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aA celebrated photographer has sold a picture of an Irish potato for 1m euros.著名摄影师的一张土豆照竟能以100万欧元(约合714万元人民币)的价钱卖出。Kevin Abosch, 46, confirmed he had sold the photograph of an organic potato shot on a black background to an unnamed European businessman.46岁的凯文·阿布奇实,他的一幅以黑色为背景、以有机土豆为主题的照片已被一位欧洲商人买下。但他未透露商人姓名。The photograph, which was taken in 2010, sits alongside shots of Steven Spielberg, Michael Palin, Facebook#39;s Sheryl Sandberg and Malala Yousafzai in the sought-after photographer#39;s portfolio.在这位大牌摄影师的照片墙上,与土豆照并列挂出的还有不少名人照,包括史蒂芬·斯皮尔伯格、迈克尔·帕林、脸书的谢丽尔·桑德伯格以及马拉拉·尤萨夫扎伊等。土豆照拍摄于2010年。Mr Abosch#39;s portraits are typically commissioned for at least 260,000 euros.阿布奇的人物系列的挂牌价至少要26万欧元每幅。There are three versions of the potato print in existence—one belongs in his private collection, another was donated to an art museum in Serbia and the third was sold to the unnamed businessman.这个土豆照现存共有三幅:一幅由阿布奇私人收藏,一幅捐给了塞尔维亚一家艺术物馆,最后就是卖给匿名商人的这幅。He told the Sunday Times: ;It#39;s not the first time that someone has bought the art right off my wall.;阿布奇告诉《星期日泰晤士报》:“买主看中了墙上的挂照,便直接买走。这种情况已经不是第一次发生了。”;We had two glasses of wine and he said, #39;I really like that#39;. Two more glasses of wine and he said: #39;I really want that.#39;“当时,两杯葡萄酒下肚后,他(买主)说:#39;我非常喜欢这幅。#39;后来我们又喝了几杯,他说:#39;我太想要这幅了。#39;”;We set the price two weeks later. It is the most I have been paid for a piece of work that has been bought [rather than commissioned].;“两周后,我们谈妥价钱。在我所有的直接成交(不包括委托中间商的成交)历史中,这幅是卖得最贵的。”The Irish photographer#39;s trademark portraits on a black background have been highly sought after among the rich and famous - last week he was invited to the World Economic Forum in Davos.这位爱尔兰摄影师的人物肖像照在富人和名人中极受追捧,照片都是简单的黑色背景。上周他还获邀参加了在瑞士达沃斯举办的世界经济论坛。Mr Abosch said he is not sure what happened to the potato in question—called Potato #345—as he photographed many for a special series.阿布奇称,照片中的这个土豆标号“345”。他当时在拍一个特辑,拍了很多照片。他并不清楚这个土豆最后怎么样了。 /201601/424505。

  • Every winter, when the temperature plummets tonew lows and everyone begins to layer up, the classic joke about pulling out Long Johns from the cedar closet inevitably starts to make the rounds.每个冬天,当气温骤降到新低,每个人都开始把自己层层裹紧,而且从杉木衣柜里不可避免地拽出秋裤并开始套着它四处走动的时候,经典笑话应运而生。While the long ridiculed Long John may be little more than a punch line, today the history of the Long John is actually quite illustriousand fascinating. Here’s a quick look at three things you probably didn’t know about Long Johns.虽然,长期嘲笑秋裤的梗就是一条妙语,但是在今天,秋裤的历史已变得很出名而且十分吸引人。下面就来快速游览一下,这三件你不知道的秋裤的小事: /201511/409911。
  • Song Dynasty宋朝Northern Song Dynasty北宋In 959, following the death of Emperor Shizong who had been a wise monarch, a seven year old child succeeded to the throne as Emperor Gong.959年,英明的宋世宗驾崩后,7岁的高宗继承了帝位。In the next year, Zhao Kuangyin seized power and forced Emperor Gong to abdicate in his favor.一年后,赵匡胤夺取政权,逼迫高宗退位。Zhao took the name Taizu and established his capital city in Dongjing (present city of Kaifeng).赵匡胤自立为“太祖”并定都东京(今开封)。His first task was to ensure that there would be no further military coups and he did this by establishing a professional army loyal to the dynasty with its military com-manders under the strict control of the central government.