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Theres...um well...we havent got a break.But I just wanna say,if you see the documentary, there was one thing我们暂时不进广告 我还想说一下 如果你有机会看这部纪录片 有一个细节and I was really so impressed and you did this when we were in Orlando让我觉得真的很感动 当你在奥兰多演出的时候it started raining and you didnt care - Right.天开始下雨 但你继续表演 -对you were dancing and singing on stage which is dangerous, you could get slip你在舞台上载歌载舞 这其实是很危险的 你可能会滑倒and you could get electrocuted. - Right.All kinds of things.All kinds of things.你还可能会触电 -对 什么事情都有可能发生 对 什么事情都有可能发生And you were just out there and what country were you in when it was pouring down raining Um, in Brazil.但是你还是坚持演出 下着倾盆大雨那次你是在哪个国家 那是在巴西I think its that way. Brazil is that way. - Yeah.那是那个方向吧 巴西在那个方向 -对I dont know why I am pointing that way. - Is it Brazil?我也不知道我为什么要指着那边 -那边是巴西吗Brazil is that way. - Oh yeah.Or is it that way?巴西在这个方向 -对的 还是那个方向Anyway, it was pouring down raining. - Yeah.回到正题 当时雨下得很大 -对It was amazing that you It was a torrential rain.Yeah, and you went out and did it anyway.你真的很棒 当时在下暴雨 对 然后你还是走上舞台表演了When the fans stayed out there, you just feel so bad.粉丝们就在外面站着 你真的会对他们很抱歉They paid their money for their tickets.Its their one time to see you. - Yeah.他们都是花了钱买票 就为了在现场看一下我的表演 -是的I was leaving Brazil the next day.It was like, I had to do the show.我当时第二天就要离开巴西 所以我在想 我一定要完成这次演出And we did. Listen We were slipping all over the place. - I know, it was great.然后我们做到了 你知道吗 我们在舞台上不停打滑 -我知道 真的很棒cutting choreograph and stuff like that.我们把舞蹈动作和很多程序都精简了But it was still,probably still one of the best memories from tour. - Yeah.但我还是觉得 那是整个巡回演唱会过程中最美好的回忆之一 -是的Well, I remember Pacific Brazil Its fantastic and so好的 我记得 巴西演唱会 真的太精了Um anyway, we are talking about the movie when we come back.稍后我们来谈一谈你的新电影 /201512/413129Tax incentives税收鼓励Sparks fly火花飞舞Georgias breaks for electric vehicles may be too good to last乔治亚州对电动车减税的做法,犹如昙花一现,怕长久不了OLIVIA PEDERSEN thought the Nissan Leaf parked outside her favourite lunch spot near Emory University, must be hers. But she could not open the door. Nor could she open the door of the identical Leaf behind it. Cautiously, she tried the third Leaf in line and happily drove away. More than 14,000 electric vehicles are now registered in Georgia; California is the only state with more. But the juicy state incentives for buying them are coming under attack.埃默里大学附近停着一辆日产聆风,巧的是正好停在奥利薇亚·裴德森(OLIVIA PEDERSEN)最爱的午餐厅门口,她觉得这辆车属于自己。然而,她既开不了车门,也无法打开后面一辆聆风同款车的车门。接着,她小心翼翼地试了第三辆聆风,然后满心欢喜地开走了。如今,在乔治亚州,超过14000辆电动车已注册登记;加州成为全美注册电动车数量最多的州。但是,对电动车购买的福利政策即将遇冷。Residents can claim an income-tax credit for 20% of the cost of leasing or purchasing an electric vehicle, up to ,000. Combined with a possible federal tax incentive worth ,500, savvy Georgians are driving all the way to the bank in nearly-free electric cars. Nissan sells more of its Leaf models in Atlanta than in any other city, according to Don Francis from Clean Cities-Georgia, which promotes the use of cars like these.民众表示收入税中有20%用于租赁或购买电动车,高达5000美元。价值7500美元的联邦税收激励政策或出台,精明的乔治亚人全程驾驶免费的电动车前往。来自清洁城市——乔治亚(Clean Cities-Georgia)的唐·弗朗西斯表示,在亚特兰大州,日产汽车售车数位居全美第一;Clean Cities-Georgia致力宣传这种车的用途。Such trends motivated Chuck Martin, a representative in Georgias House, to sponsor a bill to end state incentives for electric vehicles. He argues that the income-tax credit costs too much—about .6m in 2013—and that only urban types benefit from these sorts of cars. Mr Martins bill was voted down in committee in February, but seems to be still breathing. Another House bill, mostly to finance transport projects, would reduce the credits; it is now before the Senate.乔治亚议院的代表查克·马丁受到了这种潮流影响,并且出资赞助一项法案,内容涉及终结各州对电动车的优惠政策。所得税的信贷费用高昂(2013年达1360万美元),而且只有城市的信贷才能从这些车辆中受益。马丁先生的法案于二月份遭到否决,但似乎还在“苟延残喘”。另一项议院法案,主要目的是为交通项目融资;如此一来,信贷费用减少。目前,该法案摆在参议院面前。Fans of electric vehicles say Georgia now leads the country in clean transport. Local power companies have helped by offering off-peak prices of 1.3 cents per kilowatt hour for charging the cars at night. And the sales tax levied on this power stays in the state, whereas cash spent on petrol largely goes elsewhere, says Jeff Cohen, founder of the Atlanta Electric Vehicle Development Coalition.电动车迷说道,如今,乔治亚州带领全州使用环保的交通工具。