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Hi Bill, it’s Jane.你好Bill,我是Jane,Jane, I’m on the other line, can you hand on a second?Jane,我正在接另一个电话,你可以稍等吗?Sure.当然OK, I’ll be right backwith you.好的,我马上就来 66The Bulls Of MarchIt feels good to be right. But the few analysts who accurately called the market's bottom in early March aren't feeling so great about where stocks are headed.One of the most famous of this group, Jeremy Grantham, penned a note on March 10 entitled 'Reinvesting When Terrified' that encouraged investors to buy, suggesting stocks were 30% undervalued.Since then, the market has roared ahead, without stopping for a correction of 10% or more. Standard amp; Poor's 500-share index ended last week at 1026.13, up nearly 52% from its 12 1/2-year low on March 9 and its highest close since Oct. 6. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is at 9505.96, up 45% since its March low.Now, the chairman of Boston asset-management firm GMO and his colleagues say the Samp;P 500 has zoomed right past what they consider fair value of about 880, based on earnings estimates and historical price-to-earnings ratios.Mr. Grantham sees 'seven lean years' of a sluggish market ahead, to atone for what the firm believes was a long era of overpriced stocks, according to his newsletter.'The past 12 years have seen two bubbles that were really good for corporate profits,' says Ben Inker, GMO's director of asset allocation. 'Now things are unlikely to be anywhere near as good as people have gotten used to, because we're not going to have a bubble to help us.'Several other analysts who got it right in March say they aren't roaring bulls about the long-term outlook, although their views for the next 12 months are split.In March, analysts who picked the bottom were a lonely lot. Panic was widesp, and previously bullish analysts were advising clients to stay out of the market. Yet rather than double down on their bearish take, some long-time market skeptics decided a bottom was near.One who shifted gears, Michael Darda, chief economist at brokerage firm MKM Partners in Greenwich, Conn., is optimistic about stocks' prospects for next year. But he harbors doubts about stocks' ability to eke out gains past 2010.On Feb. 24, after months of advising clients to invest defensively, Mr. Darda released a note entitled 'Getting More Constructive,' in which he said, 'Several indicators that caused us to go bearish on equities last summer have recently improved.'Though he now suggests the market could be due for a pause after its breakneck rally, Mr. Darda says he believes the economic recovery will be more robust than most investors expect, driving the Samp;P 500 to 1200 or 1300 next year.'The depth of the recession, the turn in leading economic indicators and the shift in credit markets, which has been pretty dramatic, lead us to an above-consensus view on GDP and earnings, in line with our stock-market target,' he says.Beyond 2010, the outlook may not be so sunny given the prospect of Federal Reserve monetary tightening, the potential for higher tax rates as a result of swollen government budget deficits and other headwinds.Other analysts are glummer about the near-term outlook.Among them is Vinny Catalano, chief investment strategist at Blue Marble Research. After months in the bear camp, Mr. Catalano on March 5 published a piece on the Minyanville Web site titled 'Bears Out of Momentum,' in which he identified what he called 'the first signs of a cyclical bullish scenario.'Like Mr. Grantham, Mr. Catalano now thinks stocks are slightly overvalued. He thinks the Samp;P's fair value is closer to 945, based on earnings estimates and traditional P/E ratios, and could retreat to that point, or lower, in a hurry, possibly as soon as autumn.The last time market indicators were flagging a market move this consistently, he says, was early March. Of some comfort to the bulls, Mr. Catalano doesn't expect a retest of the March lows; at most, he sees a correction of about 10%.He has company from former newsletter publisher Peter Grandich. On March 6, Mr. Grandich, now the chief commentator for Canadian online investment community Agoracom, put out a note entitled 'Bye, Bye Permabear Camp -- It's Been Great!' After 18 months of 'feasting on bull meat,' he turned slightly more positive.'I no longer believe it's worthy to sell rallies and one should now look to buy declines,' he wrote at the time.Mr. Grandich now thinks the Dow is likely to stall roughly at 10500. While that would be a gain of about 10% from here, foreign markets offer more juice, he says, given that they have less of a debt overhang than the U.S. does.He also doesn't expect a retreat to March lows, but says he thinks headwinds from an aging population that will pull money out of stocks, lost wealth and household debt will keep stocks in a rut in the coming years, churning between the March lows and the pre-Lehman highs.Like all of the analysts who got the March call right, Mr. Grandich warns that past performance is no guarantee of future results.'Those of us that live by looking in a crystal ball,' he says, 'learn to eat a lot of broken glass.' /08/82331A gas tanker truck has exploded on a highway north of Mexico City, killing at least 22 people, including ten children. Authorities say at least 36 people were injured in the blast. 一辆油罐卡车在墨西哥城以北的高速公路上爆炸,炸死至2人,包括10儿童。当局说,在这次爆炸案中至少还6人受伤。Officials say the explosion happened early Tuesday in the Mexico City suburb of Ecatepec, crushing and burning vehicles and houses built near the highway.官员说,爆炸是星期二清晨发生在墨西哥城郊区埃卡提佩,爆炸导致高速公路附近的车辆和房屋被毁坏和燃烧。Authorities say the driver is under detention while receiving treatment at a hospital.当局说,司机正在医院接受治疗,并被警方拘留。来 /201305/238803