他登基后的第一个任务就是确保不会再有任何兵变,他为此建立了一专业的朝廷军队,这些军队的将领受到了中央政府的严格控制。For the remainder of his reign, Taizu concentrated his efforts upon whining over the southern states.之后,太祖一直专注于收复南部的国家。Such was his success that by the time of his death in 976 apart from Zhejiang, Shanxi, Nanzhao and the area ruled by the Khitan, the country had come under Song#39;s control.截至976年他去世时,宋朝已经收回了除浙江、山西、南诏和契丹人控制的地区以外的区域。The activities of the warlords had been brought to an end.群雄并据的时代结束了。Taizu was succeeded by his brother, Taizong who brought Zhejiang and Shanxi back into the fold.太祖驾崩后,他的弟弟宋太宗继承了帝位,收复了浙江和山西。He was unsuccessful in his two attempts to drive out the Khitan and was forced to deal with them on equal terms.他两次驱逐契丹人的尝试都已失败告终并被迫与契丹签订了平等条约。From then on the Song Dynasty sought to defend its borders against invasion and unlike the Tang never ruled a universal empire.从那时起,宋朝一直试图抵抗来自边境的侵略,这使得它没能像唐朝成为一个世界雄国。Important steps were taken to strengthen the administration under the autocratic control of the emperor.皇帝采取了重要的措施来加强中央集权和独裁统治。These developments were supported by important changes in the recruitment to the bureaucracy and the running of the examination system.这些变化来源于官僚聘用制度和科举制的改变。The control over the military and the replacement of aristocratic power with something akin to a meritocracy brought about a stability that allowed the country to enjoy a period of prosperity due to the expansion of industry,commerce and agriculture.军队的管理以及替代了贵族统治的精英政治带来了国家的稳定,使国家可以因为工业、商业和农业的扩展而繁荣发展。These factors in turn led to the development of new cities as centers of administration, trade, commerce and industry.这些因素反过来又促进了以政治、贸易、商业和工业为中心的新兴城市的发展。The period of reforms lasted until the death of Emperor Shenzong in 1086.改革的时代一直持续到宋神宗驾崩时也就是1086年。 /201511/406459。
  • Xu Zhimo(1897~1931) was a twentieth-century Chinese poet. He was given the name of Zhangyou and the courtesy name of Youshen. He later changed his courtesy name to Zhimo.徐志(1897~1931),名章垿,字又申,后改字为志。中国20世纪诗人。He is romanticized as pursuing love, freedom and beauty in all his life (from the words of Hu Shih).徐志是一个浪漫化的人物,终生都在追求爱情、自由和美(据胡适言)。He promoted the form of modern Chinese poetry, and therefore made tremendous contributions to modern Chinese literature.徐志促进了新诗的发展,为现代中国文学做出了巨大贡献。Xu Zhimo was born in Xiashi, in Zhejiang Province, and died in Ji#39;nan in Shandong Province.徐志出生在浙江硖石,在山东济南去世。 In 1918, after studying at Peking University, he traveled to the ed States to study Economics and Political Science at Columbia University in New York City. 1918年,在北京大学学习之后,徐志去美国纽约的哥伦比亚大学学习经济学和政治学。Finding the States ;intolerable;, he left in 1920 to study at Cambridge University in England where he fell in love with English romantic poetry like that of Keats and Shelley.后来徐志发现美国让人“无法忍受”,于1920年离开美国到英国剑桥大学学习。徐志在英国爱上了像济慈和雪莱的作品那样的浪漫主义诗歌。In 1922 he went back to China and became a leader of the modern poetry movement. 1922年,徐志回国领导了新诗运动。When the Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore visited China, he played the part of oral interpreter.泰戈尔访华时,徐志做了他的口译。His literary ideology was mostly prowestern, and pro-vernacular.徐志的文学思想主要是赞成西方文学观点,赞成使用白话。He was one of the first Chinese writers to successfully naturalize Western romantic forms into modern Chinese poetry.徐志是最先成功地将西方浪漫主义文学形式移植到中国现代诗歌里的中国作家之一。He worked as an editor and professor at several schools before dying in a plane crash on November 19, 1931 in Ji#39;nan, Shandong while flying from Nanjing to Beijing.徐志去世前担任编辑和多家大学的教授。1931年11月19日,徐志在从南京飞往北京的途中,在山东济南因飞机失事身亡。He left behind four collections of verse and several volumes of translations from various languages.留下来四本诗集和数本多种语言的译文。 /201602/427868。