当地电力公司也积极响应,并提供低电价即1.3美分每瓦,供居民晚上充电。亚特兰大电动车发展联合公司创始人杰夫·科恩( Jeff Cohen)称,对该电力公司所征收的销售税在该州维持不变,相比之下,其他地方大把银子却花费在汽油上。Cutting the credits altogether might also harm Georgia in other ways. A study by Keybridge Public Policy Economics, a consultancy, says the state could lose 2m by 2030 if they disappear and people buy gas-guzzlers instead. That is because drivers will spend 4m on petrol to get around (in contrast with the 1m they would have paid in electricity bills), and will no longer fritter away their savings from the federal electric-vehicle tax credit in Georgias shops. But the states incentives may be safe in the legislature after all; the president of the Senate drives an electric car himself.对信贷费用的削减有可能在其他方面伤害乔治亚州。咨询机构键桥公共政策经济学(Keybridge Public Policy Economics)的一项研究表明,到2030年,如果电动车消失,人们便青睐“油老虎”,那么该州将遭受损失25200万美元。原因是:驾驶者将花费71400万美元去加油站加油(相较之下,他们只需花费26100万美元在电动车上);同时可以从联邦电动车税收信贷中积攒储蓄。然而,该州的优惠政策在立法过程中终究是安全的,参议院议长自己是骑电动车的。译者:黄柳 译文属译生译世 /201503/366310

  What makes adolescents so vulnerable to developing addictions to substances like nicotine, alcohol, and drugs?是什么使得青少年很容易对像尼古丁,酒精和毒品这些物品上瘾?Teens, in particular, seem more vulnerable than any other age group.特别是青少年,他们似乎比其它任一年龄人群更脆弱。Is it a result of peer pressure? Of wanting to fit in?是来自同辈的压力吗?想融入群体?In a word, no. Socio-cultural elements do play their role.总之,不是。社会文化因素是主要原因。However, scientists who analyzed the results of many studies on this subject believe the susceptibility of adolescents to substance addiction also has to do with the state of development of a particular region in adolescent brains.科学家分析了许多相关研究调查,他们认为青少年对物质成瘾的敏感性与大脑内部某特定区域的发展情况有关。They interpreted that the region of the brain that monitor simpulse and motivation isnt fully formed in adolescence.他们解释说大脑控制神经冲动和动机的区域是在青春期形成的。This area of the brain experiences a lot ofactivity and change during adolescence.大脑的这个部分在青春期经历许多活动并改变。Its due to this brain regions hyperactivity and quick-firechange that adolescents are more likely than children and adults to want to try out new experiences, to be impulsive and take risks.由于青春期大脑的这个部分的极度活跃比小孩和速射大人都大,所以青少年更想尝试新的体验,更冲动和更愿意冒险。That may not sound so bad in theory, but the real downside about this region of the brain is thatalong with adolescent inhibitions may come experimentation and abuse of addictive drugs.这听起来可能不是那么糟糕,但这个区域的真正缺点是随着青少年情绪压抑,对成瘾药物的尝试和滥用也会随之而来。Inaddition, because of the immature state of this brain region, adolescents may be quicker to succumb to nicotine, alcohol, and drug addiction, and to do so with greater permanency.此外,由于这个大脑区域的不成熟状态,青少年也许会更快地屈于尼古丁,酒精和毒品,并且更具有永久性。What can be done about it?我们可以做些什么呢?This suggests that substance use disorders among adolescents areactually neuro developmental disorders as well;这表明,青少年的物质使用障碍实际上也是神经发育障碍;researchers and doctors may learn more about howto treat these patients by focusing on the particularities of the adolescent period and on the brainin that period.研究人员和医生可以通过关注青年期的青少年和那个时期大脑的特质,了解更多关于治疗这些病人的信息。 201411/339739

  World economy世界经济Past and future tense过去和未来时The world economy in 2015 will carry troubling echoes of the late 1990s世界经济在2015年将出现20世纪90年代晚期令人烦恼的相似困境A FINANCIAL crash in Russia; falling oil prices and a strong dollar; a new gold rush in Silicon Valley and a resurgent American economy; weakness in Germany and Japan; tumbling currencies in emerging markets from Brazil to Indonesia; an embattled Democrat in the White House. Is that a forecast of the world in 2015 or a portrait of the late 1990s?俄罗斯发生了金融危机;油价和强势美元下跌;硅谷出现了新的淘金热,并且美国实现经济复苏;德国和日本则经济疲软;从巴西到印度尼西亚的新兴市场货币呈动荡;民主党在白宫四面楚歌。那是对2015年世界的预测或上世纪90年代末的景象描绘?Recent economic history has been so dominated by the credit crunch of 2008-09 that it is easy to forget what happened in the decades before. But looking back 15 years or so is instructive—in terms of both what to do and what to avoid.近期的经济已经由2008-09年的信贷紧缩所主导,很容易忘记在十年前所发生的事情。但回过头来看15年前的经济会发现有所启发—反观两者可以知道该做之事以及应避免什么问题。Then, as now, the ed States was in the vanguard of a disruptive digital revolution. The advent of the internet spawned a burst of innovation and euphoria about Americas prospects. By 1999 GDP was rising by more than 4% a year, almost twice the rich-country average. Unemployment fell to 4%, a 30-year low. Foreign investors piled in, boosting both the dollar and share prices. The Samp;P 500 index rose to almost 30 times earnings; tech stocks went wild.