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散文汉译英翻译佳作(33) -- :55: 来源: 秋天的怀念 Fond Memories of Autumn史铁生 Shi Tiesheng 双腿瘫痪后,我的脾气变得暴怒无常望着望着天上北归的雁阵,我会突然把面前的玻璃砸碎;听着听着李谷一甜美的歌声,我会猛地把手边的东西摔向四周的墙壁母亲就悄悄的躲出去,在我看不见的地方偷偷地听着我的动静当一切恢复沉寂,她又悄悄地进来,眼边红红的,看着我 When my legs were paralyzed, my temper became out of control. Looking at the wild geese flying back north in the sky, I would suddenly smash the window glass in front of me. Listening to the sweet songs sang by Li Guyi, I would thrust everything in hands into surrounding walls. Mother then hid herself quietly, watching my behavior out of my view secretly. Until everything turned still, she came in again quietly, watching me with her sad eyes. “听说北海的花儿都开了,我推着你去走走”她总是这么说母亲喜欢花,可自从我的腿瘫痪后,她侍弄的那些花都死了 “I’ve heard that all flowers are in blossom in Beihai, let me push you to have a look.” She always (used to say)said that to me. Mother loves flowers, but since my legs broken, the flowers grown by her all withered. “不,我不去!”我狠命地捶打着两条可恨的腿,喊着,“我活着有什么劲!”母亲扑过来抓住我的手,忍住哭声说:“咱娘儿俩在一块儿,好好儿活,好好儿活……” “No, I don’t want to go.” I beat my cursed legs desperately, shouting, “What I am still living ?” Mother rushed to grasp my hands, inhibiting crying,(saying between subdued sobs) “We two are together and live a good life, live a happy life…” 可我却一直都不知道,她的病已经到了那步田地后来告诉我,她常常肝疼得整宿整宿翻来覆去地睡不了觉 I never aware that her illness cannot became even worse. Afterwards, Sister told me, Mother often could not fall asleep the whole night her liver aching seriously( with pains in liver). 那天我又独自坐在屋里,看着窗外的树叶唰唰啦啦的飘落母亲进来了,挡在窗前:“北海的菊花开了,我推着你去看看吧”她憔悴的脸上现出央求般的神色“什么时候?”“你要是愿意,就明天?”她说我的回答已经让她喜出望外了“好吧,就明天”我说她高兴得一会儿坐,一会站起:“那就赶紧准备准备”“诶呀,烦不烦?几步路,有什么好准备的!”她也笑了,坐在我身边,絮絮叨叨地说着:“看完菊花,咱们就去‘仿膳’,你小时候最爱吃那儿得豌豆黄儿还记得那回我带你去北海吗?你偏说那杨树花是毛毛虫,跑着,一脚踩扁一个……”她忽然不说了对于“跑”和“踩”一类的字眼儿,她比我还敏感她又悄悄地出去了 Another day, I stayed at home alone again, witnessing outer leaves following(watching the rustling fall of autumn leaves through the windows). Then, Mother came in, standing at the window, “The chrysanthemums in Beihai are blossoming. Let me take you there a visit.” The pleading look showed on her haggard face. “When?” “If you’d like, tomorrow is ok?” She felt surprised and excited. “Ok, just tomorrow.” She turned so delighted that she didn’t know whether to sit or stand. “Let’s prepare at once.” “Oh, what a bore! It’s very near, and do we need to get y?” We both burst into laughing and she sat beside me, murmuring, “Afterwards, we’ll go to Fang Shan Restaurant. When you were young, you liked puree peas best. Do you still remember our last tour to Beihai? You insisted that the poplar flowers be worms and ran to stamp on them one by one…” Suddenly, she broke off. She was more sensitive to words like “run” and “stamp” than I was. 她出去了,就再也没回来 She came out , but never returned . 邻居们把她抬上车时,她还在大口大口地吐着鲜血我没想到她已经病成那样看着三轮车远去,也绝没有想到那竟是永远的诀别 She was still vomiting blood when neighbors carried her onto cart. I never thought she was so seriously ill. I never thought that was the eternal departure, watching the three-wheel leaving far and far. 邻居的小伙子背着我去看她的时候,她正艰难地呼吸着,像她那一生艰难的生活别人告诉我,她昏迷前的最后一句话是:“我那个有病的儿子和我那个还未成年的女儿……” The young man next door carried me on his back to see her. She was striving to grasp her last breath, just like her entire hard life. I was told that her last words were: “I have a paralyzed son and an unmarried daughter.” 又是秋天,推我去北海看了菊花黄色的花淡雅,白色的花高洁,紫红色的花热烈而深沉,泼泼洒洒,秋风中正开得烂漫我懂得母亲没有说完的话也懂我俩在一块儿,要好好生活…… It’s autumn again, Sister wheeled me to Beihai to see the chrysanthemums. The yellow ones showed simple and elegant; the white ones, pure and noble; the purple ones, warm and deep; all were in full blossom in the autumn breeze. I totally understand Mother’s unfinished words. So does Sister. We both live together a happy life…


