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The amazing golf ball神奇的高尔夫球A golfer, playing a round by himself, is about to tee off, and a greasy little salesman runs up to him, and yells, ;Wait! Before you tee off, I have something really amazing to show you!;一个高尔夫球手正要发球,跑上来一个无限谄媚的小个子推销员,喊到:“ 等一下。在您发球前,我请您看一样超神奇的东西。”The golfer, annoyed, says, ;What is it?;高尔夫球手颇感被打搅,说道:“什么东西啊?”;It#39;s a special golf ball,; says the salesman. ;You can never lose it!;“是一个很特别的高尔夫球 - 一个永远不会被弄丢的球!”;you can never lose it;,scoffs the golfer, ;What if you hit it into the water?“永远不会丢的球”,高尔夫球手嘲讽地说,“如果球被打到水里呢?”;No problem,; says the salesman. ;It floats, and it detects where the shore is, and spins towards it.;“没问题。它能漂起来,还能探测到哪里是岸,然后自己就能转到岸边。”;Well, what if you hit it into the woods?;“那么如果掉到树丛里呢?”;Easy,; says the salesman. ;It emits a beeping sound, and you can find it with your eyes closed.;“简单。它能发出嘟嘟声,这样你就能循声而至了。”;Okay,; says the golfer, impressed. ;But what if your round goes late and it gets dark?;“那如果天黑了怎么找它呢?”;No problem, sir, this golf ball glows in the dark! I#39;m telling you, you can never lose this golf ball!;“球会在黑暗中发光啊!一句话,你永远不会找不到这个球。”The golfer buys it at once. ;Just one question,; he says to the salesman. ;Where did you get it?;高尔夫球手当即买下这个球,随口问了一句:“你从哪搞到它的?”;I found it.;“是我捡到的啦!” /201302/227118

Is it common knowledge that school doesn't prepare you well for the real world?Sure, you can get a good degree, find a well-paying job, work until you're in your 60s, and then retire to enjoy the life you've deferred for 40+ years. However, that may not prove to be a successful life, a secure life, a financially sound life. A lot will depend on your outlook and your goals but know this: School doesn't prepare you well for achieving wealth or becoming an entrepreneur and it downright fails at teaching you how to be rich.Nevertheless, school is here to stay. For now. Thus, it helps to identify which classes are the most relevant and helpful for those of us looking to become rich entrepreneurs. There are, in fact, several courses that contain critical information and instruction that, if used correctly, will put you on your path to riches.If you're in college, about to start college, or looking to take some classes, here is a list of college courses that could help make you rich. (I focused on college because (a) college provides the most variety in course selection, and (b) college is generally the time when individuals realize what they want to do with their lives.)AccountingAlthough this list is in no particular order, I think Accounting is, by far, the most important course to take if you want to succeed financially. Today's "credit crunch" illustrates that there are too many people who do not understand a balance sheet. Someone who walks into Best Buy and pays for a 47-inch plasma television with a credit card does not comprehend the difference between an asset and a liability.Learning the difference between assets and liabilities, as well as concepts like inventory and cash flow, is essential if you intend on keeping your finances in order. Moreover, these concepts are crucial if you want to start your own business. The health of a business is reflected in its balance sheet and financial statement. As those numbers go, so does the business. Accounting will help you understand that cash flow is what helps a business succeed, and it is what helps you as an individual succeed.MarketingIf you intend on making money from selling something (which, incidentally, is how any business makes money), then you need to learn how to find the right product. Marketing, in and of itself, is not selling. However, it helps you learn how to promote certain products and services. By taking Marketing, you can