之财。教科书式的经济(模式)和完善的经营管理真实不假地创造了奇迹。201106/138736

  追求自由之风袭来时,领带一度被男人们搁置,代之以休闲的装束。然而如今,领带又一次成为商业人士的必备之物。领带代表着什么, 潮流、归属感、美观、力量?Ties, Ties, Ties!Mo Rocca looks at the history of the tie, from accessorizing dictated uniforms to signifying freedom of expression, and what it has done for men's fashion over the ages.For fans of fashionable neckwear for men, what's old is new again. Now Mo Rocca who follows these matters has his own ideas about that. Way back in the 1990s, freedom was ringing everywhere. Women were making huge inroads in the workplace. As for men, business casual would liberate them from the stranglehold of the tie. Millions of American males heard the cry. Mr. Businessman, tear off that tie! But reports of the tie's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Yes, today ties are back. What do you think this tie says? It says first says it is a matter second says it's stylish. It makes me feel a little bit one of our people. It makes me feel empowered and makes me feel good like I am actually a businessman. OK. I am not. Sales are way up among 20-somethings. Andrew Escobar manages the John Varvatos store in New York City. I really just found with us you could throw a tie almost on anything and it kind of just ups the look a little bit. Makes a look a little bit more refined. And yet you can still leave your jeans on and your Chuck Taylors on. And it still has a rock'n'roll-edge. It is not surprising that the tie has survived. After all, ties and men have been bound for more than a millennium. Among the earliest models these knotted scarfs worn by Chinese soldiers of the 3rd century . What I'm putting around my neck right now is a proud descendant of a line going back 300 years. Back then, men wore cravats wide ruffled and unapologetically impractical. Over time the cravat became today's necktie. By the middle of the 20th century, though, the tie had lost much of its personality. It had become obligatory. Part of a uniform dictated from on-high. Then the arrival of business casual sounded the death knell for the tie. Or did it? There is not as much social pressure to wear a tie. Wearing now, it becomes more of a, you know, an interesting piece that stands out more. In fact, men have embraced the responsibility of choosing what to wear to work, and more and more they are choosing the tie. In one word, how does that tie make you feel? Powerful! Clean, smooth! Clean, smooth! You look okay. That's fine about it, they are so good. I guess proper. Probably it's the first way to go to work. Ok. So it gives you respectability. Sure. Because you wouldn't wear a suit with that color and pattern. Right? (Absolutely I wouldn't). Actually what do you look like? Kinda cool, I think? (ur, well, without a suit...in the suit, yeah,yeah) Maybe a little modest. You would never get a job. There is a tie for every occasion, season or mood. This one makes me feel dependable; this one makes me feel like a seventh grade English teacher; this one makes me feel minty fresh. Men's fashion a lot of guys complain they don't have a lot of choices. But the tie is the one area where you can really letter a wrap, right? Sure, yeah. You definitely have a lot of freedom. Of course, freedom isn't just an American value. (undefined language) He is from Albania and he has a beautiful tie. And so today's man is no longer required to wear a uniform. Instead he is fit to be tied.03/63855。

  今年一月,地方法院以"违反自然性行为"等罪名重判九名男子八年入狱刑期,这九名男子大多是塞内加尔国内同性恋者健康与权益活动团体的成员,其中包括一位较为知名的活动人士。这一判决受到联合国以及一些国际人权组织的关注和批评,国际社会谴责这一判决是侵犯同性恋者基本人权的又一案例,也将严重阻碍塞内加尔国内艾滋病预防工作的实施。