当时和现在一样,美国当年是颠覆性的数字革命的先锋。互联网的出现催生了一阵对美国的前景创新和兴高采烈的乐观情绪。到1999年为止,美国国内生产总值每年增长率超过4%,几乎两倍于富裕国家的平均水平。美国失业率下降至4%,为30年最低点。外国投资者主要集中于提升美元和股票价格。标准普尔500指数升至市盈率的近30倍;科技股疯狂飙升。The optimism in America stood in stark contrast to gloom elsewhere, as it does today. Japans economy had slipped into deflation in 1997. Germany was “the sick man of Europe”, its firms held back by rigid labour markets and other high costs. Emerging markets, having soared ahead, were in crisis: between 1997 and 1999 countries from Thailand to Brazil saw their currencies crash as foreign capital fled and dollar-denominated debts proved unpayable.正如现今一样,在美国的乐观情绪和其他地方的悲观状态形成鲜明对比。日本经济已经在1997年陷入通货紧缩。德国是那时的“欧洲病夫”,德国公司由劳动力市场僵化以及其他高成本阻碍了经济。已经提前高速发展的新兴市场也陷入危机:1997年至1999年之间,从泰国到巴西等国家货币出现崩溃,并伴随着外资外泄,而且以美元计价的债务被明是无法偿还的。Eventually, America ran into trouble too. The tech-stock bubble burst in early 2000, prompting a broader share price slump. Business investment, particularly in technology, sank; and as share prices fell, consumers cut back. By early 2001 America, along with most of the rich world, had slipped into recession, albeit a mild one.最终,美国也遇到了麻烦。早在2000年科技股泡沫破灭,促使更广泛的股价暴跌。商业投资,尤其是在技术方面的投资也在下降;而且随着股票价格下跌,消费者也在减少。到2001年初,美国与大多数发达国家一样,已经陷入经济衰退,尽管是温和的下降。America the powerful壮哉美国Inevitably the parallels are not perfect. The biggest difference is China, a bit-part player in 1999 and now the worlds second-biggest economy, contributing disproportionately to global growth. But there are three trends at work that destabilised the world economy then and could do the same now.不可避免的相似之处并不全然完美。最大的区别就是中国,一个在1999年经济中扮演跑龙套的配角的中国,目前已经是世界上第二大经济体,对全球经济增长作出巨大贡献。但也有使得当时世界经济不稳定三个趋势,也会对现在经济产生影响。The first is the gap between America, where growth is accelerating, and almost everywhere else, where it is slowing. In the late 1990s Larry Summers, then the US deputy treasury secretary, warned that the world economy was “flying on one engine”. For 2015 The Economists panel of forecasters expects 3% growth in America, compared with 1.1% in Japan and the euro area. Chinas growth rate may fall to around 7%.第一个趋势是美国,经济增长加快,而几乎其他任何地方经济正出现放缓。在20世纪90年代后期美国财政部副部长拉里·萨默斯警告说,世界经济是“依靠单台引擎在飞驰”。《经济学家》预测专家对于2015年进行预测:美国经济增长3%,在日本和欧元区为1.1%。中国的经济增长速度可能回落至7%左右。Americans can comfort themselves that, as in the late 1990s, the optimism gap is partially warranted. Jobs are being created in their country faster than at any time since 1999, cheap petrol has buoyed consumer spending and business investment has picked up. But the news is not all good: cheaper oil could tip plenty of Americas shale producers into bankruptcy in 2015, while a stronger dollar and weakness abroad will hurt exporters—just as they did 15 years ago. Britain, the other Anglosphere champion, may also be clobbered by the euro zones woes.美国人可以安慰自己的是,在上世纪90年代后期,乐观缺口部分得到了填补和保障。1999年以来美国创造了比以往任何时候都要快的就业率,价格便宜的汽油提升了消费者出,并且商业投资回升。但并非全是喜讯:便宜的油可能会使得许多美国的页岩生产商在2015年破产,当美元走强和外币出现疲软时会伤害出口商—和他们15年前如出一辙。英国,其他盎格鲁势力范围的捍卫者,也可能被欧元区的危机重挫。The second worrying parallel with the late 1990s is the dismal outlook for the rich worlds two other big economies. Germanys growth rate has tumbled to around 1% and there is a deeper malaise caused by years of underinvestment, a disastrous energy policy and a government that is too obsessed by its fiscal targets to spend money and too frightened of its voters to push through the sort of structural reforms that Gerhard Schr?der implemented in 2003. Meanwhile Japan has repeated the error it made in 1997—thwarting its escape from stagnation with a premature rise in consumption tax.上世纪90年代末的第二个令人担忧的是世界上其他两大经济体惨淡前景。德国的增长率已经下降到1%左右,多年投资不足导致更深的萎靡现象,灾难性的能源政策和政府过于迷恋其财政目标来花费金钱,太害怕选民对推动政府进行如格哈德·施罗德于2003年实施的结构性改革,同时日本已经出现了1997年所犯的错误—挫败了其逃离经济停滞与过早增加消费税。