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A: Jane! Jane!A: 简!简!B: Yes?B: 怎么了?A: What are you doing? Time to leave now.A: 你在忙什么呢?该走了。B: For what?B:去哪儿?A: Dont tell me you have no idea what we are going go do! We made a plan with Emma yesterday.A: 别告诉你不知道我们接下来要做什么!我们昨天和爱玛约好了的。B: Oh! Yes, we are going shopping together.B: 哦!想起来了,我们几个约好了要一起去逛街的。A: Well, dress youself quickly. Emma is waiting downstair.A: 那你快点穿衣。爱玛正在楼下等我们两个呢。B: Can I meet you in ten minutes?B: 我十分钟后和你们会合好不?A: Why?A: 为什么?B: I am ing a report about my idol, which says that he broke up with his girlfriend and engaged with another girl. so I want to finish the rest.B: 我正读一篇关于我偶像的报道呢。上面说他跟女朋友分手后,跟另一个女孩订婚了。所以我想把剩下的内容看完。A: I have told you not to take these gossip magazines too serious. The only thing you can believe is the cover price.A: 我都跟你说过别把这些八卦杂志太当回事儿。这些八卦杂志唯一可信的就是它封面上的标价。B: Im just curious.B: 我就是好奇嘛。A: Well, maybe you can finish it later. But now we have to leave.A: 你可以回来后再接着看。不过现在我们得快点走了。B: Fine. Let me put on my coat.B: 好吧。等我穿件外套。 /201505/373063。

经典句型:What rare animals are there in the zoo? 这个动物园有什么珍稀动物?A:What rare animals are there in the zoo? 甲:这个动物园有什么珍稀动物?B:It is said that there are South China Tigers.乙:据说有华南虎。A:Id like to have a look.甲:我要去看一看。经典句型:Is that a golden monkey? 那是一只金丝猴吗?A:Look at the monkey! Is that a golden monkey?甲:看哪个猴子,那是一只金丝猴吗?B:Yes.The golden monkeys are protected animals in China.乙:是的,在中国金丝猴是是国家保护动物。A:It looks very beautiful.甲:它看起来真漂亮。句型讲解:Rare animals珍稀动物。Rare的意思是“稀少的,罕见的”,其同义词还有peculiar,scare,unusual,infrequent等等。 /201503/361724。

A: 欢迎大家来到这期的美语训练班! 我是杨琳!B: 我是Mike! 杨琳,来说说咱们今天都要学什么吧!A: Sure! 今天,我们要一起看看如何保网络安全,学学怎么表达运转异常,还要告诉你势不可挡么怎么说!B:Internet security is really an important topic right now. Last year some hackers used my credit card information to hack into my bank account ! I still dont know how they did it because I had my credit card in my wallet the whole time!A: I dont understand how these hackers can be super smart computer geeks and still choose to be hackers! Why not go work for Microsoft and become a millionaire?B: Some people are just hard to understand....A: Like you...(B: ugh...)哈哈,好啦! 不开玩笑了! 现在,咱们赶快先来进入第一个单元,learn a word!Learn A Word 1672 free of charge今天我们要学的词是 free of charge, free is spelled free, of, of, charge, charge, charge, free of charge. Free of charge 免费。The course is offered to students free of charge. 学生可以免费上这门课。Googles VoIP phone service will remain free of charge within the U.S. and Canada in 2013. 2013年用户在美国和加拿大境内可以继续免费使用谷歌的网上电话务。Gunrights advocates in Utah trained 200 teachers in handling concealed weapons free of charge. 尤他州的权利捍卫者为200名老师免费提供了携带和使用隐匿武器的培训。好的,今天我们学习的词是 free of charge, free of charge, free of charge....A: Free of charge, 免费! I heard dunkin donuts is giving out milk shakes free of charge, wanna go together after work?B: Free drinks? Of course Im in!A: 我就知道有吃的你准来!B: Oh wait...I forget I have to go to the gym with my gym buddy! I aly promised him I would go today! Oh gosh, this just threw my plans out of kilter....A: Out of kilter? Thats an interesting phrase! 咱们来听听今天的美国习惯用语,看看这个说法是什么意思!Words and Idioms 819 OUT OF KILTER美国习惯用语第 819讲在我们这儿,常常能看到路标,警告开车的人要小心,别撞上过马路的鹿。