In a packed courtroom in downtown Dakar, the appeals court pardoned all nine defendants and overturned charges of committing unnatural acts and criminal conspiracy.Biram Sassoum Sy, who led the defense team, says the men are completely cleared of any crime or wrongdoing and the case will not be pursued. When they were apprehended, arrested and sentenced, he says the law was broken at every step. The trial, he says, is invalid and they are free to go. Most of the defendants worked for HIV/AIDS programs targeting men who have sex with men. They were arrested at the home of a prominent gay activist in December.Sy says the police went to the defendant's house after neighbors tipped them off. The attorney says police arrested the men without a warrant and extorted a confession through bullying and harassment.Senegalese law prohibits homosexual activity but requires that the suspect be caught in the act. A search warrant is also necessary if police are to enter a private home. Sy says the original judgment was hasty and emotional, and correct legal procedure was not followed.The maximum penalty for homosexual activity is five years. The sentencing judge in this case added another three years for criminal conspiracy. The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission in Cape Town said no other African country has handed down such a severe sentence.Despite the positive outcome of the appeal, AIDS activists in Senegal are concerned about the effect the trial will have on HIV programs serving men who have sex with men.Daouda Diouf, director of community-led HIV programs at Enda Tiers Monde - an international non-profit organization based in Dakar, says AIDS work with homosexuals will take time to return to the level it was at before. He says the trial has created a lot of fear and the people working with this community feel threatened. It will take time to build up trust again, he says, so they can conduct HIV/AIDS activities without fearing for their safety.Diouf says that if HIV is not controlled in vulnerable groups like the homosexual community, it will be impossible to manage the HIV epidemic in Senegal. These men, he says, are key players in the country's fight against HIV. 04/67941

  Fasion at Emmys A look at what the stars were wearing at the 60th Emmy ceremony. It’s a big thing, take the pictures when everyone’s walking and GMA’s own fashion cop and ambassador of fun Terren Winterberg was there and she’s at the New York Theater when in the latest morning, Terren.Look in good Terron, look in good.Yea, sure.Woo, thank you. I like the sound that like fashion cop. Fashion cop.Very cool, the good news is I didn't, fashion carp, the good news is I did not make any rest last night, but it is the biggest night of the television industry. But everybody knows what really matters, it’s all about the fashion. Take a look at the red carpet / recap. The red carpet was in a word, bright. I thought yellow was gonna be a little risky, but apparently I mistake.The sun was shining. It’s very warm.I am melting, but it’s worth it. And the jewelry, sparkling. Kind of looks like a grape .It’s good enough to eat, but it’s not. It’s a kind of a grape that could tell you if you ate it, or if you losted it.But these fashions are no joke.Get to keep your mind when you dressing for this these things, what’s not gonna wrinkle, it’s not gonna show your penny line s. What’s gonna be floras from the beginning to the end of the night. To be try on 700 dresses at the end of the one just thing you need, you go if you like.Like my mom sums up when I look into the mirror, she says "OK, girl, you are right."Isn’t it hard to navigate in the carpet in New York ceremony with this behind you.It’s allowed me to turn around, it’s not pretty, but that’s not //you just have to pretend you do this everyday. I wear this to bed. Ah, and just like Brooke, I too wore my warm emmy dress to bed. No actually, I 've dressed up all night, but the greatest part is I think that everybody play it pretty safe on the red carpet, but that means they really wore any fashion Misses. But I do want to mention the guys, the guys side the joy. Because they can be put the fashion forward. Who’s suck out to me was pd, he’s wearing a velvet bow tie, a velvet lapel and even a velvet shoes. Sort of that was pretty unique, guys back in New York. What is it? Velvet?Taking notes,Velvet tie, velvet shoes. What was your favourite?Yes, I /What was your favourite?Er,, my favourite, I would say it was // yellow, one shoulder. I thought she looked so elegant and it just fit her like a // which is absolutely stuning. What was yours?Er.. I really did like//. I like //her shirt was really./Her figure is amazing, and // looks great every year.Every year. But we got to say, yeah, it was beautiful, what’s on the big hair? Cathy //, what’s up with the big, big hair. I know.You know it’s funny you ask that. It’s she looks like Marshall Cross that she said it was an inspiration.