1:Get out into the cold第1单元:迎向寒冷People dont need to hibernate all winter long,although you wouldnt know it from the increase in couch potatoes when the first frost shows up.人类是不需要冬眠的,不过寒冬初至,窝在沙发上看电视的人便多起来,这点使我们忘了我们是不需要冬眠的You may be cozy,but youll never lose any weight that way.你也许觉得温暖又舒适,但那样却不能使你减轻任何体重Bundle up and stay active.Getting involved in a winter sport follows the same basic principle.穿着暖和保持活力参与冬季运动须遵照同样的基本原则In winter,your body burns more calories to keep you warm.冬天时,你的身体会燃烧更多的卡路里来保暖Cross-country skiing, instance,burns somewhere between 500 and 700 calories an hour.举例来说,越野滑雪每小时就可燃烧大约五百至七百卡路里的热量 369338

Iranian Jetliner Crashes, Killing All 168 On Board摘要:据伊朗官方媒体报导,周三上午,伊朗一架由德黑兰飞往亚美尼亚埃里温的图式客机在起6分钟后坠毁,机上168人全部罹难。An Iranian Tupolev passenger plane bound from Tehran to Yerevan, Armenia, crashed Wednesday morning 16 minutes after takeoff, killing all 168 people on board, according to state media reports.Iran's Civil Aviation Organization spokesman Reza Jafarzadeh told Iranian state media that the airplane, owned by Caspian Airlines, crashed near Janat-Abad village at 11:45 a.m. (3:15 a.m. Eastern), 16 minutes after taking off from Tehran's Imam Khomeini airport.Members of Iran's Junior Judo squad, including eight athletes and two coaches, were among those killed in the crash, the state-run, English-language news service Press TV reported. State media said Leon Davidian, a member of Iran's Sixth Parliament during Mohammad Khatami's presidency, was on the flight as well. Based on a list of passengers provided to state media, the crash victims appeared to be mostly Armenians and Iranians.It was unclear what caused the crash. The Deputy Governor of Qazvin province, Sirous Saberi, told state press that the military was searching for the plane's black box. The managing director of Iran's airport authority was ed saying conversations between the pilot and the ground appeared normal and didn't indicate any technical glitch.President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ordered a probe into the crash.A witness, ed by the semi-official ISNA news agency, said the plane's tail burst into flames in the air. The plane circled in the air before crashing. The impact gouged a deep trench in a dirt field, which was shown littered with smoking wreckage in photos published by state media.According to its Web site, Caspian Airlines was established in 1992 as an Iranian company. The airline operates dozens of regular and charter flights per week between Iranian cities and to international destinations like Hungary, the ed Arab Emirates and Syria. Caspian airlines operates a fleet of five, Russian-made Tupolev 154M medium range aircraft, according to CH-Aviation, an aviation Web site.Caspian Airlines is headquartered in Tehran and has representative offices in Kiev and Budapest, according to the airline website. Representatives of the airline in these offices weren't reachable Wednesday. /07/78010

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