understand the process involved in figuring out what consumers want, focusing on a product that satisfies those desires, and the attempt at moving consumers toward that product.Too often, products fail because their creators didn't bother to learn whether a market existed for that product. This process involves research and time, but, in the end, it can save a business thousands, if not millions, of dollars. As an entrepreneur, it can also save you valuable time and money. Find the market first, and then develop the product.EconomicsI regret never taking Economics in college. Understanding the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services is essential if you want to take a big picture approach to business and investing. The current state of the U.S. economy is a combination of various factors (i.e., consumer over-spending, speculative real estate investing, fragile lending practices, a weakening dollar, low supply of oil, etc.).If you understand how the economy got to the point where it is today, it helps you identify where your money should be. You can pick out the right investments and turn away from the bad ones. You can identify which direction your business should go in, including whether to take advantage of certain trends or cut out excess inventory.Economics is a vital ingredient in a person's financial education. The world is now a global marketplace, and the supply and demand of goods and services operate at that level.FinanceIt's tax season, and several people you know are probably receiving refund checks in the mail from the Internal Revenue Service. If you're excited about receiving a refund check, you probably never took a finance course. Receiving a refund is a way for you to lose money. The government withheld money from your paychecks and held that money for a year without paying you any interest. It's like giving someone an interest-free loan. Thus, your money sat in the government's hand and lost value during that time.Finance helps you understand how the time value of money works and how various investment vehicles operate. One of the keys to becoming rich is comprehending how money works when it's not in your hands. A finance course (preferably one geared towards entrepreneurship) will teach you what you need to know to reach this level of understanding. There might be some math involved, but it won't kill you. It'll just make you a stronger and more savvy investor.Any American History CourseHistory can be boring. But if you look at history from a different viewpoint, it can open doors for you. The most valuable aspect of history is its ability to convey to us the mistakes of others. Studying history helps you learn from others mistakes so that, hopefully, you won't commit the same mistakes.American history is filled with mishaps, wrong turns, and terrible decision-making, both at the national political level and at the business level. Look at these errors, and figure out how a better decision could have been made. Then, apply that realization to today's world and to your own trajectory. How can you apply what you learned from these mistakes to your own entrepreneurial experiences?Writing and CompositionSucceeding as an entrepreneur requires that you be able to express yourself and your ideas. Whether it involves pitching an idea to an investor, writing a press release, or composing a business plan, entrepreneurs need to communicate. More often than not, this communication is done in writing. Basic composition and grammar skills can do wonders for your ability to convey your ideas and your mindset.Just glance around at the number of blogs across the Internet and you will see a lot of bad writing. It's an instant turnoff and preempts any evaluation of