///200810/54444March is Women’s History Month in the ed States, an opportunity to examine how far women have come and the areas where there is still work to be done. One of these areas is employment and income, according to a recent report released by the White House.在美国,3月是妇女历史月,这是一个检验妇女状况有多大进步以及还有那些方面有待改进的机会。据白宫不久前发表的一份报告,一个有待改进的地方是就业和收入方面。"Women in America: Indicators of Social and Economic Well-Being" offers a look at the full measure of a woman’s life.这份报告的题目是《美国妇女:社会和经济福祉指标》。报告对妇女的生活做了一个全面展示。"It’s the first comprehensive federal report of this nature since President Kennedy appointed Eleanor Roosevelt in the early 1960s to do a report on women," says Rebecca Blank, undersecretary of economic affairs, adding the new report covers five main areas of women’s lives. "It brings together data focusing on families, education, income and employment, health, and crime and violence, and really highlights the trends of what’s happening in women’s lives across all of those domains over the last 20 to 30 years." 主管经济事务的副部长吕贝卡.布兰克说:“自从肯尼迪总统1960年代早期委派埃里诺.罗斯福起草一份妇女问题报告以来,这是第一份这种性质的全面的联邦报告。”布兰克介绍说,新报告涵盖妇女生活的5大方面,“它汇集了关于家庭、教育、收入及就业、健康、犯罪和暴力。报告并且突出了过去二、三十年在所有那些领域妇女生活中出现的趋势。”Compiling data from a variety of federal agencies, Blank says, revealed both positive and negative trends. Women are less likely than in the past to be the victims of violent crimes, including homicide. Women are marrying later and having fewer children than in the past. They make up 51 percent of the general population, and 57 percent of Americans over 65. Women are more likely than men to face health problems such as arthritis, obesity and depression… and are less likely to suffer from heart disease and diabetes. The report highlights significant improvement in the field of education.布兰克说,汇编来自各联邦机构的资料显示了正反两面的趋势。妇女不像以往那样易于沦为谋杀等暴力犯罪的受害者。妇女现在结婚较晚,生孩子较少。妇女在总人口中占51%,在65岁以上美国人口中占57%。妇女比男人更可能有关节炎、肥胖症和忧郁症等健康问题。她们患心脏病和糖尿病的可能性比男性小。201103/127940The economics of good looks美貌经济学The line of beauty貌美之人的界限Pretty people still get the best deals in the market, from labour to love外貌标致的人仍然最有市场,不论是找工作还是找情人Aug 27th 2011 | from the print edition Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People are More Successful. By Daniel Hamermesh. Princeton University Press; 216 pages; .95 and pound;16.95. Buy from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk 《美貌买单》:为何有魅力的人更加成功,丹尼尔#8226;汉姆梅斯著,普林斯顿大学出版社,216页,24.59美圆(16.95欧元),点击Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk购买.The Beauty Bias: The Injustice of Appearance in Life and Law. By Deborah Rhode. Oxford University Press USA; 272 pages; .95 and pound;15.99. Buy from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk《美貌的偏见》:生活与法律中外貌的不公, 黛拉#8226;罗得著,美国牛津大学出版社;272页;17.95美圆(15.99欧元),点击 Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk购买.Honey Money: The Power of Erotic Capital. By Catherine Hakim. Allen Lane; 304 pages; pound;20. To be published in America in September as “Erotic Capital: The Power of Attraction in the Boardroom and the Bedroom” by Basic Books; . Buy from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk《甜蜜的金钱》:魅力资本的力量, 凯瑟琳#8226;哈金著,304页,20欧元,9月将在美国由基础图书公司出版:魅力资本:会议室与卧室中美貌的吸引力;26美圆,点击Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk购买.FRANCE looked back this week at the 1911 theft of the Mona Lisa from the walls of the Louvre. It was one of the most startling art heists in history, but the emotions it still arouses go beyond that. Stealing Leonardo da Vinci’s painting was like stealing beauty itself. And beauty has lost none of its power to bewitch, bother and get its own way, as three new books on the economic advantages of good looks confirm.本周,法国回顾了1911年卢浮宫墙上的《蒙娜丽莎》被盗的事件。那是史上最令人吃惊的艺术品盗窃案之一,曾引起群众强烈的情感反应,不过这些情感已超越了盗窃本身。盗窃列奥纳多#8226;达#8226;芬奇的画作,无异于盗窃美本身。不过,正如三本关于美貌所带来的经济优势的书所明,美并未失却一丝一毫迷惑世人、扰乱世人和为所欲为的力量。201108/151622