The third echo of the 1990s is the danger in emerging markets. Back then the problem was fixed exchange rates and hefty foreign debt. Now the debts are lower, the exchange rates float and most governments have built up reserves. Still, there are growing signs of trouble, especially in Russia (see article). But other commodity exporters also look vulnerable, especially in Africa. Oil accounts for 95% of Nigerias exports and 75% of its government revenue. Ghana has aly gone to the IMF for support. In other countries the danger lies in the corporate sector. Many Brazilian firms are heavily indebted in dollars. A rash of corporate defaults may prove less spectacular than Asias sovereign-debt crises in the 1990s, but they will make investors nervous and push up the dollar.上世纪90年代的第三波回音是新兴市场的危险。当时的问题是固定汇率和巨额外债。现在,债务较低,汇率浮动,大多数国家的政府都建立了储备。不过,也有麻烦越来越多的迹象,尤其是在俄罗斯(见文章)。但其他大宗商品出口国也很脆弱,尤其是在非洲。石油占95%,尼日利亚的出口和政府财政收入的75%。加纳已经申请国际货币经济组织的持。在其他国家的危险存在于企业部门。许多巴西公司都对美元负债累累。一连串企业违约可能比亚洲的主权债务危机在20世纪90年代不那么引人注目,但他们会让投资者紧张,推升美元。Fear the hangover心有余悸Add all this up and 2015 seems likely to be bumpy. Bears will bet that a surging dollar coupled with euro-zone torpor and a few emerging-market crises will eventually prompt a downturn in America. On the plus side, stockmarkets do not look as frothy as they did in the 1990s: the price/earnings ratio of the Samp;P 500 is 18, not far above its historical average. Although many big tech firms are investing recklessly, most have decent balance-sheets. And the global financial system is less leveraged and hence less vulnerable to contagion. In 1998 Russias default felled LTCM, a big American hedge fund. Such knock-on effects are less likely today.把所有这一切添加起来思考可以想见2015年很可能是崎岖不平的。大咖们会打赌,一个美元升值加上欧元区迟钝和一些新兴市场的危机最终会促使美国进入经济低迷时期。从有利的一面看,股市不会像他们在上世纪90年代那样看起来像泡沫:在标准普尔500指数的价格收益比是18,而不是远高于历史平均水平。尽管许多大型科技公司正在投资硬拼,最有体面的资产负债表。与全球金融体系的杠杆率较低,因此不容易受到传染。 1998年,俄罗斯对美国长期资本管理公司(LTCM)发生了债务违约,这是一家大型美国对冲基金,结果致使该公司垮台。这样连锁反应是不太可能出现在今天。But if the world economy does stumble, restoring stability will be harder this time round because policymakers have so little room for manoeuvre. Back in 1999 the Federal Reserves policy rate was around 5%, leaving plenty of scope for cutting when the economy slowed. Nowadays interest rates all over the rich world are close to zero.但是,如果世界经济不摔跟头,恢复稳定将在这一次变得更为困难,因为政策制定者有那么一点回旋的余地。早在1999年,美联储的政策利率是5%左右,经济放缓时留出足够的余地去削减利率。现在的利率都在富裕国家接近于零。The political scene is also different, and not in a good way. At the end of the 1990s most people in the rich world had enjoyed the fruits of the boom: median American wages rose by 7.7% in real terms in 1995-2000. Since 2007, by contrast, they have been flat in America, and have fallen in Britain and much of the euro zone. All over the rich world voters are aly grumpy with their governments, as polling numbers and their willingness to vote for protest parties show. If they are squeezed next year discontent will turn to anger. The economics of 2015 may look similar to the late 1990s, but the politics will probably be rather worse.政坛出现了不利的变化。在20世纪90年代,大多数人在富裕世界的尽头尽享繁荣的成果:美国中产阶级工资在1995-2000年实际上涨了7.7%。自2007年以来,相比之下,美国工资增长持平,英国和大部分欧元区工资甚至出现下降。各地富国选民已经对他们的政府持不满态度,正如民意测验记录以及他们愿意把票投给抗议党即可看出。如果他们被打压,明年的不满会变成愤怒。 2015年的经济可能类似于20世纪90年代末,但政治形势可能会相当糟糕。译者:肖登怡 译文属译生译世 /201501/351794。

  Why horses have skinny legs? 马的腿为什么这么细?Whats the use of a skinny leg? 这么细的腿有何作用?The answer is Running. 是用于奔跑。The skinniest lower legs belong to the fastest runners. 最细长的小腿能够赋予奔跑者最快的速度。Think of how a deer can move, as opposed to a tortoise.相比一只乌龟,想想一只鹿如何运动。Why is that? 那是为什么?Its because when you run, or indeed walk, you are constantly swinging the bottom halves of your legs. 这是因为当你在奔跑,甚至走路时,你的小腿部分要不断进行摆动。For humans, one foot is stopped and essentially resting on the ground while the other is moving twice as fast as your overall speed.对于人类来说,一只脚停止步伐时本质上是在地上,另一只脚则按照你整体速度的2倍进行运动。201502/360001

  We are back with Ashton Kutcher.can you tell us everybodys so hush hush about whats going on我们回来了 这是Ashton Kutcher 能告诉我为什么每个人都对剧情如此保密呢can you tell us anything about whats happening on the show.No Okay关于剧情 可以透露点吗 不行 好吧I mean its very hush hush whats going on,why is that.thats what you said. Yes and I repeated it. Yes我想说 剧情是密不可言的 何出此言 那是你说的 是的 我只是重复一下 是的you know what it is,I think theres a lot interest in whats gonna happen你知道这是什么吗 我觉得大家都很好奇会发生什么and I think like in a day and age when all the things shared all over the place all over the time在这个信息满天飞的时代 不论何时何地 当所有的事情都能共享的时候I think its sometimes really good to keep it a secret我觉得保持神秘感会更有趣一些and I think theres