the content of your writing. Good writing, on the other hand, draws in a er, and it gives you a shot at selling someone on your content. In other words, it helps you get in the door.Any Literature CourseLiterature, like history, contains valuable lessons that emanate from years of experience and wisdom. Why not draw on these sources of information? There is no limit to the topics covered by novels. Ernest Hemingway's books are full of inspirational messages. Oscar Wilde provides brilliant business advice. Henry David Thoreau is the master of teaching self-reliance. These books and others provide timeless principles of personal development and, just as important, wealth creation.ManagementOne of the problems with "bosses" is that they don't know how to manage people. If you want to own and run a business, you need to manage that business effectively and efficiently. This process requires dealing and communicating with people and delegating tasks and decisions to employees. An understanding of management concepts and learning different techniques and skills will not only make you likable, but they will also help you make more money.-Robert /200807/43320

SEPTEMBER MARKS the end of summer#39;s last stand as heat and humidity give way to cooler skies, balmy breezes and autumn#39;s palette of vibrant reds and golds. Make the most of the season with fall getaways that are equally rich in color and culture.9月标志着夏天最后一刻的终结,酷热和潮湿终于让道于凉爽的苍穹、和煦的微风以及秋季调色板上活力四射的红色与金色。。把握住秋天的出游时光。在这个季节,不论是赏景之行,还是文化之旅,两者都将同样丰富多。Art Attack艺术之旅SWITZERLAND // Art Basel may be long over, but this Swiss city#39;s cultural scene hums well into fall thanks to its museums. The Kunstmuseum houses Europe#39;s oldest public art collection, while the Museum für Gegenwartskunst specializes in works from 1960 onward. Best of all is the Renzo Piano-designed Beyeler Foundation, whose Maurizio Cattelan exhibition makes way next month for Thomas Schutte#39;s bronze busts.瑞士 // 巴塞尔艺术览会(Art Basel)可能已落幕许久,但由于巴塞尔坐拥众多物馆,这座瑞士城市的文化景观得以很好地延展至秋季。巴塞尔美术馆(Kunstmuseum)陈列着欧洲最古老的大众艺术收藏品,而当代艺术馆(Museum fur Gegenwartskunst)则专门展出1960年以后的作品。在诸多物馆中最出色的一家是由伦佐·皮亚诺(Renzo Piano)操刀设计的贝耶勒基金会物馆(Beyeler Foundation),现在这里正在展出毛里齐奥·卡泰兰(Maurizio Cattelan)的作品,而下个月则将进行托马斯·舒特(Thomas Schutte)的青铜半身雕像展。ITALY // November marks the end of the 55th Venice Art Biennale--which means there#39;s still plenty of time to enjoy La Serenissima at its culture-rich best. Park yourself at the newly opened Aman Canal Grande, a restored and rare palazzo monumentale near the Rialto Bridge (amanresorts.com). Also close are the Biennale#39;s best bets: from Ai Weiwei in the German Pavilion to a Ravel-inspired installation by Anri Sala in the French Pavilion.意大利 //第五十五届双年展(Venice Art Biennale)将于11月落下帷幕,这意味着你仍有许多时间可以在其文化最丰盛的双年展上欣赏水城(La Serenissima) 。将你自己置身于新开业的安缦度假村(Aman Canal Grande)内。该度假村坐落在里阿尔托桥(Rialto Bridge)附近,由一处罕见的宫殿翻修建成。靠近该度假村的还有双年展最棒的部分展出:从德国馆的艾未未到法国馆的安利·萨拉(Anri Sala),后者的录影装置作品是从拉威尔(Ravel)的音乐中汲取灵感制成的。FRANCE // This year has been Marseille#39;s moment to shine. In 2013#39;s European Capital of Culture, a new InterContinental Hotel now overlooks the historic port, where you can find the new MuCEM and Regards de Provence museums. Marseille#39;s food scene has also been updated. Try pan-Mediterranean comfort classics at Café Populaire (110 Rue Paradis; +33 4 91 02 53 96) or Philippe Moreno#39;s fish-focused restaurant at the MuCEM.法国 // 今年是马赛(Marseille)的闪光时刻。在此“2013欧洲文化之都”(2013#39;s European Capital of Culture),一家全新的洲际酒店(Intercontinental Hotel)现今正俯瞰着这个历史悠久的港口。在马赛,你能寻访到欧洲及地中海文化物馆(MUCEM)和普罗旺斯物馆(Regards de Provence)。这里的美食城也已更新换代。去Populaire咖啡厅(地址:110 Rue Paradis; 电话:+33 4 91 02 53 96)试一试泛地中海的经典菜式,或者去欧洲及地中海文化物馆菲利普·莫雷诺(Philippe Moreno)专注做鱼的餐厅尝一尝。