  Celeb baby pics get pricy 宝宝的隐私权 Exclusive pictures of the 'Brangelina' twins fetch million, making them the most expensive celebrity pictures ever taken. Hello magazine calls it the biggest exclusive of the year---photos of the Brangelina twins, Knox and Vivienne just 3 weeks after birth. Hello has the international rights. People magazine will publish the pictures in North America. Together they said to have paid a record of 14 million dollars."The babies don't look very impressed.Darryn Lyons calls himself Mr. Paparazzi. He's made millions selling unofficial photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. He is not shocked by the cost of their latest family snaps."They are the No.1 celebrity couple in the world and the world wants to see those babies.”But it's not just Jolie and Pitt who command big money from magazines for access to their children. Jennifer Lopez reportedly received 6 million dollars from People for photos of her twins. For new dad Mathew McConaughey it was 3 million from OK magazine, "Proud Mum" Jessica Alba, one and a half million, and even Britney Spears' younger sister Jamie Lynn got a way with one million dollars for pictures of her child. Darryn Lyons calls it "the new celebrity baby boom"."Hollywood is manipulating their kids and you can't scream privacy, really, when you're throwing a new-born in front of lens, it doesn't even really know what's going on. But I'll tell you what, those babies are serious/ly/ new cash these days."Brad and Angelina have done this before with their other children. Once again they're giving all the magazine money to charity. But public relations experts say the couple still profits indirectly.What the publicity care, they only drive controlled images, controlled messages, but you're doing some good, and every celebrity at least knows that their brand has to be seen to be doing good."Tom Cruise and Katie Holms didn't take any cash for pictures of baby Suri in Vanity Fair, and Nicole Kidman recently declared she won't be doing any deal for photos of her daughter, Sunday Rose.But it's not a new moral challenge for famous parents. This little guy is Desi Arnaz junior, the son of entertainment legend, Lucille Ball. He was on the cover of the first edition of America's TV Guide back in 1953. More than half a century on the market in celebrity baby photos has become very big businessPhil Blacks, CNN, London.参考中文翻译:Angelina Jolie的双胞胎照片荣登杂志封面,索取高达1400万美元的报酬,成了有史以来最贵的明星照片。HELLO杂志称此为今年最独一无二的——Angelina Jolie的双胞胎,Knox和Vivienne出生三周后的照片。该杂志在全球范围内有刊登的版权。People杂志将在北美出版该照片。据两家杂志称,他们共付了高达1400万美元的报酬。“这对双胞胎宝宝并不是那么令人印象深刻。”Darryn Lyons 称呼他自己为 Mr. Paparazzi。他通过出售Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie的非官方照片已经赚取了数百万美元。他并不为这个家庭的最新照片如此高价感到震惊。“他们是世界上第一位的明星夫妇,人们都想看看他们的孩子。”但是并不只是Jolie 和 Pitt 为他们的孩子的照片索取高价。据报道,Jennifer Lopez 从她双胞胎照片的发布者手里或许600万美元。初为人父的Mathew McConaughey 从OK杂志获取了300万美元。"Proud Mum" Jessica Alba赚取150万美元,是指就连Britney Spears的Jamie Lynn 也由于孩子的照片得到100万美元。Darryn Lyons 称这种现象为“新的明星宝宝热”。“好莱坞现在在大肆炒作他们的孩子,你不能说这侵犯隐私。确实是,当你把一个新生儿暴露到镜头上,他根本就不知道怎么回事。但是我可以告诉你,现在那些孩子真的很赚钱。”Brad and Angelina 以前对他们的别的孩子也这样做过。不过他们再次把所有从杂志赚来的钱捐献给了慈善机构。但是公共关系专家说他们夫妇仍然间接的赚了钱。公众关注是控制形象和信息的唯一动力,但是如果你在做好事,每个明星至少都知道,公众能够看到他们好的一面。Tom Cruise and Katie Holms 没有为他们的宝宝baby Suri 在名利场杂志的照片收取任何费用。Nicole Kidman 最近宣布,她不会拿她的女儿Sunday Rose的照片做任何交易。但是这并不是对明星父母的新的道德挑战。这个小家伙叫Desi Arnaz junior,他是界的传奇人物 Lucille Ball的儿子。他的照片遭在1953年就刊登在美国电视导报第一版的封面上。半个多世纪以来,明星宝宝照片已经成了非常大的商业活动。200811/56937

  An old railroad line in New York City is back in use. It doesn't deliver livestock anymore, it delivers pleasure to thousands of people every day and stimulates economic development in a few New York neighborhoods. An elevated railroad line has been turned into an "elevated park" right in the middle of New York City. 07/77479