a lot of drama about whats gonna happen with Charlie and how are they gonna do with this new character而且关于Charlie发生了什么 会有许多版本 他们和这个新角色如何相处I cant say that Im playing an orginal character on the show我不能说我扮演的是剧中原来的角色Im not playing Charlie Harper replacing Charlie in anyway,my character is a whole new character无论怎样 我都不是代替Charlie演Charlie Harper这个角色 我的角色是个全新的角色and I think its been revealed that I am is a internet billionaire investor guy,but thats all I can really say我想这个我可以说 我扮演的是个亿万富翁 搞网络投资的 我能说的就这么多了But you brought a clip and we are the only one,I feel very honored you brought a clip但你还是带了一段视频 只在我们节目上放 荣幸之至 你能送上这视频this is like gonna be really revealing in so much that its sort of like the pinnacle of the first episode这段视频会泄露很多 基本上算是第一集的精华nobody have seen anything from the first episode,this is gonna be the first thing that everybody will see.I know thank you for bringing it还没有人看过任何内容的第一集片段 这将是所有人看到的第一眼 我知道 非常感谢你带来这个Hi Im walden.My characters name is Walden.Alright so now we have that and Im nude again- Again嗨 我是Walden 我的角色的名字叫walden 好吧 我们看了这么个片段 我再一次裸了 再一次 /201605/444861


  and have you met Charlie before have you met him.I havent met him at all你之前见过Charlie吗 我没有遇到过他he twittered at me and said very nice things and was like hey you got the right guy for the job他twitter上加了我 并说了些很好听的话 比如说 找对了人做这份工作and said really nice things.Ive actually never met the guy Im sure hes very nice说了些很令人愉快的话 但是我从来没见过他 我相信他人一定很好相处I know his brother pretty well and Emilio directed a movie that I did Emilio is great,but I never I dont know我跟他哥哥蛮熟的 Emilio执导了我以前拍的一部电影 他很棒 但不知为什么从未见过CharlieHe seems to be rooting for you.I think a lot of people are and a lot of people are happy that the show is back on the air他好像非常持你 我想很多人都持你 观众们也很开心这个剧重返荧屏了so you and Demi are about to celebrate your ninth wedding anniversary,nine years together你跟Demi准备庆祝你们的结婚九周年纪念日 是在一起九年吧no weve been together for eight and a half years and its our sixth wedding anniversary不 我们在一起八年半 这是我们结婚的六周年纪念sixth wedding anniversary,now you got to be romantic.you actually were at our anniversary party celebrating六周年纪念 你可得浪漫点啊 你参加过我的结婚纪念派对吧It was amazing.It was a good party.It was incredible.It was a wonderful party.I played football非常棒的派对 相当不错的派对 不可思议 很精的派对 我还踢了足球He is so good your arm is like you actually,you could be a football player你很厉害 你的手臂 你完全能当个足球运动员I could be a football player,you really could,but Im not我可以当个足球运动员的 你真的可以 可惜我不是oh man and everybody was rooting for shirts and skins to be happening soon有你的 每个人准备为你脱掉衣踢球而喝cause it was really a good game.Didnt happen,didnt happen it was a good football game那可真是个很酷的运动 那没有发生 没发生 那场足球比赛很不错but anyway what is the sixth anniversary present what is it.Candy Candy thats what I heard不管怎样 六周年结婚纪念的礼物是什么 糖果 我也听说是糖果Its sort of like downfall like you go for a wood,wood you can sort of come up with something creative like wood things这有点掉价啊 像得到一块木头那样无趣 就算是木头 也可以有点创意把它整成木制工艺品 /201605/444378

  Selfish,self-absorbed,I dont care.I want my gravy.说我自私或自恋都行 老子不在乎 我就想吃肉汁I cant believe we have talking about gravy for seven minutes.Lets see if we can make it 14.真不敢相信我们聊了七分钟的肉汁 看看我们能不能聊到14分钟What about having a bucket around your neck like a horse?像马一样在脖子上套个桶怎么样A gravy bucket.Its filled with gravy,you eat the other food and in-between bites,you plunge your face into the bucket,Im the gravy guy.肉汁桶 装满肉汁 在吃其他东西的空当 你把脸埋进桶里 我这人喜欢肉汁Im so doing it.Youre going to do that.Ill be at hardware store tomorrow.我绝对要这么干 你一定要这么干 我明天就去五金店You famously played Dr.Cox on ;Scrubs; for nine years brilliantly.Thank you.你因多年扮演《实习医生风云》中的考克斯医生而著名 谢谢I cant believe that was a hard part for you to get.真不敢相信 你拿到这个角色很不容易When I went into audition for ;Scrubs;,in the margin of the script,it said were looking for a John C.Mcginley type.我去参加《实习医生风云》试镜的时候 在剧本的空白处写着 我们要找约翰·麦金雷那型的演员And so I it and I said,well this is a stone cold lock.我看到之后 这下板上钉钉了So I went into audition for Bill Lawrence,the creator of ;Scrubs; and ;Ground floor; what were on now.我去找比尔·劳伦斯试镜 《实习医生风云》和《爱情零距离》的编剧I said,hi bill,Im John C.Mcginley.Im the type.And he said,well great,but youre still going to have to audition five time.我说 你好 比尔 我是约翰·麦金雷 我就是你们要找的类型 他说 很好 但你还是要试镜五次So Ill be damned if I didnt audition for that thing five times climbing the ladder of people who got the say in the casting process.如果没有试过五次镜 闯过有权决定选角的主创人员的层层关卡 我会被诅咒的And I finally got it.They got the John C.Mcginley type.我最终得到了那个角色 他们找到了约翰·麦金雷那型的演员Its written for you.Its like when I auditioned for the show ;Conan;.那个角色就是为你而写的 就像是我为《柯南秀》试镜一样201610/471459。