Fall Foliage秋之落叶FRANCE // The vineyards of Limoux in the Languedoc may be best known for their sparkling wines, but they also offer one of Southern Europe#39;s most indulgent opportunities to enjoy autumnal colors. Here, as workers harvest Mauzac and Chardonnay grapes, the vine leaves transform into endless fields of orange and gold. Taste Limoux bubbly directly at its source at J. Laurens, which produces some of the area#39;s top vintages. jlaurens.fr法国 // 朗格多克(Languedoc)利穆(Limoux)葡萄园区最著名的或许是他们的起泡酒,但他们还提供南欧观赏秋景的绝佳机会之一。置身此地,在工作人员采摘莫扎克(Mauzac)和霞多丽(Chardonnay)葡萄的时节,这里的葡萄藤蔓就会变成无边无际的橙色和金色。你可直接在原产地J.劳伦斯(J. Laurens)品一品起泡酒,这里出产这一片区的部分顶级佳酿。(网址:jlaurens.fr )GERMANY // Fall colors arrive in Bavaria just in time for Oktoberfest (Sept. 21-Oct. 6). Take a break from all that lager with a visit to nearby Neuschwanstein Castle, the fairytale-like hilltop palace built by King Ludwig II in 1892 ( neuschwanstein.de ). Two hours from Munich, the castle is tucked deep in forests whose leaves seem ablaze with color. Horses and buggies can ferry you to the site, but the low-impact trail provides the most flora-filled fun.德国 // 在巴伐利亚州,秋色翩然而至,又正好赶上慕尼黑啤酒节(9月21日至10月6日)。从啤酒节中抽空游览附近的新天鹅堡(Neuschwanstein Castle),它是一座耸立于山顶、童话般的宫殿,由国王路德维希二世(King Ludwig II) 于1892年建成(网址:neuschwanstein.de)。从慕尼黑出发前往此处需两小时车程。新天鹅堡藏在森林深处,这里的树叶看起来色鲜明闪亮。马车能将你载至目的地,但这段行进省力的小径却植被茂密,提供许多生趣。NEW YORK // The Catskills may only be 90 minutes from Manhattan, but this semi-mountainous region is alive with color in the fall. Revel amid the changing leaves in the tiny town of Phoenicia, where a quartet of entrepreneurial Brooklynites recently debuted The Graham amp; Co., a hotel with 20 rustic rooms, an al fresco pool and ultra-informed staffers with full foliage knowledge. thegrahamandco.com纽约 // 凯茨奇尔(Catskills)离曼哈顿(Manhattan)可能只有90分钟车程,但这片半山区在秋季却因色而生机盎然。在腓尼基(Phoenicia)小镇,狂欢在叶色变幻中上演。在这里,四位活动主办者布鲁克林人最近在Graham amp;Co.酒店登台演出。这家酒店拥有20间乡村风格的房间,一座露天泳池以及诸多消息超灵通、植物知识渊的员工。(网址:thegrahamandco.com) /201310/260653日常生活中,我们常听到夫妻提到自己的伴侣时,爱说“那口子”,“我们家那位”, 听上去感觉不发酸,还特别生活。于是,我们特别想知道老外说起“家里那位”时,又是怎么表达呢?平时他们又是怎么称呼“那口子”呢?今天就一起看看吧!老外在谈到“我们家那位”时,一般会说other half 或者 my better half, 表示自己的配偶、伴侣。比如:How do they meet their other halves?他们都是怎么遇到自己另一半的?I#39;ll go if my better half lets me.老婆大人批准我就去。另外,partner 除了平时有“搭档”的意思,也可以用来指自己的另一半。比如:I met my partner by the matchmaker.我和我家那位是别人做媒认识的。比较正式的场合中,你还可以用spouse表示配偶。比如:Where can British people find their ideal spouses?英国人都是如何找到理想的对象的?日常生活中,国外夫妻称呼对方时,还有以下多种甜蜜选择:dearhoneybabedarlingsweetheart /201302/225017

People are at their most attractive entering their thirties according to new research which suggested women are ;most beautiful; at 30 and men ;most handsome; at 34.根据最新研究,人们在三十多岁时最有魅力——30岁的女性“最漂亮”,34岁的男性“最帅气”。The study of 2,000 people across the ed States found women were considered to have reached their peak at 30, start to show signs of ageing at 41, stop looking ;sexy; at 53, and are ;old; at 55.这项调查了全美各地2000名对象的研究发现,人们认为女性在30岁时最有魅力,41岁时开始变老,53岁起看上去不再“性感”,而55岁时就真正“老了”。Men looked their best at 34, start to show signs of ageing at 43, stop looking good at 58, and are ;old; at 59.男性在34岁时最有魅力,43岁开始变老,58岁时相貌不再吸引人,而59岁时就真正“老了”。According to the survey, carried out by Allure magazine, there was a discrepancy in the ideal age for women depending on who was looking. Men thought women were most beautiful at 29, while women themselves thought the best age was 31.根据《Allure》杂志的调查,女性的理想年龄也因人而异。男人认为女性在29岁时最漂亮,而女人自己则认为31岁最美好。High profile women currently aged 30 include Hollywood stars Anne Hathaway and Kirsten Dunst, and Mad Men actress Elisabeth Moss。现年30岁的卓越女性包括好莱坞明星安妮·海瑟薇、克尔斯滕·邓斯特,以及《广告狂人》的女演员伊丽莎白·莫斯。Men aged 34 include the actor James Franco, star of Oz The Great and Powerful which is currently dominating the UK box office。现年34岁的男性有《魔境仙踪》中的男演员詹姆斯·弗兰科。电影《魔境仙踪》现在在英国可谓是称霸票房。