  Vann Nath凡纳Vann Nath, a Cambodian who painted to stay alive, died on September 5th, aged 65凡纳,用绘画保命的柬埔寨人,9月5日去世,享年65岁Sep 17th 2011 | from the print edition WHEN he was 52, with a hand that still trembled, Vann Nath produced a painting of a young man lying under a blossoming tree. He was playing a pipe while, in the background, cattle grazed by green palms in some bucolic corner of Cambodia. It was meant to be a self-portrait, he said, a beautiful memory from his childhood. He wanted only to paint idyllic landscapes now, in the style of temple murals or the French Impressionists who had first inspired him to take up art. 52岁的时候,用还在颤抖的手,凡纳(Vann Nath)画了一幅画:一位少年躺在开满花的树下吹着牧笛,牛儿在吃草,背后是柬埔寨某些村落里可见的绿棕榈。他说这原本是幅自画像,是童年的美好回忆。现在的他只想画田园风光,像寺院壁画或法国印象派那样,是他们把自己领上了艺术之路。That was because, in 1978-79, he had been made to paint quite different pictures. In those months he was interned in S-21 prison, a former French lycée in Phnom Penh which had been converted into a torture-compound for alleged enemies of the Khmer Rouge regime. Perhaps 14,000 people were sent to S-21 for a daily routine of electrocution, water-boarding and flagellation before being carted off for execution—a shovel or spade to the head—at the nearby “killing fields”. Mr Vann Nath was one of only six or seven prisoners to make it out alive.这是因为,1978-79年间他被迫作的画与此大相径庭,他被囚禁在S-21监狱数月,S-21前身是金边市内一所法国高中,后被红色高棉政权改造成为关押其宣称敌人的刑讯地。据计大概有14,000人被送进S-21监狱,接受日常惯例的电击,水刑和鞭刑,直到在附近的“杀人场”被断头处决——用铁锹或铁锨击打头部。凡纳是仅存的六七名生还者之一。He never expected to. Like almost all the others, he had no idea why he had been sent there. He was not an intellectual; his family was poor and provincial, and he just a painter in a small business making signs and billboards. In 1975, obedient to the Khmers Rouges, he had joined a peasant commune and worked hard there. When he first saw the wasted prisoners in S-21, he thought it was all over for him. But after withering away for a month, fed so sparely on rice gruel that he felt an urge to consume the flesh of the dead, he was asked to paint portraits of the regime’s leader, Pol Pot.他从未想到这些。和众多人一样,他不知道自己为什么被送到这里。他不是知识分子,远在乡下,家境贫寒,他只是一家小牌匾公司的画师。1975年,他从红色高棉下达的命令,加入一个农民公社,在那里卖力劳动。第一次看到S-21里羸弱不堪囚犯的时候,他想一切都结束了。一个月过去他逐渐消瘦萎靡,吃的不过是稀粥,他只想速死。但这时有人要他去画领袖像:红色高棉的领袖波尔布特(Pol Pot)。 At first he thought he could not do it. The shocks and beatings meant that he could barely stand. Besides, he had no idea what Pol Pot looked like, and only a black-and-white photograph to copy. All the time he painted, day and night, the screams of the tortured echoed from other rooms. He hoped, with every brush-stroke, that his jailers would like his work and let him live. He focused by thinking how much he would like to kill the man he drew.起初他觉得自己做不来。但他受不了电击和殴打。此外,除了一张黑白照片可供描摹,他不知道波尔布特是什么模样。他一直在画,夜以继日,其他的房间里回荡着受刑者的惨叫。每画一笔,他都希望看管他的狱卒会喜欢这幅画,让他活命。他多想杀掉画中人,他靠着这种想法来集中精力。201109/155232。

  Airlines pinch passengers Major air carriers are passing increased fuel costs on to passengers in the form of surcharges and feesIt really comes down to jet fuel prices,if you think about it just as we are paying more to fuel up our cars,and on much larger scale the airlines are paying more to fuel up their planes.Jet fuel prices are up a whopping 200% over last year and that's affecting everyone's bottomline. Talk about going up,up and away,jet fuel prices are sky high and climbing.A tough combination especially for low-cost airlines.Those low fares are just simply not enough to cover the high cost of fuel.Three airlines folded under the pressuring recent weeks,ATA,Aloha and Sky Bus,all closed up shop,leaving passengers holding their bags and looking for a way home. We decided to rent a car,that is our cheapest way to get back.Vigor carriers are also feeling the pain.American,the nation's biggest has stopped tiring.Delta is looking to cut 2000 jobs.Continental has hinted it could follow suit.North Western ed say they'll fly fewer planes.And then there are the extra fees,checking more than one bag,be y to pay up an extra 50 bucks on most airlines.Wanna talk to a real person on the phone or bring fight along on your flight you got it,pay up. Airlines have to become more creative about how they make money,we are now paying for things that once were included in the cost of an airline ticket.We are paying