  • ;This road accident brought me and my wife together - it turned out to be a blessing in disguise...;, was the message received by Feng Wei, a traffic police officer in Jiangxi province, on Jan. 23 from a man surnamed Huang.“一起交通事故让我和妻子走到了一起,真是塞翁失马焉知非福啊…”这是1月23日江西省交通大队冯伟警官接到的黄先生的一条信息。Back at around 6:00 p.m., July 8, 2014, a rear-end collision occurred at the Longnan section of Daqing-Guangzhou high-speed railway.让我们回到2014年7月8日下午6点左右。在龙南地区大庆到广州的高速路上发生了一起汽车追尾事故。A man getting out from the front car said very angrily, ;My family is waiting for me at restaurant for a birthday dinner. It#39;s too bad!; The woman in the rear car also felt a little aggrieved because of the man#39;s unkindly tone. ;I did not mean to do it and no one wants things like this to happen.;前车下来了一名男子,怒气冲冲地说道:“家人在饭店订好了生日晚饭,正等着呢。这下糟了!”驾驶追尾后车的是一名女子,男子不善的口气和责备让她有点委屈:“我又不是故意的,谁愿意碰上这种事。”While the two kept blaming each other, police patrol officer Feng Wei arrived at the scene and said, ;Since it is late, I will deal with this quickly and then let the insurance company determine the damages for you.; Hearing this, the two were highly relieved.正当他们相互指责对方时,巡警冯伟抵达事故现场说:“今天也这么晚了,咱们就迅速解决这件事,让保险公司决定损失额度。”听到这话,他们态度都有所缓和。After checking their driving licenses, Feng Wei joked, ;What a coincidence! You were both born in 1988 so you#39;ve got some common ground; The two smiled at each other and said nothing.在查看完双方的驾驶后,冯伟开玩笑地说,“好巧啊!你们都出生于1988年,所以你们有很多共同处呢。”两人相视一笑都没有说话了。They came to the office of traffic police and got the accident report. They both felt satisfied with the results and gave telephone numbers to each other.他们回到交通大会办公室拿到了事故报告。双方对事故认定结果都很满意,并互留了电话号码。The next day, the two went to the 4S car repair shop.However, the repair fee for Huang#39;s car, a Mercedes-Benz sedan, reached as much as 120,000 yuan. Because Li only bought mandatory auto insurance and had no third-party liability, Huang can only obtain 2,000 yuan of compensation. Due to the large gap, they asked Feng Wei to mediate. They finally reached an agreement, but Huang unexpectedly gave up the compensation.第二天,他们到4S店修车。但是黄某的奔驰车维修费太贵,高达12万元,而李某只有强制险,没有第三责任险,所以黄某只能获得2000元的保险赔偿,由于差额相差太大,他们再次找到交警冯伟进行协商,最终双方达成了共识,但黄某却突然提出放弃赔偿。But Why did Huang do so?为什么黄先生这样决定呢?After several private contacts between the two youngsters, they got to know each other and both had a favorable impression on each other. Because they are both from the same city, Ganzhou, they began to meet up: drink tea, have dinner and see movies together. After several months of contacts, they formally established a relationship and so Huang gave up compensation claim.原来协商期间两人私下接触几次之后,越来越熟,彼此间有了好感。又因为都是江西赣州人,他们就相约一起喝茶、吃饭、看电影。交往几个月后,两人正式确立了恋爱关系,所以黄某才提出放弃赔偿。Now they have got married meaning Feng Wei became their matchmaker.现在两人已经喜结连理,而这也意味着冯伟成为了他们的月老。 /201602/425043。
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