我以前还不相信,可昨天差点儿撞上一只,好在我反应快,一个急转弯,躲开了,鹿虽然没撞上,但是车轮定位却出现了问题,开起来总是打偏。这让我想起了一个习惯用语,那就是:M: Out of kilter. Kilter is spelled kilter. Outofkilter. Out of kilter.说什么东西 out of kilter, 就是指因为其组成部分彼此之间失去平衡,所以运转起来不正常。刚才说我为了躲开鹿,急转弯,结果方向盘打得太急,造成了车轮定位的失调,就可以说 The wheels are out of kilter. 让我们听听下面这个人回忆他小时候干过的淘气事。M: ;Once my friend managed to get his moms washing machine to spin around with me standing in it! That was fun until the washer started shaking violently. We got it so OUT OF KILTER that his dad had to have it repaired. Did we get in trouble for that!;他说,有一次,我朋友让我站在他家的洗衣机里,然后居然开动了洗衣机,好玩极了,谁知后来洗衣机开始剧烈摇晃。我们把洗衣机弄得完全失调,他爸爸不得不拿去修理,可想而知,我们受到了多么严厉的惩罚。在孩子眼里可能挺好玩,但是在大人看来,这太危险了。好在现在的大部分电器都有安全设置,不让小孩子进行这种危险的举动。很多人听到刚才那个例子,肯定会说,;Boys will be boys.; 男孩就是男孩。难道淘气真是男孩子的本性吗?上个周末,我们一家本来说好了要开车到海边去玩,谁知星期六一大早下起了瓢泼大雨,完全打乱了我们的原定计划。Our schedule was thrown out of kilter. 好的,让我们再来听听上面那段话。M: ;Once my friend managed to get his moms washing machine to spin around with me standing in it! That was fun until the washer started shaking violently. We got it so OUT OF KILTER that his dad had to have it repaired. Did we get in trouble for that!;大家肯定都知道,苹果和樱桃等水果都需要蜜蜂的授粉。我以前从来没怎么考虑过这个问题,直到不久前,忽然听说,美国的蜜蜂不见了。让我们一起来听听下面这个农业记者是怎么说的。M: ;Millions of bees in the U.S. have mysteriously died or disappeared. As a result, crops in 24 states have been severely thrown OUT OF KILTER. While scientists continue to search for answers, farmers wonder how long this disorder will last.;这位记者报道说,美国数以百万计的蜜蜂都奇怪地死去或是消失了。这样一来,24个州的粮食作物的生长都出现了失常的现象。科研人员正在寻找问题的,而农民们想知道的是,这种情况还会持续多久。我敢肯定,科学家们一定能够找到问题的。他们既然能发现,风向、洋流、地震,甚至是融雪,都能影响到地球的运转,那么屈屈一起蜜蜂失踪的小事情,肯定难不倒他们。好,我们再听一下上面的例句。M: ;Millions of bees in the U.S. have mysteriously died or disappeared. As a result, crops in 24 states have been severely thrown OUT OF KILTER. While scientists continue to search for answers, farmers wonder how long this disorder will last.;说了半天,大家一定想知道,Kilter 这个字的意思。Kilter 的意思就是“良好的状态”。这个字的准确来源无法确定。有人说,Kilter 原来是指手里没用的废牌,也有人说,这个字跟砍或是打有关系。因此,out of kilter 也可以说成是 out of whack. 不论 kilter 这个词是怎么来的,大家需要记住的就是,out of Kilter 可以用来形容任何机械设备的失调,也可以用于某个系统、过程、机构、预算、或是日程的失常。好的,这次美国习惯用语就到此结束了。我是杨晨,我是 Douglas Johnson。只有勤学苦练,才能不断进步。大家在学习过然b中,一定要注意准确理解和应用,这样才能保你的英语不会 out of kilter.M: Until next time.下次节目再见。M: This has been Words and Idioms.A: 说起out of kilter, 我觉得这个词最适合用来形容网络了! Remember last time the buildings Internet service was down? All our work got thrown out of kilter!B: Yeah. 10 years ago, who could have imagine that Internet would play such a big role in our life? I mean, searching for information, managing your money....we are doing everything on the Internet!A: Thats true. our social lives have even moved into cyberspace! I have such mixed feelings towards social media right now. While its super convenient and can connect people all around the world, once your information is out, its there forever! For example, I really dont want Facebook to store all my personal information.B: Thats why Internet security is so important! And...thats the topic of todays business etiquette. Lets listen and see if we can learn some useful tips to protect ourselves on the Internet!礼节美语BE219 Internet Security IDylan早上见到同事Cory和Brenda, 告诉他们公司出事了。