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天河不孕不育专家咨询广州哪里有看不孕最好番禺人民医院妇科医生 广州番禺那家医院打胎

广州市二人民医院人工受孕I was sitting on my Porsche yesterday,having a soda,and a wasp picked its head into the can and drink from mysoda.昨儿我坐在我的保时捷里,喝着汽水,一只黄蜂将头伸进了我的瓶子,喝起了我的汽水。For the sugar I konw thats why I drink soda.我知道我喝汽水是为了糖分,But the Garmin wondering about how differentinsects drink.但是Garmin好奇不同的昆虫都是怎样喝东西的呢?I mean insects need water just like the rest of us.我的意思是昆虫也像我们一样需要水分。You are right! Insects do need water.是这样的!昆虫确实需要水分。How they get their water depends a lot on their diets.但是它们怎样饮水很大程度上是取决与他们的饮食习惯。Herbivorous insects, those that feed on plants, get most of their water from their preyfood because plants contain a lot of water.对于那些以植物为食的食草性昆虫来说,大部分水分都是从食物中获取的,因为植物很有很多水分。But carnivorous insects often have to get their water from somewhere other than their prey,and often theyll go to plants for their water too, drinking from fruit maybe.但是对于肉食性的昆虫来说,它们就的从其它地方获取水分,通常也是来自植物,或者水果。Or they might sip fromthe morning dew or from raindrops or from edges of ponds or puddles.它们或许还会从晨露、雨水、池塘或者水坑边进水。If they’re blood suckers, they probably get their water from their food.如果是吸血类的,它们大概就是从食物中获取水分。Its worth noting that notall mouthparts are the same and this too affects the ways an insect is able to get water.值得一提的是,昆虫的口器是不一样的,这就大大影响了它们喝水的方式。There arebasically two kinds of insect mouths.昆虫的口器大概可分为两类。There are chewers and suckers.它们便是咀嚼式口器及吸收式口器。Some chewers may have a difficult time trying to draw waterfrom a pond, whereas getting their water from chewing a leaf is simple.一些咀嚼式口器在池塘边喝水可能会有困难,所以通过咀嚼叶子来获取水分会更简单。Suckers, on the other hand, have a tube-likemouth part called a proboscis that allows them toget liquid by sucking or lapping, whether from the nectar of flowers or from a soda can.而吸收式口器则有一个管状叫做“喙”的部分,它可以让昆虫通过吸或舔的方式获得水分,不论是从花的花蜜中还是从汽水瓶都可以。Or from my arm, right?从我的手臂也行,对吧?Thats true.是的! 201406/305946广州长安看男科怎么样好不好 海珠区第一人民医院怎么样正规吗

广东省广州市长安医院妇科体检Yael:Sounds like you have a bad cold, Don.雅艾尔:听这咳嗽你像是得了重感冒,唐。Do you need some cough medicine?需要些咳嗽药吗?DON:Nope.唐:不用。YAEL:Tylenol?雅艾尔:泰诺?DON:No thanks.唐:不,谢谢。YAEL:Dont you want anything to help you feel better?你不需要吃药来帮助你感觉更好吗?DON:I dont need help, Yael. All this sniffling, sneezing, and coughing are doing the work for me.唐:我不需要帮助,雅艾尔。流鼻涕,打喷嚏和咳嗽都在帮我治疗。YAEL:But doesnt that make you feel worse?雅艾尔:但是难道这不会让你觉得更难受吗?DON:Theres more than one way to look at sneezing and coughing.唐:看待打喷嚏和咳嗽可不能只用一种方式。They can be symptoms, in which case your first reaction is to try to ;cure; them with all sorts of pills and syrups.它们可以是症状,在这种情况下,你的第一反应是用各种药片和药水进行治疗。Or, you can see them as the bodys natural defense system.而另外一方面,你可以将它们视作身体的自然防御系统。Its called Darwinian medicine.它被称为达尔文医学。YAEL:You mean like survival of the fittest?雅艾尔:你是说像适者生存之类的?DON:Not exactly.唐:也不完全是。Darwinian medicine tries to find evolutionary explanations for why we get sick.达尔文医学试图从进化论角度解释我们为什么会生病。It also tries to figure out how and why we respond to sickness.它也试图找出我们如何以及为什么应对疾病。For example, when you get a low grade fever it might be because your body is trying to make things uncomfortable for invading microbes.例如,当你低烧的时候,可能是你的身体试图做出不舒的表现以应对入侵的微生物。When you take medicine to lower a fever you might actually be helping whatevers making you sick in the first place.当你选择吃药来降低发烧你可能实际上是帮助任何使你首要发病的地方。YAEL:So youre saying that I should never take medicine?雅艾尔:所以你是说,我应该永远不要吃药?DON:Not at all. Sometimes medicine is absolutely necessary, like when you have a really high fever.唐:也不尽然。药物有时候是绝对必要的,比如在你真正发高烧的时候。But the point is that its not always best to automatically try to stop all symptoms when you dont feel well.但关键是,对于自动阻止所有你感觉不舒的症状并不总是最好的。Until studies are done on the effectiveness of taking aspirin and other fever-lowering drugs, it may be hard to know when to treat cold symptoms and when to leave them alone.除非研究明用阿司匹林和其他退烧药物有效,可能很难知道什么时候治疗感冒的症状,什么时候让其自然痊愈。But in the case of a cold or mild fever, it may very well be worth letting nature take care of business.但对于轻微感冒或者发烧,自然而然让身体应对也非常好。Bear in mind, too, that aspirin should never be given to children. 但记住,切勿不要给孩子阿司匹林。 201310/262460 广州市什么医院检查激素六项天河长安医院看妇科怎么样




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