Jillian Mackenzie, deputy editor of Allure, told The Daily Telegraph: ;In the past it (the ideal age) may have been a little bit younger. Anti-ageing is such a huge topic now and people want to look younger for longer. You see celebrities who are looking amazing into their fifties。《Allure》杂志的副主编Jillian Mackenzie对《每日电讯报》表示说:“要是以前,‘理想年龄’或许还要更小。现如今‘抗衰老’是个热门话题,人们都希望能看上去更年轻。所以,有 些名人年过五十了还是相当迷人。”;Across the board the ages for men were quite a bit older than for women and it#39;s interesting that men get an extra four years.;“总体看来,男性的理想年龄比女性的还要晚四年,很有意思。”When respondents were asked to use a word to describe grey hair on men the top answer was ;distinguished,; but for grey hair on women it was ;old。;当受访者被要求用一个词形容白发男性时,得到的是“高贵”;而相应的白发女性则被形容为“老了”。Asked to name celebrities who have aged well, actor George Clooney was by far the top choice among both sexes and all ethnic groups, ahead of Sean Connery, Bill Clinton, and actors Brad Pitt and Richard Gere。当问及谁是“老来俏型”名人时,乔治·克鲁尼的排名遥遥领先于所有男女明星,然后依次是肖恩·康纳利、比尔·克林顿、以及演员布拉德·皮特和理 查·基尔。The top choice for women who have aged well was less clear, but actresses Meryl Streep, Jamie Lee Curtis and Julia Roberts all ranked high。而女性相应的排名并不十分明朗,但梅丽尔·斯特里普、杰米·李·柯蒂斯还有茱莉亚·罗伯茨的排名都很靠前。The research showed the average age people start using anti-ageing creams was 37 for both men and women, while 42 per cent of women and 18 per cent of men said they would consider anti-ageing injections or plastic surgery。研究发现,男性和女性开始使用抗衰老面霜的平均年龄为37岁。42%的女性和18%的男性表示,会考虑抗衰老注射或整容手术。Five per cent of those questioned said they had aly had plastic surgery or injections such as Botox。而5%被调查的人员表示自己已经整过容或注射过肉毒杆菌素等。 /201303/232485

When the Indian government presented its budget last month, the people were expecting giveaways, subsidies and bribes for votes. But it turned out to be a surprisingly responsible settlement that capped the fiscal deficit at 4.8 per cent of economic output. It was a sensible budget, but it will not get India growing again.当印度政府上月公布预算案时,人们原本以为预算中会包括为拉拢选民而提供的施舍、补贴和贿赂。但结果是,这份预算案出人意料地可靠,将财政赤字限制在经济产出的4.8%。这是一份合理的预算,但它不会重新推动印度的增长。Meanwhile, the day before the budget, Sugata Mitra, a researcher at Newcastle University, won the TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design conference) prize of m to run Schools in the Cloud from India. The scheme aims to empower teachers and parents towards self-directed learning by children.与此同时,在预算案公布的前一天,纽卡斯尔大学(Newcastle University)研究员苏加塔米特拉(Sugata Mitra)获得了100万美元的TED(技术、和设计大会)奖金,用于运营印度的“云端学校”(Schools in the Cloud)项目。该项目旨在帮助教师和父母引导儿童自主学习。To Indians, the contrast between the budget and the prize confirms their perception of the country’s “bottom-up” success, driven by people, in contrast to China’s “top-down” success, induced by state investment. Prosperity is sping, despite appalling governance in the world’s biggest democracy.对印度人而言,预算和奖金的鲜明对比验了他们的看法:印度的成功是由人民推动的“自下而上式”成功,与中国由国家投资推动的“自上而下式”成功不同。尽管政府治理糟糕,但这个世界上人口最多的民主国家仍在不断走向繁荣。Indians despair over the delivery of public services. Where the state is needed – to provide law and order, education, health and water – it performs poorly. Where it is not needed, it is hyperactive, tying people up in red tape. People cynically sum up their country’s story of private success and public failure with the phrase: “India grows at night while the government sleeps.” The country’s recent economic slowdown suggests it may have reached the limits of its ability to grow in the dark.印度人对公共务感到绝望。在需要政府推行法律和秩序,提供教育、卫生和自来水时,它的表现总不理想。在不需要政府时,它却太过活跃,用繁文缛节束缚着人们。对于私营部门的成功和公共部门的失败,人们讽刺性地总结为:“印度经济在晚上政府睡觉的时候才会增长。”印度近期的经济增速放缓表明,它可能已经达到了在黑暗中增长的极限。