Dylan: Hey, Cory....did you hear about the breakin?Cory: No! Burglars broke in? Did they steal anything valuable?D: Actually, they might have gotten quite a bit of valuable information. But it wasnt thieves, it was online hackers.C: Ah, so somebody broke into our computer system! Oh, good morning, Brenda. Did you hear the news? There was a cyber attack!B: Oh my! But I thought we had very strong Internet firewalls.D: We do, but all it takes is one mistake and hackers can come pouring in like an invading army.Dylan问同事Cory听没听说公司有人非法闯入breakin, 不过不是真的有人夜盗,而是 online hackers 网上的骇客。The hackers broke into our computer system. 骇客进入了公司的电脑系统,这也可以被称为 cyber attack. 尽管公司安装了 Internet firewalls 互联网防火墙,但是稍一疏忽大意,还是被骇客钻了空子。B: Does the I.T. department have any idea how this happened?D: It looks like the hackers got in from an unsecure corporate email account.C: And then they loaded up a virus?D: Not a virus, but they put spyware or malware into our system.C: Ive heard of spyware but whats malware?B: Malware is short for ;malicious software.; Malware is any kind of software that is specially designed to infiltrate a computer system.C: So spyware is a kind of malware.公司电脑技术部门的调查显示,这次袭击是通过一个 unsecure email account 没加保密措施的电子邮箱偷偷安装的 spyware 或 malware. malware是 malicious software两个字连在一起产生的,spyware间谍软件是malware恶意软件的一种,都是破坏电脑安全的软件,目的是渗透进入电脑系统,infiltrate is spelled infiltrate, infiltrate, infiltrate 意思是渗透 。B: Sometimes the malware follows each keystroke you make, and then sends the information back to the hacker.D: Or, sometimes they install a program called a Trojan horse that steals data.C: Do you think this cyber attack was instigated by one of our competitors?D: I dont want to point fingers, but it certainly could be. If a Trojan horse got into our mainframe it could download a lot of sensitive info about our companys upcoming product launches.B: Many companies do spy on each other....but of course, its illegal.特洛伊木马程序 Trojan horse 也是骇客常用的一种程序,目的是盗取电脑系统里的数据。Brenda说,现在很多公司都 spy on each other 彼此展开电子间谍行动,那这次的骇客入侵是不是他们公司竞争对手干的呢?Dylan说,I dont want to point fingers. 我不想指责谁,to point fingers at someone 是一种很形象的说法,意思是指责某人做某事,但是如果骇客真在他们公司的电脑系统里安装了特洛伊木马程序的话,就可能盗取很多 sensitive information 敏感的信息。A: 原来,Brenda 和Dylan的公司遭到了cyber attack, 网络黑客袭击。黑客利用malware恶意软件, infiltrate the companys system, 渗透了公司系统。这黑客真是高智商犯罪呀,随便动动手指头,就能让你好久的努力付诸流水!B: Yeah, people are gradually realizing it now. After my bad banking experience, Im really careful about giving out my personal information on the Internet. The more information the hackers have, the easier it is for them to hack into your system.A:I guess setting strong password also helps.B: Yep! Lets see what Dylan and Brenda have to say about it!礼节美语BE220 Internet Security II公司电脑系统遭到骇客入侵,Dylan跟同事Cory和Brenda一起讨论,Dylan说:D: We may never be able to trace the origin of this attack. But what we can do is work harder to make our systems impenetrable.B: Yes, a lot of people are quite lazy with computer security.D: Thats true. For example, many people almost never change their passwords.B: Or they use ridiculously easytoguess passwords.C: Um....I guess Im guilty of that. I dont think Ive ever changed my password.Dylan说,他们可能永远都查不到这次骇客袭击是谁干的,但他们可以吃一堑长一智,加倍努力 to make our systems impenetrable. 