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吐鲁番市去咖啡斑多少钱Jin Dynasty金朝Social Economy社会经济During the early years of the Jin, the frequency of hostilities caused the economy to stagnate.金朝早期,接连的战争使经济停滞。With a view to promoting commercial development, Emperor Taizu, adopted a policy of reducing trade barriers which included the establishment of a trading relationship with the Song.为了促进商业发展,金太祖采取了减少贸易壁垒的政策,其中包括建立与宋朝的贸易关系。This soon had an effect and expedited the recovery and development of commerce.这个政策很快取得了成效,加快了商业的复苏与发展。Furthermore, he revitalized agriculture through tax reduction and exemptions so as to encourage the farming community to trade with the neighboring tribes.不仅如此,太祖还通过降低和免除税收鼓励农民与周边的部落进行贸易并以此振兴农业。This brought about economic prosperity from the reign of the Prince of Hailing to the reign of Emperor Zhangzong.这些举措带来了从海陵王到金长宗时期的经济繁荣。The flourishing economy also benefited from a monetary reform that was introduced in 1198 during the reign of Emperor Zhangzong.繁盛的经济同时还得益于1198年金长宗执政时推行的货币改革。For the first time, silver was used as legal tender.银子第一次被用作法定货币。This reform was an important milestone in the history of currency and was to have a far-reaching influence on the currency system of later dynasties and even modern times.这场改革是货币史上的一个重要的里程碑,并对之后的朝代乃至今日的货比系统造成了深远的影响。 /201512/406497新疆整形医院激光祛斑多少钱 新疆打美白针价格

阿拉尔市自体脂肪填充多少钱The welfare lottery center in east China#39;s Dongguan city has decided to donate more than 20 million yuan or 3 million US dollars in lottery prizes.近日,中国东莞福中心已经决定将超过2000万元(折合300万美元)的巨奖奖金捐出。The decision was made after a lottery winner failed to claim a jackpot by the expiration date.这已决定是由于福大奖的得主未能在兑奖截止日期前现身而做出的。A ticket vendor in the city sold two tickets worth more than 25-million yuan combined.这2注合计超过2500万元的头奖均在东莞市同一站的。Yang Xianjun is the manager of the lottery center. He said, ;In 2015, lottery tickets sold in our city included 18 winners worth a million-yuan each, and 5 winners worth ten-million-yuan each. The biggest jackpot last year was worth nearly 31 million yuan and the unclaimed 25-million-yuan prize was the second biggest. ;杨献军是这家福中心的负责人。他表示;“2015年,在我们城市售出的票中,共有18名者获得价值一百万元的大奖,有5名者获得价值一千万元的大奖。而去年最大的大奖的将近接近3100万元,无人认领的这2500万元奖金是第二大奖。”China#39;s lottery rules speculate the prize winner should redeem the prize within 60 days after it is announced. The expired prize money will be put into the welfare fund if no one claims it.据中国票管理条例规定,者应当自开奖之日起60个自然日内兑奖,逾期未兑奖的奖金,将被纳入票公益金。The local welfare lottery center donated the money to the welfare fund after no one showed up as of midnight on Monday to claim the winnings.在星期一午夜之后,依然没有人来领取奖金,所以当地的福利票中心已经将奖金捐赠给了福利基金会。 /201601/422388 Han Dynasty汉朝Emperor Gaozu of the Han汉高祖Emperor Gaozu, also known under the name Liu Bang, was the first emperor of the Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C. ---- 24 A.D.).汉高祖刘邦是西汉(公元前206年至公元24年)的开国皇帝。He was born into a peasant family in Pei (present Pei County in Jiangsu Province), and was once one of the leaders of the peasant insurrections in the late Qin Dynasty (221—206 B.C.).他出生于沛县(今江苏省沛县)的一个农民家庭,在秦朝(公元前221年至公元前206年)晚期曾担任农民起义的领袖。Having suffered a lot under the despotic rule, Liu Bang rose against it at the end of the Qin Dynasty together with Xiang Yu.因为遭受了残暴统治的巨大痛苦,刘邦在秦末和项羽一起揭竿造反。The two of them became two important leaders of the peasant uprisings which were taking place at the time.他们二人成为了那时农民起义的主力军。In 206 B.C, Liu Bang started by breaking the capital city of Qin, Xianyang, thus putting an end to the notorious Qin Dynasty.公元前206年,刘邦在秦朝都城咸阳起义,结束了这个臭名昭著的秦王朝。He abandoned the harsh laws, reduced taxes and instituted three regulations in order to protect the interests of normal people.他取消了严厉的刑法,减少了苛捐杂税,建立了三项规定来保障人民的利益。These actions made him popular with the people.这些举动使他深得民心。However, Liu Bang’s actions and fame were the source of Xiang Yu’s envy.然而,刘邦的行为与名气招致了项羽的嫉妒。Xiang Yu had the intention of becoming an emperor with control over the entire country.项羽想要成为一统全国的皇帝。When Xiang Yu proclaimed himself the King of Chu, Liu Bang realized that he was inferior to Xiang Yu当项羽宣称自己是楚国的君主时,刘邦意识到自己的身份比项羽低微,and adopted the suggestions of Xiao He to move to Hanzhong (present Hanzhong in Shaanxi Province) with the title “King of Han” which was conferred by Xiang Yu.就听取了萧何的建议以项羽授予自己的“汉军君主”的名号转移到了汉中(今陕西省汉中)。In Hanzhong, Liu Bang focused his efforts on developing the agriculture and training an army, through which he reinforced his material accumulation and military power.在汉中,刘邦潜心发展农业和军队,通过此举,他加强了自己的物资积累和军事实力。Before long, Liu Bang left Hanzhong and stationed in the Central Shaanxi Plain, where he launched a war now known as the Chu-Han War, against Xiang Yu.没过多久,刘邦离开汉中,驻扎在了陕西平原中部。在那里,他与项羽展开了一场著名的战争——楚汉之争。The war lasted four years (206---- 202 B.C.) and ended with Liu Bang’s victory.这场战争持续了四年时间(公元前206年至公元前202年)并以刘邦的胜利结束。Having defeated Xiang Yu, Liu Bang established the Han Dynasty in 202 and made Chang’an (present city of Xian) his capital city.打败项羽后,刘邦于公元前202年建立汉朝,定都长安(今西安)。Liu Bang became historically known as Emperor Gaozu.他在历史上被称为汉高祖。During the time Liu Bang was in power, he continued to use the centralism created by Qin, replaced original vassals and granted lands to his relatives.刘邦执政期间沿用了秦朝的中央集权制,取消了原来的诸侯国,将土地无偿分封给他的亲戚。In economy, he reduced taxes and corvee and developed agriculture, but he restricted the commerce.经济上,他减免了苛捐杂税与劳逸并积极发展农业,但是限制了商业的发展。Emperor Gaozu’s efforts laid a solid foundation for the over four-hundred-year reign of the Han Dynasty.高祖的努力为汉朝之后四百多年的统治打下了牢固的基础。 /201510/397343昆玉去黑眼圈多少钱兰州军区乌鲁木齐总医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱



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