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  你一定会想知道的5个问题(双语) --5 :00:56 来源: How to Get Answers to 5 Key Questions Bee Taking a Job   在接受一份工作前该怎样得到5大关键问题的  Three times during his career, Leslie G. Griffen has asked a prospective employer whether he can walk around the company and talk with employees about how they like their jobs. Twice the employers gave him the go-ahead, which told Griffen they were confident their employees were happy. One employer balked - a sign that this was not a good match.  在Leslie G. Griffen的职业生涯中,他曾经三次询问那些未来的雇主是否可以让他在公司里转一圈,问问里面的员工对自己的工作是否满意有两次雇主同意了,并自信的告诉Griffen,他们很有自信公司的员工一定是对自己的工作满意的而另一位雇主则不同意,这是表明这并非一个好主意的迹象  "Most companies will talk the talk. They'll talk about how important employees are," says Griffen, who is now principal of The Griffen Group, which provides human resources and career coaching and consulting services. How an employer responds to this request is almost as telling as the answers employees give. "If they pull back in their chair and say, 'You want what?' it's probably an indication that they might not be being straight up with you."  Griffen公司是一家提供人力资源、职业辅导以及咨询务的公司,其现任负责人Griffen 说:“很多公司都只是说说而已,他们会说公司职员有多重要” 雇主对于此要求的反应就相当于员工会给出的了“如果他们听到后马上拉起椅子问你‘你想要干什么?’那就可能表明他们不会对你坦诚相对了”  When you're considering taking a new job, it's important to find out how a potential employer treats employees. But getting the answer to that question, along with others that will help you determine if you'll be happy at the company, may take some sleuthing. Here are five questions that will help you decide if the company is a fit - and some unconventional ways to find the answers:  在你考虑接受一份新工作前,看看这位未来的雇主是如何对待其员工是很重要的但是,想要得到这个问题的以及那些能够让你看出你在该公司工作是否会快乐的,需要一些侦探技巧  1)What makes employees join this company and stay here? You can always ask your potential manager this question in an interview. But if you ask the employees you see while walking around the premises, as Griffen did, you'll get a wider variety of answers - and possibly more honest ones.  是什么让员工加入并留在贵公司的呢?在面试上你永远都可以问未来的经理这个问题但是如果你问遇到的员工,或者像Griffen那样在公司走一圈的话,你将会得到更多的,并且还会是更加诚实的  )How are people treated here? You may not even need to ask anyone this - just observe carefully from the time you set foot in the building. When you arrive your interview, are you kept waiting with no explanation? Does the interviewer interrupt your conversation to take phone calls? "Try to come at different times if you have multiple interviews," advises Gail Ginder, a leadership coach with the Claros Group in Healdsburg, Calif. That way you'll see if the mood around the building changes with the time of day.  贵公司的员工待遇如何?你可能不需要就该问题向任何人提问只要从你开始踏入这家公司后就开始仔细观察在你开始来面试的时候,是否没有任何说明就一直让你等着?在面试期间,雇主是否会打断你的谈话来接电话?Claros公司位于加利福尼亚州希尔兹堡,其首席教授Gail Ginder建议说:“如果你多次来该公司面试的话,那就试试分不同的时间段去”这样的话你就会看到一天内随着时间的不同该公司的员工工作情绪是否有变化  3)What are the unspoken rules? this and other questions that are best asked of employees, you have two options. One is to use your network to find employees who work at the company but aren't involved in hiring you. The other is to ask your interviewer - but only when it's clear that the interviewer has decided you're the bestcandidate and is trying to get you to sign on. "When they've decided you're the one, you can ask pretty much anything as long as you ask it well," Ginder says.  贵公司的潜规则是什么?关于这个问题或与此相关的问题最好是问员工,并且有两种询问方法第一就是通过你的关系网找到一位在该公司工作但并不会参与招聘的员工另外一个方法就是问你的面试官,但是要等到明确了该面试官承认了你是否适合该职位的最佳人选并想让你签合同的时候再问Ginder说:“当他们决定聘用你的时候,只要你问的方式恰当你就可以问很多问题”  )What happens when people make mistakes?The answer to this will give you insight into the company's management and culture. You can ask it of an interviewer late in the interview process, or ask employees who aren't involved in hiring. The key is to pose the question without sounding like someone who is planning to make a lot of mistakes. Use humor, Ginder advises. "Say, 'If I were lucky enough to be offered this job, I would never want to make a mistake. But what happens here when people make a mistake?'"  