another price too.Customer complaint shot up 60% last year according to new numbers from the Airline Quality Survey.There were more delays with one out of every four fights showing up late. Airlines trying to fuel flight's take capacity men,more people got bunt,even though they had tickets. And luggage,good luck finding it,the number of bags lost also up for the year.The airlines as an industry just returned to profit ability last year after that rough period following 9.11,that makes what's happening now,all the more paniful and it's painful for the passenger too,those higher cost at the airlines are paying most certainly are being passed on to the flying public.Lina Chow,CNN,New York.01/60971

  Some Economists, Officials in Asia Seize on the Positive on Economic Data亚洲各项经济数据相互矛盾  Recent economic data from Asia continue to show big declines in key indicators. But some economists say there are hints of a recovery.从亚洲各国传来的经济数据显示,关键指数均有大幅下跌。但是一些经济学家说,出现了一些复苏迹象。Every economist in Asia has probably been asked this question: is the worst over yet? The numbers across the region are conflicting.亚洲的每一名经济学家可能都被问过这个问题,最糟糕的阶段过去了没有?整个亚洲地区的经济数据相互矛盾。There is bad news: Japan's economy contracted an annualized 15 percent rate in the first three months ending in March from the same period last year - its deepest fall in more than 50 years. Exports - a key component in the economy - shrank 26 percent. 从日本传来的是怀消息。日本经济今年头三个月跟去年同比收缩了百分之15,这是日本经济50多年来最深重的下跌。日本经济的关键行业出口业则收缩了百分之26。But there are what some describe as "green shoots" of recovery. Consumer confidence in the world's second largest economy reached a 10-month high in April. Exports increased in March from February.不过也有一些被形容为是“萌芽”的复苏迹象。日本这个世界第二大经济体的消费者信心4月份上升到10个月以来的高点,3月份的出口比2月份有所增长。Kaoru Yosano, Japan's finance minister, looks forward. He says it seems the January to March period was the worst and that the economy is turning up a bit.日本财务大臣与谢野馨展望前景时说:“看起来一到三月份是最糟糕的阶段,经济开始有了一些上行迹象。”Elsewhere, officials say things are looking up too. Indonesia's president says recovery is in sight by next year, while Hong Kong's financial secretary expects a slight rebound in exports by the end of the year. Taiwan's president proclaimed the worst is over, although the economy is still in recession.亚洲其他国家的官员也表示局面开始好转。印度尼西亚总统说,明年将看到复苏,与此同时,香港财政司长预计年底将看到出口有些许反弹。Singapore's president warned of a worse year, with the economy contracting by between six to nine percent. However, on Thursday, Singapore's Trade Ministry said the decline in the island's gross domestic product - a measure of overall economic activity - slowed in the first three months of the year, compared with the previous quarter.新加坡总统警告,这是最糟糕的年景,经济将收缩百分之6到百分之9。不过新加坡贸易部长星期四表示,标志着整体经济活动的国内生产总值今年头三个月与前一季度相比,下降速度放缓。There are mixed signals too from one of few economies in the region that is not in recession - China. Retail sales in April rose 15 percent from last year. Authorities see this as proof that China's 6 billion economic stimulus package is working. 中国是亚洲地区没有陷入经济衰退的不多几个经济体之一,那里同样传来了混杂的信息。零售跟去年同比上升了百分之15,当局将此看作是中国5千8百60亿美元的经济刺激方案在起作用的明。But exports continue to plummet, dropping nearly 23 percent in April from the same month last year. Industrial output, a measure of factory production, fell more than seven percent, a bigger-than-expected decline.但是出口继续下滑,4月份出口跟去年同比下降近百分之23。工业产出下降了百分之7以上,这个标志着工厂生产活动的指标数据跌幅比预期要大。Xu Lin is director-general of fiscal and financial affairs at China's National Development and Reform Commission. He says the economy has shown signs of a rebound since November, as seen in electricity consumption figures - an indicator for industrial activity. He says the government's main concern now is to maintain this momentum.中国国家发改委财政金融司司长徐林说,自从11月份以来,可以从表现工业活动的指数--电器消费数据上看,经济出现了反弹迹象。他说,政府现在主要关注的是如何保住这个势头。"The current indicators have shown that the economic recovery is moving in a "V" shape. But some indicators may not support that. But we cannot say by the indicators in April that we can prove that the "V" shaped recovery has been changed to a different direction," he said. "But if there will be more indicators to show that the recovery is changing the direction, then maybe we have to take additional measures to further consolidate the "V" shape."