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各位亲爱的朋友们,欢迎再次乘坐话说地道美语的航班,我是Juliet在本次航程中,我们的话聊室开放的话题依然是您期待已久课后功课;;根据中文完成句子的习题精讲,从而使我们更好地运用hit sb right between the eyes这个地道美语的说法我们先来看看题目中文句子是 当她知道她的男友在耶诞夜与另一名女子外出时,真是非常惊讶She between the when she knew her boyfriend went with another girl Christmas Eve. 英文句子中有5个空格,需要填写的单词依次如下:was,hit,eyes,out,on该题为;;She was hit between the eyes when she knew her boyfriend went out with another girl on Christmas Eve. 顺利地完成此题掌握以下几个要点 第一、掌握hit sb (right) between the eyes这个习惯用语可以使用在被动语态中Hit sb right between the eyes是......令......非常惊讶,......使......茅塞顿开,给......留下深刻印象的意思,根据这个意思,当然是可以使用于被动语态中上句就是这个习语运用在被动语态中我们再来看三个例子:Eg. I was hit right between the eyes by your father death. 你父亲的死亡令我大吃一惊Eg. The boss isnt hit between the eyes by your work, so you dont get promoted. 你的工作没有给老板很深的印象,所以你就得不到晋升了Eg. I was hit right between the eyes by the right answer just the second I handed in paper. 我交试卷的那时候我才突然想起题目的第二、掌握go out这个短语在口语中的意思Go out在口语中是出去约会的意思,是指男女间浪漫的恋情的约会我们来看个例句熟悉这个短语的意思:Eg. I bet she can never go out with John, a flirting man. 我确信她绝不会和John这个玩弄女人的人约会Eg. He is very good at chatting up pretty girls and getting them go out with him. 他很善于和靓女搭讪并且能约她们出来注解1:chat up v.调情 与(异性)搭讪Eg. The guys always try to chat up the new secretaries. 这些家伙老是想向新来的秘书调情注解:get sb do sth 让某人做某事Eg. Would you like to get a teacher help with my son English.你可以请到一位老师来辅导我儿子的英语吗? 第三、掌握和eve这个单词固定搭配的介词意思是(重大节日的)前夜, 前夕引申为;重大事件即将发生的前夕;的意思不管是哪个意思,用eve来表示在......前夕,与之搭配的介词是on我们来看下面的例句:Eg. It is a pity that he fell ill on the eve of the race, so he had to give it up. 很遗憾他在比赛前夕病了不得不放弃比赛Eg. On New Year Eve, many people gather together to count down the coming year.在除夕夜,很多人聚在一起为新年倒数注解:count down (发射火箭等时)倒读数; 倒计时好,亲爱的朋友们,我们的今天的航班已经抵达目的地,我们的话聊室要暂时关闭一会儿,也请您稍事休息一会儿我们下期话聊室的话题,我想您一定会很感兴趣,那么敬请关注下期的话说地道美语节目朋友们,下次再会了 81

在免税商店购买礼物 Duty-free Shop- :51:5 A:Can I help you, sir?有什么可以帮您的吗,先生?B:Yes, please. I'm picking out some presents my children and wife.是的我要给我的孩子和妻子挑选一些礼物A:What kind of presents do you want?您想要什么样的礼物?B:Actually, I don't know exactly. Do you have anything recommended?事实上,我自己也不是很清楚你有什么可以推荐的吗?A:OK. How about some very cool sneakers your children? Anyway, it won't cost you much. It's only around .95 each pair. It might be cheaper than that in America.好的给你的孩子们买双不错的跑鞋怎么样?而且也不是很贵每双只要59.95美元这会比在美国买便宜B:Hey, How did you know I came from America?你怎么知道我是从美国来的?A:Just a hunch, sir.只是直觉而已,先生B:How much again?多少钱来着?A:.95.59.95美元B:That's really cheap shoes like those. OK, I'll take 5 pairs.像这样的鞋确实卖得很便宜好,那给我拿5双A:Sorry, sir.对不起,先生B:Why not?怎么了?A:Because in this duty-free shop, your total expenditure cannot be over 0 and you also have one more present to buy your wife.因为在免税商店,您的总消费不能超过300美元,而且您还要给您的妻子买礼物B:Oh, my God. I've totally gotten about that. Anyway, I think she would like a bottle of perfume.噢,天哪我完全忘记了我觉得她应该会喜欢香水A:That's good. And I can also recommend you a good one. It's the brand of DKNY.这个主意不错而且我也可以给您推荐一款不错的香水,是DKNY品牌的B:DKNY? That's very expensive in America. It costs nearly only 50ml.DKNY?它在美国卖得很贵,50毫升的香水就要将近70美元A:It's here.我们这里只卖60美元B:That's very unbelievable. Is it fake?这太让人难以置信了,它是假的吗?A:Of course not, sir.当然不是啊,先生B:OK, I'll take one.那好,给我拿一瓶,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 How to get lucky in life好运气的敲门砖The best ways to get lucky are to stay positive and visualize success in your life. 获得好运的最好办法莫过于保持积极的心态,设想人生的成功 Be Aware of (and Act on) Opporties认准(并把握住)机会Im a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it. – Thomas Jefferson我很相信运气,我发现我越是努力,就越发幸运——托马斯·杰斐逊How much luck do you think you can look ward to if you stay locked up in your house like a hermit? Probably not much. 天天像隐士一样呆在家里,你觉得能有多少好运气?肯定不会多If you don’t get out there and take action, youll find yourself in a sad pit of doom that is devoid of opporty. 如果不出去看看,采取行动,你会始终现在缺乏机遇的怪圈里Wanna be lucky? Life isnt a charity, so get to work.想要更幸运?生活不是福利院,出去工作吧visualize 设想例句:I could visualize the scene at the time and Mitchell inscrutability.我可以想象得出当时的情景和米切尔的那种神秘莫测的表情be aware of 知道,意识到例句:He doesnt seem to be aware of the problems.他好像没有意识到这个问题hermit n.隐士; 小甜饼例句:He became a hermit after he was dismissed from office.他被解职后成了隐士devoid adj.缺乏,没有例句:This house is totally devoid of furniture.这所房子里一件家具都没有[本节目属]重点单词查看全部解释opporty[.#596;p#601;'tju:niti]想一想再看n. 机会,时机 scene[si:n]想一想再看n. 场,景,情景 devoid[di'v#596;id]想一想再看adj. 全无的,缺乏的 联想记忆X单词devoid联想记忆:de使得,void空-空的 charity['t#63;#30;riti]想一想再看n. 慈善,慈善机关(团体), 仁慈,宽厚 联想记忆X单词charity联想记忆:char茶,ity状态-请喝茶的状态-施舍-仁慈

