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盐城男人包皮手术要花多少钱盐城/哪个医院看阳痿好盐城协和有哪些无痛人流 William Shakespeare莎士比亚Of all the famous English writers,probably the best known is William Shakespeare.在所有举世闻名的英文作家中,最著名的的也许要数莎士比亚了He was born in Stratd-upon-Avon in 6 on April the 3rd.莎士比亚于6年月3日出生在埃文河畔的斯特拉特福德镇His father was an important man in town so Shakespeare had a good upbringing.其父亲在该镇是个重要人物,所以他接受过良好的教育Shakespeare probably went to school(although no records survive to prove this) but not university.莎士比亚很可能上过学,尽管没有记录能考这点,但没有上过大学He got married when he was 18 to Anne Hathaway and the couple had 3 children.他18岁时和安妮?海瑟薇结婚,婚后育有3个孩子Shakespeare wrote 38 plays and sonnets.莎士比亚写了38部戏剧和首十四行诗He began working in his home town of Stratd but by 9 was writing in London.他在自己的家乡斯特拉特福德镇开始工作,但到9年他去了伦敦开始写作He became rich enough to buy a house in the capital and one in Stratd.他富裕起来后就在首都和斯特拉特福德买了房子He wrote sad stories called tragedies,like Romeo and Juliet,funny stories or comedies, romantic stories and stories about historical figures such as Julius Caesar.莎士比亚写的悲惨故事,被称为悲剧,如《罗密欧与朱丽叶,他还写有趣的故事或喜剧,浪漫的故事以及有关历史人物的历史剧,如《尤里乌斯·恺撒Shakespeare died on his birthday in ,almost 00 years ago.莎士比亚死于00年前,也就是年他生日那天But why is his work still popular today?但为何他的作品如今仍受欢迎呢?His work looked at common human themes,such as betrayal, murder, lust, power, ambition and love.莎翁的作品着眼于大众主题,诸如背叛,谋杀,性欲,权力,野心以及爱情These themes are as much a part of human nature today as they were all those years ago and are the themes we see in modern soap operas and Hollywood films.这些主题从古到今都是人性的一部分,而且它们还经常贯穿于现代的肥皂剧和好莱坞电影当中Even though his theatre, The Globe, burned down in it was rebuilt in London in 1997 and you can still see his plays permed there today.尽管他的环球剧院在年被烧毁,但于1997年在伦敦得到重建,如今你仍然可以在那里欣赏他创作的戏剧Shakespeare influence on the English language can still be felt today.时至今日,我们仍然能感受到莎士比亚在英文语言中的影响力We talk about ;fair play;, meaning honest behaviour but this phrase was first used by Shakespeare.我们说公平竞争,那意味着正当的行为举止,而最先使用这个词的却是莎士比亚He coined the phrase ;you can have too much of a good thing;.他用短语杜撰了这样的表达—你能够从一个好的事物中得到许多好的东西(启示或启迪)And it was Shakespeare who came up with the expression to disappear ;into thin air;which we still use today when we lose something.当我们丢失某样东西时,我们现在仍然在用莎士比亚创造的短语消失的无影无踪Shakespeare work has been translated into every major language in the world.莎士比亚的作品被翻译为世界上各种主要的语言And perhaps well still be as fascinated by his work 00 years from now as weve been almost the last 00.或许在往后的00年里也跟过去这00年来一样,莎翁的作品仍会让世人为之倾倒 580盐城/做流产哪最好

盐城市第三人民医院怀孕检测多少钱I needed a new dress a wedding I was attending next week so I went to the mall during my lunch hour. The mall had a big variety of stores, including two department stores so I was sure to find something that was just right. I found a space in the parking structure and entered the mall through the main entrance. This was right next to the food court. Okay, where to start? I headed to one of the two department stores. On the way there, though, I saw a nice dress in a window display of a women's clothing store. I decided to go in. As I walked in, I saw a sales clerk hanging some shirts on a rack. She said, "Hi, can I help you find something?