徐林说:“目前的指数显示,经济正在以V字形复苏。但是,有些数据也许并不持这一点。可是我们不能根据4月份的数据说,我们能够实V字形的经济复苏已经改变了方向。但是如果出现更多数据显示,经济复苏改变了方向,我们也许需要采取进一步措施来巩固经济的V字形复苏。”A "V" shaped recovery is the best anyone can hope for - the economy bottoms out quickly and sharply recovers. However, economists also talk about a "U" shaped recovery, where there is a longer slump before a gradual upturn. Worse is the "L" shaped recovery - which means a sharp drop and then no real growth for a long time, or a "W" shaped recovery - when the economy starts to recover, then quickly falls back into recession.V字型的复苏是一种最好的状况,因为经济在短时间之内触底,然后随即复苏。然而,经济学家同时也在谈论U字型复苏,也就是在经济谷底时间较长,而复苏的速度则比较缓慢。最糟糕的是L字型复苏,那表示经济直坠落地,并且长时间之内没有真正的成长。W字型复苏也很糟糕,这是当经济开始复苏的时后,又很快掉回衰退。Alan Oster, group chief economist of the National Australia Bank, says a "W" recovery will be unlikely because of the massive amounts of government money pumped into the world's economies over the past year.澳大利亚的首席经济学家艾伦.奥斯特说,不太可能出现W字型复苏,因为在过去一年政府对世界经济注入了大笔资金。"You push a lot of money into economies - through interest rates and fiscal policies - I think the machine works. To get to "W" you need something else - you need an interest rate followed by an oil price shock, which is what the '80s were," said Oster. "You need to say to me something else is going to come along and clobber us."他说:“通过调整利率和恰当使用会计政策,你向经济投放很多资金,我想这有用。要出现W字型复苏需要不同的条件,你需要利率随着石油价格震荡,就如1980年时一样。你需要告诉我还有其他的事物将来冲击我们。”Governments in the region have been spending their way out of the crisis - handing out cash to citizens, building new highways, funding new programs, to revive business activity. Some countries, such as China, have indicated that they will take additional measures if their first stimulus efforts are inadequate. 在亚洲地区各国政府花费许多钱来脱离这场危机,包括发放现金、兴建新的高速公路、资助新的计划,来恢复商业活动。有些国家,例如中国,已经表明如果第一批的刺激力度不够的话,他们将会采取额外的措施。"For the central government, I think we have enough resources to support the economy to move to the "V" shaped recovery," said Xu.徐林说:“对于中央政府来讲,我想我们拥有足够的资源来撑经济走向V字型复苏。”No matter the shape of the recovery, economists say one thing is certain: when Asia passes the worst of the crisis, the economic landscape will have aly changed. Asia's export-driven economies will have started to seek a less vulnerable growth model. Xu says, in the aftermath of the slump, China's exporters will face different business conditions, and the economy will have to rely more on domestic demand for growth.不管是哪一种字型的复苏,经济学家说有一件事是确定的,就是当亚洲渡过了危机最糟糕的时刻,经济版图已经改变。亚洲出口导向的经济必将开始寻找不那么脆弱的成长模式。徐林说,衰退的后果就是,中国的出口商将面临不同的商业局面,而经济成长将必须更加仰赖国内需求。05/70946

  Donald Walsh grew up near San Francisco in the 1930s. Among his earliest memories is the mega-construction project he saw from his home in the Berkeley hills."Namely, the Golden Gate Bridge," he says. "And I used to watch the ships go out over the horizon. I was seven or eight years old and from that age on I really got keen at going to the sea and knowing about the ocean."Early dreamWalsh graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1954. A chance assignment in 1958 led him to the Trieste. He tested the free-diving self-propelled submersible — one of only two in existence at the time — on increasingly deep dives off the California coast. He was told of a plan to take the bathyscaphe to the deepest part of the ocean, roughly 11,500 meters or deeper than Mt. Everest is high. "That really got my attention because I knew I was going to be a part of it," says Walsh.The Trieste is now on permanent display at the Naval Museum in Washington. The bathyscaphe is over 16 meters long, and its gasoline-filled flotation chamber's deck, rails, and conning tower make it look a bit like a submarine."Basically, it's an underwater balloon. You've got two parts to it: You've got the balloon here — which is this long cylindrical object — and that's filled with a lighter-than-water substance, which is aviation gasoline," Walsh explains. "Oil floats on water, and so you get the buoyancy or lift. Then, beneath the balloon you have a cabin