让我们电脑系统的安全滴水不漏,impenetrable is spelled impenetrable, impenetrable 是无法进入的意思。Brenda说,很多人太大意,不重视电脑安全,从来不换密码,或是用的密码太简单。Cory说,Im guilty of that. 我就是这种人,从不换密码。Dylan 说,D: And let me guess.....your password is, ;1234.;C: Well, its not quite that simple....B: Let me take a guess.... Its your wifes birthday.C: Thats incredible! How did you guess that? Have you been spying on me?B: (chuckle) Nope. Its just that you selected one of the most common passwords on the planet. Are you a member of any social networking websites?C: Yes, a couple.B: Then your wifes birthday is probably public knowledge.D: Thats right! In the Internet age, very few things are private anymore. If I do a little research on you, Ill bet I can find out where you were born, what school you went to, your wifes maiden name....even the name of your dog!Dylan和Brenda一下子就猜到了Cory的密码,原来他用的是太太的生日,one of the most common passwords on the planet 最常见的密码之一。由于Cory业余时间用社交网站,所以实际上,他太太的生日简直就是public knowledge 公开的信息。Dylan还说,在互联网和社交网站如此发达的今天,没有多少信息是真正保密的,稍微上网找一下,出生地,上过的学校,太太的名字等等都能找到。Cory说,C: Wow, I hope I wasnt responsible for this recent attack. Whats a good password then?D: A good password uses a mixture of letters and numbers. For example, think of a simple sentence such as, ;I like ice cream on Sundays.; Take the first letter from each word in the sentence....and, because Sunday is the first day of the week, add the number 1 at the end.C: So my password would be, ;ILICOS1?;B: Yeah! Thats a pretty difficult password to break....and its easy to remember.D: And....dont forget to change it every couple of months.C: Good thinking. Im going to go change my password right now!Dylan说,密码最好是用字母和数字的组合。他举例说,可以想一句话,I like ice cream on Sundays. 用这句话每个单词的首写字母,最后面再加个1,因为星期天是一周的第一天。这样的密码又好记,又难破译。Cory 高兴地说,他现在就去改密码。A: What kind of password do you use, Mike?B: Im not going to tell you!A: Let me guess....its the day you got your dog Sunny, right?B: Stop it! And OMG, how do you know that! Now Im going to have to go change my password right after the show....A: Haha, My powers of deduction are unstoppable!B: And...thats what we are going to listen to in the next learn a word!Learn A Word 1677 unstoppable今天我们要学的词是 unstoppable, unstoppable is spelled unstoppable, unstoppable. Unstoppable 无法阻挡的。The Washington Redskins have won 7 games in a row. Theyre unstoppable. 华盛顿美式足球红人队连赢七场比赛,势不可挡。Ever since the introduction of Apples iPad in 2010, tablets have been enjoying seemingly unstoppable growth. 自从2010年苹果首先推出iPad以来,平板电脑的发展突飞猛进。In the last few years, the acceptance of gay rights in America has been seemingly unstoppable. 过去几年里,美国社会对同性恋权利的认可度看起来势不可挡。好的,今天我们学习的词是 unstoppable, unstoppable, unstoppable....A: 虽然大家总说iPhone 5这不好,那不好,可是买的人还是非常多!B: Seems like thats the case for all apple products. Once they have a new product, their sales always seem to unstoppable!.A: 就是! 我这次回北京,整个苹果店里就都是人,到处都有科技发烧友呀!B: All right all right. Calm down. Lets put the apple fanboy fever aside. Now we are going to continue with our last segment, another words and idioms!Words and Idioms 820 Know Ones Place美国习惯用语第 820讲我最近一直在上一门艺术史的课。