  White-nose syndrome is a deadly disease caused by a fungus. Its killing bats in 27 states including Michigan, and five Canadian provinces.It was first discovered in North America around a decade ago. Researchers think it came over from Europe, possibly on the shoes of a tourist or caver.The disease affects bats that hibernate underground, and the northern long-eared bat is getting hit especially hard. It was listed as threatened last April because of white-nose syndrome.The federal government recently finalized a rule that lays out how the Endangered Species Act will protect that bat.What white-nose syndrome did to bats this winterResearchers surveyed hibernating bats this winter, and they found populations are down a lot.Allen Kurta is a bat researcher with Eastern Michigan University. He says in some sites, numbers were down by 40-60%.Kurta says infected bats wake up more often than normal during hibernation.;And because of those more frequent arousals, they run out of their fat by January, February, sometimes even earlier,; Kurta says. ;And if they run out of fat, theyre in trouble.;He says some of them fly out of caves looking for food in the winter. Thats not normal for bats. They end up dying in the snow.This winter, Kurta visited Bumblebee Mine in the Upper Peninsula.He says bats inside the mine were no better off. Many of them had fallen into a pool of water.;There were bats trying to crawl out of the water, and up onto the rock,; Kurta says. ;Some of them made it, but they just couldnt go any farther. You could tell—theyre just sitting there. That wasnt pretty. That was a lot of suffering. You could tell those animals were dying.;Those bats were mainly little brown bats. Theyre Michigans most common bat species. Kurta says before white-nose syndrome arrived, the northern long-eared bat was doing well in Michigan. Thats not the case anymore.;Were having a harder time finding any northern bats,; he says. ;And thats not a good sign.;How the 4(d) rule protects northern-long eared batsThings have gotten so bad for the northern long-eared bat that the species was listed as threatened last April. This January, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service finalized the 4(d) rule for the northern long-eared bat.Dan Kennedy is the Endangered Species Coordinator for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.;It protects that bat during its most sensitive life stages while limiting the regulatory burden on the public and several different government agencies,; Kennedy says.The 4(d) rule bans purposeful take—that means you cant harm or kill these bats anywhere on purpose.The rule also bans incidental take—which means you cant accidently harm or kill the bats—anywhere theyre hibernating in winter or raising young in June and July. But if you accidently harm or kill bats at any other time, the 4(d) rule basically says thats okay.Hal Zweng is with the Michigan Department of Transportation. He says the rule makes it easier to do construction projects year-round. But Zweng says MDOT will change their work plans to avoid cutting down trees in the summer. Thats because bats raise their babies in trees.;We believe that the majority of our projects are going to be planned, going forward, well do the tree removal work in the winter,; Zweng says.But theres a catch to the 4(d) rule.The rule says you cant harm or kill bats anywhere the federal government knows bats are raising young in summer.And thats controversial. The federal government keeps a list of trees where bats have babies each year, and those spots are off limits. But if a tree is not on this list, someone could cut it down.Bat expert Allen Kurta is worried that means theres a huge loophole in the rule.;Virtually every tree out there that these bats use could be removed,; Kurta says. ;And many of them are going to be removed in the summertime when theres maternity colonies inside, because no one has to look.;The DNR says it has a good grasp on where northern long-eared bats hibernate. But officials say theyre still trying to find out where the bats spend the summer. That means a lot of places those bats raise their young in Michigan are unprotected right now.See this article to learn about research scientists are doing to find a cure for white-nose syndrome. For information on how to help bats out around your house, click here.201603/434802