for the fragile humans."History-making diveThat cabin is a 14-ton spherical steel capsule only two meters in diameter, with a single, half-meter-wide circular plastic window for viewing. There is just enough room for two people. Walsh was joined on Trieste's historic dive by co-pilot Swiss scientist Jacques Piccard — whose father, Auguste Piccard, had designed the craft. On Jan. 23, 1960, the two men took the Trieste to the deepest point in the Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench, a ravine called Challenger Deep. The success of that mission opened the door for deep sea exploration. Walsh grabbed an opportunity that others would later follow. "We do see bits of our DNA all over in today's underwater vehicles, both manned and unmanned, because [of] the things that we developed. Remember, everything we did was a first, not because we were pioneers or inventors, but it is literally, necessity is the mother of invention. We needed something, we had to invent it." Distinguised careerOver his long naval career, Walsh served in both the Korean and Vietnam wars, commanded a submarine and worked as a policy advisor and assistant to the secretary of the Navy. When he retired from the Navy in 1975, he accepted a position at the University of Southern California where he founded and directed the Institute for Marine and Coastal Studies and was a professor of ocean engineering.Walsh spent eight years in academia. The retired Navy captain continued to pursue his passions as a scuba diver, private pilot and explorer, participating in dozens ocean dives and expeditions to the polar regions. Still exploringExploration, he says, has been central to his life."Exploration is curiosity acted upon," Walsh says. "People can look at things and be curious about them, but if you are an explorer you want to know why and how and maybe develop an experiment to test the hypothesis." He says in his life, "It [has] always being able to look around the next corer and see what's going on." Still vibrant at 78, Walsh lives on the Oregon coast and runs his own consulting business. He was in Washington recently to pick up two awards — the Navy Distinguished Public Service Medal and the Hubbard Award from National Geographic, the Society's highest honor given for distinction in exploration, discovery and research. No human has returned to the deepest part of the ocean, although remotely operated vehicles have. Walsh applauds those advances in technology, but laments that most of the world's deep oceans remain unexplored and that only a handful of vessels — manned or unmanned — exist to do the job.唐纳德·沃尔什上世纪30年代在旧金山附近长大。他的最早期记忆包括从他的伯克利山的家中观望旧金山一项庞大的建设工程。 他说:“当时在那里建设的是金门大桥。我看着各式各样的船从旧金山海湾驶出,向西航行,消失在西方的地平线下。我当时一个劲地纳闷,不知道那边究竟有什么。大约就是从那个时候开始,是我大约七、八岁的时候,我开始对海洋产生了兴趣,想探索海洋。” 沃尔什1954年从美国海军学院毕业。1958年,他被分配到特里亚斯特号潜水艇执行任务。 当时,世界上只有两艘那样的深海潜艇。他的任务是在加利福尼亚外海对那种可以自行推进、自由下潜的潜水艇进行试验。试验下潜的深度越来越深。沃尔什说:“后来,他们告诉我,他们计划把潜水艇拖到关岛,让它下潜到海洋最深处,下潜到大约7英里深的海底。” “这一下子让我警醒起来。我知道我会参加那次任务。” 特里亚斯特号现在已经成为华盛顿的海军物馆的永久展品。这艘深海潜艇长16米多,有扶手,有了望塔,看上去像是普通潜艇。 沃尔什说:“它基本上应当说是一个水下的气球。它有两部分。一部分是气球,就是这长筒状的物体,里面充满了比水轻的物质,是航海汽油。油是漂浮在水上的,这样,潜艇就有了浮力。在气球下面是一个舱室,用来装载脆弱的人。” 舱室是一个14吨重的钢球,直径只有两米,上面有一个直径半米的塑料窗可以向外了望。舱室很小,只能容纳两个人。跟沃尔什一道参加特里亚斯特号历史性沉潜的共同驾驶员是瑞士科学家雅克·皮卡尔。特里亚斯特号是他的父亲奥格斯特·皮卡尔设计的。 1960年1月23号,他们两人驾驶特里亚斯特号沉潜到太平洋马里亚纳海沟的最深处。 他们的成功沉潜为海底探险活动打开了大门。 沃尔什谦逊地表示,他只是抓住了一个机会。后来人接踵而至:“我们确实是在今天有人驾驶和无人驾驶的各种深海潜艇上看到我们当年的影子。因为很多东西是我们当年开发的。要记住,我们当年做的所有的事情都是开天辟地第一次。倒不是因为我们是什么先驱者或发明家,而是需要逼着我们发明。我们需要什么东西,我们就只好去发明什么。” 沃尔什长期在海军役,参加过朝鲜战争和越南战争,指挥过潜艇,担任过海军部长的政策顾问和助理。 他1975年退休,随后接受了南加州大学的一个职位。沃尔什说:“我在那里建立了一个新的研究院,专门研究海洋和海岸。我拥有海洋研究的学术学位,官职是院长。”沃尔什也是海洋工程学终身教授。他在学术界工作了8年。这位退休海军舰长后来继续追求他的潜水爱好。他还是私人飞机驾驶员、探险家,参加过几十次海洋深潜活动,以及极地探险活动。 沃尔什说:“按照我的定义,探险就是付诸行动的好奇。人们可以看到什么东西,并产生好奇心。但是,假如你是一个探险家,你就想弄清楚为什么会有这样的东西,以及这样的东西是如何运转的。或许,你还会提出一种试验,检验你的假说。对我来说,探险就是刨根问底,弄清楚到底是怎么回事。” 沃尔什今年78岁了,依然充满活力。他住在俄勒冈沿海地区,拥有自己的咨询公司。 他最近访问华盛顿,接受了两项嘉奖。一项是海军的杰出公共务奖章,一项是国家地理学会的最高荣誉奖哈巴德奖。 自从沃尔什和皮卡尔下潜到马里亚纳海沟最深处之后,还没有其他人下潜到那里,尽管有一些遥控的潜水艇到过那里。 沃尔什赞扬这些技术进步,但同时感叹世界上最深的洋底依然没有人探索,而且载人和无人驾驶的深海潜艇屈指可数。201007/108656

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