就在上个星期,一个学生在课堂上跟教授吵了起来,非说教授讲得不对,让我大吃一惊。我们上学那会儿,绝对没有人敢去指出老师的错误。不过,这倒让我想起了一个习惯用语,那就是:M: Know ones place. Place is spelled place. Knowonesplace. Know ones place.to know ones place 意思是按照自己的身份和地位行事,特别是指自己的地位比较低下的时候。中国文化讲究的是尊师敬长,老师说的都是对的,学生怎么能反过来质问老师呢?要让我说,He didnt seem to know his place. 他的表清太不得体了。让我们听听下面这个工厂工人的经历。M: ;During my first year on the assembly line, I noticed the foreman making a lot of mistakes. But I kept quiet. As a lowlevel worker, I KNEW MY PLACE. I didnt want to get fired for telling my supervisor what he had been doing wrong.;他说,我在组装线上工作的第一年注意到,工头犯了很多错误,但是我一声没吭,作为刚上岗的新人,我知道自己的身份,我可不想因为批评自己的上司不好,而被炒了鱿鱼。这个工人看来挺会做人的,不象某些初出茅庐的年轻人。He knows his place. 我先生的公司去年夏天曾经来过一批实习生。临走的时候,他们居然给公司总裁写了一封联名信,历数公司在管理上所犯的错误。有人说,他们真是不知深浅,居然教育老板如何去经营自己的公司。They should have known their place. 你觉得呢?畅所欲言需要考虑身份和等级吗?好的,让我们再来听听上面那段话。M: ;During my first year on the assembly line, I noticed the foreman making a lot of mistakes. But I kept quiet. As a lowlevel worker, I KNEW MY PLACE. I didnt want to get fired for telling my supervisor what he had been doing wrong.;大家肯定还记得美国前总统卡特吧。他的太太罗莎琳?卡特受到很多美国人的敬重,但也有些人对罗莎琳颇有微词。为什么呢?让我们一起来听听下面这个历史学家是怎么解释的。M: ;During her years in the White House, Rosalyn Carter was not a traditional First Lady. She would often sit on her husbands senior staff meetings and sometimes represented President Carter in discussions with world leaders. As a result, some voters criticized her for NOT KNOWING HER PLACE.;这位历史学家说,在白宫的时候,罗莎琳并不是一位传统的第一夫人。她经常参加卡特政府高级官员的会议,有时候还代表卡特总统跟外国领导人会面。因此,有些选民批评她,说她没有摆好自己的位置。我祖母就有这种看法。她觉得卡特夫人作为第一夫人,任务就是端端茶,或是跟其他政要的夫人聊聊天。不过,这也反应了我祖母那辈人的传统思维。在她们眼里,A woman who knows her place will not try to compete with a man for a job. 女人本来就不应该跟男人抢工作,女人就是应该待在家里,照顾孩子、做饭、打扫卫生。好,我们再听一下上面的例句。M: ;During her years in the White House, Rosalyn Carter was not a traditional First Lady. She would often sit on her husbands senior staff meetings and sometimes represented President Carter in discussions with world leaders. As a result, some voters criticized her for NOT KNOWING HER PLACE.;根据我的研究,know ones place 这个习惯用语是十六世纪后半叶开始流行的,也许是因为那个时候,逐渐出现了严格的社会地位的规范吧。如果你有什么更好的解释,一定要告诉我,Im not going to come down on you for not knowing your place. 我不会因为你纠正我而迁怒于你的。好的,这次美国习惯用语就到此结束了。我是杨晨,我是 Douglas Johnson。M: Until next time.下次节目再见。M: This has been Words and Idioms.A: See, you should always know your place. 你可以每天向你的领导我进贡食品呀,咖啡呀,之类的。B: Sorry, But I think you misspoke. You put the words ;you; and ;my boss; in the same sentence. Did you mean to say that your going to bribe with food?A: Dream on! 好了同学们,这次节目时间就到这里了。B: Tune in next time for American English Mosaic!A: See you next time! /201501/349701。

Language PointsA study suggests that people who lose their virginity after the age of 19 will attain a higher level of education and make more money.The word slut was originally used to describe a woman who didnt keep her room clean.Every second, 28,250 Internet users are watching porn.Some phycologists say that sleeping naked can boost a persons confidence.A French study shows that women are better off without bras. Bras do not decrease back pain but increase sagging.The more men masturbate the lower their chance of getting prostate cancer.Men are twice as likely to post updates on social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter after sex.In America, same sex marriage is only legal in 9 states, but its legal to have sex with a horse in 23 states. /201609/465887。