Two years ago, India was the envy of the world. It had survived the financial crisis and was growing rapidly, creating jobs and lifting millions out of poverty. The country had innovative companies competing brutally at home and starting to stomp on to the global stage. This came on the back of free-market reforms begun in 1991. Since then, governments had kept reforming slowly, making it the world’s second-fastest growing economy.两年前,印度是全世界羡慕的对象。它成功渡过了金融危机,增长迅速,就业岗位增加,数百万人脱贫。在印度,创新公司在国内展开激烈的竞争,并开始登上全球舞台。这一切发生的背景是1991年开始的自由市场改革。从那以后,政府持续缓步推行改革,使印度成为全球增长第二快的经济体。But soon after the current government, led by the Congress party, came to power in 2004, it made a disastrous mistake. Under the influence of Sonia Gandhi and her National Advisory Council, it concluded the reforms only helped the rich. It changed its focus to welfare spending. Instead of building roads, it offered cheap food, energy and make-work jobs. This resulted in high inflation, low growth and an unsustainable deficit.但国大党(Congress party)领导的现任政府2004年上台不久后,铸下大错。在索妮娅甘地(Sonia Gandhi)及其国家咨询委员会(National Advisory Council)的影响下,该党得出结论:改革只帮助了富人。于是,政府将重心转向福利出。它的重点不再是修筑公路,而是提供廉价食品、能源和不必要的、人为创造就业的工作岗位。这导致了高通胀、低增长和不可持续的赤字。Hope for India may well lie with its aspiring young people, those who are in the middle class or about to reach it. They are about a third of the country now, and will be half in a decade. They have no one to vote for because no politician talks the language of public goods or governance. The existing parties treat voters as poor, ignorant masses who need to be appeased at election time with populist giveaways.那些雄心勃勃、身为中产阶级或即将跻身这一行列的年轻人承载着印度的希望。他们占据该国人口的三分之一左右,十年后将占据总人口的一半。他们的选票无处可投,因为没有政客谈论公共产品或治理。现有的党派将选民视为贫穷、无知的大众,只需在选举时用民粹主义的施舍加以抚慰即可。They are puzzled why their nation offers astonishing religious and political freedom but not economic freedom. In a country where two out of five people are self-employed, it takes 42 days to start a business. The entrepreneur is a victim of endless red tape and corruption. It has been ranked 132nd in the world for “ease of doing business”.他们困惑:为何在印度可以享受巨大的宗教和政治自由,却享受不到经济自由。在五分之二人口从事个体经营的印度,开办企业却要花42天。没完没了的官僚作风和腐败,令企业家深受其害。印度的“经商便利指数”全球仅排名第132位。India ends up reforming furtively because no party has bothered to explain the difference between being “pro-market” and “pro-business”. People are left with the impression that liberal reforms mostly help the rich. They don’t understand that being pro-market is to believe in competition, which helps keep prices low, raises the quality of products and leads to a rules-based capitalism that helps everyone. To be pro-business means allowing politicians and officials to retain authority over economic decisions, leading to crony capitalism. It also explains why India does not perform to potential.到头来,印度改革进行得偷偷摸摸,因为各党派懒得解释“持市场”和“持企业”之间的区别。人们的印象是,自由化改革主要令富人受益。他们不理解,持市场即相信竞争,从而有助于降低价格,提高产品质量,催生出遵守规则、造福人人的资本主义制度。持企业意味着让政客和官员保留经济决策大权,从而滋生裙带资本主义。这还能解释印度为何未能发挥出全部潜力。There is a political space that should be filled by a secular party at the right of centre. None of the existing parties is likely to fill it. The only answer for aspiring India may well be a new liberal party, which trusts markets rather than officials and focuses on the reform of institutions. This party might not win votes quickly but it could bring governance reform to centre stage and gradually prove to voters that open markets and rules-based government are the only civilised ways to lift living standards and achieve shared prosperity. At a time when western economies and their way of doing business are under a cloud, a successful India driven by free markets and democracy can be a real force for good.印度存在着应由中右翼世俗政党填补的政治空间。现有的政党无法填补这一空间。对于雄心勃勃的印度,唯一的恐怕是出现一个相信市场而非官僚、注重制度改革的自由主义新政党。这个政党或许无法迅速赢得选票,但它可以将治理改革推向舞台中央,并逐步向选民明,开放市场和信奉规则的政府是提高生活水平、实现共同繁荣的唯一文明方式。在西方经济体及其行事方式遭受质疑之时,在自由市场和民主推动下获得成功的印度,将成为一股积极向上的力量。 /201303/231240

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