#818;" "Oh, I'm just browsing," I said."Okay. Let me know if you need any help." I told her "thanks" and started looking around the store. There were some nice sweaters folded on the shelves and some dress pants on the racks. I made my way toward the back of the store and found the same dress I saw in the window display. And, it was on sale! It was 50% off. I started looking my size. There were plenty of smalls and larges, but no mediums. The sales clerk was walking by just then so I asked her, "Do you have any other sizes in the back?" But, I was out of luck. This was all they had. "But," she said, "I have this dress in a medium and it's been marked down, too. Would you like to try it on?" I said I did and followed her to the dressing room. She said, "My name is Cheryl. Let me know if you need anything else." I tried the dress on and it fit perfectly. I liked the color, too. I took the dress to the register. The sales clerk asked, "Are you y?" I told her I was and she started ringing me up. The clerk told me the total and asked me, "How would you like to pay this?#818;" "With my MasterCard," I said and handed her my credit card.She processed the card and asked me sign the credit card receipt. She handed me a copy and a bag with my new dress in it. She said, "There you go. I hope you like the dress. Thanks coming in.#818;" I thanked her and left. I couldn't believe I got my shopping done so quickly. There's a first time everything.Script by Dr. Lucy Tse 01987盐城协和名中医馆 The wind has gently murmured through the blinds, or puffed with feathery softness against the windows,and occasionally sighed like a summer zephyr lifting the leaves along, the livelong night.微风缓缓地吹着百叶窗,吹在窗上,非常温柔,像羽毛似的偶尔也会犹如几声叹息,听起来像夏日漫漫长夜里风轻抚着树叶的声音The meadow mouse has slept in his snug gallery in the sod, the owl has sat in a hollow tree in the depth of the swamp, the rabbit, the squirrel, and the fox have all been housed.在铺着草皮的地下,田鼠正在地洞里呼呼大睡,猫头鹰则在沼泽地深处的—棵空心树里蹲着,兔子、松鼠、狐狸都呆在家里The watch—dog has lain quiet on the hearth, and the cattle have stood silent in their stalls.看门的静静地躺在暖炉旁,牛羊在栏里悄无声息The earth itself has slept, as it were its first, not its last sleep, save when some street sign or woodhouse door has faintly creaked upon its hinge,连大地都在沉睡—但这不是寿终正寝,而是忙碌一年后第一次美美地睡上一觉夜已经深了,大自然还在忙碌着, 只有街上一些招牌或小木屋的门轴不时嘎吱嘎吱地响,cheering lorn nature at her midnight work-the only sound awake twixt Venus and Mars-advertising us of a remote inward warmth, a divine cheer and fellowship, where gods are met together, but where it is very bleak men to stand.给沉寂的大自然来一点慰藉也只有这些声音,预示着在茫茫宇宙中,在金星和火星之间,天地万物中还有一些是清醒的我们想起了看似遥远却也许近在心中的;温暖感觉”,还有那些只有天神们在相聚时才能感受到的一种神圣的鼓舞和难得的交情,而这些对于凡人是不胜苍凉的But while the earth has slumbered,all the air has been alive with feathery flakes descending,as if some northern Ceres reigned, showering her silvery grain over all the fields.大地此刻在酣睡,可是空气还 很活跃,鹅毛大雪漫天飞舞,好像是一个北方的五谷女神,正在把她的银种子撒在我们的田野上We sleep, and at length awake to the still reality of a winter morning.我们也进入了梦乡,等到醒来时,恰是冬季的早展The snow lies warm as cotton or down upon the window sill;世界静悄梢的,雪下了厚厚的-层the broadened sash and frosted panes admit a dim and private light, which enhances the snug cheer within.窗根上像铺了柔软的棉花或羽域:窗格子显得宽了些,玻璃上爬满了冰纹,看起来黯淡而神秘 3853盐城市妇幼保健院治疗肛瘘肛裂多少钱

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