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活Close to dreams靠近梦想Action行动Action is key. People talk aboutvisualization and the law of attraction, which is fine, but it wont get youwhat you want. 行动是关键人们谈论视觉化和吸引力法则,这很好,但是它不会给你你想要的东西Things will not magically manifestin your life unless you take action.很多东西不会魔法般地在你的生活中出现,除非你采取行动 It is only when you take action,when you commit, that things will start to happen. When you show you arewilling to do this, that when your life will change. Jump and the support net will appear beneath you.只有当你采取行动、当你去做时,事情才会发生当你表示出你愿意做这件事时,你的生活就会发生变化当你跳起来时,撑网就会在你下面出现 So, what did I do? I focused on mynext smallest step. I was confused, and I still am from time to time, but Ijust focused on what I needed to do next. Ive built a successful online business around my passion. When I was building it, all I did was focus on my next smallest step.那么我做了什么事情?我把注意力集中在下一个最小的步骤上我困惑过,现在也时不时地会迷茫,但我只是把注意力集中在下一步我需要做的事情上我凭热情建立了一个成功的在线业务当我建立它时,我所做的事情就是把注意力集中在下一个最小的步骤上更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 0399现场探秘:《绯闻女孩第五季

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Why It Wonderful To Make Friends With People Who Enjoy Being Alone和独处之人做朋友They are often more available.他们通常更有空 While they dont like to have too busy aschedule, people who enjoy being alone are willing to go out once in a while. 尽管他们不喜欢有一个太忙绿的计划表,但享受独处的人愿意偶尔出去Because they dont have as many plans asmost, theyre often going to be more available. 因为他们没有太多的计划,所以他们往往更有空If you call a solitary person with something fun to do, theyre less likely going to aly be busy and will have little reason not to join you. 如果你叫一个孤独的人做一些有趣的事,他们就不太可能会很忙,也没有什么理由不加入你That great if you find out about acool concert coming up soon, or really want to see a movie that just came outin theaters. 如果你发现一个很酷的音乐会即将开唱,或真的想看电影院新上映的一部电影,那这是很棒的选择With most of the world so endlesslybusy, it nice to know you have someone you can count on.你的世界中大部分都饰无止尽的繁忙,所以知道你有个可以期待的人感觉很棒【知识点讲解】find out 发现;找出来;揭发例句:I wouldnt like to be in your shoes if they find out what youre doing.要是人家发现你现在干的这件事,我可不愿设想你得有多倒霉You can find out many advantages in urban life.你会发现都市生活中有许多便利之处We shall find out the truth early or late.我们迟早会查明事实真相更多节目请关注微信公众号:安夏说英语(anxia),欢迎关注公众号参与“轻松背单词”,一起学习![本节目属] 9966,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Joyful moments快乐小瞬间 When you recognize someone wearing your favorite team jersey or in another country. Hive fives all around.当你发现有人穿着你最喜爱队伍的队或是在另一个国家看到这样一个人的时候跟周围的人击掌吧~The feeling you get after booking a trip. Start packing. Research shows planning a vacation can boost your happiness.在预定了一趟旅行后你体会到的感受开始打包研究表明计划一次休假可以增加幸福感Listening to a baby giggle. Honestly, there no better sound in the world. Go on and laugh with them — studies show laughing can boost your happiness and even lower your blood pressure.听听婴儿的笑声老实说,世界上没有比这更动听的声音了听着并跟他们一起笑吧!研究表明大笑能增加幸福感,甚至能降血压【知识点讲解】jersey n.毛线衫;毛织运动衫例句:A town of northern New Jersey west of Paterson. It is a manufacturing center. Population, 7,5.韦恩美国新泽西州北部市镇,位于帕特森以西是制造业中心人口7,5更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏 个人微信:DJ_Ukki[本节目属] 359

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