  The Next IdeaWhen the housing crisis hit in the mid-2000s, millions lost their jobs. Licensed home builder and Saginaw resident Jeff Little was one of them.Jeff lost his job in 2006, and soon his wife was unemployed as well. Struggling to make ends meet every month, he became self-employed and worked on and off while searching for a full-time job.For eight years, his efforts to land steady employment were unsuccessful until he got involved in an innovative public-private partnership developed to help create long-term career opportunities.Community Ventures, launched in October 2012 by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), helps eligible “structurally unemployed” people living in Detroit, Flint, Pontiac, and Saginaw pursue career opportunities at Michigan companies.The program focuses on people with extended joblessness, low income, disability, limited education, or past incarceration.The goal is to place 1,000 structurally unemployed into stable jobs every year.To get there, the Community Ventures Team works cooperatively with local community and talent partners like Goodwill Industries, Jewish Vocational Services (JVS), Michigan Department of Human Services, Saginaw Business and Education Partnership, Detroit Employment Solutions, and others to find and screen eligible candidates.A connection is then made with participating employers, recruited by Community Ventures and MEDC, who commit to providing full-time (at least 30 hours) long-term positions that pay living wages. In order to minimize the hiring risk, businesses receive a stipend for each participant to pay for on-the-job training.As part of the program, local partners provide extensive post-employment support services like job coaching, transportation, workforce iness, child care, and adult education, depending on each participants needs.Last year, Jeff landed his first full-time job in nearly a decade.Working with the Saginaw Business and Education Partnership, Jeff was identified as a good Community Ventures program candidate and was hired at Nexteer Automotive, a Saginaw-based automotive supplier.More conventional workforce programs have focused on skills training that often doesnt support the local employers immediate needs.In Michigan, through Community Ventures, we have flipped that around by working directly with employers to ensure that participants gain high-demand skills and real jobs - jobs that set people on a sustainable path to independence.Its working. Nearly two-and-a-half years into the program, Community Ventures has placed more than 3,500 structurally unemployed people into long-term employment with more than 150 companies.This unique Michigan model could one day serve as a blueprint for a national program.So whats the Next Idea?There are about 300,000 people in Michigan who meet the definition of structurally unemployed, and about 16 percent of our population lives at or below the poverty line.What if, instead of 1,000 people a year in Detroit, Flint, Pontiac, and Saginaw, we targeted 10,000 to 15,000 people across the state? Imagine what would happen to unemployment and poverty in Michigan if 15,000 structurally unemployed people started finding opportunities for themselves.More conventional workforce programs have focused on skills training that often doesnt support the local employers immediate needs.Community Ventures doesnt have to be limited to just four urban areas. It can be expanded into any area where you have people who have chronically struggled to find jobs.The challenge now is to scale it on a statewide basis.In his 2016 budget recommendations, Governor Snyder has asked the legislature for million to continue the program in the four target