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2019年08月18日 14:40:40来源:康泰报

A campaign aiming to provide monthly pension insurance to rural residents and unemployed citizens over 60 is underway. But simply getting people money isnt everything.Yin Weimin, Minister of HR and Social Security Ministry, said, ;We must ensure that the new pension insurance system covers all rural residents and unemployed citizens by the end of this year. But we may face difficulties in different regions due to the countrys unbalanced development. In some remote areas, it is not easy to count the numbers of elderly. And the quality of some local facilities is also a major hurdle.;Lin Hongmei, Deputy Head of Huangxian Village, said, ;Rural Chinese citizens have to pay 100 to 500 yuan each year for the next 15 years to collect monthly pensions down the road. But the money cannot be touched during those 15 years.So some residents see the risk of investment balanced out by the chance for far greater rewards. This makes the pension plan much less desirable.;一场旨在为农村居民和60岁以上城镇失业居民按月提供养老金的战役正在打响。但是,让居民按月领钱并不是这场战役的全部。人力资源和社会保障部部长尹蔚民说,“我们必须要保在年底前,新的养老保险体系覆盖所有农村居民和城镇失业居民。但是,我们可能会因为中国的不平衡发展而在不同地区面临各种困难。在一些偏远地区,要统计老年人口数量并不是一件容易的事情。而且,当地一些质量不高的设备也是主要的障碍。黄贤村的村长凌龙梅说,“农村居民必须连续15年每年缴纳100-500元后,日后才可以按月领取养老金。但是,在缴纳这部分费用的15年期间,这部分钱是不能取的。所以,有些居民认为投资风险的价值被收到收益回报的几率所抵消。201207/190676。

  • Carnations or pinks are pink flowers which are really attractive, and they give out a nice and fragrant smell. In this ,a horticulturist will show you how to grow them.康乃馨是一种粉红色,迷人,气味芳香的花朵。在这段视频中,一名园艺专家将教给你怎样种植康乃馨。Today, Im going to show you how to grow carnations and pinks from cuttings. Carnations or pinks, as they are sometimes known, evergreen drought tolerant plants, they have nice fragrant colorful flowers. What you do if you want to propagate them is in mid- to late summer, all you do is take a non-flowering shoot, say this one for example, grab a hold of the top, hold it at the base and just pull like this.今天,我将向大家展示一下怎样从插枝开始种植康乃馨。康乃馨或香石竹,是常绿耐旱植物,花朵气味芳香,颜色艳丽。如果想要繁殖,最佳季节是在仲夏至夏末期间,选择一没有开花的枝条,比如说这一,抓住顶部,握住底部,然后像这样用力拉。You have a little cutting. You peel off the lowest set of leaves and then just dip them into some prepared pots of compost like this. Just take another one, strip off the basil leaves and put them in the compost like that.这样你就有了一个小小的插枝。剥掉最下面的几片叶子,埋在一些提前准备好的装好堆肥的花盆中。然后再拿一个插枝,剥掉底部的叶片,像这样埋在堆肥中。We then water them. They now need to be placed either in a cold frame or a propagator and covered, which stops the water loss from the leaves, kept at about 15 degrees Centigrade, and they should be rooted within a few weeks. Once theyre rooted, they can be planted out and those plants will flower next year.然后浇水。它们现在需要放置在冰冷的框架中或繁殖器中,然后覆盖,防止水分从叶片流失,保持在15摄氏度左右,几周之内就会生根。一旦长出根,就可以移栽出来,明年就可以开花。And thats how you grow carnations from cuttings.以上就是从插枝开始种植康乃馨的方法。Thanks for watching How To Grow Carnations From Cuttings.感谢收看“怎样从插枝开始种植康乃馨”视频节目。201212/212153。
  • 创意之源何处寻觅?对好莱坞/宝来坞双栖导演谢加·凯普尔(执导影片《伊丽莎白》,《印度先生》)来说,创意来自于纯粹的焦虑的紧张感。他和我们分享了释放我们每个人心中故事盒的途径。201208/194807。
  • Child prodigy Adora Svitak says the world needs "childish" thinking: bold ideas, wild creativity and especially optimism. Kids' big dreams deserve high expectations, she says, starting with grownups' willingness to learn from children as much as to teach.  据报道,今年8岁的华裔女童邹奇奇生活在美国华盛顿州西雅图市,她的母亲邹灿来自中国,父亲约翰是一名捷克裔美国人。尽管邹奇奇的外表和其他同龄孩子没啥两样,但她的知识和成就却远非同龄孩子可比。  邹奇奇爱看法国哲学家的书籍,一天能读3本小说,自4岁以来,她用笔写下了400多篇故事和诗歌,她去年出版的故事集《飞扬的手指》,包含的300多篇故事大多以中世纪为背景,从古埃及写到了文艺复兴,文中透露出的政治、宗教和教育见解,思想深刻,文思严谨,令人难以相信这是一名8岁女孩的作品。  邹奇奇不仅是“文学天才”,还是一名女权运动和世界和平的倡议者,她的网站上将她描述为“作家、诗人和人道主义者”。8岁的邹奇奇在美国已经成了名人,包括著名主持人奥弗拉、美国广播公司“早安美国”节目等都采访过她,“早安美国”的节目主持人更将她称作“美国文坛小巨人”。201005/103816。
  • 台湾芭比咖啡馆吸引白领女性201302/224106。
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