当人们犯错误的时候贵公司会怎么处理?这个问题的会让你明了该公司的管理和文化如果一位面试官面试迟到的话你可以问他这个问题,或者像那些不参加该次面试的员工的询问关键是要提出这个问题的时候不要让别人觉得你打算在以后的工作中犯很多错误Ginder建议使用幽默的提问,他说:“这样提问:‘如果我非常幸运的得到了这份工作,我绝对不想犯错误但是在人们犯错误时贵公司会怎么处理呢?’”  5)What is a typical week like?The answer to this question can give insight into everything from how long the workdays are to how many after-hours phone calls you can expect. Vic Snyder, senior career counselor at the University of Washington's Center Career Services in Seattle, suggests that in inmal conversations with employees, you pair this question with one about how often employees take their full vacations.  贵公司典型的一周工作生活是什么样的呢?他们对这个问题的回答能够让你了解该工作的工作日有多长,下班后会有多少电话等一切事情Vic Snyder是华盛顿大学西雅图职业务中心的高级职业顾问,他建议求职者在和员工随意的交谈中,可以在问他们多久有一次全休假时提出这个问题

  30 contestants took part in the final, each having won one of the regional heats. The theme of the show is "fantasy" and the models strutted down the catwalk showcasing a fresh collection .。


  人物译文:生活艰辛也不能丢下亲情和尊严 -- :: 来源: 人物译文:生活艰辛也不能丢下亲情和尊严When Mary Van Beke was growing up in the 19s, she lived in Newark, N.J., and was the oldest of four children. Her parents were immigrants from Europe. And as Mary tells her son, Charles, her parents managed a modest life the family, until an accident changed everything.在世纪年代,玛丽·范·贝克成长生活在新泽西州的纽瓦克市她是四个孩子中的老大她父母是欧洲移民正如玛丽跟她儿子查尔斯说的一样,她的父母一直朴素地生活养家,直到有一天,一切都改变了Mary‘s father, William Luis, was just 9 when he died; Mary was 5.“He worked an electrical company, and he was standing in water — and someone dropped a wire and electrocuted him,” she tells Charles.玛丽的父亲,威廉·路易斯9岁就去世了,当时玛丽只有5岁她跟查尔斯说,“他在一家电气公司工作,当时,他站在水中,掉下一截电线,把他触死了”When William died, Mary’s mother was pregnant with her youngest sister.“And so my mother had to go out to work, wash clothes and clean house to try and feed four children,” she says.As clothes, the children wore whatever Mary‘s mother, Eva Hornyak, managed to bring home from the households where she worked.威廉死时,玛丽的妈妈身怀六甲,腹中是玛丽的她说,“从此,我妈不得不出去工作,替别人洗衣、打扫房子,以养活我们四个孩子”玛丽的母亲,伊娃·霍亚克从户主那里讨来什么衣,她的孩子就只能穿什么衣“I don’t ever remember going to the store to get a pair of shoes, ‘cause Mama couldn’t afd it,” says Mary, now 9.Still, her mother, who had grown up in Czechoslovakia, taught Mary and her siblings to take pride in themselves.“I‘m not saying that we looked dowdy,” Mary says. “She said, ’You don‘t have to be dirty to be poor.’ I always remember that.”现年9岁的玛丽说,“在我的记忆中,我们从未进商店买过一双鞋,因为妈妈买不起”然而,在捷克斯洛伐克长大的妈妈还是教导玛丽和她的姊们要以自己为荣“我是说,我们看上去并不邋遢,”玛丽说道,“妈妈说过,‘虽然穷困,也须整洁’我对此念念不忘”But eventually, the four children needed more than their mother could provide. They were growing up, and there wasn‘t enough food to go around.Mary says that her mother “had to place me in a home where I would work my keep. And I would come home every other Sunday. And this is how we tried to survive.”但是,母亲所提供的并不能满足四个孩子的需求她们在成长,食物不够吃的了玛丽说,她妈妈“只好把我安置在一户人家工作,让我自己养活自己我每两个星期,才有一个星期天可以回家我们就是这样生活下来的”“How long did you work that family?” Charles asks.查尔斯问,“你在那户人家干了多久?”“Two years, ’til I was ,” Mary says.玛丽说,“两年,一直干到我岁”And she has a vivid memory of her last day on the job.对于这份工作的最后一天,她仍记忆犹新“Mama worked across the street from there, washing clothes. And it was a hot summer day, and she was walking down the street. And I ran to the front door and called her in, to visit with her.”“妈妈在街对面洗衣那天酷暑难耐,她沿着街道朝我走来我跑到前门,让她进来,跟她闲谈”The two talked — but the visit didn‘t go down well with Mary’s boss.我们两人聊了下,但这次拜访让玛丽的雇主不开心After Eva left, Mary says, “Mrs. Blaisdell said to me, ‘Don’t ever let the help come in the front door!‘伊娃走后,玛丽说,“布莱斯德尔夫人对我说,‘以后别让帮手进家门!’”And I said, ’Well, I don‘t want to work here if my mother can’t come in the front door.‘“我说,‘如果不允许我妈妈进这个门,我也不想在这儿干了’“And I packed my little suitcase and came home. I can remember that so well.”“于是,我整理了我的小行李箱,回家来了这一切现在还历历在目”Her husband, Ron Martin, told Britain's Sky News that his wife had the same defective BRCA1 gene as Jolie.