养的人都知道,一般小都会整天特别兴奋,跳上跳下的,有时候真让人没办法。那天我朋友来我家,看到我的小乖乖的趴在地上,不乱叫也不乱跑,特别羡慕,问我是怎么把训练的这么好的。我告诉她,其实我的诀窍就是每天早晨带小出去跑步,回来之后,它基本上就没有多余的精力上窜下跳了。用一句习惯用语来说,这就是: do the trick.Trick,诀窍。Do the trick, 其实就是取得想要的成果,获得成功的窍门。上面的例子里就是这样,如果你的小过于好动,taking your dog for a run in the morning will do the trick. 只要每天早晨带它去跑跑步就好了。大家都很讨厌冗长的会议,下面的例子里,这名咨询顾问给了我们什么忠告呢? 我们来听听看:例句-1:How often have you found yourself suffering in another lengthy meeting? Maybe youve asked the boss to shorten the agenda or encouraged colleagues to talk briefly. But nothing has worked. Next time, invite participants to stand instead of sit. I guarantee you, it does the trick. Nobody will want to stay on their feet for long, so your meeting will be short.这段话是说:你是不是经常被困在冗长的会议中呢? 也许你曾经要求老板缩短会议,或者鼓励同事简短发言,但是似乎什么都不奏效。告诉你一个小窍门。下回,让大家站着,而不是坐着开会。我保你能达到目的。没有人愿意老站着,所以会议也不会长。这主意真不错! 每星期一早晨的员工例行会议特别让人头疼。经过一个周末后,很多人都有Monday blue,星期一沮丧症。所以很多公司都会在周一早晨提供donut, 甜面包圈。For many workers, sweet donuts do the trick; they keep them awake and focused. 对于很多员工来说,甜面包圈就能把他们吸引过来,让他们保持清醒和精力集中。真希望我们公司也有面包圈提供呢!******Do the trick, 达到目的的窍门。我相信对于所有人来说,纪念日都是很重要的。下面例子里的这个丈夫老是忘了自己的结婚纪念日,他做了什么来补救呢? 我们来听听看:例句-2:I know I should remember my anniversary and other dates, but sometimes I forget. When I first got married, Id send flowers as an apology. They always did the trick. These days, however, they dont make my wife happy. Instead, she expects expensive jewelry.这段话是说: 我也知道我老是忘记结婚纪念日和其他重要的节日。刚结婚的时候,我会给妻子买花表示抱歉,每次她都会原谅我。但是现在,鲜花已经不能取妻子的欢心了。她想要昂贵的珠宝。我真不知道是该说这名丈夫健忘,还是这位妻子贪心呢? 其实,我觉得她应该把这些重要的节日都输入到她丈夫的智能手机里,这样手机就能自动提醒他啦! If she programs the important dates into her husbands smart phone, he will get instant reminders. I think it will do the trick. 这应该就能解决忘记重要日子的问题了。 /201704/499949。

unit 197 恋人分手(1)dialogue 英语情景对话 A:I really hate to say this, but dont go away mad, just go away.A:我真的很讨厌这样说,但是请你默默地走开,好吧。B:I knew this would happen some day.B:我知道事情迟早会发生的。A:Then, why didnt you try to prevent it in the beginning?A:那么,为什么不一开始就努力阻止它的发生呢?B:Well. Its not all my fault, Anna. You are responsible, too.B:安娜,那不全是我的错,你也有责任啊。A:I dont want to argue anymore. Please get out of my life!A:我不想再争辩了。请从我的生活中消失吧!B:I think we can still talk.B:我想我们还是可以谈谈的。A:No way! Please dont follow me around.A:免谈!请不要再缠着我。B:Talk it easy, Anna. You really dont hate me. do you?B:平心静气地想一想,安娜。你并不是真的讨厌我吧?A:Yes, I do. Leave me alone!A:我是真的讨厌你。别烦我了! /201509/399453。

本期内容:A letter from home is a priceless treasure家书抵万金首先,我们来看一个单词 priceless P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S 及其贵重的,无价的这里要区分priceless, valueless和worthlesspriceless 是无价的 而 valueless和worthless正好相反 表示没有价值的,不值钱的再来看一个单词 treasure T-R-E-A-S-U-R-E 财富,珍宝,重视来自家里的信是无价之宝,特别在战争年代,一封家书代表着家人的平安,显得格外珍贵关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖 /201703/498559。

外教带你学地道口语 第7期:Storm in a teacup《超级英语秀》你知道Storm在英语里的意思除了暴雨之外还有其他的意思?比方说A storm is coming, A Storm In A teacup, To Storm Out? 等等。今天我们来研究研究究竟有多少个跟storm有关的短语。又好玩又实用,这就是你的超级英语秀! /201508/390329。