communities. Expanding the programs reach, however, will require additional funding. With state budget priorities and realities as they are, relying on public dollars alone isnt feasible.We have to look outside the norm.One area we are looking at engaging is Michigans philanthropic community. Michigan is home to over 2,200 foundations providing hundreds of millions of dollars in grants every year. We feel that an economic development initiative like Community Ventures that promotes social enterprise would be a good fit for the mission of any number of foundations in the state.Another avenue we are exploring is social impact bonds. With this model, governments team up with service providers and private sector investors to create and fund innovative social programs. Investors are repaid only when the programs reach specific targets and tax dollar savings are achieved.A third opportunity we are looking at is crowdfunding. We know that a state-led crowdfunding effort can work. Our Public Spaces Community Places initiative has had tremendous success enabling local residents, businesses and other community stakeholders to use crowdfunding to support the development of strategic projects in their communities and be backed with a matching grant from MEDC.Today, Jeff Little is a machine operator at Nexteer.With the help of an onsite ;success coach,; he is thriving in his new position and has aly earned two raises. Little credits Community Ventures as a “total life change,” and getting up and going to work every day and providing for his family has instilled in him a new sense of pride and purpose.Jeff Littles story is about more than finding a job. It is about an opportunity to change a life for the better.With innovative thinking, we can take the model that is working to empower people in Detroit, Flint, Pontiac, and Saginaw who previously may have lost hope of ever making a living and bring it to other communities across Michigan.We have an opportunity to help write thousands of similar stories.Michael Finney is senior advisor for economic growth for Governor Rick Snyders administration and the former president and CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.Join the conversation in the comments section below, on Twitter or Facebook, or let us know your Next Idea here.201506/378649

  Now,you are quite young,you said you had been working in this business for,since you were a kid.你很年轻 你说你是从孩子开始 你就在这行工作了Did you ever have any nonacting job for you had success?你有没有过成功的非演戏工作I did.I have had many nonacting jobs.and one of my favorites was delivering bananas for a fair trade company in New Zealand.有过 我有过很多非演戏工作 我最喜欢的是为新西兰的一家贸易公司送香蕉And I told them that I wanted this job.I had everything it took.我跟他们说我想要这份工作 我有需要的一切条件And they told me I needed a vehicle.and I said got that,sort of.I didnt.I had a scooter.他们说我需要一辆车 我说我有 搞定了 我没有 我只有托车And so I rode around Wellington,which is notoriously one of the windiest cities in the country.我在惠灵顿市里骑着车 这是新西兰上最多风的城市之一On a scooter with crates of bananas on the back.And I got blown off twice,unfortunately.骑着托车 后座有很多箱香蕉 不幸的是我被吹下来两次And so I had to go back to the boss and say look,Im sorry,I kind of lied and I dont really have an appropriate vehicle.我得去找老板说 抱歉 我撒了谎 我没有合适的车So they said no problem.we also run an environmentally friendly undertaking business.And we have retired hearses available.他们说 没问题 我们也运营环保的殡仪业务 我们有退役的灵车So I ended up delivering bananas all around Wellington in a retired hearse.所以我最后 开着退役的灵车满惠灵顿跑送香蕉That is,who wants to have a banana you just pulled out of a hearse?谁想要你 刚从灵车里拿出来的香蕉啊Turns out it wasnt part of my opening big when I spoke to the supermarket people.我跟超市的人说话时 并没有开张大吉You know what I love when youre on the scooter and theyre flying off,you picked the most easily bruised fruit that there is.我喜欢的是 你骑着托车 香蕉飞了 你选择了最容易碰伤的水果You cant sell a bruised banana.and it takes a year for a banana to grow.你卖不掉碰伤的香蕉 香蕉要一年才能成熟Did you know that?No,I never knew that.你知道吗 我不知道A year? see,thats the only piece of information thats valuable thats come out of this show in over five years.一年吗 这是五年来这个节目里唯一有用的信息Thank you,thank you.thank you.谢谢你 谢谢你 谢谢你201608/457795

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