  曼德拉雕塑耳藏铜兔 南非要求去掉 -01- :: 来源: 曼德拉雕塑耳藏铜兔 南非要求去掉South Africa's government has ordered sculptors to remove a bronze rabbit they hid in the ear of a Nelson Mandela statue, unveiled after the mer president's death last month.It wanted to "restore dignity back to the statue", a spokesman told the B.The sculptors reportedly inserted the rabbit as a trademark signature and to denote the haste with which they had to complete the statue.Rabbit in the Afrikaans language is "haas", which also means haste."We don't think it's appropriate because Nelson Mandela never had a rabbit on his ear," Mogomotsi Mogodiri, the spokesman the Department of Arts and Culture, told the B's Focus on Africa radio programme."We'd want people to see that statue as a symbol of hope, not about something like a rabbit."Mr Mandela, who died at the age of 95, was widely acclaimed his role in fighting white minority rule and promoting reconciliation after being elected South Africa's first black president in 199.'No trouser signature allowed'The nine-metre (30ft) bronze statue was unveiled on December, a day after Mr Mandela was buried.It stands at the union Buildings, the government headquarters in the capital, Pretoria.Mr Mogodiri said the sculptors had apologised any offence caused to the government and Mr Mandela's family by placing the rabbit in the statue's right ear."Discussions are on-going about when the rabbit will be removed. Government wants it removed as soon as possible to restore dignity back to the statue," he said.The sculptors, Andre Prinsloo and Ruhan Janse van Vuuren, said they had added the rabbit to the statue after the department refused to allow them to engrave their signatures on the trousers of the statue, South Africa's Beeld newspaper reported.They said it also represented the tight deadline they work under."The time factor was big and at times we had to work hard," Mr Prinsloo is ed as saying.He said the "small symbol" was hidden in the ear and it did not take anything away from the statue."You need a long lens or binoculars to see it," he said."During the moulding process a lot of people had seen the statue up close and nobody noticed it."Mr Mogodiri said the sculptors had never asked permission to put their signatures on the statue, and the government was "taken aback" by their claim that permission had been denied."Nothing of that sort happened. If a request was made, we would have considered it," he said.Mr Mandela died on 5 December after battling a recurring lung infection.英国广播公司1月3日报道,南非政府要求雕塑家移除“暗藏”在南非前总统曼德拉雕像耳朵中的铜兔南非文化部发言人莫葛莫斯·莫葛迪瑞说,“因为曼德耳朵上拉从来没有过一只兔子,我们认为这种做法是不合适的”“我们想让人把雕像看作希望的象征,而不是兔子一类的东西”享年95岁的曼德拉199年当选为南非首位黑人总统,因反对少数白人统治及倡导民族和解受到广泛称赞在曼德拉下葬的第二天也就是月日,这座9米高的铜像亮相,矗立在政府总部比勒陀利亚联合大厦旁雕塑造型为曼德拉伸开双臂,寓意拥抱所有的南非人莫葛迪瑞称,雕塑家已经就雕塑右耳中的兔子对政府和曼德拉家人所造成的冒犯进行道歉“我们正在讨论什么时候来移除兔子政府希望尽快移除,恢复雕像的尊严”他说雕塑家安德烈·普林斯罗和罗翰··伍伦称,他们加上兔子的目的是因为文化部拒绝了他们在雕像上留下自己签名的请求此外,兔子也代表雕塑工作很匆忙普林斯罗说,“这个小的标志”藏在耳朵里,需用长镜头或望远镜才能看到“在制作过程中,许多人都近距离看到过雕塑,没有人注意到”莫葛迪瑞称雕塑家从来没有要求过把他们的签名放在雕塑上,政府对他们留签名遭到拒绝的说法“感到吃惊”“此类事情从来没有发生过如果之前确有请求,我们会认真考虑的,”他说

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  Beyonce, also won two awards during the pre-show: RB song "Drunk in Love" and surround sound album her eponymous EP. She has now won 19 Grammys, surpassing Aretha Franklin second most won by a female artist.

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